Briefs vs. Son
By: Lauryn
May 30, 2001


“What do you mean I look older than my age?!” Bulma screamed at ChiChi, jumping up from the chair she’d been in. “Oh don’t take it too hard. You asked me if I thought you looked your age and I answered truthfully.” ChiChi said calmly. Bulma’s face turned red with anger. “Well I hate to tell you this, but all the screaming you do has wrinkled your face!” ChiChi suddenly paused and glared over at Bulma. Vegeta, Trunks (future), Goku and Gohan froze and looked at ChiChi. “HOW DARE YOU!!” she suddenly screamed. Bulma smirked and folded her arms. “See? You’re doing it again.” Goku jumped up and grabbed ChiChi to prevent her from murdering Bulma. “Calm down ChiChi!” Goku pleaded as she struggled in his grip. “Bulma doesn’t know what she’s talking about!” She settled down a bit. “Yeah, you don’t know what you’re talking about! You’re senile!” “WHAT!?” Bulma cried angrily. Trunks managed to grab her before she got to ChiChi, who was still being held back by Goku. The two women shouted at each other, struggling to get away from Trunks and Goku. “Chill out!” Trunks cried. “You’re making too big a deal out of this!” ChiChi and Bulma looked back at him. “Not that big of a deal?!” ChiChi screamed. “She said I have wrinkles! Are saying that she’s right?!” Trunks didn’t know what to say. If he said ChiChi did have wrinkles, then she’d be mad at him. And if he said she didn’t have wrinkles, Bulma would be mad at him for implying that she was a liar. “Well?!” Bulma shouted in annoyance. “Uh...I...I don’t...” Vegeta smirked at Trunks as he struggled to come up with an answer that would satisfy both women.

“Is something funny Vegeta?!” ChiChi cried, glaring at him. Vegeta bit his lip to fight back his smirk, already having learned not to mess with human women. This made Goku chuckle a little. “What are you laughing about Goku?!” Bulma shouted. He blinked and looked back at her. “Uh...nothing...” ChiChi smirked. “He’s laughing because he knows I’m right and that you’re making a fool of yourself!” Goku’s eyes widened. “Wait...tha---” “How dare you Goku!” Bulma interrupted. “You think I look old?!” Goku was at a loss for words. “He doesn’t think that.” Trunks said, attempting to help him out. Bulma glared back at him. “So you’re on their side?!” “No!” he cried without thinking. “So you’re against us?!” ChiChi growled. “Figures that you’d have no common sense.” “How dare you say such a thing about my son!” Bulma cried. “At least my son isn’t a bookworm!” Gohan, who’d been in his own little world as he watched everyone argue, suddenly snapped out of it and looked over at Bulma. “Hey!” “My son has a brain, Bulma! There’s nothing wrong with that!” The two continued arguing.

An hour later, they were still going strong. Vegeta and Gohan were sitting on the couch, watching as Goku and Trunks continued to restrain the two women as they attempted to fight with each other. Vegeta grit his teeth, getting annoyed with the whole situation. “Would you two shut up already?!” he finally shouted. “This is absurd! Do either of you even remember what you were fighting about?” They both looked over at him, then back at each other. “What were we fighting about?” Bulma asked. ChiChi thought for a minute. “I don’t know, but it was something that really made me mad!” “Well duh!” They both glared at each other again. “Well, there’s only ONE way to settle this!” Bulma said. “And hows’s that?” ChiChi asked.

“Well, here it is.” Bulma said with a smile. Everyone looked at the building she’d led them to. “Family Feud?” Goku asked, less than enthusiastically. “Have you gone nuts?” Vegeta asked in annoyance. Gohan smiled. “I love this show!” “Figures you’d like it, ya little nerd.” Trunks mumbled. “What was that?!” Gohan shouted. “Hold on, guys! It isn’t what you think. This place isn’t like the game show. It has things like laser tag, car racing, paintball and other activities that lets you take your anger out on someone without hurting them.” Bulma explained. Vegeta frowned. “Without hurting them? Where’s the fun in that?” “Sounds like a bunch of kid games to me.” Goku muttered. “Just wait and see.” Bulma smiled, leading everyone inside.

