Freiza Beans:((By Steve Golebiewski- 10/31/99))
((Thats right, I have the date and everything, so dont even THINK about

stealing this story!))

Freiza was walking around gleefully in his headquarters, with a smile
on his face and his arms behind his back. He passed a corridor and went down a
hall, he made a right down the hall and passed a corridor to his left. He was beginning to walk faster, his smile dissapearing. As he went down
another corridor, he began to run, his face was worried now instead of smiling.
He dashed down every hall he could run into, his worried face growing
sweat. "Oh Crap! I think I got myself lost again!" Yelled Freiza, panicingly
looking for a corridor that lead to the main chamber. He dashed down a corridor to
his left, a dead end! He ran passed it into a corridor straight ahead, but
that just lead to more walls and halls. Freiza began to hyperventalate,
"It's okay Freiza, think! Think where to go!" He ran down a hall that lead to a
closed corridor. "HNNN!!!!" Whined Freiza. He ran down a hall, but that just
lead to another hall, then door, then a corridor, then a wall, then a hall then
a wall the a corridorthenawindowthenadoorthenahallthenawallthenadoor,
Freiza was sweating like crazy his mind began to spin. "The walls... the
walls! The walls are closing in on me!!" Yelled Freiza, holding his head,
breathing heavily. The room began to spin. "AUGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!" Yells Freiza. He collapses to the floor, barely breathing, his fingers and head
twitching like a roadkilled cat.

Freiza entered his subconscious mind. He was walking down an
endless trail of psychadelic background. He turned around, there was a small
Namek behind him. Freiza gave it a confused look. The Namek spoke.
"I am Ecoostik" said the Namek. Freiza still gave it a puzzled look. "I
am here to give you punishment for all your horrible deeds!"

The conversation shifts to Freiza.
"Ha, little Namek! I'ved destroyed countless Namek villages! How do you
plan to stop me?" Laughed Freiza

The conversation shifts to Ecoostik.
"But you see I have plan..."

The conversation shifts to Feiza.
"Ha! A plan? Your precious plans arent what saved your villages from
me, are they?"

The conversation shifts to Ecoostik.
"But you see Freiza, this plan is a curse that will forever mark your
soul! You cannot escape it no matter what you do!"

The conversation shifts to Freiza.
"Hm, I guess I'm screwed then huh?"

The conversation shifts to Ecoostik

The conversation shifts to Feiza.
"Hmm...HEY WHATS THAT!?!?" Yells Freiza, pointing behind Ecoostik.
"Huh?" As Ecoostik looks behind him, Freiza makes a run for it.
"Sucker!" Freiza yells as he dashes off.
"HEY!" Yells Ecoostik. "Oni-Jigoku!" yells Ecootik. A pink gas comes
out of
his hands and follows Freiza. The gas envelopes around Freiza, he stops
and begins to hack like crazy.
"Now Freiza, you will be forced to eat the flesh of your own kind!"
Yells Ecoostik. As Freiza coughs and gets surrounded by the pink smoke, the
words ramble through Freiza's mind. "Eat the flesh of your own kind... Flesh
of your own kind... Your own kind..."

Freiza lies on a bed, waving his hands as if he's swatting flies in
his sleep. Zarbon, Dodoria, Kui, and Freiza's army stand around the bed
watching Freiza.
"It looks like he's chasing rabbits..." Says Dodoria, watching Freiza
wave his hands in his sleep.
"No, he's swatting flies." says Zarbon.
"Maybe he's swatting flies WHILE chasing rabbits..." says Kui. Just
then, Freiza wakes up and comes to his senses. His vision focuses and
realizes everyone is watching him. Freiza stares wide-eyed. His pupils shift
from left to right looking at everyone, obviously embarrassed.
"Um, Freiza, did you lose your way again?" asks Zarbon.
"THAT'S ENOUGH OUT OF YOU!!!" Yells Freiza, pointing a finger at
Zarbon stands quiet for a moment,then sniffles. He runs off crying out
of the room. Everyone watches Zarbon run out crying, then turn back to Freiza.
"Well, what happened Freiza?" asks Dodoria. Freiza gets to his feet
"Well...I think a tiny Namek made me a cannibal." says Freiza. "...I
know, it's silly..." Then he runs over and plops into his chair. "So? What
planets are we going to destroy today?" asks Freiza cheerfully. Everyone just
stares at Freiza, with puzzled looks on their faces.

