Hey, here's Freiza Beans 4, and it's ahead of schedule too! I know you'd be looking forward to number 5 because Trunks gives a big understanding speech in it. Anyway, here its is!
((By Steve Golebiewski- written 1/1/00))

Narrator from DBZ: Last time on Freiza Beans... Bulma goes insane over a can of Freiza Beans, Jeice threatens a village of Nameks with fertility drugs, Vegita and Bra go on the Jerry Springer Show, Goku see's an amazing vision of Freiza Beans, Piccolo starts his own soap opera, the former yellow teletubby goes on a rampage, an exorcist desperately tries to drive the cannibalistic demon out of Freiza, Android 16 tries to take over the world... and fails, and Burter is currently experimenting with psycadelic drugs... but we finished that segment. So, we'll pick up at... oh, say, when Goku starts his cult. And now, presenting, "THE AMAZING FANTASTIC SUPER MILLENNIUM SPECIAL OF FREIZA BEANS!!!"
((Really crappy guitar music starts playing, the title "THE AMAZING FANTASTIC SUPER MILLIENNIUM SPECIAL OF FREIZA BEANS" is displayed on the screen.

    A camera focuses on Steve and an assistant producer, they're both watching Freiza Beans 4. Steve laughs as he watches.
"Heh heh heh... we promise them a millennium special, and all we give 'em is the fourth story to Freiza Beans!" says Steve to the assistant producer next to him. "I even hired non-union camera men..." he says. Just then, he notices the camera is focused on him. "Hey! Get that out of my face!!!"

((At Goku's house...))

    Gohan walks out of his house and looks at his watch while holding his briefcase, obviously off to work.
"Aw crap! Every minute I'm late means less fish and chips on the table!" he says as he rushes out. Just as he's about to get to his car, he notices something behind him. Passed his house is a large open farm-like field with many white tents set up on it. He raises an eyebrow and takes a closer look at it. "What the?..." he asks himself. He drops his briefcase and begins to walk to the open farm area with white tents.

    After a fairly long walk he reaches the field area. There are lots of saiyans walking around doing chores, whether it be gardening, tightening a tent, or doing something else. They're all dressed in light-blue robes as they work and prosper. Gohan notices Nappa,who is in his robe and tending his flowers.
"Uh, Nappa? What're you doing in my backyard?" asks Gohan. Nappa turns to him.
"Nappa? Oh, no no, my son. I have converted... and my converted name is... Goku." Says Nappa.
"Well what're you doing in my backyard with all these tents and people?" asks Gohan.
"It is not yours... it is everyone's! Everyone who wishes to convert to the Freiza Beans is welcome to stay here."
"Uh... no..." says Gohan.
"Why yes, he is right..." says King Vegita, walking by Gohan. "Our leader, Goku, has given us this piece of land for us to prosper." he says in a peaceful voice. Gohan's face turns sour as he remembers his dad ranting and raving about Freiza Beans. He let's out a sigh.
"Well, listen, King Vegita..." starts Gohan in a calmed down voice.
"No, I am Goku." says King Vegita. Gohan raises an eyebrow.
"...I thought he was Goku." says Gohan, pointing a finger at Nappa.
"We are ALL Goku's here..." says Bardock, stepping into the conversation. Gohan's eyes widen, looking from side to side, a bit frightened of all the saiyans named Goku around him.
"...Riiiight..." he says. "Well, why are you all named Goku?" he asks.
"We are named after our great leader, Goku." says Nappa.
"Yeah, well, where can I find this 'LEADER'?" asks Gohan. Bardock, King Vegita, and Nappa all point to a big blue tent at the end of the field. Gohan walks passed them and towards the tent.
    He brushes open the silk door to the tent and looks around. Then he see's his dad sitting on a golden throne and two women are at his side fanning him. Goku looks down to Gohan.
"My son!" he calls out. He flips out of his throne and in front of Gohan. "Well, have you decided to join our little community?" asks Goku. "We have a lot to offer... and when the time comes, we will ride away on the magical star!"
"Uh, dad... why are you doing this? Why did you sell away our land???" demands Gohan.
"This land is prophesized to be the beginning of eternal happiness of Freiza Beans..." says Goku, walking out of the tent with his arm around Gohan. "You see, the great Freiza Beans will..."
All the saiyans barge out of their tents and look to Gohan with a gasp. There is a long silence, everyone in the 'community' stares at Gohan with their jaws dropped. Gohan looks from side to side.
"...Uh-oh..." he says.