When they’d gotten inside, a huge man dressed in an army suit marched up to them. “Welcome to Family Feud!” he shouted suddenly, causing everyone except for Bulma to jump in surprise. “Here, you will be able to take out your frustrations on the ones you love by beating them into the ground in varies competitions!!!” he continued to yell. Vegeta grinned. “Now that’s what I’m talking about.” he said, smiling evilly at everyone. The drill instructor smiled at him. “I like your attitude! I can tell we’re going to get along just fine!” He looked at everyone else. “As for the rest of you...well, lets just say you need some work to fire up your desire to win!” He walked over to Gohan, who was looking at the ground. “And what is your major malfunction soldier?!” the man shouted, looking down at him. Gohan jumped and looked up at him. “Uh..nothing..I was just...” “You were just being a little sissy!” the instructor interrupted. “I don’t work with sissy’s here, young man! So straighten up or prepared to get creamed by your family members!” Gohan gasped and looked over at ChiChi and Goku. The man looked over at Trunks, who was next to Gohan. “And what do we have here? A pretty boy?! Well, you guys don’t last long here, kid!” he said, flicking Trunks’ hair with his finger. Trunks frowned and kicked Goku, who had chuckled at the pretty boy comment. The instructor moved onto him next. Goku stopped laughing and looked at the man. He looked at Goku up and down, then smiled. “You resemble me when I was younger, soldier. We can make something out of you yet!” Goku frowned a bit. “I hope that doesn’t mean I’m going to end up looking like you when I’m older. If so, I might has well let Vegeta kill me now.” Everyone gasped. The instructor looked at him blankly for a moment before a smile formed on his face. “Yes indeed! Just like me!” He patted Goku on the shoulder, then moved onto ChiChi and Bulma. Trunks frowned and glanced at Goku. “Looks like the drill instructor found a new pet.” he mumbled. Goku glared over at him. “Shut up pretty boy. You’ll get nailed later for that.” Trunks’ eyes widened and he looked at the floor. “And what do we have here?” the man continued, looking at ChiChi and Bulma. “A couple of women in my ranks?! I’m going to let you ladies know now...expect NO mercy!” They glared at him. “I should say the same to the rest of the guys.” ChiChi said coldly, sending a shiver through the four Saiyajins.

Everyone was given traditional camoflodge army suits to wear. They consisted of baggy pants, similar to the style Trunks and Goku always wear, tucked into black boots that came up a little past their ankles, a dark green T-shirt, that was tucked into their pants, and another camoflodge style, loose fitting, long sleeved overshirt, also tucked in.

“Ok,” the drill instructor said, walking back and forth in front of them. “Now that you look like fit soldiers, we’ll move onto your first event. You’ll notice that behind me is the entrance to a maze. Inside, you’ll find various rooms, each with their own special feature designed to confuse the enemy. Besides a few strobe lights, the course is pitch black. You’ll be given laser guns and armor. (Just like Vegeta’s white Saiyajin armor.) You’ll be separated into two groups, one family against another. If a laser hits your armor, a small electrical current will be sent through your bodies, signaling that you’ve been shot. If you’ve gotten hit three times, then you’re dead, and will have to exit the maze. Now, I’ve been told that this group is stronger than normal people, so I’ve turned up the voltage a little.” Goku and Vegeta had smiles formed on their faces, ready to start as they were given the armor and laser guns. “Oh, I have a rule for you Saiyajins.” Bulma began, putting on her armor. “No using your powers! No flying, super speed or energy blasts are allowed in ANY of todays events. You act just like normal humans.” “What!?” Goku, Vegeta, Trunks and Gohan cried. “That’s right.” ChiChi said. “This way, we’ll see who’s really the better family. So no cheating!” They all moaned in disappointment, but nodded in agreement. “No matter.” Vegeta said, turning to Goku. “I can still wipe the floor with you Kakarotto.” “No way! You’ve got no chance!” Goku insisted. “Alright, save it for the course!” the instructor yelled. “Ready....GO!”