((Meanwhile on Earth))

"Hold that Camera straight, Trunks!" yells Goten. Goten and Trunks are
standing in the woods. Trunks is trying to get a steady grip on a film
camera aimed at Goten.
"Okay, I got it." says Trunks. Goten brushes back his spikey hair and
looks into the camera.
"Good morning everyone. Welcome to the 'Chikyuu Witch Project'! I am
your guide Goten, this is my camera-man Trunks."
"Uh, Goten..." says Trunks "Maybe I should be the guide, being I'm
prettier." jeers Trunks.
"SHUT UP Underwear boy! ...Or whatever your name is..." snarls Goten.
"This documentary we'll go through these very woods right here in search of
the legendary Chikyuu Witch. We will discover landmarks and murder spots of
how the legend of the Chikyuu witch came to be!" says Goten.

Trunks turns off the camera.
"We should probably get some interviews about the legend of the Chikyuu Witch." says Goten. Trunks looks around.
"I saw a small town just west of here." says Trunks. "That seems just
about right for the interview."
"Hey yeah." says Goten. Goten and Trunks fly off to the town. "You have
the map of the forest, right Trunks?" asks Goten.
"Yeah. But if all's lost we could just fly ourselves out of the forest
instead of just walking a some direction we dont know."
"I guess, but I really dont know anyone who would look for the Chikyuu
witch by running in some direction they dont know, screaming for their lives, afraid that some legend is going to kill them when they could easily
fly away, right Trunks?"
"Right, but no one is stupid enough to do any of those when filming a
documentary about the legend like the Chikyuu witch." replies Trunks.

Trunks and Goten land at the small town. They come across an old
shack with a wooden gate. Trunks goes over and opens the gate, Goten looks
over the guide.
"According to this guide, there's a crazy old woman who lives here who
claims to have seen the Chikyuu Witch." Says Goten, looking at the book.
"Well, let's go get a word" says Trunks, turning on the camera. Just
then, an old woman wearing a pink shawl walks out of the shack. "Um, excuse me
miss." says Trunks, "We'd like to have a word with you about the Chikyuu
Witch" says Trunks.
"Oh, the witch?" says the old woman. "Well, one day when I went out to
the woods, I saw the witch."
"Really? What did she look like?" asks Trunks.
"Well..." starts the woman, "She had a hand that had black hair..."
"You mean fur?" asks Trunks.
"Yes. Yes. And, and she her hand a black hair, and, and her body had
black hair. And, and more black hair , she also wore a shawl with black
hair... and she had black hair..."
[5 hours later...]

Trunks is holding the camera, barely staying awake. His head begins
to lower and his eyes close, but he perks back up again, holding the
camera at the old woman.

"She had black hair on her pinky toe, I think that was the hairiest,
and, and..."
"MISS! Miss. I thank you for this interview *yawn*, really. But we must
be going now..." says Trunks, rubbing his eyes. He turns off the camera
and heads for the truck. Goten is sleeping with a long piece of drool
coming out of his mouth. Trunks smacks Goten behind the head to wake him up.
"...You drive," says Trunks, in a monotone sleepy voice. Goten gets up
and they both get in the truck and drive off for the woods.
((Back at Freiza's Head Quarters))