    "...And yes, we have a suitable sacrifice for the upcoming ritual!" states Goku, speaking at a podium. Behind him Gohan is in nothing but his boxer shorts, his hands and feet tied against a large metal ring. Everyone cheers at Goku's speech.
"Maybe this is the effect of dad banging his head against a rock when he was a kid." says Gohan. Just then, Gohan notices something behind a tent... it's Ecoostik! He's hiding and looking around suspiciously.
"There he is!" yells a voice from behind Ecoostik. Ecoostik's eyes bug out and he runs as fast as his little legs can take him. Jeff and the camera-man are right behind him. "Halt! You're under arrest for casting the curse of cultist ideas!" yells Jeff, still running after Ecoostik. Gohan's eyes light up as he figures it out.
"Curse of Cultist ideas? That's it!" he exclaims. Just then, Broly whips Gohan in the back. "OW!!!" screams Gohan.
"YOU WILL TALK WHEN YOU ARE GIVEN PERMISSION TO TALK!!!" yells Goku, pointing a finger at Gohan.
((A bit farther away from Goku's little 'community'...))

    The small namek Ecoostik runs as fast as he can away from the camera-man and Jeff. As Jeff runs after Ecoostik, holding his cramped side, he pulls out his communication radio.
"*Pant, pant* This is unit 142... requesting backup. I repeat, requesting backup!" pants Jeff. He puts the radio away and continues running after Ecoostik. "Stop!! I'm begging you, stop!!! I haven't even had my coffee yet!" yells Jeff, ready to pass out from running. Ecoostik looks back... Jeff is running like he's on his last leg, The camera-man however simply skips along with his camera. Ecoostik rolls his eyes and continues to run, realizing they aren't ready to stop any time soon.
    Just then two police cars pull up by Jeff and Ecoostik. Two cops run out of each car and run with Jeff.
"That him, Jeff?" asks a cop with gray hair and a mustache running along side Jeff.
"Yup..." says Jeff. Now five cops and the camera-man are on the chase after Ecoostik. One cop with red hair and a beard groans.
"This is ridiculous! We'll never get him like this!" says the red-haired cop. The red-haired cop pulls out a radio communicator. "Requesting more units! I repeat, requesting more units!" he says, then puts his radio away and continues after Ecoostik. After running some more, two S.W.A.T. tanks drive alongside the cops. Ecoostik's eyes bug out in fear at the tanks pulling up.
"...Aww crap! All this for just casting curses!" grunts Ecoostik. They keep runnning and soon a police helicopter flies overhead.
    The pilot in the helicopter is linked to a computer at his Police Headquarters. The pilot looks out a window with his binoculars to stay on Ecoostik.
"Okay, I got 'im sir." says the pilot into the computer monitor. Meanwhile the cheif of police is with him on another computer at his headquarters.
"Good, Johnson, can you give me a reading on his actions?" asks the cheif. The pilot keeps his binoculars on Ecoostik. Ecoostik just continues to run with the cops and tanks following.
"He's running... he's running... he's running..." says the pilot. Just then Ecoostik runs into a doughnut shop. "He's running in our doughnut shop..." says the pilot. Jeff runs in after him and all the cops and tanks wait outside. Just then Ecoostik runs out with a bag of doughnuts in his mouth and a cup of coffee in his hand, Jeff runs out after him with a cup of coffee and a glazed vanilla doughnut. "And...they're back to running." says the pilot. The cops, the tanks, and the helicopter continue after him. Ecoostik sips his coffee and pulls out a chocolate-cream filled doughnut as he runs. As they run, two police motorcycles pull up on the chase, and so they continue to run into the sunset...
((A few minutes later on the 'Jerry Springer Show'...))

