A Saiyajin Named Aira

Trunks lay silently back against a large tree. He admired the sky and how the clouds seemed to just drift peacefully through it. One of the clouds was shaped like a dog, and another like a whale. Trunks laughed to himself, he hadn't played "what is that cloud" in such a long time. Trunks watched a jet float through the sky. He took a second look when he noticed that the jet appeared to be going much too fast for an earthly vehicle. When Trunks looked closer, he saw that fire was trailing from a small, round ship. He followed it, looking into the sky occasionally for the trail. He stopped at the edge of the crater that the crashed ship had made. He took note of the burnt grass and knew that whatever was in the pod was probably badly injured. Trunks called out, "Is anyone there?" Suddenly the door of the small pod opened. A young girl staggered out. She was quite beautiful but her black hair was matted with blood and she had many battle scars across her body. But the thing that stood out about her the most was her tail, she was a Saiyajin! She looked up at Trunks, trying to speak, but all that came out was a faint whisper. "I think I'm hurt..." Trunks jumped down into the crater and began to help her walk out of it but she lost her balance and fainted dead away. A worried look crossed Trunks' face and he checked the girl's pulse. "Very slow..." He said, "Not a good sign." Trunks picked her up and, holding her like a baby, flew towards home.

"DAD!" Trunks yelled at the top of his lungs, setting the girl down on the couch. A loud grumbling noise could be heard coming from the gravity training room, and Vegeta burst into the room almost instantaneously and looked at Trunks. "What?" He demanded, not seeing the young woman. Trunks turned around and walked slowly towards the couch. Vegeta gasped. "She's a Saiyajin! Impossible! Who is she?" Vegeta asked, now reacting out of extreme surprise. "If I knew I would tell you." Trunks whispered, trying to jostle the girl out of her unnatural slumber. At that point Bulma stepped into the room and stared at the scene, assuming that someone's temper had gotten a hold of him, she began yelling. "No Mom, it's okay. A ship and she crashed..." Trunks rambled. The unconscious girl stirred and they all turned and stared.

She woke up, vision blurry and looked with a dead expression at the three strangers. "Where am I? Who are you?" She asked, lifting her hand to her head. She touched the blood and her hand stopped, shaking in front of her eyes. Trunks, who had been watching her face intently, explained. "You are on Earth," He said, then indicating Vegeta and Bulma. "This is my father, Vegeta, and my mom, Bulma." She looked at him, puzzled. "Vegeta? Prince Vegeta? Oh my..." Vegeta looked her in the eye and said. "Yes," A look of confusion crossed his brow and he asked, "Where have I seen you before?" Her jaw dropped and her face was flooded with recognition. You were there the day they put us to sleep!, she thought silently. "And what is your name?" Trunks asked. She sat up again and smiled at Trunks, thinking to herself, "He's nice." "My name is Aira" Trunks looked at his mother, "I think she might need to, ah, freshen up." Aira cocked her head and looked at him, surprised, then she looked at herself, realized her state and blushed uncontrollably. She got up and Bulma led her to the bathroom.


Aira walked out of the bathroom in a shirt and skirt that she had obviously borrowed from Bura. There was no more blood in her hair and her scratches were barely visible. Trunks found himself staring at her "Wow." He muttered under his breath. "She cleans up good..." Aira looked very nervous when she spoke up. Looking directly at Vegeta she got to the point. "I'm sure you know all about the cryogenics project?" She asked, looking inquisitively in his direction. "Cryogenics... I seem to remember something like it." Vegeta said, looking at her sideways. "You seem so familiar." "I'll explain anyway" She said. "A long time ago there was a project to see if Saiyajins could survive being frozen in suspended animation. The leaders of the project took a few exceptionally powerful children and froze them. A year later when they were unfrozen it was discovered that most of their power had depleted, and they were useless. The scientists did not want to kill the babies so they simply refroze them and stored them away on a small moon of a uninhabited planet. I was one of them."

