Bittersweet Sin

By: Jade

He looked dismally at the ruble around him. What had once been a great city, bustling with activity, had now been reduced to smoldering piles of ruble and ash by the jinzonigen. His father, his friends, all of them where dead and why- them; they had all died at they’re hands, trying to save the earth; and all its inhabitants. He looked around and thought back to happier times.

<”Whoa, Trunks good one. If you keep this up you’ll beat me and maybe you can take on your father.” Gohan yelled.

Trunks grinned as his mother came and called them to lunch. >

He stood there smiling, then frowning as he remembered that those times where gone; and Gohan, like the rest of the Z-Senshi before him, was now dead

“Why so sad…” a female voice came from behind him.

He turned sharply to face her. He blue eyes glittered pale in the light as she gave him a shy half-smile.

“Well, future boy, why you so sad. Miss your daddy; want to join him. I can gladly do that… though I came here for other reasons…”

He stared at her intently, taking in features he had never taken in before. He could have loved her, had she not been evil. Her blue eyes perfectly accented her almost colorless skin and light blonde hair.

“Well…” she said getting slightly impatient with him. Her height suited her well, and her hair was just the right length. In short she looked perfect, and innocent.

“I just miss my friends,” he said dully. “My friends that you killed.”

She looked at him. So that’s what had him so upset. Well she would just have to change that then… wouldn’t she.

“Well, I’m… I’m sorry then.” She said in a rush, not sure if she meant it or not.

“No, you’re not.” He countered sharply, “what did you care that the world was a mess, or that you mercilessly killed millions, among them my friends and my father.”

“I can prove to you my words are true,” she said defiantly, taking a step in his direction with each word, so when she was finished she was at his side. Then whispering seductively in his ear, “Want me to show you.”

He shivered slightly as he tongue touched the lobe of his ear and trailed down his neck. She nipped delicately at his soft flesh, what she wouldn’t give to have her humanity back. She looked up at his soft blue eyes, so warm and inviting before placing a heated kiss on his lips.

He instinctively wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her firm body into his rough, muscular, battle scarred chest. He could feel the cool skin of her arms around his neck, and felt her soft, cool kisses, and he wanted more. He slid her jean vest off her shoulders and let it fall to the ground, next came her shirt… bra, skirt, and panties. She was now completely naked before him and he took it in trying to etch her into his memory as she now was.

She grabbed hold of his belt; pulling it from his waist and tossing it aside, into the pile of clothes they were creating. She un-tucked his shirt and ripped it off of him, repeating the same with his pants, under which were nothing [AN- I don’t figure Trunks would where boxers or anything like that… I doubt his father would either… Ok enough stupid rambling from the author, on with the story.] Never had she seen a man this close, spare Juunanagou; but that was an accident, like she knew he was in the shower. [AN- that’s in there just to be kinky]

She kissed his neck then trailing down his chest to his rapidly hardening tool; she placed her mouth around it and pulled the full length of him into her mouth sucking on it like sweet candy. [AN- did I not warn you I was crazy] He moaned loudly in pleasure and she stopped just before his release. She stood up to face him.

“Shall we continue this elsewhere, spare you the humiliation of being seen.”

He nodded and flew off, grabbing her in his arms and carrying her to his room. He entered through the window and gently laid her down on the bed. He looked at her, before giving her his warning, “If this goes on, your mine. No turning back.”

“No” she said, “no turning back, and no regrets.” She smiled at him before pulling him down and pinning him beneath her, [AN- what can I say, girls gotta take charge some time right.] “I never said you got control now did I?”

He looked at her in awe, she knew which of his buttons to press; and how and when to press them, she knew what made him angry and what made him sad, she knew how he felt about his friends dieing at her hands, and yet she still felt the need to do things to him that enemies shouldn’t do.

She drew invisible circles on his chest with her finger, toying with him. She delicately pressed her lips to his, and slid her hands down his chest. He made some incoherent sound of protest; but she went on, enjoying her sweet torturous control over him. When she pulled away from him and sat idle for a second, his hands shot up and grabbed her wrists; he flipped her beneath him and looked at her a second, whispering in an almost evil tone, “Your reign of terror ends now,” and then slamming himself into her. She moaned loudly, loudly enough that Bulma could hear them below.

She came storming up the steps and pounded at her son’s door, “Trunks, do you have a girl in your room.” She received no answer; so she yelled louder, “Young man, you answer me this minute.” Still he said nothing. Bulma sighed in agitation, her son was now a grown man, and it seemed in all ways he would repeat his father’s mistakes. And then giving up she trudged down the stairs in defeat, leaving Trunks to do as he pleased.

AN- I know I’m evil. Get over it.