    "Welcome back folks," says Jerry Springer. "We have now joining us the former yellow teletubby... Um, what was your name again?"
"Ginyuu!" exclaims the plump fuzzy teletubby in a teletubby high-pitched voice. "And I suggest you watch your mouth, 'cause now I'm more powerful than ever!" he says. the whole audience awes and coo's at Ginyuu. Ginyuu leers around and waves his fists. "Hey! Don't triffle with me!" he says. The audience awes and coo's again. Ginyuu now raises an eyebrow and looks to all of them. "...Are you people even listening to what I'm saying?" asks Ginyuu. One woman stands and points to Ginyuu.
"Aww... look at it's yellow curly thing on it's head!" she says. The whole audience awes with her again. Ginyuu makes a sour face and sits back in his seat. The whole crew is sitting with Ginyuu, including Trunks, Vegita, ChiChi, and Bra.
"Well, surprise once again, for we have another guest coming out... let's say hello to Bulma!" says Jerry, pointing to the guest entrance. The audience claps and cheers... but no one comes out. They all watch in silence, then they hear a roar like a bear from inside the entrance. Bulma comes out with three animal trainers trying to hold her down with chained leashes. One of the trainers injects a tranquilizer into Bulma, she begins to purr and slumps head-first into her seat. Vegita gets up and and stares at Bulma in shock.
"Honey? HONEY?! What did they do to you?!!" yells Vegita, running over to Bulma. The Springer security guards hold back Vegita.
"I'm sorry Vegita... It has to do with her addiction to Freiza Beans..." says Jerry sorrowfully. The audience gasps. One woman stands up and talks trashy to Vegita.
"Yo, what's wit' you boy, eh?" yells the woman in a latin accent. Vegita turns to her.
"What? What're you talking about?" asks Vegita.
"First you touch you boy, 'den you let you wife do drugs... what up wit' dat?" she yells, doing that weird circular neck motion that most women do to be intimidating. The audience cheers and claps for the woman.
"...I don't know what your talking about, I never did those!" declares Vegita.
"Uh-huh, yeah, what-ev-a!" retorts the woman, "Talk to da hand, 'cause the face don't understand... aight?" she says, holding her palm out to Vegita, the audience cheers again.
"Hey, wait a minute... you're not even listening!" says Vegita.
"I tell you what, boy... go get a job, earn a living, and maybe go to college and 'den you get some respect, eh?" she says, the audience cheers again.
"...But, I'm a saiyan... I fight... I don't need a job."
"Ooooh..." she says mockingly, making fake scared gestures. The audience laughs. Vegita's eyebrows arch.
"Hey! Stop that!" he yells, clenching his fists.
"Oooh, think you mista big man 'cause you fight, eh? You know what dat makes you? Dat makes you a 'busta'!!!" she says while doing a little dance. The audience laughs very hard and some gasp and giggle at what she called him. Vegita leans over to Trunks.
"Psst... what's a 'busta'?" asks Vegita. Trunks shrugs, Vegita then turns back to the woman insulting him. "Listen, lady... I don't know who you are but you better park it before something happens to you!" says Vegita in a strong voice. The audience gasps and the woman's jaw drops, she points to herself.
"You? You 'busta' think you can take me? Aww, nah nah nah! You ain't ready for me, boy-yeee!!" she says, shaking her fanny at him. The audience lets out a big cheer and claps for her.
"That does it!!!" yells Vegita, he thrusts his palm forward and let's out a ki beam straight for the woman. The smoke clears and all that remains is a burnt skeleton that's bending over at Vegita. "HUH? YA LIKE IT?!?! WHO WANTS SOME MORE?!?!?!" screams Vegita at the audience. The audience is now immediately quiet and they all sit up straight, not one of them talking. Vegita grumbles and sits back down.
"Oh, you think you're hot stuff... wait 'till you check out me!" says Ginyuu, flexing his short teletubby arms to make a muscle.
"Oh yeah? You want some?!" yells Vegita. Then Vegita and Ginyuu get in a big 'ki blast tossing' fight. The audience chants,
"JE-RRY! JE-RRY!" as the security guards try to get them apart. Bulma wakes up and tosses around some of the chairs.
"BEANS!!! BEANS!!! ROOOOOAAARRR!!!" She roars as she tears apart Jerry's seats.
"Go to commercial! GO TO COMMERCIAL!" yells Jerry, trying to break up Vegita and Ginyuu as well.
((Meanwhile, at a certain location...))

