Pan and Trunks's First Date

Author's notes: Ok, first of all, as you can probably guess if you've ever read my work before, I really want Trunks and Pan to be a couple. So if you have something against them being a couple, then you probably won't enjoy this. Ok, just to warn you, this is kind of silly, but it's been really fun to write. I really tried to get into the mind of a certain over-protective'll find out! Also, again I'd like to thank Kelly for helping with dialouge. Here we go!


It was recess. Pan and her good friend Winnifred were sitting under a tree, talking about their math teacher, when Winnifred, like every other girl in school, noticed that Trunks Briefs was making his way towards them.

"Hey Pan! Pan! Isn't that Trunks?" Winnifred asked excitedly.

"Yeah. So?" Pan asked.

"He's coming over here! Ohmygodohmygod do I look Ok? Tell me the truth!" Winnifred asked.

Pan sighed. Winn was one of her best friends, but she tended to over-react to certain situations. A lot. "Yes, Winn, you look fine. Trust me," she said, and would have said something else except Trunks was there, standing over her. She felt her heart begin to race. Is it so wrong for me to like Trunks? Everybody does, for obvious reasons! Pan stood up, her feelings carefully hidden under a face of friendliness. "Hey Trunks. What's up?"

"Hey Pan," Trunks said cheerfully. "Say, I was wondering if you wanted to go to the mall or something this Friday."

"Uh, yeah. Sure. Of course! Yeah!" Pan stuttered. This hadn't really been what she'd expected, but it was more than Ok with her.

"Great," Trunks smiled. "I'll pick you up around seven, then, all right? All right," He said, and walked off toward his group of friends that were standing a little bit away.

"Eeee!" Pan squealed quietly.

Winn grabbed her arm. "Oh my god, Pan, I am so jealous! But I'm happy for you! Ecstatic! I beg you, PLEASE let me be a part of this! Please please please!" she begged.

"Fine! Yeah! Great!" Pan said, and both she and Winn jumped up and down a bit, squealing in delight of what was to come.



After school Winn begged Pan again if she could go over to her house so that she could help her with clothes. Pan said yeah, that she'd probably need some help, and Winn was overjoyed. They got to Pan's house reletively quickly, and they ran upstairs. Winn dropped her bookbag on the floor and immediatly began tearing Pan's closet apart.

"Hey! Hey! What are you doing?" Pan asked, frantic. It would be a bad thing if her father walked in then. Pan didn't think he'd be to thrilled at the prospect of her going out with Trunks. She was glad that Trunks couldn't come over for training that day, so that there weren't any akward scenes with him.

"I'm looking for something for you to- ah HA!" Winn shouted, and held up a skin tight black spaghetti strap tank top.

"Where and when did I get that?" Pan asked, puzzled.

"Doesn't matter. You have it. It'll probably go nicely with these jeans, too," Winn replied, holding them up.

"If you say so," Pan said. She didn't really know the first thing about fashion, but she trusted Winn. She knew more than Pan did, so Pan just had to rely on her. Winn resumed digging through her closet and five minutes later emerged with a dark blue see-through cardigan.

"This," Winn said thoughtfully, looking at the clothes she had selected, "Is going to be awesome. Put these on."

Pan picked up the clothes and quickly put them on while Winn had her back turned. "Dude! I can like, not move in these jeans! Are they supposed to be this tight?" she complained.

"Of course," Winn said impatiently. "Now stop moving around so I can look at you."

Pan crossed her arms and gave her a knowing look. "You sounded exactly like your mom there, Winn," she said.

Winn grimaced. "Sorry. Anyway, let's have a look." Pan straightened, and Winn looked at her from all angles. "Hm..." she said, and buttoned the first button on the cardigan. She smiled. "You look great!" she said finally.

"I do?" Pan asked, and walked over to her full length mirror. She was half afraid at first, but was surprised at how she looked. "Wow...I look...different..." she said, after looking at herself for a moment.

"You look great. Trunks will be positivley drooling over you. You look way fab, I'm serious," Winn said.

" know, once you get used to them, these jeans really aren't that bad," Pan said, and laughed. Winn laughed too.

