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There is an uncanny parallel between the drug "Accela" of Lain and Neal Stephenson’s "Snow Crash" from the book of the same name. According to the episode "Layer 02: Girls," "Accela" makes the mind feel as if it were accelerated, but it also "not only the consciousness, but the workings of the brain itself are altered, multiplying the brain’s operation capacity by 2 to 12 times" (Lain, Layer 02: Girls). The effects of this drug are unknown. In Snow Crash, "Snow Crash" is thought to be a drug, a virus, and a religion, all in one. Snow Crash poses as a drug, so that it can spread like a virus, in order to promote L. Bob Rife’s religion. The main connection between Accela and Snow Crash is that they both are influenced by computer technology. Accela "uses nano-mechanisms to oscillate at a specific frequency within the body" (Lain, Layer 02: Girls). The end result, in the case of Lain, is that the user hallucinated, and eventually committed suicide. In Snow Crash, being exposed to Snow Crash is similar to death. Hackers are the most susceptible to the drug’s bitmap scroll that "crashes" the human mind. Both drugs implement the use of computer technology to infect the user.

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