    All that can be seen are Yamcha's feet dangling from the ceiling. Just then, Chao-zu, who is wearing a bride's dress and holding a bouqet, enters the room.
"My darling... I have always loved you... Oh no, Kreestoff..." says Chao-zu in a boring monotone voice.
"That's Kristov!" whispers Yamcha.
"Cut, cut, cut!" Yells Piccolo, sitting in a director's chair and watching them perform on a set. He gets up and walks over to both of them. "Chao-zu, what was that?"
"What was what?" asks Chao-zu, still dressed in a bride's gown and holding a bouqet.
"C'mon! Where's the feeling? Where's the love? Your long lost love, Kristov, has just hung himself!"
"...So?" asks Chao-zu. Piccolo stomps around and throws a hissy fit.
"So?! SO, you ask?!! You never realized you loved Kristov until he asked to marry you! Now when you truly love him, you find him dead!" yells Piccolo, going frantic.
"...But I don't like Yamcha! I'm a man, for crying out loud!!" squeaks Chao-zu, throwing his bouqet of flowers to the floor.
"...Huh?" asks Piccolo, "...But, you're wearing blush, and you have a girly voice... and... and... Well, just look at you!" says Piccolo. Chao-zu turns his back to Piccolo and folds his arms.
"For your information, I'm on hormones, thank you very much!" retorts Chao-zu. Yamcha is holding on to the ceiling with his hands and looks down at them.
"Umm, can I get down now?"
"NO!!!" screams Piccolo and Chao-zu. Yamcha quickly turns away from them and says nothing, still hanging on the celing.
"...Hmm, looks like you're gonna need more motivation..." says Piccolo.
"Whatever!" says Chao-zu. He picks up his bouqet and walks out the door, ready for the next take.
    Chao-zu walks in the room again, and his eyes widen with fear! Yamcha is now actually hanging from the ceiling... as in a rope is now tied around his neck and he is struggling to break free! Chao-zu throws away his bouqet and runs to Yamcha, panic-filled!
"Ahem!" goes Piccolo. Piccolo is holding up a large cue card that reads 'SAY THE LINE!'. Chao-zu is now in panic and blurts out the words.
"MY DARLING, I'VE ALWAYS LOVED YOU... OH GOD, KRISTOV!!!" Yells Chao-zu with tears in his eyes. Piccolo is astonished and his eyes glisten.
"...That... that was beautiful!" says Piccolo, wiping a tear from his eye.
"Gagh! Gagh! Air..." rasps Yamcha, still hanging from the ceiling.
"Oh, yeah, we're done with this scene." says Piccolo. He aims one finger at Yamcha's rope and ki beams it. The rope snaps in half and Yamcha falls flat on the floor.
"WHHOA!... oof!" yells Yamcha as he falls and hits the ground.
"Alright, then, next scene!" yells out Piccolo, walking over to another set in the studio.

    In the next set in the studio, there is a pink room with Tien and Marron in it. They're both holding scripts and then look over to Piccolo.
"Okay, people, this is our first take of this scene so it's okay to use the script."
"Um... Piccolo, I'm having doubts about this soap opera." says Tien.
"Hey! Hey! Who signed the contract? That's right, you did buddy boy! ACTION!" yells Piccolo. Tien and Marron look at there scripts.
"...Oh, my darling. We must be married." says Tien slowly while reading the script.
"...But we can't, my love. We come from two different worlds. My family of the half androids, half human... and your family of the... the... um..." says Marron, thinking.
"*Cough* Three-eyed *cough*" says Piccolo.
"Three-eyed people!" says Marron.
"...Then... at least let us... make love to ensure our passion for each other." says Tien, pointing over to a bed in the room.
"Yes. I will do this..." says Marron. They both hop on the bed and give each other a quick kiss on the cheek.
"WHAT?! What kind of love do you call that? More feeling!" yells Piccolo. They raise an eyebrow at Piccolo and then give a longer kiss on the lips. "More passion!" says Piccolo again. Now Marron and Tien hold each other tight and give an open mouth kiss. "Even more PASSION!" urges Piccolo. Then Tien throws Marron onto the bed and she pulls him onto her, they grunt and scream as the fiercely kiss each other...

[30 minutes later...]

