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Little to Lain’s friends know that the Lain they saw in Cyberia was indeed Lain’s persona in the Wired. Even though it’s impossible to cross mediums like that in our world, the basic concept of becoming someone most unlike your "real life"-self is important in Lain. "Lain of the Wired" is the exact opposite of herself. In "Layer 08: Rumors," Lain confronts "Lain of the Wired," and asks her "why are you acting like the part of me that I hate?" Through the use of the Wired, Lain has adopted a persona unlike herself in every possible way. Lain admits that "Lain of the Wired" is the part of her that she hates. Perhaps through the use of the Wired, Lain is attempting to revel in that dark part of her personality that she has never shared with the world. Maybe she thinks that by acting this way in the Wired, and not in real life, she is not really hurting anyone. But, as the viewer knows from watching the series, this is not true.
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