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Through the use of her Navi and her expanding knowledge of technology, Lain is able to "translate her body" into the Wired. If this is true, then one would think that her Wired-self would retain her human characteristics. This is not the case. From the beginning of the series, the viewer gets hints that "Lain of the Wired" is vastly different from the Lain in "real life." In "Layer 02: Girls," Lain’s friends ask her if she was at the club, Cyberia. They think there was a girl who somewhat looked like Lain the night before. But, the girls quickly decide it could not have been Lain, since "she had on all these wild clothes, and chewed people out left and right" (Lain, Layer 02: Girls). Even though Lain does not get the chance to say what she really did that night, her friends are quick to dismiss the idea that the Lain in the club is not the real Lain.
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