Aiko- Part 5 by Bekuki Chan

Vegeta screamed in frusteration. "Bakamano!" He banged the pickle jar on the counter.

"Vegeta, stop it!" Bulma shouted, coming into the kitchen. She snatched the jar out of his hands and easily unscrewed the lid. Vegeta glared at her and emptied the jar into a large bowl. Bulma sighed, exsasperated, and tossed the jar in the garbage.

Trunks came into the kitchen and opened the door of the refrigerator. "Mom, where are the pickles?"

"You father ate them all."

"Again?" Trunks sighed. "Do we have anything else to eat, then?"

Bulma sighed. "Trunks, I made a casserole last night..."

"I meant something good." He flinched as she glared at him. "Ack! Don't do that! I was just kidding, Mom. Geez..."

Bulma shook her head. "Why don't you just go to some fast food joint? They've got plenty of food to spare."

"Cool!" Trunks ran out the door.


"Hey Trunks!" Trunks looked up from his food and saw Goten and Aiko walking up to him, carrying trays of food. They sat down in the other chairs at the table and Goten smiled. "What brings you here, Trunks?"

"Mom made me. She's in a bad mood because Dad scratched the counter."


Trunks grinned. "Banging a jar of pickles on it."

Aiko laughed, and Goten smiled. "I suppose he couldn't open it."

"Right. And Mom opened it for him."

Aiko grinned. "I bet that made him mad."

"Yup." Trunks smiled. "Hey, do you guys want to come over for a while?"

Goten shrugged. "Sure. It's not like I got anything else to do."

Aiko shot him a glare. "Actually, we were supposed to be studying, but he wanted to get something to eat first. Said something about brain food." Goten grinned and shrugged.

"Okay." Trunks stood up and emptied the garbage on his tray into a nearby trash can. "Let's go."


Trunks sat down in an armchair as Goten sat back on the couch. Aiko laid down on her stomach on the floor as Trunks switched on the TV. They had just played an hour straight of football, and at least Aiko was exhausted.

A game show was on, and as the contestants struggled to guess the answers, Aiko, Trunks, and Goten would shout them out and yell at the contestants for being so stupid.

When it was over, Goten checked the time. "I'd better go, guys."

"'Kay," Trunks said, distracted by a food commercial.

Aiko smiled at Trunks, and said to Goten, "See you tomorrow."

"Okay. Bye."

Another game show came on just as he was leaving. Trunks made a face and changed the channel. A movie was on. It was an old country-western.

Aiko sighed, looking out the window at the setting sun.

Trunks smiled. "C'mere, Aiko." She smiled back and sat in his lap in the armchair. Trunks pulled a blanket over their laps and put his arm around her shoulders.

Aiko sighed and snuggled against his chest, watching the movie. It was a pretty dumb movie, and she felt herself getting drowsy.

Trunks, too, was feeling kind of sleepy. The movie was pretty boring, too...

Bulma peeked into the living room to check on them. They were sitting in the chair, Trunks with his arm around Aiko's shoulders, both fast asleep.

Bulma smiled to herself. She almost didn't want to wake them... They looked so cute.

She shook Aiko's shoulder gently. "Aiko, your mom called. Time to go home."

Aiko stretched and yawned. She stood up, still groggy. Trunks got up, too. "See you tomorrow, Aiko," he yawned.

"Mm-hmm..." She picked up her jacket, still half-asleep, and headed home.

"Mom! Have you seen my sneakers?!"

"They're in the hall where you left them, Aiko."

Aiko looked in the hall. "No they aren't! What did you do with them?!"

Mika sighed. "Aiko, I didn't touch your sneakers."

"Then where are they?! Trunks and Goten'll be here any minute..."

"Here they are," Mika said, holding up the shoes. "They were shoved halfway under the couch."

Aiko pulled on her sneakers just as she heard a car pulling into the driveway. "That's them! See you later, Mom!" Aiko ran out the door, grabbing her bookbag as she ran.

She climbed into the car in the front seat next to Trunks. She sighed and set her bookbag on her lap as Trunks backed out of the driveway.

"Goten," Aiko said, "did you understand our math homework at all?"


"Crap." She pulled it out of her bookbag. "I didn't get anything done... Trunks, can you help me?"