One of Freiza's goons is switching monitors at different planets to
conquer. Freiza stands with his arms folded, looking at all the planets.
"See any you like master Freiza?" asks the man at the monitors.
"I haven't *BELCH!!*... decided yet..." says Freiza, who released a
large burp in the middle of his sentence. The monitor man turns to Freiza.
Freiza merely looks back at him. "...What?..." asks Freiza. The monitor man
goes back to displaying planets. Just as he's flipping through them, another
of Freiza's henchmen runs in.
"Does anyone know what happened to Torto?" asks the henchman.
"Nope, haven't seen him..." replies Freiza. The henchman pulls up a
glove with a ripped up arm still inside.
"This was all I found of him! Someone... or something got at him!"
yells the henchman.
"...Ahh, yes, now I remember Torto." says Freiza. Just then, Freiza's
eyes glow pink. "He was acting tough, so I boiled him tender with a side of
lyma beans and dash of parsley... yes..." rambles Freiza. After finishing
the sentence, Freiza's eyes stop glowing. The monitor man and the henchman
look at Freiza with their jaws dropped. Freiza rubs his neck, worried, sweat
beads his forehead. "Uhh... Excuse me." says Freiza. He runs into a door that
leads to a bathroom. He turns on the sink, cups his hands with water, and
splashes it on his face. Then he looks in the mirror. "...Did... Did I?" Freiza
asks himself. Then he remembers his dream with Ecoostik and remembers his
"You must eat the flesh of your own kind..."
Freiza stares in the mirror again.
"...No, no it can't be. That was a stupid dream." says Freiza to
himself. He walks out of the bathroom, Kui is there to greet him.
"Master Freiza, we feel some Nameks are ready to attack..." says Kui.
"...Oh, I see. Then come with me Kui..." says Freiza. Kui follows
Freiza into the organized operation room.
"What's our battle strategy Freiza?" asks Kui. Freiza looks at an
operation map of Namek.
"...My dear, dear Kui... you've been working too hard..." slurs Freiza.
Kui raises a brow and looks at Freiza.
"Uh, Freiza?..." asks Kui. Freiza turns to look at Kui with his eyes
glowing a bright pink.
"Why, Kui... you don't look so well... here... let me take your
...temperature!" says Freiza, showing Kui the type of thermometer to
stick in a turkey. Sweat beads Kui's forehead as he looks at it.
"Umm... Freiza... that's a meat thermometer..." says Kui.
"Why... so it is, Kui... So it is..." slurs Freiza, sopping his lips
with his tongue...
((Back on Earth, at Bulma's house. 10 days after the "Meat thermometer"

"ARRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!" squeals Bulma from inside her kitchen. Bulma
dashes to each cabinet in the kitchen, looking for something to make
for dinner. "Oooooooh! Goku's family is here for dinner, and I dont have
anything to make! Oooooooh!!!" squeals Bulma, looking for something. Just then
Vegita walks through the kitchen door with a plastic bag. Bulma runs over to
him and grabs him by the shirt, shaking him. "Tell me you bought something!
ANYTHING to make of dinner!!" Bulma yells to Vegita.
"Umm... As a matter of fact I..." before Vegita can finish, Bulma rips
the bag out of Vegita's hand.
"Let's see, soda, chips, pork rinds, chips... WHAT??? Your telling me
you went out shopping and only bought junk food??" storms Bulma, her face
turning red with anger. Vegita curls up in ball in the corner of the kitchen
and begins to whimper.
"Ch-Check the bottom of the bag..." whimpers Vegita, pointing to the
grocery bag. Bulma looks at the bottom and finds three purple cans. She pulls
them out and reads the label.
"Freiza Beans... WHAT? That shape-shifting freak we met a long time ago
has his own food endorcement now? Why would you buy something like this?"
demands Bulma. Vegita stands up again and brushes off his leather jacket.
"I didn't like it either... but it was the only thing they had. Remember,
it's a Sunday." says Vegita.
"MOMMY! I'M HUNGRY!" Whines Bra from the dining room.
"Well, this will have to do." Says Bulma with sigh. She fries up the
Freiza Beans that slop right onto the pans.

"Okay, heh heh, dinner's served." says Bulma.
"Thank Goodness, I'm starving" says Goku. She hands them the plates of
fried blue beans. As she hands it to them, everyone's face turns blue, trying
to be polite, but dont exactly know what this mysterious blue slop is.
Everyone looks at Goku. Goku slowly reaches for his fork, slowly shoves it into
the Fried Freiza Beans, and holds it up at mouth level. Everyone at the
table watches anxiously. Goku brings the Freiza Beans closer to his mouth...
closer... closer. *CHOMP*, he bites down and begins to chew the blue
beans. Everyone watches Goku's reaction. As Goku swallows, his eyes light up.
"HEY! This is GREAT!!" says Goku. Everyone's face is in shock, and they look
down at the beans. Goku begins hoover the beans, which are obviously
delicious. Everyone slowly dives their fork into the beans and swallows them.
Surprise, everyone thinks their delicious. "Wow! These are good!" Says ChiChi,
Gohan, Videl, and Pan. Soon enough, everyone devours their beans.