Tien and Maron are lying in the bed with cigarettes and are all red and sweaty. Tien puffs his cigarette and reaches for his script.
"...My, that was the greatest loving I ever felt..." reads Tien.
"*Pant, pant* Yes... perhaps we shall get married." reads Maron.
"Looks like that's the end of the scene." says Tien, putting away his script. He turns and looks ahead of him. Piccolo, Chao-zu, Yamcha, and all the other camera-men are staring at both of them. Their eyes open very wide and drool dripping from their mouths as they're all sweating. Tien looks around angerily. "HEY! I said it was the END OF THE SCENE!" yells Tien. Everyone shakes to their senses and gets back to what their supposed to be doing.
"...C-Cu...Cut..." stammers Piccolo, wiping the sweat off his forehead. He gets up and walks over to yet another set in the studio.

    Piccolo sits in his director seat and is watching a new set in the studio. This scene is in a parking lot with Cell and Majin Buu standing a few feet apart from eachother.
"Alright, we've done this scene a couple of times, you ready?" asks Piccolo.
"Not really..." says Cell.
"Good! ACTION!" yells Piccolo. As he says it, Cell and Majin Buu flip out switch-blades and start circling each other.
"All right, Joseph, you're gonna pay for banging my girl!" says Cell, speaking what was in his script.
"Gaah, wa wa wa, wahooo!" jabbers Majin Buu, hopping around with his knife.
"Yeah, I've heard THAT story before! You're dead!" yells Cell. He thrusts his knife forward to Majin Buu, but he dodges. Then Majin Buu swings his blade at Cell, but Cell hops back to dodge it. They continue knife fighting. Then Cell grabs Majin Buu by that little squid tail thingy on his head and throws him on to a car. Majin Buu flips to his feet and throws a garbage can at Cell and hits him. At the climax of the fight, Mr. Satan runs into the scene wearing a blue dress and a blonde wig.
"Ahem... Boys! Boys! Stop fighting!" says Mr. Satan, making his voice high pitched so that he may sound like a girl.
"It's my girl!" shouts out Cell.
"Waaah! Mya ha gaah bla blabba!" jabbers Majin Buu, hopping up and down.
"The hell she is!" responds Cell, charging for Majin Buu. Mr. Satan holds back Cell.
"Nicholai... there is something I have to tell you... I am your twin sister!" says Mr. Satan.
"Nooooooooo!" moans Cell, reaching his hands up to the sky. "But you're carrying my baby!"
"...Are you so sure of that?" asks Mr. Satan. "For all we know... it could be Joseph's baby..." he says. Majin Buu hops up and down, agreeing. "Or it could be Renard's baby, or Van's, or Jake's, or Carlos' baby for all we know! I'm afraid... we can only be friends." says Mr. Satan. Cell looks down sheepishly. Mr. Satan takes Majin Buu's hand and they walk off.
"CUT!!! That was great!" says Piccolo. Cell gets out of character and thinks for a moment.
"...Hey, wait a minute... If my twin sister was actually my lover, then who was that secretary that claimed to be my sister?" asks Cell.
"Oh, her? She's an extra that made love to King Kai."
"But isn't King Kai married to Videl?"
"Right... But he's having an affair with her to meet his secretary."
"...But I thought the secretary was having an affair on Yamcha..."
"No no no, Yamcha is getting married to Chao-zu, so Yamcha had to turn down the secretary before anything could happen."
"...So let me get this straight... King Kai is married to Videl but having an affiar with the secretary..." says Cell. Just then King Kai jumps into the scene.
"Oh yeah! Big man's getting action tonight!" he sings. Just then, Videl walks over to him and slaps him with her script.
"C'mon! We gotta finish our scene!" she yells to him, pulling him off the set. Cell shakes his head.
"...Ugh! All these affairs and lovers... makes my head hurt." says Cell.
"Yeah, well you're a guy, you're not supposed to understand these things, so I suggest not worrying sbout it and just do what the script reads." says Piccolo. Cell let's go of his head and has a dazed look in his eyes.
"...Cell head hurt... too confusing. Cell go take magic pills that make him act better..." he says as he walks off to his dressing room.
"Uh, yeah... you do that. Alright, next scene!" yells out Piccolo.
((A few minutes later, on Freiza's Headquarters...))