"I guess tomorrow we have to do makeup and hair et cetera," Winn said thoughtfully.

"Makeup? I have to wear makeup? That stuff itches my face and is a pain in the ass to put on!" Pan complained.

"It won't. Trust me. Hey!" Winn said suddenly. "What's that?"

Pan listened. "Oh god! It's my dad!! Get out some books! We have to pretend we're studying!" Pan whispered frantically, and quickly got her regular clothes on. She stuffed the clothes Winn had picked out underneath a pile of other clothes, and dove down onto the floor behind a book as she heard Gohan turning her doorknob.

"Ok Winn, the capital of Italy is...?" Pan asked quickly.

"Uh...Paris?" Winn asked.

"No! It's-" Pan didn't have time to finish, because Gohan walked into her usually-reasonably neat room.

"What are you two doing in here?" Gohan asked, and frowned at the mess.

"We're...studying!" Pan lied.

"I see. And I take it Winn usually studies with clothes all over the place?" Gohan asked.

"Uh...yeah! All the time," Pan said, and nodded convincingly.

"Uh...huh. What are you studying?"

"Quantium physics!"

"World War 2!" Pan and Winn said at the same time.

Gohan raised an eyebrow. "At the same time?"

Pan smiled angelically and nodded.

"Huh. That's kinda strange, considering those are your English books," Gohan said.

Pan slowly moved her eyes from her suspicious father to the book that was in front of her. Sure enough, the words were talking about nouns and prepositional phrases.

"Pan? Tell me. What were you doing?" Gohan asked, getting more than a little fed up.

"Nothing! We were just studying!" Pan said, her voice starting to rise to a shriek.

"Um...I think I have to go home now. Bye!" Winn said, and gathered her books and ran out of the room.

"Uh...I'd better...see her to the door!" Pan said, and ran after her.

Gohan frowned after his daughter. Something was up, but he didn't know what.



The next day after school Pan and Winn ran home as fast as they could. Winn had her whole collection of perfumes, makeup, and even a pair of shoes in her bookbag, not to mention her textbooks. So she was pretty loaded down. By the time they reached the front door, she was panting and gasping. Pan opened the door, and hoped against hope that her dad wasn't right there. Her hopes were crushed when she saw she was staring right into Gohan's face.

"H..hi dad!" Pan said, with as much cheerfullness as she could muster.

"What are you doing home so early? You're usually not here for another fifteen minutes!" Gohan said.

"Um...we have a test tomorrow and...we really wanted time to study!" Pan said. Winn nodded in agreement.

"Hmph. Fine. Then go study. But first, why don't you offer Winnifred here something to drink?" Gohan told her.

Pan exchanged a hopeless look with Winn, but she took her into the kitchen and gave her some water. Pan kept watching the clock, because she knew that Trunks would be here soon, and she really didn't want to have to explain him to Winn. Unfortunatley, just as Winn finished her water, the doorbell rang. Pan groaned. Could things get any worse?

They could. Pan tried to rush Winn up the stairs, but Gohan opened the door and said hello to Trunks. Hearing his name, Winn slowly turned around, stared, squealed with delight, and fainted. Pan groaned, but picked her up and began to drag Winn up the stairs when Gohan called, with a false pleasent voice, "Oh Pan? Aren't you forgetting your bookbags?"

Pan looked down at Winn. She was totally out. She noticed that a lipstick had fallen out of Winn's pocket. Pan casually kneeled, picked it up, and hid it in her hand as she walked down the stairs. She opened Winn's bookbag to put the lipstick back in, but she misjudged just how much Winn had stuffed it. As soon as it was unzipped, Bottles of perfume clattered to the floor, along with hair supplies and eyeshadows. Pan's eyes widened in fear as she tried to quickly stuff it all back in.

"Pan? What's that?" Gohan asked, even though he could plainly see.

"It's nothing! Nothing at all! Winn just likes to!" Pan said frantically. She realized it wasn't all going to fit in the one pocket that she had opened, so she opened the main one when the shoes fell out, along with everything else Winn had brought along. Pan was humiliated and worried. Gohan would surely figure out that she was going on a date.