He glanced at the paper. "Nope."

Sighing, Aiko stuffed the paper back in her bag.

When they got to school, Goten headed off towards his locker, Aiko to hers. Trunks, who hadn't had any books to carry the night before, went with Aiko.

She pulled out her math book and made a face. "I hate math..."

She shut her locker, and Trunks leaned against it. "You're so cute when you're stressed out."

Aiko laughed and slid her hand into his. "And you're always cute..."

Trunks smiled and put his arm around her waist. She slipped her arm around his shoulders and leaned close to him, almost touching noses. "I love you, Trunks-kun..."

"Love you too, Angel." He gave her a light kiss on the lips.

The first bell rang, and Aiko pulled her face away. "Mm... I don't wanna go to math class..."

Trunks laughed. "You can stay here with me."

She smiled at him. "I don't think either of our teachers would like that." She pecked him on the cheek. "See you later, Underwear Boy."

"Bye, Aiko-chan."

Aiko sat in math, half-asleep and bored as the teacher droned on. Then she had a thought.

Pulling out a sheet of paper, Aiko began to write.

To My Underwear Boy;

Hey, Trunks-kun! I'm in math (boring, boring, boring) and I decided to write you a note. Duh.

Well, anyways, I was wondering if you wanted to do something tonight. We could go see a movie, go out to dinner... No, wait, dinner's a bad idea. Last time, when we went to that buffet, you almost cleaned the whole place out! Maybe we should stick to a movie...

Uh oh. A test!... I didn't even study... Maybe I'd better end this right now. Like I said,

he's passing out a test. Keep your fingers crossed for me! Luv ya. <3

Your Angel

P.S.~ Thanks for the kiss this morning. Minty fresh! <3 *smoochies*

Aiko quickly folded the note and stuck it in her desk as her teacher set a copy of the test on her desk. With a silent moan, she picked up her pencil and plunged into the test.

Trunks stuffed his homework in his bookbag and shut his locker. He headed down towards Aiko's locker.

He came around the corner just in time to see Aiko drop a heavy pile of books on the floor, scattering the books and papers. She knelt down and began scooping them up as quickly as she could, face red with embarassment.

Trunks knelt down next to her and helped Aiko gather her things. She smiled at him. "Thanks."

He smiled back. "No problem."

Trunks held her books while she opened her locker, then she put them in her bookbag. They leaned against the lockers, bookbags at their feet, waiting for Goten.

Slowly, the halls cleared out as everyone headed home. Aiko made a face. "Where is he?"

"I don't know..." Trunks put his arm around her shoulders. She sighed, watching the last of the people heading out through the doors. Soon, they were alone in the hallway.

Aiko wrapped her arms around Trunks. "I wish he would get here soon... I wanna go home."

"Me too." Trunks grinned. "Maybe he's in the little girls' room."

"But Goten's..." Aiko laughed and punched Trunks' arm. "I'm telling him you said that!"

Trunks bowed, supressing a smile. "How can I ever be forgiven?"

Aiko smiled. "A kiss might do it."

He slipped her arms around her waist and leaned down, pressing his lips to hers. Aiko wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him back.

"Mm... I love you, Trunks-kun," she murmured between kisses.

"Love you too, Aiko-chan..."

"Can't a guy leave you two alone for five minutes?" Goten grinned.

Aiko pulled away from Trunks, blushing, and Trunks said, "Where were you?"

"Finishing a science project. Can we go now?"

"Sure." They walked out the door together.

Aiko, Trunks, and Goten were sitting in Goten's room, staring out the window at the rain. It had been raining all day.

Trunks nudged Aiko, and pointed to Goten. She looked over, and saw that he was sleeping peacefully, leaned against the wall under the window. She smiled.

Trunks slid his arm around her waist, and Aiko stared out at the rain hitting the window. She sighed softly, and Trunks held her close.

She looked up at him, into his eyes. Trunks looked down at her, and saw the glazed expression on her face. "Aiko-chan?..."

She smiled. "Sorry... It's just... your eyes..."

"My eyes?"

She nodded. "They're so beautiful... They're bluer than the brightest summer sky... Deeper than any ocean..." Aiko sighed. "Thoughtful and mature... But playful and laughing... And so soft, so gentle..."

