A Story of Love in the Presence of Blind Hate

By Quincy Burney

It was a sunny afternoon when Vegita had finished his training for the day. He had picked up his towel, and was going to start for home, when he was approached by a man who was dressed exactly like the Great Saiyaman, only his tunic was red instead of green. Vegita could sense an enormous power coming from him. Vegita demanded, "And just who the hell are you?" The man responded

"My name is Shaolin. And you are Vegita I presume" Vegita said "Yeah I’m him. What do you want?" "To talk!" said Shaolin "I don’t have time to talk. I have things to, and not enough time to do them in!" Vegita said sternly. Shaolin then said "Oh I think you should here this. It’s about your son."

Vegita’s eyebrow lifted. "My son? What about him?" he said. "Oh it’s not directly about Trunks, it’s about the way you treat him" Vegita rolled his eyes "This isn’t going to be one of those Father-Son speeches is it? ‘Cause I have better things to do" Vegita flew off in a hurry, but Shaolin just phased right in front of Vegita, stopping him in his tracks.

"This will be one of the most important talks of your life. So I suggest you take a seat and open you ears." Vegita turned the other way and flew off again, but Shaolin merely phased in front of him again. Vegita then said "FINE! Have it your way!" Vegita flew down and tool a seat on a rock. Shaolin though to himself "I hope this works!"

"Shaolin stood before Vegita with a serious look on his face. He said "Now that I have your attention, let’s get down to business. Your son – you treat him like he’s yesterday’s news. You abuse him, you avoid him, you don’t even give him a second glance, and lets be honest. You’re a lousy father. You don’t care about your son because he wasn’t born a Super Saiyan, correct?" Vegita just turned his head to the side. "You think just because his power level at birth did not fit you expectation, that you are just going to let him go his own way, without your love as a father to help him on that way." "So what if I am?" Vegita replied "He’s not of any importance to me, why should I care?"




Shaolin said "You should care because he is your son, plain and simple. He’s so young, only seven years old. And what you do to him now, will affect him for the rest of his life. He may not respect you, he may not even want to love you anymore." Vegita then said rather loudly "What makes you think he loves me know?" Shaolin said "I know he loves you, but that love may disappear if you keep treating him so badly." Shaolin then said "I’m going to ask you a question, and I want you to tell me the truth alright?" "Fine!" answered Vegita. He asked "What are your true feelings for Trunks?" Vegita said "I don’t have any!" "That’s not the TRUTH! Search deep down inside of yourself, and FEEL you love for that boy" Vegita snickered "All I feel is a headache coming on"

Shaolin was getting impatient. "Alright Vegita. You want a super saiyan, you’ll get one." Shaolin held out his hand. And in a flash of white light, an image appeared. It was an image of little Trunks fighting with Goten, except both of them had gone Super Saiyan Jin. Vegita looked at his son amazed. He had never known that Trunks could go Super Saiyan Jin. Shaolin then said "If you had been there to see it happen for the first time, I think your opinion of Trunks would be different. It took you almost half your life to figure out how to do it, and your son did it in a fraction of the time it took you."

Vegita lowered his head "Your right!" he said. "I do feel love for my son, and I DO love him but…" Vegita paused for a moment getting ready to say the rest. "But I never knew how to show it!" Shaolin sighed with relief, and thought to himself "He finally gets it" He tilted his head, and saw tears forming in Vagita’s eyes. Vegita put his hands over his face, then started to cry. He then started saying aloud, "I’m a terrible father" Shaolin knelt in front of him, and put his hand on his shoulder. "Vegita!" Shaolin pulled Vegita’s hands away from his face. He said "There is still time to make things right." Vegita asked, still in tears "W…What do I have to do? Shaolin smiled.

He said "Go to Trunks and confess that you love him, and I promise you will not regret for one moment!" Vegita wiped the tears from his eyes and said "I… I will. I’ll go to him!" "Then there’s not a moment to lose. Get goin’ before it’s too late." Shaolin ushered him off in a hurry. Vegita took to the sky as fast as he could, locked in on his son’s ki.


Shaolin was on the ground with a smile on his face. He thought

to himself "Good Luck Vegita!" Vegita was flying as fast as he could carry himself with only one thing one his mind – To get to Trunks and tell him he loves him. He then said aloud to himself "I really DO love Trunks." He then yelled it out as loud as he could for all to hear


Back where Goten and Trunks were sparring, they sensed a large power approaching. "Hey Trunks! Ya feel that?" Goten asked. "Yeah! What a power! It’s almost as big as my…." Trunks paused. Then his eyes widened with awe. "What is it Trunks?"

"…. My dad!" continued Trunks "What about your dad?" asked Goten.

"No…That power we’re sensing, it’s my dad!" Goten looked out to where the power was coming from "Are you sure?" he asked. "Yes! It IS my dad" Then Goten asked "Well… Why is he coming this way?" "I dunno!" Suddenly, Vegita appeared before them, his body steaming, and a smile on his face.

"Hi dad!" said Trunks. "Hello Mr.Vegita said Goten. "Hello Son, hi Goten. Listen Trunks, uh, can we talk?" Vegita asked nevously. "Sure daddy. What to do ya want to talk about?" Vegita was about to reply, when suddenly, Goku appeared. Goten greeted his father "Hi daddy!"

"Goten. It’s time to come home now dinner is ready… Vegita? What are you doing here?" Vegita answered "I’m here to talk to my son!"

Goku looked puzzled "Since when have you WANTED to talk your son?" Vegita replied quickly "Since all my life Kakarot!" Goten said goodbye to Trunks, then Goku and Goten left. Vegita then picked his son up, and sat with him on a rock. This would be the hardest and ONLY

Father-Son talk we would share with Trunks.

Vegita started "Listen! I know I haven’t been the greatest father, in fact I never knew… I never… knew that…." Tears had started to form in his eyes just like before. "Don’t cry daddy!" Vegita was calmed by his son’s soft voice. Vegita took his son’s hands into his, and he continued. "I never knew that… I never knew that I love you!" Trunk’s jaw opened slightly. "I really do LOVE you Trunks! I just never knew how to show it until today. I know that I treated you badly, and I am so, so very sorry. I hope you can forgive me… and love me, like I love you"


By this time, Trunks was also in tears "I… I love you too daddy!" Tears ran down Vegita’s face as he then took Trunks into a tight embrace.

"Oh Trunks! Thank you. Thank you so much." Trunks cried

"Oh Daddy!" Vegita kissed Trunks on the cheek and hugged him some more. Vegita whispered into his ear "I promise I’ll never treat you badly ever again. I will treat you with more love than father could ever give his child!" Trunks said "I guess you can never have enough love for someone." Vegita laughed, and they came out of the embrace. They looked into each other’s eyes. Then Vegita said "C’mon my son, let’s go home." "OK!…Father!" They flew off together hand in hand.

And on top of the mountain just above the place where Vegita and Trunks shared their embrace, stood Shaolin, with tears of joy in his eyes. He looked to the sky and closed his eyes, with the wind playing his hair like a harp. The tears blew off his face into the wind. He thought to himself "He really does love his son. I am so good at this. I should go into a family council business for myself. I work too cheap!" He flew off the mountain and into the sunset.

And from that day on, Vegita was more loving to his son as he was toward… Anyone!