When Angels Sang to Us

By: Ashiko-chan


What’s this for? Well, I think the cover and the prologue are part of the story…but I need to put some side notes in here as well. And I didn’t want to put them in the story because I think it looks tacky.

Whenever Trunks speaks I never say that he has. It’s always blank after his dialogue. Like this:


Why? I don’t know. I didn’t feel like putting his name in there maybe.

Anyway…you should know that to avoid confusion, I changed the names of the Trunks’ a bit. Mirai Trunks to Trunks (wow…original), and Chibi Trunks to Chibi. I apologize if you don’t like it, but if it bothers you that much- don’t read the story.

This story takes place after the Cell saga, but Bra and Goten are born nonetheless. And mostly everyone in the cast is alive, some way or another. There is no Buu in this timeline.

When you see italic words it represents thougths inside a person’s head. If the italics are black, those words represent the romantic/illogical (not logical)/ heart thought part of the mind. Any colored italics represent the realistic/logical/ brain thought part of the mind. Different colors represent different people.

___= Trunks (Dk.Blue)

___= Tenshi (Dk. Purple/violet)

___= Chibi (Blue)

___= Goku (Teal)

___= Shin (Dk. Red)


Also, below is a guide to frequently used Japanese words in the story. This will also appear in the afterword, and if I’ve missed any words you can e-mail me at Boogie099@aol.com.

-san A suffix used for people older than you, or people you’re unfamiliar with, or people you respect

-sama A suffix used for royalty, gods, or people highly respected

-chan A suffix used for younger people, usually girls, insultive/patronizing if used to someone of higher power or age. Can be added for a term of endearment or for a "cute" effect

-kun A suffix used for younger boys.

-tachi A suffix that means something like "and them". Goku-tachi roughly means " Goku and them/ Goku and everyone else".

-jin A suffix used for type of species.

-jou A suffix implying queen

-gou A suffix meaning number

Ja ne Casual good-bye/ see ya

Minna Everyone

Otou/Tou Father

Okaa/Kaa Mother

Oji Uncle

Domo Arigato Thank you very much, Arigato along means thank you

Sayonara Used as good-bye when there is no intention of ever meeting again

Shin Tenshi Divine Angel

Shin Shiou Divine Death King

Aku-Shin Divine Evil

Akugi Akuma Malicious Demon

Urusai Shut up

Kisama You in a really rough way

Onore Bitch

Jinzouningen Androids

Chibi Small/tiny

Shinde Die

Masaka No way

Aishiteru I love you

Eien aishiteru I love you forever

Koibito My love (I think…)

Nani What

Ne Kinda like huh, or yeah (I guess)

Matte ne Wait

Akiou Kikayo Loyal Autumn King Kayo

Hai yes

Omae o korosu I’ll kill you

Nanda What’s that

Shimatta Shit

no Of

Nozomi Hope

Sugoi Wow

Kakakkoi Cool

Tenou Heaven King

Baka Stupid/fool/silly/idiot

Gomen Nasai I’m very sorry

Gomen Sorry

Ohaiyo Gozaimasu Good morning

Chikuso Damn it

Kuso Damn

Ki Life force/energy

Kami God

Bishounen Beautiful Boy

Senshi Warrior

I hope this has helped! Thanks for looking at this or my story…I hope you like it. It might not be very good, I’m only 13! But I love manga/ anime…espically Gundam Wing (Duo-sama…drool! Hee-chan, Quatre-chan, and Trowa-chan are mighty fine as well- Relena no baka- but she has enough sense to like Heero), X (the artworks incredible!), Sailor Moon (Even tho’ I’ve been losing intrest in the anime, the manga is wicked kewl), Ranma (Ryouga’s funny I think…and I have this weird thing for Ranma-male thank you)Fushigi Yuugi (Why are all the seishi’s guys? Why isn’t Miaka incredibly fat? But, I like Nuriko a lot! Hotohori too.), and of course, Dragon Ball Z (but, sadly, I think I’m losing intrest in this too…sniff sniff). There are many others…but I haven’t gotten in depth with them yet.

Ja ne minna-san!