A Saiyajin Named Aira: Chapter two

The entire Son family had gathered at Goku and Chi chi's house for a weekend visit. Gohan and Goten were sparring with Goku, and Pan, Videl, and Chi chi were chatting nonchalantly while watching them.


Bulma beamed as she rammed her fist onto the horn button. "HI PEOPLE!" She shouted happily. Bura jumped out of the air car, dragging Aira behind her by her wrist, and ran towards Pan. The two friends immediately stormed up a conversation, right after Aira was introduced. They talked nonstop about everything they had done while apart, and how Aira looked much better than Bura did in her clothes. Aira, blushed slightly, and Bura was indignant. "So?" she asked Pan holding a smirk inside her. The three continued their aimless chit chatter.

Gohan dropped his brother on his head when he saw the car approach. Goten immediately jumped up and tackled him then, seeing Bulma waving frantically, let go. Goku approached his old friends warmly and shook hands with everyone, grinning brightly. "This is a great surprise visit!" he began, then noticing Aira, looked at Trunks, "New girlfriend?" he teased. Goten looked in the same direction as his father and whistled. Then, as he leaned to get a closer look, he noticed her tail. "Aaah! Explanation please." Goten muttered, pointing.

"That's the main reason we came." Trunks said, looking smug.

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Aira seemed more confident in front of more people, she told her story, again. This time Goku brought up the other Saiyajins. "What happened to them?" he asked. Aira glanced around. "They killed each other, they went insane and killed each other." Vegeta stood up. "Yes, Aira, why don't you tell us how they killed each other." Aira gave him an odd look. "They went super Saiyajin." Everybody pretty much had a 'no way' look plastered on thier faces at this statement. Vegeta began his counter move. "And you hid, if I remember correctly. Saiyajins do not hide, Aira. You're leaving something out." Aira realized what he was doing and silently told him to shut the hell up. "I," she started, "was getting to that." Vegeta smirked, he loved to toy with people's minds. 'Dad! Why today of all days!? Damn you!' Trunks thought. "No, no you weren't. I think you killed them, or at least helped. And I think that you still aren't telling something." Vegeta was trying to make her angry now, and it had most certainly worked. Aira got in his face. "YES I AM KEEPING SOMETHING FROM YOU!" she shouted, her hair flashing between jet black and brilliant gold. 'Screw his royal status! He's not my prince!' Aira told herself, over and over.

Vegeta remained silent, a smirk playing on his lips. He reached up and took a lock of her hair, which had settled back to black. Vegeta rolled the hair between his thumb and forefinger. "Thank you for that little demonstration Aira, you have a very quick temper. You should keep that in check. Would you like to finish, and tell the truth this time?" Vegeta said it with the greatest calm, he was making fun of her. Then he yanked her hair hard and waited for her to react. Aira couldn't stand it. She walked outside, so as not to ruin the house by flying through the roof like she wanted to do and to keep herself from going all out on Vegeta. Aira was doing a slow boil. 'That bastard!' Trunks got up to follow Aira, but when he got outside, all he could see was her energy trail as she flew away. Trunks took off, following her, but not staying too close.

Inside, everyone was in Vegeta hating mode. They were concerned about Aira, but no one made a move to follow her. They'd just leave it to Trunks, he could more than handle her. Bulma had thwapped Vegeta across the back of the head with a newspaper, and gotten away with it. 'Heh, I got some truth out of her. But maybe I should have been a bit more discreet.' Vegeta thought. This was his way of justifying his actions. Vegeta made his way to the gravity room and began to train. It didn't take him long to forget all about the scene as he concentrated on his training.

Aira flew along at top speed, flickering in between super Saiyajin and just normal. A million thoughts were running through her brain, and she could barely see straight. She sensed a power behind her, but didn't know who's it was. Aira stopped abruptly in midair and hovered, in complete silence for about five minutes. 'What is she doing now?' Trunks asked himself as he jerked to a halt, hiding most of his power. He knew she knew he was there. Aira looked down at the ground and her ki aura dissapeared. She plummeted to the rocks below. 'What?!' Trunks gaped. "What is she doing?" Trunks was too surprised to really react. About 3 feet from her landing point, a rather sharp rock Aira would have been impaled on, she stopped and glided over to safety. Trunks followed her as Aira walked into a clearing. She seemed to know her destination, even though she had never been here before. Trunks stood and stared.

"Turn around." Trunks called to Aira's back. Aira looked over her shoulder and fired a ki blast that went right over Trunks' head. He simply stared at her. "You followed me!" She said, "Why? Why did you?" Trunks raised an eyebrow. "I was concerned?" he said, with a sarcastic undertone. "You shouldn't be." Aira hissed. "I'm a stranger, you don't have to care." Trunks approached her, slowly, but with deliberation. Aira shook with a mixture of rage, fear, and frustration. She was completely unable to control her power. "Aira," Trunks said, "You have to calm down. This is deeper than anger at my father, I can tell." Trunks sat down next to the trembling Aira. He fiddled with a piece of grass. "Sit down, we can talk, if you want."