    "I'm going to have to ask all of you to leave... I need time alone with master Freiza." said the exorcist. All of his henchmen walked out of the new small room. Freiza was tied down to the bed with his eyes glowing pink and making a sour, disgruntled face at the exorcist. After everyone else walked out the exorcist closed the door and turned off all the lights in the room. He lit many candles in the area to make only a soft glow in the room and then he sat beside Freiza. "...Tell me Freiza..."
"I'M NOT FREIZA!!!" screeched Freiza in a high-pitched demonic voice. The exorcist remained calm.
"...Who are you?" he asked.
"I am A-Z-I-E-R-F..." said Freiza slowly, spinning his head slowly as he spoke. Half-way around, his neck made a large snap sound again. "Aw crap, not again!" whined Freiza trying to pull his head out of place.
"I'm going to have to talk to Freiza, Azierf."
"No! Freiza is gone! Azierf will answer all questions at the sound of the beep..." said Freiza... or, um, Azierf. Then a beep that resembled an answering-machine rang off.
"Yes, uh, I would like to tell Freiza that he is needed here." said the exorcist
"...'We regret to tell you that Freiza cannot come to the phone right now'..." said Azierf.
"HEY! You're lying!" yelled the exorcist.
"Hee hee hee hee!" giggled Azierf. The exorcist took out a water-gun filled with holy water and sprayed Azierf with it. Freiza squealed as it hit him and he rolled off the bed. Then the exorcist walked out of the room for a second.
    The exorcist came back after a minute, Freiza (or Azierf, as he likes to be called now) was trying to bite off his rope and then noticed the exorcist.
"Tell em, Azierf, who was Freiza's best friend?" asked the exorcist.
"Who cares?" said Azierf with a shrug. Just then the exorcist whipped out a purple teddy bear and showed it to Azierf. Azierf made a little girly scream at it and tried to get away from it.
"Remember 'Mr. Cuddles'?!?! Huh??? Do YA?!!!" ranted the exorcist. "Mr. Cuddles was always there to comfort you when all the other little changling aliens wouldn't play with you!" he yelled. Then he began hug Mr. Cuddles while still keeping his eyes on Azierf. "Remember how Freiza used to just like to hug him and pet him and talk to him?" he asked. Azierf raises an eyebrow.
"...Freiza and I would like to see Mr. Cuddles..." says Azierf. The exorcist hesitates a little, then walks closer to Azierf and holds out Mr. Cuddles so he can see him. Azierf stares at the purple teddy bear for a while, then clamps his jaws down on the bear. The exorcist screams.
"Ahh! What're you doing?!" yells the exorcist. Then he tugs on the bear, but Azierf holds on with his mouth. Finally the exorcist tugs hard enough and pulls the bear out, then he notices the bear is missing his head. "AAAAAAHH!!! Look what you did to Mr. Cuddles!!!" screams the exorcist, horrfied at the decapitated bear.
"Bwa ha ha ha ha!" laughs Azierf, with the stuffed bear head in his mouth. He spits out Mr. Cuddles head and it rolls across the floor. Finally it stops rolling and has X's in his eyes and his tongue sticking out. The exorcist stomps around and whines, just then another henchman enters.
"Psst, exorcist!" he whispers. The exorcist walks over to him, then the henchman pulls out 'The Book of the Supernatural'. "I've been reading this book for a while, and it says how to get rid of possesing demons! All we have to do is be able to talk to Freiza! If the demon allows Freiza to talk, then the demon will be driven out of him!" he says. The exorcist holds his chin and thinks, then he turns back to Azierf. Azierf is hopping around and banging into the walls, trying to get out.
"...I've been trying to get him to let me talk to Freiza for quite some time now... but if we work together, I'm sure we can pull it off!" he says. "To the interogation room!" he yells. The exorcist drags Azierf by the feet and out of the room.

    The exorcist, the henchman, and Azierf are all in a tight interogation room with one single light in the room, a table, and a couple of chairs. The exorcist and the henchman pace around Azierf, Azierf's pink glowing eyes follow their movements. Just then, both the henchman and the exorcist slam down on the table and look into Azierf's eyes.
"CAN WE TALK TO FREIZA???" they both yell.
"...Nope..." says Azierf in a calm voice.
"Damn!" they both say.