"Pan? Tell me. Now. What are you and Winn going to be doing?" Gohan asked, his voice very serious.

"Studying! Just studying! That's all! Just...studying!!!" Pan exclaimed, and smiled innocently up at Gohan as she stuffed the last of Winn's beauty products into her bookbag. She slung both her own bookbag and Winn's over her shoulder, and dashed up the stairs to where her friend was lying.

"Pan! Explain to me exactly what all that was about!" Gohan roared. By now he had lost his temper.

Pan stopped dead in her tracks. She collected herself, turned to face her angry father, and smiled innocently. "Really, daddy! All we're going to be doing is studying! We have this huge test tomorrow and we're totally not prepared!" she said, using the voice that Bra always used when she wanted something from her dad. It always worked, at least for Bra.

Gohan crossed his arms. Pan could tell he wasn't convinced, so she grabbed Winn and dragged her up the stairs, very quickly. Trunks hadn't said anything this entire time, because he hadn't wanted to embarrass Pan even more than she already was.

Gohan sighed. "Trunks, what do you think is going on?" he asked.

Now Trunks was caught in a sticky situation. He knew that Gohan would be not happy if he found out that he was going out on a date with Pan, but he couldn't just lie to Gohan! Gohan was probably the person he was closest to, and Trunks could tell him anything. Except, of course, his feelings for Pan. "Well..." he began. "It seems like she's getting dressed up for something," he said finally.

"I can see that," Gohan answered shortly.

Trunks realized he was going to have to satisfy Gohan more than that. "Well...don't take my word on this, but if I had to guess it seems like she might be getting ready for some kind of date," Trunks said, hoping he hadn't betrayed Pan.

Gohan growled. "I don't have anything against her dating...well, not really, I suppose...but the fact that she didn't tell me is what really gets me. Why wouldn't she just tell me, or at least Videl? And why is she trying to cover it up?" he wondered.

"Maybe it's someone that she doesn't want you to know about so she wants to keep him a secret," Trunks said, and as soon as the words were out of his mouth he mentally smacked himself. Why had he said that, of all things?!

"In that case, then he's probably some low-down jerk who isn't good for anything. That just makes it all the worse," Gohan growled.

Trunks was caught. He couldn't agree with Gohan, because that would be insulting himself. But if he stuck up for the 'low-down jerk' Gohan would get suspicious. Instead, he did niether. Trunks shrugged. "I dunno. For all we know, they could just be planning for the next dance or whatever. It was just an idea of mine, about the date thing."

Gohan snorted but didn't say anything. He knew that Pan had a date, now that Trunks had put the idea into his head. He just had to figure out who the jerk was, so he could grind the little snot into a bloody pulp. Gohan grinned evily. "Ok, Trunks, come on. Let's train."



Pan closed the door behind her and sighed in relief. "That was way to close..." she moaned. She dropped Winn on her bed and their books on the floor. Winn suddenly sat straight up.

"Was that Trunks that I just saw???" Winn asked.

"Uh huh," Pan said.

"Oh god..." Winn fell back onto the bed. "I just fainted in front of the hottest guy in school. I am such a loser!" she cried.

"Don't worry about it. I doubt he cares, really," Pan said. She sat next to Winn on her bed.

"I hope not. If he did, he won't mention it, cause he's such a nice person," Winn said, and sighed romantically.

Pan could see where this was going. But Winn had already started, and once she began gushing over Trunks, nothing could stop her.

"Or maybe he won't even think anything of it. Maybe he's flattered! Course, he probably isn't because he has all these other beautiful girls fawning over him and he probably doesn't want anything to do with me because I'm not pretty and he'd never marry me because of that because he would want his children to be beautiful just like him! He is SO hot! And he wears the cutest clothes! And his smile! He is always so sweet to his girlfriends!" And so Winn went on like that for about a half hour without slowing down. Pan just nodded and said, "uh huh" and "totally" and "I agree" without really listening to any of it. They were both off in their own little worlds, but Pan snapped back to reality when Winn said, "God, Pan, you are soooo incredibly lucky to be able to go-" Pan slammed her hand over Winn's mouth, remembering something in the nick of time.

