When Angels Sang to Us

By: Ashiko-chan

Act 2: Arrival

I don't like being here.

You have no choice.

That doesn't matter.

Don't you pity these people?

Shut up.

You can't ignore the truth.

Leave me alone.

Tenshi stared around her, taking in the surroundings. Even though Earth eternally blossomed and spouted beauty, she still didn’t like being here. Some thing shook her soul and disturbed her peace.

Maybe that's because I hate my mission.

You have no choice.

Broken record.

Shut up.

Tenshi cautiously stepped over the shambles and rubble of the freshly leveled village. Placing her hand upon the heart of the area, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath.





Tenshi removed her hand off the ground. Sighing, she turned her back to the sun, casting a shadow in front of her. It was the same, the same vision she had every time she looked into the destruction of the villages and cities. All of them suffered cruel and brutal falls, not by a person or anything like that, but a phantom of some sort.

Still no luck.

You don't believe in luck, Tenshi.

No, I don't.

You don't believe. In anything.

Right, again! Give the girl a cigar!

You must believe, if nothing else, yourself.

I don't have to believe in myself, only everyone else must believe in me.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Slowly, Tenshi crept into her camp, and began to settle down for the night. She turned the bedside lamp on and reached into a drawer. Hesitantly she pulled out a framed picture and stared at it with mournful eyes.

I miss you, Kayo.

He can't be here anymore.

I don't care, he'll always be with me, I know.

It's been five years.

It's seems like yesterday.

But it wasn't.

But the pain never relented.

Staring at the lovely image locked inside the glass, Tenshi felt her heart to break. Had it really been five years? Five years since Kayo…Tenshi's eyes welled up with tears as they made a plip plip sound on the glass. The pain never stopped, a part of her left when Kayo left.. Kayo, the same Akiou Kikayo that she had met and fallen for over ten years ago. Searing, blistering pains grasped at her heart and held fast.

Oh, Kayo, why did you have to leave me?

* * * * * * * * * * * *

A cool fresh breeze wandered in over Capsule Corp, stirring the rich smell of freshly brewed coffee to the sleeping senses of the Z-Warriors. Within a half-hour of each other, the senshi roused and began to arrive at the table for breakfast. Bulma, ChiChi, and Videl furiously worked over the range to cook enough food to feed several hungry Saiya-jins, and others as well.

" ChiChi? Are you making breakfast?" Goku mumbled drowsily as he stumbled into the kitchen.

" Hai, Goku. It'll be done soon, go tell the others!" ChiChi replied.

Wow, ChiChi's in a really good mood this morning! Goku thought as he struggled awkwardly up the stairs and summoned everyone else to the kitchen.

" Breakfast's served, minna-san!" Videl exclaimed while she and the other wives began placing the colossal amounts of food on the table in front of the starving warriors.

" Arigato, Videl-san, Bulma-san, Okaa-san," Goten thanked between mouthfuls as swiftly the food disappeared into the tummies of warriors. Inevitably, breakfast ended and Goku-tachi. wandered into the spacious back yard of Capsule Corp.

The sun peered down vibrantly as the melodic sound of chirping birds swam through the air. But, a dejected air weighed down the splenderous morning.

" So… When will we bury Juuachi-gou and Kurillin-san?" Gohan asked timidly.

" Tonight, at dusk," Bulma answered, with a slightly romantic note in her voice.

" Why, Okaa-san?" Chibi questioned, immensely intrigued.

" Because, Chibi-chan, once Kurillin told me that Juuachi-gou looked the most beautiful when the sun was setting behind her, and the sky was painted in violets and pinks. Tonight, we will make sure that she looks beautiful on this Earth one last time."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

" From dust to dust…" The priest finished as the last shovel of dirt landed atop the graves. This priest administered a splendid service, one that served justice to Kurillin and Juuachi-gou. Now they laid at rest, next to each other. Every eye was clouded with tears, with exception of Piccolo and Vegeta.

Poor Goku, Kurillin was his best companion. It's got to be hard to lose a best friend.

Not like you'd know.


You don't have a best friend, or friends at all.

Don't remind me.

Trunks gazed at the vista, wiping the solitary tear off his cheek. While they had made an odd couple, they loved each other deeply. Now nothing could stand between them, together for eternity.





" Nanda!? Where's that ki coming from?" Vegeta roared harshly as tremors began to jar the Earth's surface.

" What an incredible power…"

" It's got to be them! They're destroying another city!" Piccolo fumed as he and Goku led the way to the city.


" It's gone. Shimatta!" Gohan cried out in anguish.

" It was never here," a voice from the distance echoed in an almost inaudible voice.

" Who goes there?!" Vegeta hollered as he whipped his head around to see the approaching stranger.

" I am the Messiah no Nozomi. I am the One. I am the Shin Tenshi!"