Far Apart, Part Two

By Kaycee Ronin

I own nothing, not DBZ or any anime for that matter. Yes, I know it sucks and I’m sure a lot of you are just like me. The only things in my worldly possession are a stack of notebooks and a bunch of action figures. Really! That’s all I have! Go on and read the fic and send comments onegai! ^_^

* * * * *

"TRUNKS!" Bulma ran out of the house as fast as she could to meet the approaching figure that seemed to be carrying another completely still one. Vegita landed in the front of the yard and said nothing as the blue haired woman ran to him. "Trunks!" She cried again when she saw the unconscious boy in his arms. "What happened?" She asked, her light blue eyes meeting Vegita’s emotionless black ones.

Vegita said nothing as he entered the house, walked to a guestroom, and dumped Trunks on a bed. Bulma ran in behind him and peered over his shoulder at her son. She may not have raised him, but Trunks was her son and she cared for him, even though she hadn’t known him that long. She pushed past Vegita and walked to the bed. The Saiya-Jin prince watched her in utter confusion. He just didn’t understand humans. They were much too confusing and hardly worth the trouble. Too many of them cared too much about others to worry about their own survival. ~~ Why? She’s like that…Crazy woman. She always thinks of others first. ~~ He turned his gaze to Trunks. ~~ The boy is like that too… ~~ Where the hell was the benefit in helping others? What did humans get out of it?

"Trunks," Bulma’s soft voice reached Vegita’s ears and he scowled. He watched, almost with disgust as she ran her fingers through Trunks’ hair and looked at his face with concern. After a few moments, he moaned softly and opened his eyes, groggily focusing them on Bulma.

"O-Okaasan…" Trunks murmured slowly. The word rolled off his tongue strangely. He wasn’t quite used to calling her that, but Bulma was too informal to say to her. After all, she was his mother, only younger. But when he did think of her as Okaasan, he remembered how much he missed his mother in the future. Nonetheless, it would have to do. He didn’t know what else to call her.

"Are you okay Trunks?" Bulma asked, her eyes filled with worry.

"H-hai, I will be," Trunks murmured in reply as he slowly sat up. Pain shot through his rib cage as he righted himself. He winced in pain and clamped a hand over his upper abdomen. That was a couple of broken ribs, courtesy of Vegita.

"Stupid brat," Vegita snarled from the door. "You should not have been taken down so easily. Such a minor injury shouldn’t land you in bed!"

Trunks said nothing as Bulma looked him over. As Vegita spoke, her expression became angrier and angrier until she finally stood up and stormed over to him, glaring furiously. "Why don’t you shut up for once?!" She shouted as she placed her hands on her hips. "He’s hurt! Leave him alone!"

"You’re babying him and you didn’t even raise the boy!"

"I will in the future!"

"Well apparently you didn’t do a very good job! He’s a weakling and a coward thanks to your damn future self!"

"At least he’s not a heartless jerk!"

"You’re right about that," Vegita snapped. Trunks could tell he was getting extremely angry as he continued to speak. "That boy is no Saiya-Jin! He cares too much about trifle things to worry about himself. I can’t stand weak, human qualities like that! As far as I’m concerned," He glared at Trunks as he turned to leave. "You brat, have none of my blood."

Trunks’ eyes went wide with shock as Vegita left the room. For a few minutes, he tried desperately to convince himself that he hadn’t heard those words. His father, the man he had wanted to meet his entire life, had denied sharing the only thing that tied them together; blood. The tone in Vegita’s voice and the words he spoke hurt Trunks far more than any physical injury ever could. Before he could stop himself, his eyes were filing with tears.

Maybe Vegita was right. Maybe he was weak and pathetic. He was sure acting like it now, about to cry. Saiya-Jins weren’t supposed to cry! Trunks glanced at Bulma through a veil of hair. She seemed to be a little shaken as well. "Don’t worry about Vegita," She said as she turned back to her son. "He’s always cranky and jerky like that."

"Yeah…You told me that dozens of times in the future…But I…I never wanted to believe you." Trunks replied quietly. "I guess you were right."