"Winn. Not. Another. Word. Not until I tell you. Ok?" Pan said, trying to remain calm. Winn nodded, her eyes confused. Pan removed her hand, and went over to the wall where there was an air vent that connected with the training room. Pan would often listen while Trunks was over with her dad, just to eavesdrop on their conversations. If Pan hadn't stopped Winn from talking about Pan going out with Trunks, Gohan would have heard everything and she would never have been allowed to go. Pan slowly closed the vent and slumped to the floor in relief.

"Ok Winn, you can talk now," Pan said.

"What was all that about?"

"I found out a few months ago that this air shaft leads to the room that my dad and Trunks are in. In other words, if the vent is open, I can hear what they are saying and they can hear what I'm saying. That's why I stopped you from talking. Ok, let's do makeup, I guess..." Pan said.

"Oh. Ok, here's what I brought along." Winn dumped the contents of her bookbag to the floor. She sifted through it. "Pan, get on that outfit so we can color-coordinate," she instructed. Pan obeyed. "All right, you probably want a more natural look, right?"

Pan looked at her blankly. "I...guess..."

"Allll right, then you probably wanna stick with more subtle hues, so these would be your best choices for lipstick," Winn said. And their beauty session went on for another hour and a half. By the time Winn was finished with her, Pan looked positively stunning. She examined herself in the mirror.

"I look...I" Pan said. She couldn't help smiling at her reflection.

Winn sighed happily. "Pan, you look...fabulous! No guy, no matter how thick, will be able to stay away with that. But...alright, you've chosen the perfume you want, right?"

"Yeah, but I'm not gonna put it on until I actually go on the date. I don't want my dad to know what we've been doing. Speaking of which, I'd better go change," Pan said. She gave herself one last look in the mirror, then slipped into her normal clothes. Winn helped her take her makeup off. "Winn, thank you soooo much for helping me, I'm serious!"

"Sure! You'll be fine tomorrow night, don't worry. Now...we'd better seriously study this time, or your dad will get really suspicious," Winn said.

"Ok. Um..." Pan opened her bookbag and took out her history book. Winn did the same. They meant to study. They really did. But they couldn't concentrate. So they just talked about school, guys (Trunks in particular), friends, everything. So when Gohan suddenly walked in again they jumped up.

"Jeez Dad, don't do that!" Pan exclaimed.

"Winn. Go home," Gohan said without amusment.

Winn looked at Pan with sympathy in her eyes, then packed up her bookbag and quickly left. Pan stood up to walk her to the door, but Gohan blocked the doorway.

"Winnifred is perfectly capable of finding her own way out," Gohan said.

"What do you need, Dad?" Pan asked nervously.

"You weren't studying," Gohan said bluntly.

"Yes we were!" Pan said. "We were studying the entire time!"

"Oh really? And was 'the whole time' before or after Winn was going on and on about Trunks?" Gohan asked.

Pan looked at the floor in embarassment. "...After... Other than the time she spent doing that, we were studying!"

"And what about the time with the clothes? Videl cleaned your room today, and I see that your clothes are all over again," Gohand said.

Pan silently cursed. So that's who had messed all of her stuff up. " wanted to show me this new style that everyone's wearing!" Pan said finally, knowing that her father wouldn't know the difference.

"Hmph. What were you studying?" Gohan asked, changing tactics. "I can help you if you want."


No! Pan screamed silently. "Um...the war of 1812," Pan said.

"Hm. I had to write a good many reports on that one when I was in school. I'll quiz you, see how much you know," Gohan offered, but it was said more like a command.


Uh-oh...Pan thought. She knew absolutley nothing on the war of 1812. In fact, she was glad that there was a war in 1812. Well...she'd have to do the best she could.

"How did it begin?" Gohan was asking.

"Um...let's see...uh...the...the Vikings...yeah, the Vikings came over to America in search of new lands to conquer, didn't really like that, so he sent George Washington over to fight them, and they did, and that was...uh...the battle of Waterloo, and so George Washington won, and he and Tom Ridge signed the Declaration of Independance on that day, and then they founded the thirteen original colonies, but soon after that they were going to have problems with the Romans, but that's another war. Yeah. That's the war of 1812!" Pan answered.

