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Serial Experiments Lain, when applied to Landow’s theories of hypertext, can be considered a hypertextual anime. The events that take place in the series are hypertextual, and characters are aware of the non-linearity of events and their connect ability. With the concept of connectivity taking such an active role in Lain, the characters should be considered hypertextual as well. In "Layer 01: Weird," an e-mail states, "if you stay in a place like this, you won’t be able to connect," implying that one must get on the Wired, a hypertext environment, in order to connect with other people. Later on in this episode, Lain’s father explains to Lain that the Navi computers serve as a way to connect with other people. This is a similar attitude people possess today; the idea that using computers and the Internet bring people closer together.

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