"That was great Bulma, thanks!" says Goku, as the rest of his
family leaves. Bulma, being very pleased, rushes over to Vegita.
"Honey! You MUST go out and buy more of those beans!! I don't know
what they're made of but they are the most delicious thing I've ever
tasted!" yells Bulma excitedly.
"...I guess they were okay..." says Vegita, scratching behind his head.
((Later that night, out in the woods))

"I'm, too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts..."
sings Trunks, looking into a mirror washing his hair. Just then Goten
runs out of a tent and runs over to Trunks, who is washing his hair by the
"TRUNKS! TRUNKS! What are you doing out here???" yells Goten. Trunks
looks at Goten.
"...I'm... washing my hair..." says Trunks, his purple wet hair over
lapping his eyes.
"You fool! The Chikyuu witch, I hear it! I hear these footsteps coming
from all around the tent!" yells Goten. "Listen!" Trunks listens out into
the dark woods. He hears a bunch of snapping noises, which indeed are coming
from all around them.
"...Ever hear of deer?" asks Trunks. Goten waves his arms frantically.
"NO NO NO! Dont you see? We walk deep into the woods, after the witch,
now she's after us! AAH!" yells Goten, running in circles. Trunks raises a
"Relax. If it is a witch we could just KI BLAST her right back to her
tombstone." says Trunks. Goten stops running.
"Hm, I guess you got a point there." says Goten. "It probably is a deer
anyway." after that word the footsteps stop, as they hear something
trip and fall, then they hear someone grunt and groan from the trip. Trunks and
Goten's eyes widen, looking worriedly at where the noise came from.
"Never heard a deer do that!" says Trunks. They both dash into their
tent and zip up the tent all the way around.

The next morning Goten and Trunks wake up to a surprise. There are 3
piles of rocks around their tent, Trunks wakes up to find all his
clothes covered in a green slime.
"EWWWWWW!!" Whines Trunks, picking up the slime with his fingers. Goten
points to it.
"It's a sign! The witch! The witch is after us!" Screams Goten, pulling
out his hair. "It shows it in the piles of rocks, and the slime!" says
"Yeah, and those dolls must be something, too." says Trunks pointing to
his left. Goten looks to the left, his eyes widen. He takes a few steps and
enters a part of the forest where a bunch of wooden dolls are hanging
from the trees.
"Oh my God, this is definetly spooky." says Goten, looking at all the
"You know what this means, right Trunks?"
"Yeah, someone in these woods has a grudge against toy makers." says
Goten smacks Trunks.
"No, boxer boy. It means that the witch exists!" says Goten. "I
definetly do not want to camp out here again, Trunks." says Goten to Trunks, who is
lying on the floor twitching from the slap.
((Later, at Freiza's Headquarters))

