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03.01.05 || Project DOOMRIDER... is ready to rock!
World premier! Finished project! OMG TOTALLY!

Get the torrent here.

The file is 160 MB, DivX-5 compatible XviD, 512x384.

Nothing else to say, since the project will certainly speak for itself. Let us know what you think. Ja~!

What exactly is this Project DOOMRIDER you ask?

Imagine all of the highlights of DragonBall Z, set to a custom remix of Darude's "Sandstorm."

Further imagine... that it doesn't suck.

"Project DOOMRIDER" is yet another collaborative anime music video project, but with a twist. All editors are fans of the show (many long-time, any many well known for their past DBZ music videos). While other AMV projects go the "miscellaneous" route, the concept for this project is the use of a SINGLE anime throughout the entire project, in a chronological order... DragonBall Z. The aim of the project is to become a final atonement for all the horrid DBZ oriented music videos that have come out to taint the series, and sour the taste of the series to fans who have inherited the disability to not see potential in the series. Aside from that, the video is meant to redeem the series in the eyes of many, aside from asking forgiveness, and perhaps draw in new fans. We are aiming for perfection, and we mean perfection, because in what we aim for... nothing less will do.