Trunks vs Tim The Bounty Hunter

By Vegeta

One stormy night at downtown of Capsual Corp. Something was happening a lighting storm was going on that night. Lighting goes everywhere until one bolt hits a chained fence but something happens a portal comes out of no where. The portal opens and closes fast leaving a 14 year old boy with blue jeans that have dirt on the knees of the pants. A white shirt with old army boots on. He looks weak cause nothing shows on the outside but inside is way stronger then you would think. The kid looks around with a straight face and a scouter but it was smaller and more advance cause no one could hide there power level from it. The boy gets a high power reading and starts walking to uptown. The boy sees a bunch of gansters hanging out drinking and smoking on a old car. The kid read there power level all together was 10 the kid doesn't even look at them and continues to walk but one guy gets in the way. "Hey little girl you should be inside." "Yeah street lights are on." they start to laugh. The boy doesn't say nothing. The boy kicks the guy infront of him in the knee cap breaking it and punches one guy in the face making him fly into a car. The kid has a straight face the whole time he fights. The kid watches the others run away seeing that The boy killed one of them by breaking his neck and the boy goes back to walking. The next day Bulma wakes up and turns on the TV she watches the news about a gang getting beaten up and one killed. Bulma looks at Vegeta wondering if he did it as Vegeta rolls over "Turn that thing off for crying out load." but she remebers him training like he always does every night she remebers as she turns off the TV. Bulma wakes up Trunks telling him to get walk Pan to school Trunks gets up all mad but remebers Pan's face he gets up and gets dressed. Trunks eats his breakfast way faster then you think any sayian could (He ate so fast he looked like he stole something from K-mart) and goes to Pan's house "Hi Pan are you ready?" "Yeah lets go." Pan and Trunks start talking but hears something going on they come up to a turn seeing the 14 year old boy and some older guys fight him. The kid has a straight face and jumps in the air then kicks on guy right beside the head making him do a flip on his back hard knocking him out. The kid looks at the others run at him. The boy just sticks out his hand all calm and fires a small beam at them, just to scare them off. He watches the others run away in fear.

The guy beings to say "Mercy. Please?" but the kid has a straight face and pulls out a sword from behind him and points it at the guy. The kid pulls back his sword and says "It's over." and pushes forward to stab him but Trunks gets in the way grabbing the sword. The boy watches the guy run away then looks at Trunks. The boy pulls away his sword and puts it up "Who are you?" the kid doesn't say nothing he reads there power levels he squints his eye looking at them and walks away. Trunks and Pan watches him walk away Trunks and Pan start wondering who he was. Trunks remebers the kid's plain face and Pan remebers seeing in his eyes nothing but darkness with the scouter on. They decide to follow him they fly over him the boy sees their shadows and then looks up seeing them the kid stops walking and looks up at them. Pan and Trunks wonder what he was gonna do. The kid jumps in the air and starts flying the kid looks at them with a plain face. "Who are you?" "Go Away." "What why?" the boy doesn't answer he turns around away from them and flys away. Pan and Trunks decide to fly to Goku's house they fly there. "Goku there is some boy fighting other people and he is powerful like us. I know he is not sayian he is human and he is way stronger then Krillin. Whats weird is that he is just a kid he looks 14 or so." "Well I think I would like to meet this kid don't you?" "Don't even bother he will just tell you to go away thats all he will do."