"We're definetly in a tight spot people! We've lost over 5 men in the
past 11 days. This could only mean the enemy is attacking from inside the
base!" says Zarbon, sitting in the disscussion room with the rest of Freiza's army.
"These enemies are crafty too! We still haven't found Kui's body yet!
We obviously have skilled assasins on our hands." says Dodoria. The room
begins to get in a discussion, then something clicks in Zarbon's brain.
"Hey? Has anyone seen Freiza?" asks Zarbon. The whole discussion room
shows blank faces. Just then the door opens and Freiza walks in. Rather, he
waddles in, with his newly acquired pot belly. He waddles over and walks over
to the end of the table. With a heavy grunt and help from Zarbon, Freiza makes
it into the chair.
"Thank you Zarbon. Now, what is the agenda?" asks Freiza. One henchman
from the side speaks.
"Master Freiza, we feel that there are enemies attacking inside the
base. We keep losing men by the day, any one of us could be next." explains the
"I *BBBBEEELLLCCCHHH!!!!!* ...see." says Frieza, emitting a grotesque
belch while talking.
"...Yeah, well, um, we decided we should hire snipers in order to look
for these intruders." says the henchman.
"I see." says Freiza. "You're all dismissed, look for these intruders anywhere *BELCH!* possible." says Freiza. Everyone walks out of the room
except for Zarbon and Dodoria.
"Um, Freiza, Dodoria and I seem a little... 'concerned' about the way
you've been acting lately." says Zarbon. Freiza raises a brow.
"What do you mean?" asks Freiza.
"Well, you have been putting on a couple of pounds, not to mention your
belching." says Dodoria.
"Well you're not exactly FDA approved either, round boy!" snarls Freiza
to Dodoria. Dodoria looks down sheepishly. Then, Freiza's eyes glow pink
as he looks at Dodoria. "Which reminds me, Dodoria..." says Freiza, his eyes
glowing, "...What do you say about a nice marshmallow roast?"
"Huh?" asks Dodoria, completely confused.
"Yes... expanding nice and round... so fluffy, fat and sugary..."
rambles Freiza, gazing disturbingly at Dodoria. Dodoria begins to walk
backwards to get away.
"Uh... Freiza? You feeling alright?" asks Dodoria, backing away. With
that, Freiza hurls out of his seat and leaps at Dodoria, making tiger-like
roars as he pounces on Dodoria. Zarbon merely stands and watches the blood drops
and limbs fly upward as he hears Dodoria screaming and munching sounds of
Freiza. His eyes widened, looking at whats going on, not exactly knowing what
Freiza is trying to prove. After 5 minutes, the chorus of screamings and
biting sounds stop. Freiza pops his head out from under the table and looks at
Zarbon with pink glowing eyes.
"Why Zarbon, you're looking rather *slurp*... plump today..." says
Freiza, licking his bloody lips. Zarbon walks quickly for the door, keeping his
eyes on Freiza.
"I'm outta here!" says Zarbon, going for the door. Zarbon dashes for
the door and runs out. He meets many of Freiza's men in the other room.
"Everyone! Listen to me! Frezia's gone insane and is EATING OUR OWN MEN!!" yells Zarbon to everyone. Just as he finishes, Freiza bursts through the wall and
latches onto Zarbon. He sinks his teeth deep into Zarbon's shoulder. As Zarbon
falls to his knees, screaming in agony, all Freiza's men run out of the room
screaming. "FREIZA BEANS!!!!!!!" yells Freiza as he tears apart Zarbon with his
((A few days later, back on Earth))

Vegita walks up to the door of his house and knocks. Bulma answers
it with the first knock.
"I bought you some more of those beans." says Vegita, holding up a
grocery bag. Bulma snatches the bag and dumps out all the beans.
"YES!! YES!! More Freiza beans!" yells Bulma, opening every can and
slopping them onto a frying pan. Bulma drools and her eyes light up as she
watches the beans fry. Vegita walks over to Bulma and holds her shoulder.
"Uh, honey, you've gone through over 15 cans of Freiza beans in the
past week." says Vegita. Bulma looks at him.
"So? What's your point?" asks Bulma.
"My point is that you should consider wearing a 'Freiza Bean patch'."
says Vegita
"I cook, I clean, I take care of Bra, and you're depriving me of my
Freiza Beans?" whines Bulma. Vegita lets go and Bulma continues roasting her
"Hmm, well, I guess she has a point..." says Vegita, walking out of the kitchen. Bra walks in the kitchen and see's Bulma roasting the beans. "Hey, mommy, can I have some?" asks Bra.
MINE!!!!" screams Bulma, foaming at the mouth and trying to guard the beans. Bra
runs out crying, Vegita arches his eyebrows and curls his lips.
"That does it!" yells Vegita, "I'm going to Freiza's Headquarters right
now to find out what's in this stuff that'll make people kill for it!" With
that Vegita storms out of the house and flies off for Freiza's HQ.
((Back in the woods))

A camera turns on and is focused on Goten. His face is raggedy and
unshaven, and looks very depressed. "Hello, whoever finds this video. It has been 10 days now that Trunks and I have camped out here. We are miserable, we are cold, we hear frightening noises at night, and we receive little trinkets from the witch. No, she doesn't kill us, she toys with us..." says Goten, in a monotone voice
while looking in the camera. "I am trying to hold as much sanity as possible
out here... as for Trunks..."
"If I could be any vegetable, I'd be a carrot!" says Trunks in the
"...We've lost him..." says Goten, looking back into the camera. "By
the time anyone finds this, we'll be dead. So, before I camp out here one last
time, I'd like to read out my last will and testiment..." says Goten, he
turns his back to the camera and shuffles through a bunch of items in his bag. As
he's about to pull it out, Trunks grabs the camera and aims it close at his
"I got the camera now! I got the camera!" yells Trunks, smiling and
looking into the camera as he's running away.
"Hey! Give it back!" yells Goten. Trunks continues to run aiming the
camera at his psycho-smiling face. "I got the camera! I got the camera!" yells Trunks, laughing and running.
"Trunks! You've lost it! Give me the damn camera!" yells Goten.