"Ha!" Vegeta snapped, "I had completely forgotten! I was there! The very day they shipped you off! I remember I was amazed that some of those children, including you, were as powerful as me. Future elites being used as guinea pigs! So where are the rest of them? Where are the other Saiyajins?" Vegeta was really getting into this conversation.

"They're dead."

"How could they be dead? They were frozen the whole time!" Vegeta hissed, a suspicious look in his eyes.

Aira blinked at him, "They killed each other." she said blankly.

Trunks took the moment to interrupt, "Maybe we shouldn't rush her, Dad." Vegeta eyed his son evilly, "You're in no position to tell me what to do, son." He said the last word with a nasty edge and Trunks shut up. Bulma took the initiative and spoke up, "Is that all of the story, Aira?" Aira seemed glad for the tension breaker and finished.

"Not too long ago, about 5 or 6 years, we woke up. An earthquake had caused the freeze machines to slow down and eventually stop working completely. The slowing of the machines means that we weren't entirely frozen. We simply developed very slowly, losing about half our teenage years to sleep." Aira looked wistful and traced her lifeline on her hand. Trunks, watching this, noticed how beautifully shaped she actually was. Her hands were smooth, but judging from the ki energy coming off of her, they packed one hell of a punch. He took other things into note too, how her hair fell into her eyes whenever she moved her head, the way she held her shoulders up, aristocratically. Her eyes, the oddest, yet most mesmerizing shade of green. The way her chest moved when she took a breath, a slow rhythmic motion, Trunks had to look away to keep from getting too excited. All in all, Aira was a goddess. Her lips were the softest shade of skin pink, and her neck was long and well shaped. Her collarbone defined, and she had a figure that any woman would kill for. Aira's arms were also well muscled, along with her legs and the rest of her body, but not so much that she looked freakish, just strong, very strong.

Aira stared Trunks in the eyes, but he didn't seem to notice. What IS he looking at? She asked herself. All of a sudden Trunks snapped out of it, and blushing deeply, said, "Go on."

Aira held back a giggle at Trunks' red face, and continued. "I woke up a 6 year old in a 16 year old's body." Aira said, indicating her frame. Trunks tried not to look or blush, to no avail. "The same for the others, all lost their years and not knowing why, or what happened. They went insane. It was everyone for him or herself. There were very few who weren't psychotic to the extent that they killed every living thing they could find, but all of us had severe mental problems. You can pretty much put together the puzzle from there. The psychos killed each other and everyone else. I guess you can say I know how to hide. You have to when they go super Saiyajin." At this remark, Vegeta's and Trunks' faces lit up. "They went super Saiyajin?" Vegeta demanded. "Well, yes." Aira managed, "It's an anger induced transformation is it not?" Aira silently remembered the last time she got angry, and the blood of two people that was on her hands. Aira wasn't going to mention her transformation to super Saiyajin level 2. There was too much pain behind it.

"She must be a genius to know all this in a mere five years!" Trunks said under his breath, forgetting that Aira's Saiyajin ears could easily hear him. If she did hear him, though, she didn't say anything or even glance in his direction. She was talking again. "I was alone on that small moon for about a year. The place the scientists left us in was a rather large study center, with ample food and teaching utensils. It wasn't hard to learn the basics. Then, on one of my wanderings, I found the blueprints for a space pod. I really wanted to get off that damn moon. So I took the plans and sort of destroyed the building to get the metals and parts I needed." Aira spoke braggishly and Vegeta grinned. Trunks smirked when he thought about the banged up pod. "All that hard work for nothing now?" he said. "My pod?" Aira asked, "It blew up?" Trunks looked at her lower body then averted his eyes in a more appropriate direction and thought. Damn fine! There, now he had admitted it to himself, he felt much better. "It's not exactly blown to smithereens, but it won't fly again without medical attention." Aira sensed he was failing at trying to lighten the mood, and forced a giggle. Bulma followed suit, and even Vegeta snickered, but he did so because he thought this whole laughing facade was remarkably stupid.