Goku rubs his chin wondering who he was. Pan goes to shcool and goes to her class the teacher walks in "Class we have a new student.". Pan is shocked as she sees the kid walk in. It was the kid that Pan saw earlier Pan breaks a pen she had in her hand "My name is Tim" "Have a seat next to Pan.". Tim sits down with a plain face looking straight "Nice to meet you Tim." Tim just gives her a look that made her jump almost out of her seat. The class goes to lunch Tim sits alone with his eyes closed Pan walks over "Are you gonna eat?" Tim doesn't say nothing Pan tilts her head sideways wondering whats wrong. "Whats wrong?" Tim gets up and walks away without touching any part of his lunch. The glass goes to outside to play for a while Tim just sits down like always until someone almost hits him with the football Tim caught the football after he heard Pan scream "Watch out!" Tim opens his eyes and throws it back at Pan. Tim closes his eyes. School was out everyone was running for joy to be out of school. Tim just walked out calm Pan starts following Tim wondering where he lives. Tim starts walking into the woods and goes into a little cabin Pan looks through the window seeing Tim working out. Pan looks around wondering if there is anything that she could figure where he is from but found nothing. Tim felt something wrong and sneeks up on Pan saying "What are you doing here?" Pan freaks out and falls but Tim catches her before she falls. Pan starts running away Tim just stands there watching her leave. Tim looks around and then goes back inside. Pan runs into Trunks,Goten,Bra and Marron. "Pan whats wrong?" "I found out where that kid lives and I know his name it's Tim." "Show me where he lives." Pan show the others where Tim lives Tim opens the door seeing Trunks and the others standing there. "Hello Tim" says Trunks in a cocky way like he found the most top secret in the world "Hello Trunks." "What how did you know my name?" "I am here to kill you." "What why?" "I am a bount hunter I get paid to kill people no matter who they are." "Who sent you?" "My boss." "No I mean who paid you to kill me?" "I don't know me and my clients never meet face to face or give each other our real names. I am not gonna kill you today but tommorow I will. So get ready cause I have a little secret weapon. I know your weapon you can go super sayian don't expect that to save you not even your freinds can stop me so get yourself ready. I have nothing against you it's just part of the job." "But how can you live that way your just a kid?" Bra says Tim looks at Bra and says "It's the only way I know how to live I was raised this way." "I would never do this kind of work." "Thats the differents between us so just get yourself ready."

Trunks starts walking away Tim watches him and goes inside. Trunks gets mad and blasts the whole thing down expecting to see him dead. But just in the nick of time Tim gets a power reading right before the blast got there and blocked it. And he wasn't he just walks out of the fire "You will have to do better then that Trunks. Now watch this Trunks...ARMOR OF DARKNESS!!" a hard beam of light comes and hit Tim covering him while Tim screams to the top of his lungs. After the light goes away there he is with pure black armor with two swords. Tim stands there "Remeber tommorow." Tim walks away Trunks shoots a beam at Tim making a big explosion everything goes in the air. The dust settles there is Tim unhurt not even a dent in the armor. Tim just looks back and grins and walks away. The next day Trunks tells everybody about whats gonna happen Goku,Vegeta,Piccolo,Goten,Pan,Videl,Bulma,Krillin,#18,Marron and Chi-Chi are shocked about what Trunks tells them they go with Trunks waiting for Tim to show up. Tim shows up without his armor looking at everyone unshocked. "So you showed up I am not very shocked. You look like a guy who takes on his problems head on I respect that.....ARMOR OF DARKNESS!" everyone covers there eyes then looks at Tim seeing him in his armor.

