Far Apart, Part Three

By Kaycee Ronin

I do not own Dragonball Z or anything affiliated with it. Hell, if I did own it, Iíd be making cartoons instead of writing fanfictions and drawing doujinshis. Also, forgive me, but Iím not good at writing fight scenes. Be nice to it, Iíve never really tried before. And in the flashback (where Trunks is talking to BulmaóKa-chan) assume heís around five or six...otherwise itíll just sound strange. Please remember to read and review. ^_^

* * * * *

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Without a word, Trunks walked forward, stopping mere inches from Vegita. For what seemed like an eternity, their eyes were simply locked in total silence. Finally Trunks raised a fist and sent it flying across Vegitaís jaw.

"KisamaÖ" Vegita growled, raising his power to Super Saiya-Jin level as well. He smiled cockily again as he slowly wiped a thin stream of blood away from his mouth.

"Thereís only one way for me to prove myself to you Vegita," Trunks said threateningly. "That much Iíve figured out. And as much as I donít want to, I have to do it."

Vegita scowled, his features showing a slight interest despite the angry look. "Really? And whatísí that?"

Trunks took a few steps back, spread his arms, and glared at his father.

"Fight me Vegita! No stops this time!"

* * * * *

Vegitaís frown quickly turned into an amused smirk. Finally the boy had made a suggestion he could agree to. "If thatís what you want...for me to beat you into a bloody pulp, then fine. Letís go." He said, never taking his eyes away from his infuriated son.

Trunks only nodded silently as he stepped forward, crouching into an attack position. A voice in his head continuously shouted "What do you think youíre doing?!" but he ignored it as his blue-green eyes narrowed at Vegita. This was going to be settled here and now, even if only one of them would walk away from the fight.

Long tense minutes passed and neither said a word or made the first move. They circled each other several inches off the ground, eyes locked in a deadly glare like wild animals.

"You have no reason to care..."

"No," Trunks growled under his breath, Vegitaís recent insults plaguing his memory.

"Do you know just how pathetic you are boy?"


"Weak, stupid brat."


"As far as Iím concerned, you brat, have none of my blood."


Trunks suddenly screamed in fury and lunged full force at Vegita, managing to hit him in the chest with a knee. The older Saiya-Jin took the blow without so much as a flinch and punched his sonís face in return. Slightly stunned, Trunks staggered back a few steps and almost fell before regaining his composure and charging again. Vegita held out one arm and clotheslined him to the ground effortlessly. Trunks gasped in pain as his body hit the dirt shoulders first. As he tried to sit up, a heavy foot stomped firmly on his chest.

"Is this really all you can do boy?" Vegita smiled and added more pressure to Trunksí already bruised and broken ribs with his foot. "If it is youíd best stop wasting your time before you get seriously hurt."

Trunks said nothing as he struggled to sit up. His ribs protested in pain and forced him back to the ground. Without hesitation, he fired a ki blast at Vegita, sending him flying backward about ten feet. Had he not been so furious, Trunks would have been surprised with himself. He would never use such a sneaky attack like that, not even on an enemy. He quickly fought off the annoying thought and rose to his feet. Vegita was already sitting up and glaring at Trunks angrily.

"That was low..." Vegita said as he stood up. "No respectable fighter would do that." He brushed some dust away from his shoulder and folded his arms. "Is that the only way you can gain an edge in battle? By using cheap tricks? Believe me boy, tricks will not get you very far."

"I donít expect them to," Trunks replied icily. He quickly shot two ki blasts at the Saiya-Jin princeís feet, then fired a third where he was sure Vegita would fly to avoid the first two. The third shot hit Vegitaís shoulder and slightly singed his armor. He cursed himself for making such a predictable move, then rushed at Trunks.

The two collided in mid air and exchanged a rapid series of punches and kicks. Trunks had an obvious advantage, fighting with blind fury behind him.

"Ka-chan, what was Otousan like?"

"You always ask me that Trunks honey.

"Well you never answer...Please Ka-chan, if you tell me now, I swear Iíll never ask again."

"Your father...He was very brave and strong Trunks. He was one of the greatest fighters this or any world had ever seen. He was never good at showing affection though...not to anyone."

"Not even you Ka-chan?"

"He...he never told me he cared."

"So he wasnít even a nice guy?"

"I...Iím sure there was a nice guy in there somewhere. I only saw a passive look on his face once...That gave me a clue that he was kind-hearted in some way. The day you were born honey, he actually looked...happy. I only wish he could have given me that look just once..."

~~ Otousan...you never told her...You broke my momís heart. ~~

His only half-sane thought in minutes brought on a new wave of anger. He pushed himself a few feet away from Vegita, then sent a storm of ki attacks at him, knocking him to the ground and keeping him there as the blasts hit the ground.

~~ Whereíd he get the energy to do an attack like this? ~~ Vegita wondered as he tried to protect himself from Trunksí unrelenting attack. Several blasts hit him directly, but he ignored the stinging pain as he fought to get up. He felt Trunksí ki dropping with each shot he fired. A matter of minutes and the boy would collapse from exhaustion. This was a stupid move that only a foolish, inexperienced, or desperate fighter would try, and Trunks was none of those three. The boy was simply too angry to think straight...he probably didnít even notice how rapidly his strength was leaving him. Vegita flew upward in an attempt to stop his son. This battle would mean nothing if Trunks couldnít fight before there was even a climax.

Vegita got within a few feet of the young half Saiya-Jin, knocked both legs out from under him, and slammed a double handed fist into his back, sending him plummeting to the ground. Trunks didnít move for a few minutes. Except for ragged breathing, he lay completely still face down in the dirt. Vegita hovered a few inches above the ground nearby and looked down at Trunks with disgust.

"Get up," He said arrogantly. "Youíre wasting my time boy."

Trunks didnít move.

Vegita moved a little closer and kicked Trunksí side. "Get up brat!" He shouted again.

He heard a soft moan in response, but still Trunks didnít attempt to rise.

"Youíre really trying my patience!" Vegita shouted as he fired two ki blasts at Trunks. One hit the younger Saiya-Jin directly, but he managed to roll out of the way and get to his knees before the second could get to him. "Come on now, GET UP!" Vegita raced at him with blinding speed, but Trunks was ready this time.

He crossed his arms in front of his face and stopped Vegita cold. Trunks pushed him back a little, raised one foot off the ground and delivered a sharp kick to his fatherís ribcage, sending him flying ungracefully to the side.

"Come on Vegita," Trunks growled, almost in a taunting tone. One hand was clamped over his throbbing ribs and he was gasping heavily for breath. He glared at the Saiya-Jin prince, who was trying to pick himself up off the ground. "This isnít over yet!"

"You can say that again," Vegita shot back. "Iím not leaving until I teach you a lesson, brat."

Trunksí eyes narrowed dangerously as he prepared to fire his special attack. "Otousan...Weíll just see about that."

To Be Continued...

Ominous, ne? Too bad I already know whatís gonna happen...and all of you will just have to wait and see. BTW, does anyone know the Japanese term for Trunksí "Burning Attack?" It would be most helpful. Arigatou...