Aira squatted to Trunks' level and stared him straight in the face. "I don't want to talk." She choked the words out, Aira was about to break down. "I want to be alone. Just like old times. I didn't have to worry about them anymore! I was free!" Aira was recalling the other Saiyajins who were involved in the cryogenics project. 'She's out of her mind.' Trunks thought sadly.

"We, we were the last three." She was crying now, tears streaming down her face like she'd been holding it back for years, and probably had. "Me, and Wez and Deini. We tried to live normally on the moon, but it just got bad. We disagreed over everything, and one day we all exploded. They went super Saiyajin before me, but I was stronger anyway. I... I... went level two." Trunks' jaw dropped. 'Impossible!' "I did it," Aira managed. "I killed them with my bare hands! I was angry and insane and wild. Then I knew what I had done! And they were dead!! My hands, my hands..." Aira screamed wildly and bit at her wrists trying to tear her hands from her arms. Trunks grabbed her hands and held them apart. "Stop! You want to hurt yourself?" He tried to make his face appear blank, but the look in his eyes gave all away. "Yes!" Aira wailed, "I deserve to die! I promised myself I'd never interact with another living being, but I came here and found you... And you are all so perfect..." She stopped sobbing and sat still. "Perfect." Trunks dropped one of her hands, the other was as limp as a spaghetti noodle, and she peered curiosily at him.

"Aira," Trunks started, "we need to get back, you've probably made a bad impression. Do you want to go back?" Aira considered it for a moment. "No," she said, "I'd like to stay here for a while before I return. You can go back home though, I'll be fine." Trunks smiled at her. "No, I'll stay with you. I don't think you really need to be alone." Trunks looked at the red marks that stretched across her wrists and hands. "We don't need a handless psycho Saiyajin running around in the woods." Trunks grinned stupidly, and Aira made a noise that was somewhere in between a laugh and a sob. She threw her arms around him and was silent for a very long time. Trunks began counting the seconds. About ten minutes later Aira released him. Her eyes were clear again and Trunks could feel her calm.

"What is it about you, Trunks?" Aira asked, "How is it I feel so safe around you?" Her voice was choked with her previous crying, but she spoke every word like she had rehearsed it for weeks. "I'm sorry. I blew up just like I did back on the moon, but at least this time no one got hurt." Aira looked questioningly at Trunks, like she was making sure she had said the right thing. 'She's like a child,' Trunks thought, 'so eager to please.' "You don't have to apologize. My dad, he can be a little... unsympathetic, well, a lot unsympathetic at times." Trunks half smiled at Aira. "What?" she asked, 'I can't even remember why I was mad!' Aira concentrated hard, but, for the life of her, could not remember what had happened to make her blow up. She glanced at Trunks, he was, once again, playing with a piece of grass. For a long while the only sounds that could be heard amid the crickets were the ragged breaths that escaped Aira and the quiet but deep breathing of Trunks.

The long silence gave both Aira and Trunks time to think. Trunks about how exactly to deal with getting her back and his father. Aira about wether or not she wanted to stay at all. "Trunks?" Aira asked, looking up at him. "Do you want me to stay, I mean, I will if you do." Aira really did not want to stay on earth, the way she felt now was a bit overwhelming for her mind, intelligent decisions could not be made. Trunks gazed at her, puzzled. 'Why does she say that?' He asked himself, 'If you do...' Trunks looked away, then back at Aira and into her eyes. "Yes, I want you to stay here. If for nothing else, your safety." Fireworks went off inside her. 'He wants me to stay!' Aira composed herself. "Then I should go back with you." A wave of relief swept over Trunks. 'Less worry, more hurry.' He thought, silently laughing. Trunks got up and offered his hand to Aira, she took it and stood. Aira was almost as tall as Trunks give or take an inch. His hand was warm and Aira held it tightly. Their eyes locked for a fleeting second and Trunks leaned in to kiss her. Aira looked hungrily into his face for the emotion, but he had masked it well. She shut her eyes and accepted the kiss. A quick, nervous peck on the lips, but a kiss nonetheless, and it lingered. A linger, that said "I don't know if I should let go, if you're safe or not..." Trunks pulled away and smiled at her, then blushed and levitated in the air. "You coming, Aira?" He asked. Aira's arms were limp at her sides. "Hmm?" She asked, still dazed. "Oh. Yes." Aira floated up beside Trunks and they took off, back towards the Son residence.

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