A Ghostly Girl

" Trick or Treat! " a 7 year old Trunks called along with his best
friend Goten.

" My what cute boys" An elderly woman commented , drooping two bars of
chocolate into the boys open bags.

The two boys grinned and after thanking the lady , ran off to the next

It was halloween, and best friends Trunks and Goten were trick or
treating. It had taken some explaining done by Bulma and Chichi to
explain to the boys the meaning of halloween. Vegeta still didn't get it
but had grudgingly agreed to take the two boys around the neighborhood.

They had just reached the ends of the street and it was well past
midnight. The two boys were tiring and most houses weren't giving any
candy anymore. As they were about to turn back Trunks saw someone
standing alone by a mailbox. Trunks and Goten ran up to the person.

It was a girl, no older than Trunks. She stood there looking around with
a troubled expression on her small, pale face. She wereing a bright pink
jacket. She was shivering a little.

"Hi!" Trunks greeted the girl.

"hi" the girl replied in a small quiet voice.

" I'm Goten and this is Trunks, what is your name? " Goten introduced

" I'm Maria" Maria replied quietly.

"What are you doing here? It's kinda late " Goten said

" I'm waiting for my mom," Maria said " She was suppost to be here hours
ago" The girl started to cry.

"Well maybe she can't come here right now, um why don't you come with
me, my mom will take care of you and tomorrow we can find your mom"
Trunks offered.

"and its getting kinda cold" Goten added noticing that the Maria was

Maria nodded seeing no better thing to do. She followed the boys as they
went to Vegeta who was waiting, leaning against a tree. His face showed
no clue to what he thought of the girl as the boys explained to him
about her.

They headed home, where Bulma was happy to provide to girl a room to
stay in for the night. Maria didn't really say much but the boys did all
the talking for her. Maria took off her jacked and put it on a chair.
She went to sleep in the guest room, exhausted.

The next day Trunks and Goten ( who had slept over at Trunks house) were
suprised and a little shocked to find that Maria was gone. The room
looked as if it no one had been in it for weeks. There was no sigh of
Maria except for her bright pink jacket, which was where she had left it
the night before.

No one ever heard form Maria ever again. It wasn't until a week later
when Bulma was reading the boys some ghost stories and Vegeta was
standing listening that they had an idea of what had happened to Maria.

The story that Bulma read them was this:

In the early 21 centery there was a small girl, Maria who lived with her
mom. They were poor and every day while her mom when to work she left
Maria to play by a mailbox. One halloween night when Maria's mom had
left her there to go to work she never came back. It was later said that
Maria's mom had died after getting hit by a car. Poor Maria waited for
her mom. It grew colder and colder and still Maria waited there for her
mom. It had been the coldest halloween ever and poor Maria froze to

It is said that now every halloween the ghost of Maria waits by that
very mailbox, still waiting for her mom to come back or for some kind
sole to take her in form the bitter cold. And when that happens her
sprit will finally be free.

Bulma stopped reading and looked down at the boys, they all exchanged
glances and knew the truth. Maria had been a ghost.