[10 minutes later]

"Ya know, we want your interogation to go as comfortable as possible." says the henchman.
"Right, so if there's anything you need, you tell us!" says the exorcist. Azierf just look at them for a while.
"...How about a TV?" asks Azierf.
    The exorcist, henchman, and Azierf are all sitting around a small TV and are watching the 'Beverly Hillbillies'.
"Ah ha ha ha! That Uncle Jed!" laughs the henchman. Then the exorcist turns off the TV.
"Alright, it's a commercial." he says, then the exorcist and the henchman get close up to Azierf's face. "Now, can we talk to Freiza?" he asks.
"No." says Azierf. The henchman and the exorcist both look down with sorrow, Azierf giggles to himself.

[10 more minutes later]

"Hey, ya know, I have another person inside me." said the exorcist to the henchman. Now they're both sitting beside Azierf.
"Really? You don't say... I have another person inside of me too!" said the henchman.
"Wow, cool! Do you let him come out and talk once and a while?" says the exorcist.
"Yeah, all the time!"
"Me too, it's cool isn't it?"
"Sure is. Only cool people have other people inside them and let them talk." says the henchman. Then they both look to Azierf and the exorcist puts an arm around him.
"Hey, what about you? You got someone else inside you that you want us to talk to?" asks the exorcist in a cool tone.
"...Nuh-uh..." replies Azierf. The exorcist and the henchman groan and put their heads on the table, ready to give it up.
"Damn!" yells out the henchman.
"I guess the peer pressure thing only works on drugs." says the exorcist.
"Ee hee hee hee hee!" giggles Azierf.
((Back on the 'Jerry Springer Show'...))

    "Welcome back to our show, joining us now are Androids 16, 17, 18, and Dr. Gero!" says Jerry Springer. Androids 16, 17, 18, and Dr. Gero are all sitting in a row behind everyone else. "Now tell me. You four are responsible for Bulma's behavior?" asks Jerry.
"Nah, just really these two geniuses..." says 17, pointing to 16 and Dr. Gero. Gero gets up, angry by 17's words.
"WHAT?! How is it my fault?? 16 let her out of the tank!" he yells. 16 begins crying.
"It's not fair! Everyone's picking on me!" he cries. Jerry hands him a tissue and everyone awes for him.
"WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?! ALWAYS PICKING ON 16 LIKE THAT?! PISSES ME OFF!!" yells 18. Then she picks up her chair throws it at 17's head. 17 holds his head and looks to Dr. Gero.
"Why? Why did you have to input the PMS program into her?" asks 17.
"I AM NOT HAVING PMS!!!!" screams 18, then she sits down and rubs her temples. "Oh... why do I always have to lash out on my brothers?..." she says, then she grabs a container of ice cream and starts scooping away at it. They stare at her for a while, then get back to their converstaion.
"Anyway... How is it my fault Bulma is like this? I only tried to help her!"
"Yeah, but you only made it worse. Your methods made her only want Freiza beans more." says 17, getting back into his seat.
"BEANS!!!" roars Bulma, thrashing around. The three animal trainers holds hrer back with their chained leashes. Then one of them begins to stroke her hair as she foams from the mouth.
"Shhh... it's okay, it's okay..." he says. Then a burnt up Vegita (from the fight with Ginyuu), gets up and turns toward the animal trainer.
"HEY!!! Only I'M allowed to pet my wife!!!" he yells, then he ki blasts the animal trainer to dust and turns toward the audience. "THAT GOES TO THE REST OF YOU ALL TOO!!!" he yells pointing at all of them. The audience looks away from him and they all keep their mouths shut.
"Hey, you can't boss around my audience like a punk!" yells Jerry. The audience cheers at Jerry.
"Oh yeah?" asks Vegita. Then he aims a finger at a guy in the audience and blasts him to oblivion, everyone jumps away fromthe blasted guy. Jerry justs stares at what he did.
"...Well, that answers my question..." says Jerry. Then ChiChi gets up and speaks.
"Wait! Wait! We all know how this all started... and it's with Trunks eating my son!" yells ChiChi, pointing her finger at Trunks. Everyone cheers, then Trunks gets up and begins to speak for himself...

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