He held her close. "Hey, your eyes aren't half bad either, you know."

She smiled. "Neither is your face." Trunks blushed a little.

Aiko reached up and stroked his soft lavender hair. He held her tight, and leaned down and kissed her. She took his face in her hands and kissed him back as he ran his fingers through her silky brown hair.

"I'll always love you, Aiko-chan," Trunks whispered, parting his lips from hers.

"I'll love you forever," Aiko whispered back. "Forever and longer."

He smiled and stroked her soft cheek. "My beautiful angel..." She kissed him, and he held her tight. Trunks pulled her into his lap, holding her close.

Aiko drew her lips away, but kept her face close. She gently touched her nose to his. "Who's my Underwear Boy?"

"No one but me." Trunks kissed her on the nose, and she giggled. She gazed deep into his bright blue eyes, feeling like she was falling into them...

Trunks pressed his lips to hers, and she kissed him back. She felt warm and safe in Trunks' strong arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck, wishing that this moment would never end...

There was a knock on the door. Aiko pulled away from Trunks and got up to open it. "Oh, hey, ChiChi."

She smiled and peered in. "Your mother called, Trunks. She wants you home."

"Okay." He looked at Aiko. "I'll take you home."

"All right."

They went downstairs and outside. Trunks picked Aiko up in his arms, and she wrapped her arms around his neck. "Trunks-kun?..."

He smiled. "We're flying."

"Oh..." Aiko rested her head against his chest as he lifted into the air.

After a few minutes, Trunks spoke up. "You know, there's a spot down near the lake," he said. "It's really pretty..."

"Okay," Aiko said, laughing softly. "Let's go."

Trunks took her down to the lake and touched down by a large weeping willow. He took her hand, and they walked under the leaves.

He sat at the base of the trunk of the tree, and Aiko sat next to him. The rain fell softly, pattering on the water and the leaves over their heads.

She snuggled up to him and sighed. "It is pretty here, Trunks-kun."

"Glad I brought you here?"

She nodded. "It smells good, too... Like the rain."

"Maybe because it's raining," Trunks grinned. Aiko laughed and punched his shoulder playfully, and Trunks grinned. "Uh oh. Now you're gonna pay!"

"Ack! Trunks, no!" Aiko squealed as he started to tickle her. She tried to squirm out of his arms, but he held her tight. "Trunks, let go!" She was laughing so hard it was difficult to speak.

"Mua-ha-haa!" Trunks tickled her mercilessly.

Aiko wrenched out of his grasp, tumbling across the grass. She lay still, panting, and Trunks crawled over to her. "Hey, you okay, Aiko?"

Suddenly, she reached up and grabbed Trunks, tickling him. He collapsed in the grass next to her, laughing hard. But he easily broke away.

Aiko sat up slowly, the last of her giggles fading as she calmed down. Trunks sat up, too, and sighed. Aiko wrapped her arms around his middle, and he leaned down and kissed her, slipping his arms around her slim waist.

"It's a beautiful day," Aiko said, parting her lips from his, "and it's better with you here."

"It may be beautiful," Trunks said, "but not as beautiful as you." Aiko blushed.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him. Trunks kissed her back, and stroked her silky hair. She took his hand, holding it gently.

"Mm... I should get you home," Trunks whispered.

"Okay..." Aiko drew away from Trunks, rather reluctantly. He picked her up, holding her close. She rested her head sleepily against his chest as the rain fell down in a light mist.

Trunks levitated into the air, and flew towards Aiko's house.

"Nani?! Heck no!!!"

"Vegeta, you're going with us!" Bulma yelled. "Goku's family was nice enough to invite us to come camping with them, so you're going to go, too!"

"I don't care what you say, woman! I'm not spending the weekend with Kakarrot!"

"Yes you are," Bulma said sternly. "And you're going to act like a sane human being around him, too!"

"But I'm not a human!"

Bulma looked him in the eye sternly. "Vegeta, don't argue, or you can say goodbye to Mr. Gravity Room."

Meanwhile, at the Son's house, Trunks, Goten, and Aiko were sitting in the living room, watching a movie on TV.

"This is gay," Trunks muttered. "The lady killed herself because the dude wouldn't marry her?!"

"I know," Aiko added. "How pathetic is that?"

