As this is a collaborative video editing project, it is essential that all editors abide by these technical specifications. Failure to do so will result in much flogging (as well as replacement).

*** TECH SPECS (both ripping and capturing):


AIM or IRC transfers are fine with me if you're on broadband. Snail mail is also an option; just let me know what works best for you! If you wish to submit a tiny MPEG version with audio for me to compare timing, that's fine... but it probably won't be necessary.


Don't worry about audio with your submitted files. I'll be reattaching the audio, myself. The timeline will be laid out in a way so that all I have to do is drop in your video file directly on top of your audio file and I'll be set.

For the master MPEG-2, I'll be encoding a 23.976 progressive version with 3:2 pulldown tag enabled. Please, however, submit 24 fps versions, though.

The online distro version is going to be in MPEG-1 form (as high a bitrate as logically possbile). The master MPEG-2 will be made available to any participants who want it, although I'm not yet sure how we'll handle this (since it'll be huge). Hopefully it will be included on the standard DVD I will be distro-ing of my own work, in the near future.

I'll be taking care of the ending credits. I've already got a fun DBZ-themed idea in mind .


- Real Name
- "Online" Name
- E-mail address to be contacted at
- AIM name to be contacted at

Everyone e-mail me, personally, at with this information as soon as you get the chance. Include the above information (do NOT just post it as a reply... you MUST physically e-mail me!). I'll be setting up a mailing list (probably just through Yahoo! Groups), but I will expect everyone to be in personal contact with me (as well as doomrider) via e-mail.


The audio for each individual track is now ready to be distributed. This means you can begin editing your track ASAP when you receive your audio.

"How do I get my audio?," is something you may be asking. Well, there are several ways. The first is to contact Mike (VegettoEX) on AIM on his screenname, BejitoEX, and ask him to send him your track.

Here are a few ground rules regarding the audio:

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask on the forum, or e-mail one of the project coordinators.