Later that night, Trunks and Goten are forced to camp out again.
Goten lights a fire.
"Well, this'll be our last night alive." says Goten, staring into the
flames. Trunks walks out of the tent. Just as he does, they hear an awful
moaning and screaming deep in the dark woods.
"I've had it Goten! I'm sick of being scared! I say we grab the camera and see just what the hell is out there!" says Trunks. Goten grabs the camera.
"Oddly enough, you're actually making sense..." says Goten, turning on
the camera. They follow the horrible moans through the woods, the more they
walk, the closer the sounds get. Goten and Trunks shiver.
"Uh oh, maybe this wasn't such a good idea" says Trunks. Goten leads
"We can't go back now, we're so close to the truth!" says Goten, slowly
walking forward. As they walk more, they see something. It's a shack!
A bent up, crappy shack with holes through the windows and walls. Goten and
Trunks look at it.
"...Well, it all comes down to this..." says Trunks. Goten walks
through the bent-up door of the shack. Trunks eyes bug out. "GOTEN! Are you crazy! Don't go in there!" says Trunks, but he has no choice but to follow after
Goten. Goten holds the camera as he walks through the halls of the shack. They
hear moaning within the house.
"Oh God!..." whispers Goten, hearing the moans. "Upstairs, I think I
hear it upstairs!" says Goten walking up the steps. Trunks follows him. As
they ascend the stairs, they see children's handprints all over the walls.
"Hello?" asks Trunks as they walk up. They walk quicker, and begin to
run up the stairs from fright. Finally they reach the top. Nothing, just an
empty attic. They hear the moans again.
"Down stairs! The basement! I heard them from the basement!!" yells
Goten as he begins to run down the stairs. Trunks calls out to him.
"Goten NO!!!" yells Trunks as Goten runs down. Goten continues to run,
looking into the camera. Finally he reaches the main floor.
"Hello?!" yells Goten as he heads for the basement. He reaches the
basement floor and looks around with his camera. "Hello anyone here?" he asks,
with fear in his voice. He walks around the basement...

Realizing he can't leave Goten, Trunks runs downstairs after him.
"GOTEN!!!!" yells Trunks as he reaches the main floor. He looks around,
then notices the basement. He runs down the stairs of the basement and looks
around, "Goten?" quivers Trunks. He takes a few steps. Then, he see's
Goten standing in the corner of the basement! Trunks begins to scream
horribly. "GOTEN?!!! GOTEN??!! GOTE--" before Trunks can finish, something whacks him from behind and Trunks falls to the floor.

Goten zips up his pants.
"Trunks? That you? I got really scarred so I had to take a piss." says
Goten, zipping his pants and turning away from the corner. He turns around and
see's Trunks lying on the floor. "TRUNKS?!?!" yells Goten. Trunks grunts and
staggers to his feet. "You're alive!" says Goten. Trunks stands up.
"Yeah... but something hit me very hard!" says Trunks, rubbing his
head. Goten looks behind Trunks.
"What's this?" asks Goten, walking behind Trunks. Goten finds a piece
of loose wood board that sprung out from it's place. "This must've hit
you!" says Goten, examing the piece of wood that sprung out. Trunks and Goten
calm down immensely.
"Wow. I guess that solves our mystery." says Trunks calmly. Goten
smiles and turns off the camera
"C'mon, let's get out of here." says Goten, and walks up the stairs.
Trunks begins to follow, but stops, realizing something.
"Wait... that doesn't solve the mystery!" says Trunks, holding his
chin. "Who was making all those noises at night?"
"...I did..." says a voice behind Trunks. Trunks turns around to look.
It's Ecoostik! "I made all those noises to scare you!" says Ecoostik. Trunks
raises a brow. Ecoostik holds out his palms and sends out a pink gas at

Trunks. As the gas goes around Trunks, he coughs and hacks. Ecoostik
laughs as the gas goes around Trunks.
((In space...))