"There’s a nice guy in there somewhere," Bulma said, smiling slightly as she sat down on the bed. "I told him I’d find it one day, no matter how long it took me."

Trunks hesitated. He had never heard his mother mention this. "What did he say?" He finally managed to ask.

"He told me there was no such thing as a nice Saiya-Jin, and that I was naïve and stupid for thinking so…Everybody has a good side. Sometimes you just have to look a little harder to find it."

"Did you ever find it?"


"Veg-er, Otousan’s good side. Did you ever find it?"

Bulma smiled. "I’m not sure. Sometimes I think I have, and others he seems to be the same jerk he was when we first met.


The sound of a baby crying made Bulma turn toward the hallway. She rose to her feet and looked at Trunks as she walked to the door. "Will you be okay?" She asked. " I need to take care of little Trunks.

Trunks nodded. "I’m fine," He said, still not removing his hand from his injured side. "I just need to rest a bit."

Bulma nodded, reassured as she left the room.

"Otousan…" Trunks murmured as he leaned back against the wall and looked up at the ceiling. "Of all people, you wind up being the closest thing I have to an enemy…Why don’t you understand the reason I’m here? Everyone else seems to. I was supposed to come here to help, but I also wanted to meet you. You can’t even understand our own flesh and blood. I’m beginning to wonder why I came back."

"What are you then? A coward? You are pathetic."

Trunks’ blue eyes narrowed angrily as he rose from the bed. "I am not a coward Otousan," He said dangerously as he stood up straight, ignoring the terrible pain in his ribs. "I’m not pathetic either, but I guess you won’t believe me until I prove it to you."

He looked up into the cloudless blue sky as he stepped outside. Without a word or another thought, he flew away in search of his father.

Vegita was never hard to find. His father’s energy was unique compared to everyone else’s. Trunks couldn’t really explain how, but he could tell Vegita’s ki from any other’s in a second. He sometimes wondered if Son Goku and Gohan could do the same. Naturally, it didn’t take the half Saiya-Jin long to find his father.

He had found a place nearby to train alone, and as Trunks approached him, Vegita set off a round of ki blasts to a range of arid, uninhabited mountains.

"What the hell do you want boy?" Vegita snapped, not needing to turn around to sense Trunks was coming. "I thought I left you bedridden and crying like a baby. He looked over his shoulder as he felt the boy’s power level increasing. "Bakayaro," He growled, turning back to his stone targets.

"Otousan," Trunks began in a calm tone. A few small stones began rising from the ground as his power level became higher.

"Get out of here brat," Vegita barked. "You’re a waste of my time."

"Otousan," Trunks’ voice sounded lower and more ominous.

"I said leave!" Vegita shouted again. "Get the hell out of here! Kisama, you’re not only weak and pathetic, now you’re stupid as well. And here I thought your mother was a genius. No son of mind would ever--"

"Vegita!" Trunks cut him off, his power level easily rising to Super Saiya-Jin as he did so.

The older Saiya-Jin was actually speechless for a moment. For once, Trunks had called him by his name and not ‘Otousan,’ which he hated. He turned around very slowly as a smirk crept across his face. "I’m surprised you knew my name at all boy," Vegita said with a low laugh. "You’re making a little progress, but I doubt you’ll go on any farther. You’re too emotional to be even a half-decent fighter."

Without a word, Trunks walked forward, stopping mere inches from Vegita. For what seemed like an eternity, their eyes were simply locked in total silence. Finally Trunks raised a fist and sent it flying across Vegita’s jaw.

"Kisama…" Vegita growled, raising his power to Super Saiya-Jin level as well. He smiled cockily again as he slowly wiped a thin stream of blood away from his mouth.

"There’s only one way for me to prove myself to you Vegita," Trunks said threateningly. "That much I’ve figured out. And as much as I don’t want to, I have to do it."

Vegita scowled, his features showing a slight interest despite the angry look. "Really? And what’s’ that?"

Trunks took a few steps back, spread his arms, and glared at his father.

"Fight me Vegita! No stops this time!"

To Be Continued