Gohan stared. "Pan? No," he said finally.

"Was I way off?" Pan said.

"Pan, who are you going out with that is making you lie so much?" Gohan asked, ignoring her question.

Pan was speechless for a moment. "No one! Winn and I were studying, talking, and she was doing clothes stuff. That is all! I am not going out with anyone! God, just leave me alone for once!" she shouted.

"Pan, that is it. You are staying home tomorrow, and Saturday. That is no way to talk to your father, and I thought I taught you not to lie, especially to me," Gohan decided.

"No! Dad, you can't do that!" Pan screamed.

"I can, and I did. Now stay here and clean up this mess," Gohan ordered, and he left.

Pan slammed the door and slid down it, moaning. This was her big chance! She was finally going out with Trunks, and now her stupid father wasn't even letting her. No way, she decided. She had to go on this date, so she would. She picked up the phone and dialed Trunks's phone number.




Trunks picked up the phone. "Hello?" he asked.

"Trunks, it's Pan," she said.

Trunks frowned. Pan sounded upset, and when Pan was upset, heads rolled. "What's going on? Are you Ok?"

"Um, yeah, I guess, but my dad is being way mean and he doesn't want me to go on this date because he says he could never like a jerk who made his daughter lie to him. So he doesn't want me to go. Actually, he forbade me to do it," Pan explained.

"All does this mean you can't go?" Trunks couldn't keep the disapointment out of his voice.

"No way! Of course I'm going, don't worry. I wouldn't want to miss this. I just wanted to call you and tell you to pick my up from my window and not the door," Pan told him.

"Oh. All right. Cool," Trunks grinned. Pan may seem sweet and innocent to people at first glance, but when you got to know her, she was really quite rebellious.

"Great. So pick me up, from my window, a little after seven, Ok?" Pan asked.

"Sure," Trunks said.

"Ok. See you tomorrow, then," Pan said.

"Yep. Later."

"Bye." Pan hung up, and tried to still her racing heart. She would have to stop that, or she would make a fool out of herself tomorrow night. Just thinking about her date, and how she knew that she was actually going now, made her sigh in relief. She happily got her shower and went to sleep.




Pan got home from school, ate something, did her homework, but she couldn't concentrate on anything. The only reason she did things was to take her mind off her date with Trunks that evening, but nothing helped. At six o' clock she went up to her room, locked the door, and made sure the vent was closed. She proceded to get on her outfit, which Winn called "The Wonder Outfit" because she said Pan looked "absolutley fab" in it, and put on the slightly uncomfortable shoes Winn had loaned her. Pan knew she should count her blessings, so she was thankful that #1, Winn had shoes that would be suitable, and #2, Winn and Pan had the same shoe size. But still. Pan had definatley had more comfortable shoes than this. She then took the makeup supplies out of her drawer and went over to her mirror. Pan frowned. This was the hard part. But she carefully, painstakingly, and slowly got it all on her face without too much trouble. Pan looked at herself, and realized she had no idea what to do with her hair. She panicked. She knew this was only Trunks, and she knew this was only her hair, but after years of being around friends that were obsessed about how they looked, Pan worried. She speed-dialed Winn's number.

"Winn! What do I do with my hair?!" she shreiked. Pan listened, and slowly calmed down. "Ok. Ok, yeah, I got it. Thanks. You are a lifesaver!" Pan said, and hung up. She went back to her mirror and got out a thin hair band. She did as Winn had instructed, and twisted her hair up into a high bun on her head. She turned her head this way and that, examining what she had done. Satisfied, she went over to her full length mirror. She gasped at her reflection. She looked so much older, more mature. At least, she probably would have if she hadn't been smiling from ear to ear. She forced herself to look serious. She remembered to button the first button of her cardigan, as Winn had done. She was stunning, and dared to admit it to herself. She gave a sigh of relief and looked at her clock. She had a couple more minutes before she could start to expect Trunks. She sat down on her bed and closed her eyes, calming her nerves and her heartbeat. She was going to be fine. Trunks would like her, the date would go smoothly, and everything would be just fine. Pan took a deep breath and heard a light rapping at her window. Pan took another deep breath and opened it.