Vegita flies through space to Freiza's Headquarters. Vegita thinks to
"Now I'm going to find out once and for all what those 'BEANS' are made of."

Vegita finally lands in front of Freiza's Headquarters. He walks up
the the door and bangs on it.
"Open up in there!" yells Vegita. One of Freiza's panic-striken
henchman answers, a bunch of Freiza's men are running down hallways screaming.
"What do you want?!" asks the Henchman, looking down the hall.
"I want to have a word with Freiza!" says Vegita.
"Look, I'd introduce you, but right now Freiza's flipped his wig and is
eating everybody!" says the henchman.
"WHAT?" asks Vegita.
"I'd stay and chat, but Freiza's about to make Freiza Beans out of all
of us!" Just as the henchman finishes, Freiza calls out from down the
"Now that's what I call fast food!" yells Freiza from down the hall.
The henchman talking to Vegita shivers.
"Here, have some 'Freiza Beans', complimentary from Freiza! Now if you
excuse me, I have to run like mad from Freiza!" says the henchman, throwing
Vegita a can of Freiza Beans and runs off. The door closes.

A bunch of thoughts go through Vegita's mind.
"What was that all about?" says Vegita to himself, looking at the
beans. Just then, Vegita figures it out. "Wait a minute... make freiza beans out of
everyone? Eating everybody? Fast food?" Vegita thinks, then his eyes
widen with fright. "What the?... Freiza Beans are made of people!" says
Vegita looking at the can. "FREIZA BEANS ARE MADE OF PEOPLE!!!" yells Vegita, falling to his knees and reaching his hands out. "FREIZA BEANS ARE MADE OF PEOPLE!!!!!!"
((On the highway...))

Goten drives down a highway that lead to the the forest, driving
back home. Trunks looks out the window.
"Tell ya what, Trunks." says Goten. "Even though we didnt find a witch,
there's no way I'd go back there. Just too damn spooky for me. Right
Trunks?" Goten asks. Trunks dosent respond. "You alright Trunks?" asks Goten.
"Yeah... I'm just a bit... hungry..." says Trunks. Goten chuckles as he drives.
"Really? For what?"................

Vegita flies through space back to home. He thinks to himself.
"Uggh, they're made of Freiza's henchmen! To think, we were eating
Zarbon..." Vegita's face turns green as the thought comes to mind.

He finally lands on Chikyuu. He dashes over back to his house to
Bulma she's been eating Kui, Zarbon and... ugghhh... Dodoria.
He finally reaches his house. He knocks on the door, but no one
answers. He knocks again, this time the door opens, but by itself. He steps into
the house, no lights are on. It's eerily dark and quiet. He takes a few
steps in, looking around, his steps making echos.
"Hello??" he calls out. Suddenly he hears glass breaking upstairs.
He runs over to the stairs and heads for upstairs. There's light in one
room upstairs! He barges through and see's Bra and Bulma on different sides
of the room. Bra is holding the last can of Freiza Beans, Bulma is on the
other side. She has bags under her eyes and is foaming from the mouth, a
broken vase is by her feet! Bulma grabs another priceless antique from a shelf
and holds it up.
"See this Bra? See this?! It's the priceless 'Guuchuwala' statue I
got from India! Unless you hand over the Beans, this one is broken too! Is
that what you want? Huh? IS IT, PUNK?!!"
"Mommy, I don't see how breaking priceless possesions is going to
get you these beans. And it's about time you realized that there are more
important things in life than beans! You have stop! Get help MOMMY!!"
"That does it! You see the statue? SEE IT?!!! Say bye bye to
'Guuchuwala'!!!" Yells Bulma, holding the statue over her head.

< so you can expect another story. Just a note to our younger readers, it is
NOT cool to eat someone. Cannibalism can not only hurt someone's feelings,
but make their parents cry too. It can also get you arrested. But believe
me on the part of making up this story, I had a hard time trying to finish
it... I just wanted it to be over. I stayed up five days in a row writing this.

Everyday I didnt finish it I had nightmares about man-eating pudding...>>