"What's so funny?" Bura had entered the room and seen everyone chuckling and she wanted to know what was going on. She had not seen Aira. Trunks took it upon himself to be Mr. Introduction, and stood up. "Bura, this is Aira." he said specifying the pretty Saiyajin who sat on the couch. "And Aira, I'd like you to meet my little sister, Bura." She's wearing my clothes! Bura thought, and with a laugh, She looks better in them than I do! "Hello Bura." Aira said, politely, and with a smile. For a frozen heathen Saiyajin, she had some damn good manners. "Hello Aira." Bura said, bowing. Aira returned the gesture and Bura sat down next to her on the couch. Aira proceeded to give a short summary of her story, then finished it in detail. "I tried to fly back home to Vegetasei, but when I got there it was gone. Blown to smithereens, so to speak. I knew that they couldn't all be dead, Saiyajins are survivors! So I flew from planet to planet, in search of you." Aira could tell from the ki energy, which ones were Saiyajins and that Bulma was a human. "I can't believe that you're probably the last." Then Vegeta 'woke up'. "We're not! Kakarotto and his family live on earth also!" He looked smug, as if he had done something good by correcting her. Aira raised an eyebrow, then looking at Trunks asked. "Can we go visit them?" Bura's face lit up at the prospect of visiting Pan for a while and she instantly took up Aira's side. "Yes," She said looking at Vegeta, "Please daddy?" Aira grinned, she could tell that she and Bura would make good friends and that she was going to like Earth.

Bulma began packing her family into a sizey floating car. Aira wondered why they just didn't fly there. She walked over to the car and waved her hand underneath it. "Pretty cool huh?" Bura asked. Aira nodded at her and glanced around for Trunks. I never thanked him for 'rescuing' me. Aira thought. He was just marching out to the car with a box. "Okay, all ready to go!" Trunks said as he helped Aira into the car. Very nice of him, Aira thought, Is he trying to impress me? Bulma sat in front and drove, Vegeta next to her, and Aira, Bura, and Trunks all sat in the back, with Aira in the middle and Trunks in backseat shotgun. Bura began interrogating Aira.

"How old are you?"

"I'm twenty-one, from blood tests. I took them to find out how old my body was. I'm really about 50 years old."

"Wow." Said Bura, then she asked, "Are you going to stay on Earth?"

"I guess so, I have nowhere else to go, and you have all been very accepting." Aira planned her words in such a way that she could get out of the questioning and thank Trunks. "Speaking of that, Trunks, I'd like to thank you for helping me out when I crashed. I..." She faltered. "I don't think anyone's ever taken care of me like that." Aira got that plaintive look on her face again, the one she had when she told about losing her childhood to frozen desolate sleep. "No one really could, now could they? I was a Saiyajincicle for most of my life." Bura put a sympathetic hand on Aira's shoulder. "You're welcome, Aira." Trunks said. He lowered his voice so that only Aira could hear it, "But, I should be thanking you..." That's a little fast. Aira smiled on the inside. She could most certainly tell that Trunks thought 'highly' of her, to say the least.

In the front seat, Vegeta was brooding. He knew Aira was hiding something, or lying, or just stupid and didn't know to tell her whole story. Vegeta marked out the stupid option when he remembered her story, No one could lie that well, he thought. She wasn't telling them something, and Vegeta was going to find out what it was, even if it meant making her hate him. He knew that he had met Aira before, she had been one of the tougher children the day they had been shipped. Vegeta had requested that he be brought to see them, the idea of children who were in his power range had amazed him. Aira was very strong and the younger children of the group had looked up to her. She was too strong to be as timid as she seemed, and her story of the cryogenic freezing subjects going super Saiyajin and her cowardice didn't make sense. She hid?, Vegeta asked himself, No, that can't be right. Saiyajins don't hide. She had something to do with the deaths, he was sure of it...

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PS: Aira is a dynamic character, which means she changes a lot throughout the story. (Guess who I am!) Part two: Coming soon!