"Shut up!" Goten said. "It's the saddest thing I've ever seen!"

Aiko raised an eyebrow. "Sadder than Lassie, Come Home?"

"Don't talk about that!" Goten said, turning away.

Aiko shook her head slowly. Then she looked up at Trunks. "Hey Trunks, didn't you say something about going somewhere this weekend?"

He nodded. "Yeah. Goten's family is going camping and they invited us. Hey, maybe they'll let you guys come. Your mom and Goku are best friends."

"I hope so," she said softly. "I don't want you to go away for the whole weekend! I'll be so lonely without you here... And Goten." She grinned. "He's the one I scream at." She looked over at Goten, who was blowing his nose. "But... Sometimes I think the boy may need help..."

"I don't need help!" Goten protested. "Can I help it if I cry during Lassie, Come Home?!"

"Goten, you weren't crying," Trunks said. "You were bawling. For Kami's sake, you almost flooded the living room!"

"And all those snotty tissues..." Aiko made a face. "Geez, that was nasty!"

ChiChi came in. "Aiko, your mom called. Time to go home."

"Okay." Aiko stood up, and flinched as Goten tossed a tissue into the garbage near her.

As she headed out the door, ChiChi called after her, "Oh, Aiko, tell your mother that Goku invited you two to come camping with us this weekend."

"Okay!" Aiko headed off for home.

Friday afternoon came around, and everyone reported to the Son household. Everyone meaning Mika, Aiko, Bulma, Bra, Trunks, and a pouty Vegeta. Goten, Goku, Gohan, and ChiChi were ready to go too, so they headed off.

Goten, Trunks, and Aiko were riding in the backseat of the car, which ChiChi was driving, with Goku in the passenger seat. Aiko kept pinching Goten's shoulder beacause he had dropped a heavy bag on her foot before they left. Trunks offered to give her a foot massage later, and she stopped pinching Goten. Now she was only shooting him dirty looks every now and then.

"Still," Aiko said, "I'm not sure you want to touch my stinky feet."

"Your feet aren't stinky," Trunks said. "They smell good."

"When were you smelling my feet?!"

He grinned. "Never. I was just making a scientific guess."

Aiko rolled her eyes and looked over at Goten, who was laughing. "What's so funny?"

"Trunks? Make a scientific guess? Ha!"

Trunks glared at him. "Is that some kind of insult?!"

"You bet!"

"Why you..." Trunks tried to punch Goten, but he had to reach across Aiko, who was sitting in the middle.

She cried out in pain. "Trunks, that was my nose!" Trunks immediatly returned to his seat.

"Settle down!" ChiChi said sternly. "Aiko, are you okay?"

"Yeah, it doesn't hurt anymore." She sighed and rubbed her nose.

"Aiko?..." Trunks said timidly. "Are you okay?"

She smiled. "I'm fine, Trunks-kun."

"It was an accident--"

"I know," she said gently. "I forgive you." She pecked him on the cheek, causing him to blush. Aiko laughed.

When they got there, about an hour later, Goten was snoring loudly, and Trunks was staring boredly out the window. Aiko was simply trying to keep out of Goten's drool.

"Goten, wake up," ChiChi said. "We're here."

Goten opened one eye. "Huh?"

"Get up," Aiko said. Goten yawned and tried to stretch, but ended up hitting Aiko in the head. She glared at him. "That's two, Goten." He grinned.

They stepped out of the car, and Trunks breathed in the fresh air. "It smells really good."

Aiko nodded, looking around. "It's beautiful out here."

"Come on, you two," ChiChi said. "We've got to get into the woods and set up camp. Come on!"

So they went into the woods. It took about five minutes to get to the spot they were going to camp in. Goku and Gohan attempted to set up the tents, while ChiChi and Bulma started a fire to cook something up. Cooking dinner for five hungry Saiyans wasn't going to be easy.

Goten, Aiko, and Trunks wandered off so that they wouldn't be assigned some job. Trunks slipped his hand into Aiko's as they walked through the woods, and she sighed, resting her head on his shoulder.

"It's a nice day," Goten said. Aiko nodded, and Trunks slid his arm around her waist, pulling her close.