Trunks looked her over from face to feet to face again, a habit he had gotten into over the years. "Pan, you look...great!" he said finally.

Pan blushed slightly. "Thanks," she said.

"Ok, how're we gonna do this? I mean, I can carry you..." Trunks offered.

"That'd work!" Pan said, too quickly. "I mean, yeah, I think that'll probably be easiest. But we should really get out of here!"

"All right. Come on," Trunks said. Pan inched herself out of the window and got into Trunks' waiting arms. They flew to the mall, after Trunks confirmed that Pan had eaten dinner. They landed a block away. Ok, Pan, you see? This is going FINE. And it is going to stay FINE. Pan, relax, because you are going to be just FINE! she thought. They walked into the mall, and roamed around for about two hours, talking and joking about school, TV, people, whatever. They were having a good time when Trunks suddenly stopped.

"What's up?" Pan asked, concerned.

"Um, that's my mom over there..." Trunks said, pointing.

"Where? Oh...oh, that isn't good. No, um, what do we do?" Pan asked.

"We avoid her at all costs," Trunks said, "But unfortunatley we're kinda far from the exit. What kind of mall is this, anyway, with only one exit?"

"I dunno, but, um, here! Into the bookstore!" Pan said, and quickly ran in with Trunks right behind her. They hid among the racks of children's books, right inside the window of the store so they could watch what was happening.

"Hm, The Bearenstien Bears New Girl in Town, I don't think I've read this one," Trunks murmered, looking at the selection of books.

"What?!" Pan asked.

"Just kidding. Should we try to get closer to the exit?" Trunks asked.

"Yeah, I guess so," said Pan, peering out the window.

"Pan?" Trunks asked.

"Yeah?" Pan said, looking up at Trunks. He leaned over and kissed her.

"Just in case we never get out of this alive," Trunks joked when they parted. "Ok, let's try it."

Pan nodded. She couldn't speak. Winn was going to be SO jealous!

So they store-hopped for a while, occasionally buying little worthless gadgits that they thought looked neat. But they didn't mind all the hurrying at all. It gave them a feeling of excitement, having to keep running from Trunks's mom. Trunks kissed her once more in the mall, right when they saw the exit. When they finally emerged onto the street they were breathless and laughing. When they calmed down a bit Pan looked at her watch, and was surpised that it was 10:00. The time seemed to go by like nothing at all. Ten o clock was her normal curfew, but she didn't feel like going home just then and said so to Trunks. She had gotten much more comfortable talking with Trunks over the last three hours, and of that Pan was very glad.

"So if you don't wanna go home, do you wanna go to the park for a little while?" Trunks asked.

"Sure, I'd like that. We can walk around. Or maybe actually sitting would be better," Pan said, and laughed. Trunks laughed too.

"Yeah, sitting's good." But they walked to the park, and walked around in a comfortable silence for a while, until Pan broke it by saying,

"You know, I'm starting to think that sitting may be a good idea now."

"All right," Trunks said, and with her, walked over to bench, and sat down with his arm resting on the back of the bench behind her.

Pan leaned back against Trunks's arm and closed her eyes.

"What, you getting tired already?" Trunks teased.

Pan opened her eyes. "Yeah right. I'm just thinking."

"'Bout what?" Trunks asked.

"Nothing, really. I didn't have enough time to think of what I was going to think about," Pan said.

Trunks laughed. "Whatever."

They were silent for a little while longer, until again Pan broke the quiet. "I...I had a really good time tonight, Trunks..."

"Well, it's not over till you say it is," Trunks said, stroking her shoulder.

Pan shivered. "Well...I don't want this to end yet...but I'm already in trouble as far as my dad is concerned..."

Trunks nodded. "I know. So are you saying you think you should go back?"

"I think I should, but I don't want to," Pan said.

"Yeah, but as you said, you're already in trouble. So come on, I'll take you home," Trunks said, and stood up. Pan stood up too, and since there was no one else around, got into his arms and Trunks flew off towards her house.