Tim pulls out his swords "Well you ready?" Trunks pulls out his sword saying "Yeah lets go." Trunks charges at Tim and swings his sword at Tim's head but he ducks and jumps into the air flying. Tim brings his swords down on Trunks but Trunks blocks it Trunks looks at Tim with mean eyes while the sword make little energy bolts flying around blowing things up. Tim flys back to the ground still holding the swords against Trunks's Tim pulls his swords away jumps in the air "Energy Blades!". The swords turn to solid energy Tim jumps at Trunks going for his head but Trunks blocks it with his sword. Trunks sees the sword starts cracking Trunks trys to pull his sword away but it was to late the sword breaks into two pieces. Tim looks at the broken pieces makes Tim's swords go back to normal and points one sword at Trunks's throat "Count yourself lucky." Tim closes his eyes makes the swords stick straight up and infront of his face the broken pieces start to glow and then the broken pieces come back together making a better sword. Trunks picks it up and looks at it shocked then looks at Tim. Tim jumps at Trunks stabing right through his right arm "Trunks!!" Pan and Marron scream Trunks screams in pain Tim has a straight face and trips Trunks to the ground. Tim jumps in the air and jumps on Trunks's gut with his knee making him cough up blood. Tim holds a sword at Trunk's throat but here comes Pan and punches Tim away from Trunks. Tim gets up and walks towards Trunks. Pan gets in a fighting stance but Trunks gets up "No this is my fight get out of it. And Pan I don't want you to get hurt." Pan looks at Trunks in shocked Trunks has a straight face looking at Pan. Pan walks over with the others without saying anything. Tim watches Pan and starts remebering his past a 3 years ago.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Ashley no I don't want you to get hurt this my fight." "I can handle him." Ashley jumps at him but gets stabbed Tim runs towards Ashley "Ashley hold on." Tim gets up screaming and starts punching the guy and kills him with Ashley's sword. Tim walks back to Ashley "Your gonne be alright." "No I am dieing." "No that can be." "Yeah I love you goodbye." " you to." Ashley dies Tim closes his eyes and screams to the high heavens hoping for her to come back but nothing happens.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Tim looks back up seeing Trunks go super sayian and come at him almost stabbing him in the gut but Tim moves to the side. Tim knees Trunks in the gut and stabs Trunks through the heart everyone is shocked Pan,Marron and Goten run over to Trunks. Tim pulls out his sword from Trunks. Trunks falls down dieing Pan holds Trunks "Trunks don't die please don't die." says Pan Tim looks down seeing what happened with Ashley. Tim starts walking away but a bright light comes out of no where and Tim hears a voice "Hey Tim I see you have changed." "Who's there?" Tim looks around then sees someone "Ashley?" "Yes it's me. Tim you have to change without me this time." "Why should I?" "People need you Tim you have to change if you don't no one will be there to help you." "I know but sometimes I wish you where here with me." "I will always have been with you and I will never stop being with you." Tim looks down and shakes his head yes "Alright." Tim pulls out his swords "From now on I am no longer the dark bounty hunter I am the lighter saver I help people that are weak I am there to help and protect I will lay down my life for them." Tim feels his swords and armor grow more powerful and a little bigger. His armor turns pure white Tim looks at the armor then back at Ashley "Goodbye Tim" "Goodbye Ashley.". Tim looks back at Trunks "Trunks please don't die." Tim walks over to Trunks he closes his eye and puts the sword where the wound is and heals it. Trunks takes a deep breath Trunks looks at everyone grinning

Trunks feels where the wound use to be then looks at Tim. Tim grins and beings to walk away without his armor but gets shot in the shoulder with a arrow. Arrows start going everywhere. Pan,Marron,Videl,#18,Bulma and Chi-Chi run south while the guys go north for cover. The girls see Tim hiding behind a rock with the arrow in his arm Tim runs over where they where. Bulma pulls the arrow out "Who is doing that?" "The others." "Others?" "Yeah somehow they knew I failed in my mission so they sent others to kill me." "Kill you why?" "I have failed my mission thats why." Tim gets a idea and pulls out one of his swords. "One of you must kill me." "What why?" "There is no honor in me being killed by my own kind I want to die with honor." Tim puts the sword in Pan's hand and holds the sword there and trys to make Pan stab him but Pan starts pulling away "No stop please I can't do this theres gotta be another way to do this." "There is no other way.". Dust kicks up from a blast from the people made and after the dust settled there they where standing there ready to kill Tim everyone holds each others hand on the handle of the sword Trunks has a straight face "Mission accepted." Trunks says as he and the others stick the sword straight through his heart. Tim looks at them coughing up blood and grinning saying "No regrets." They pull out the sword his body falls down and he lets out one last exhale and dies. The others bountys lower there weapons and covers Tim's body with a white blanket and the body dissapears. "Will he be in piece we have to know?" "He will but don't get to cocky we will be back for you Trunks when the time is right. But until then...goodbye." Everyone watches them leave Trunks looks down and walks away. Trunks pulls out his sword and lifts it high above him and closes his eyes the sword starts glowing. The other people stop walking seeing Tim's armor glow coming from a portal and flys away the other don't even follow it cause it wasn't in there contract to chase after Tim's armor. The armor flys to Trunks and the armor comes on him with great thrust piece by piece Trunks looks at the armor and closes his eyes hearing Tim's voice saying "Trunks when you get this armor I am dead I am proud to die so don't wish me back yet. Take good care of my armor. And wish me back when they come back cause Kami and King Kia are going to give me new armor and special training. But until then well this is Tim sighing off." Trunks opens his eyes "Goodbye Tim you are a true warrior I have deep respect for you now I will wish you back when they do I promise goodbye Tim." Trunks walks into the sunlight feeling his new armor giving him more power then ever Trunks grins hoping they would come back soon.

The end

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