"Hey, look at this," Aiko said. She parted from Trunks and walked over to a small hill, looking down. Trunks and Goten climbed up and stood beside her, and saw what she was looking at. There was a river on the other side of the hill. The current was slow and gentle.

Trunks grinned. "Let's go in!"

"In our clothes?!" Aiko exclaimed. "No way, Mom'll kill me if I get all wet."

"Would you rather skinny-dip?" Goten asked.

Aiko turned bright red. "Fine. I'll get the stupid clothes wet."

They ran down the hill and splashed into the river. The water was cool and refreshing.

Aiko floated on her back, gazing up at the leaves overhead. A soft breeze rustled the leaves, and she shut her eyes, breathing in the fresh air. Then she felt something soft brush against her cheek. Trunks' hair. He gently pressed his lips to hers.

Aiko stood up in the water and wrapped her arms around Trunks' middle. He held her close, kissing her softly. Trunks parted their lips. "You're gorgeous, Aiko-chan."

She smiled and blushed a little. "You're not so bad yourself, Trunks-kun."

"Mm..." He smiled, too. He touched his lips to the crook of her neck. "You smell good... Like river water."

"Maybe it's just the water," Aiko said.

"Yeah," he whispered. "You smell a lot better than river water. You smell better than the sweetest flower..."

Aiko put her finger over his mouth. "Sh... You don't have to flatter me, Trunks-kun."

"Yeah, but I love it." He kissed her again, and she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Mm..." Aiko drew her face away. "Where's Goten?"

Just then, Trunks dropped underwater. He surfaced, coughing, and Goten came up behind him, laughing.

"Goten," Aiko said, "did you pull him under?"


She jumped on Goten's back and grabbed his hair. "I was enjoying that! Now you're gonna pay." She yanked his hair.

"Oww! Aiko, cut it out!"

"No way! Hey Trunks, help me teach Goten a lesson!"

"Gladly." Grinning, Trunks came over and shoved Goten underwater. Aiko, who was still on his back tugging on his hair, went under too. They both came up, glaring at Trunks. "Uh oh."

Trunks started swimming downstream as fast as he could. Goten and Aiko followed him, laughing. They caught up to him, and they tackled him. The three went underwater.

When Trunks kicked Goten in the face, Goten swam away up to the surface. Aiko grabbed Trunks' foot and tickled the bottom. He kicked, trying not to laugh, and they swam up to the surface of the water.

"Can you ever forgive me?" Trunks asked humbly, bowing as Aiko considered.

"Well... Okay." She pecked him on the cheek. "But you gotta carry me back to camp. I don't like walking in wet shoes. They're too squishy."

He laughed. "Okay, okay. I promise."

They splashed around for a few more minutes, then climbed out. They stood shivering on the bank.

"I'm cold," Goten muttered.

"Me too," Trunks added. He pulled off his wet shirt, and so did Goten. They sat down in the warm sand on the bank.

Aiko tried hard not to stare at their muscular arms and chests, with little success. She sat down between them and sighed. "I have to wear wet clothes..." She laid back, staring up through the leaves at the blue sky.

"I can keep you warm, Aiko," Trunks said, lying down next to her. She snuggled up to him, resting her head on his warm chest. He put his arms around her and held her close.

She ran her cool fingers over his bare, strong chest, sighing to herself. "You have such a hot body, Trunks-kun."

Trunks' hand found its way up the side of her body, resting on her ribs. "So do you, Aiko..."

"I wish that the two of us could just stay like this forever. The warm sun, the soft sand, the gentle sound of the river..." She snuggled even closer to him, running her hand over his firm abs. "It's like paradise..."

Trunks started to slip his hand up the back of her shirt, but then he remembered that Goten was there. He sat up.

"Huh?..." Aiko murmured. Then she saw Goten watching them. "Oh..." She blushed.

"No, no, go on ahead..." Goten said, grinning spitefully. "Don't mind me. I'm just enjoying the show."

"Goten!" Aiko gave him a gentle punch on the shoulder.

"Let's get back to camp, guys," Trunks suggested. "I'm hungry."
"Me too!" Goten said, jumping up. Aiko rolled her eyes.

"Aiko-chan, hop up," Trunks said. She hopped up onto his shoulders and he held onto her legs so she wouldn't fall. "Let's get somethin' to eat."


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