Pan breathed in the heavy scent of Trunks and smiled. His arms were warm, and she wanted to stay like this forever. Far too soon Trunks said, "Here we are, Pan."

Pan reluctantly got out of his arms and crawled in through her window. "This was fun, we should do it again," Pan said.

"Yeah. Next week?"

Pan nodded. "Sure, if I'm not grounded, which means if my dad doesn't find out, which means that...oh come on. Who're we kidding? Of course he's gonna find out. He always does. But yeah, I'd like to do this again." Pan said.

"All right, then I guess I'll find out in school or something what you're schedule is," Trunks said. "But I better go." Trunks leaned over and kissed her for a much longer period of time than he had when they were in the mall. He gently touched his tounge to her's and they parted. "Good night, Pan," Trunks said, and half smiled before he flew off.

Pan just stood there, a huge grin spreading slowly across her face. She closed the window. "Eeeee!!!!!" she squealed, as loud as she dared. She threw off her cardigan, kicked off her shoes, and began twirling around her room. "Winn! Call Winn!" she said, but before she could pick up the phone a very angry Gohan stormed into the room.

"Hiiiii Dad!" Pan nearly sang, forgetting that her father was likely to be extremely upset. She looked at him and quickly snapped back into reality. "Oh, um, yeah, hi dad!"

" went on that date, didn't you?" Gohan asked in a very low, dangerous voice.

"No way! You said I was grounded, so I didn't go. Jeez, what kind of person do you think I am?"

"Pan? You are wearing makeup. And tight clothing. You HATE that stuff," Gohan said. He was doing his best to remain calm in the situation at hand, but he couldn't stay that way for much longer.

"I do? Since when?" Pan asked, knowing it was hopeless.

"You ALWAYS have. Pan, I specifically told you that you were grounded for tonight and tomorrow. What makes you think that you can just disobey my rules and go anyway?" Gohan asked.

"Look. Ok, fine, I went out on a date! Are you happy now?! Yes I disobeyed your stupid orders, yes I stayed out way past my stupid curfew, and yes I WILL DO IT AGAIN!" Pan screamed. She was tired, stressed, and she didn't feel like argueing with her father.

"Pan, I will not let you do that! Any guy who makes you lie like this and who makes you get this upset is no good. If you couldn't even tell your mother that you were going out on some date, that just proves to me that this guy is someone who we wouldn't approve of. I will not let you go out with some guy like that. And so for the next two weeks you will go to school, come home, and stay here. No friends, no movies, no dates, no nothing. You cannot just go around lying," Gohan told her.

"You can't do that just because I went on one date! I had to go on this! You don't understand!" Pan was getting upset. This wasn't fair. Her dad just didn't get anything!

"Why did you have to go on this date?" Gohan said, seeing how upset his daughter was.

"Because he's the hottest guy in school and he asked me out and he's really cool and I like him! That's why!" Pan shouted. She didn't even notice the tears that had started running down her face. Why did this have to happen tonight, when she had been so happy just minutes before?

"Pan, I understand that more than you think. But I still can't have you running around when I have no idea where you are," Gohan said gently.

"Then don't spazz out whenever I have dates! Let me go on them, so that the next time something like this might happen we can avoid it!" Pan exclaimed.

Gohan thought for a moment. "Fine," he said finally. "You can go on whatever dates you want. I can't really stop you. But your curfew is still 10:00, and I still am going to have to punish you for this."

Pan slumped. But then Gohan said, "You have to do the dishes for a week."

Pan brightened. "That's it? You're serious? Oh, thank you thank you thank you!" Pan yelled, and wiped away her tears.

Gohan smiled. "Uh huh. Just be sure to use your own common sense when choosing guys, all right?"

"I know, Dad," Pan said.

"Good. Now get your shower and get to bed," Gohan said, and walked out of the room. Pan undressed, got her shower, and crawled into bed smiling. She closed her eyes, and then opened them again suddenly. I wonder if Dad will still be this lenient with me when I tell him that the guy I've been dating is Trunks...she wondered. She shook her head. "I am not thinking about that tonight," she said aloud to the darkness. She then turned on her side, closed her eyes again, and fell asleep.

The End


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