Old Updates

» 10.30.04 - Sorry about the complete lack of updates. I've been sitting on a bunch of scans and figured I should finally post them. You can find 6 new totally hot scans in the Anime Misc. Scans section. The images are from pencil boards and the 2004 calendar.

I've also updated the Music Videos page with a short One Piece video I made in April.

Updated the Links page, as well.

» 2.11.04 - Added 4 of Oda's Character Sketches to Color Walk 2 and 1 image to Anime Misc. Scans.

» 12.01.03 - Officially opened the site!

» 11.25.03 - Added more scans, put up all the sections

» 11.20.03 - Reformatted all inner pages.

» 11.19.03 - Remade the layout to this shiznit.

» 11.11.03 - Started working on this monster.