Everyone took off into the maze, separating as they went, making sure they concealed themselves for a good start. Ten minutes went by as everyone snuck around in the dark, moving through the various rooms built into the maze. Trunks turned a corner and snuck into a dark room filled with fog, looking around carefully as he moved along quietly. Suddenly, he saw some movement up ahead and fired his laser toward it. The red beam shot into the fog, then suddenly shot back at him. He cried out and ducked, just narrowly missing the laser as it flew past and hit the wall behind him. Trunks got up and walked toward the object he’d shot at. He yelled out in shock when he found himself staring back at him. Trunks poked the image, laughing when he realized it was a mirror. “I’m so stupid.” he chuckled. “You sure are, pretty boy.” Goku said from behind him. Trunks spun around and saw Goku standing only a few feet away from him, pointing the gun at his armor. “I told ya I’d nail you for your comment earlier.” He smiled as he fired at Trunks, hitting him in the chest and sending an electrical current through his body. Trunks cried out in pain and fell to the floor as Goku disappeared out of the room, laughing. He glared after him and pulled himself back to his feet. “It’s on now...oh yes...” he mumbled coldly, running from the room as well.

Goku had a good head start ahead of Trunks, darting back and forth through the maze, finally turning into a room with neon and strobe lights, making it look as if he were a robot as he walked. He looked around cautiously for anyone else that might be in the room, getting dizzy from the flashing lights. He suddenly heard someone chuckling behind him and spun around to see who it was. Vegeta grinned evilly at him through the dark and flashing lights. Goku glared at him and raised his gun. He blinked, surprised to see that Vegeta had disappeared. “Looking for me?” he said from behind Goku. He spun around only to find himself looking down the barrel of Vegeta’s laser gun. “Hey! You’re not supposed to use any super speed!” Vegeta laughed. “Since when have I been one to play by the rules?!” he said, lowering his gun to Goku’s chest, firing the shot and sending the electrical current through his body. Vegeta laughed again as Goku dropped to his knees, yelling painfully at him for breaking the rules. “That looks like that hurts...I’ll have to be sure not to get hit.” he smirked, running from the room. Goku stumbled back to his feet after a minute, chasing after Vegeta, guessing which way he’d gone as he darted through the maze, seeking revenge.

Vegeta chuckled as he thought about shooting Goku, turning a corner and running into another dark room. This one had moving walls and floors, making it hard to walk without feeling as if you were falling. “Hey Vegeta.” Bulma whispered. He looked to the side and saw her hiding behind a moving section of the wall, motioning for him to come over. He cautiously stumbled over to her, getting very dizzy from the movement of the room. “Have you hit anyone yet?” she asked when Vegeta had finally gotten over to her. “Of course.” he grinned, kneeling down next to her, looking back into the room. “I hit Kakarotto.” “Really? I didn’t think he’d get hit so soon in the game.” Vegeta frowned a bit and looked over at her. “And why not? You think he’s the best player here or something?” Bulma thought for a minute. “Well, now that I think about it, he is a little too trusting. So he’d probably let someone get real close to him.” Vegeta smirked again, thinking of the look on Goku’s face when he’d gotten shot. “Who have you hit?” Vegeta asked, watching as a figure walked into the room. “You.” Bulma said evilly. Vegeta’s eyes widened and he looked over at Bulma as she put her laser gun against his chest. “Are you crazy woman?!” You’re not supposed to shoot people on your team!” She smiled. “Yeah, well I heard these things hurt, and I wanted to give you a little jolt of electricity for being such a jerk sometimes.” She laughed as she pulled the trigger, shocking Vegeta. He yelled out a bit in pain and stumbled back as Bulma ran out of the room, shooting at the figure that had walked in earlier. Vegeta mumbled something about Bulma and looked at the person who’d walked into the room, noticing that Bulma had missed him. Trunks came into view. “Did mom shoot you?!” he asked in surprise. “She’s gone crazy! I knew giving her a weapon was a bad idea.” Vegeta cried angrily. Trunks nodded. “Yeah, she’s always been a little nuts. Have you seen Goku? He shot me and I want revenge!” Vegeta laughed. “Last time I saw him, he was crying in pain after I’d shot him.” Trunks grinned. “Well at least he knows how it feels. Where was he?” Vegeta pointed back in the direction he’d just come and Trunks ran out, seeking his revenge on Goku.

Bulma ran as fast as should could, feeling as if she were being followed, running into a room filled with a maze of mirrors. She ran around, looking at all the mirrors, stopping when she saw her pursuers reflection. “Gohan?!” she cried. “Yeah, that’s right. I owe you for that bookworm comment!” “Well bring it on little man!” Bulma shouted, running through the maze of mirrors. Suddenly, the sound of a gun firing could be heard, and out of instinct, she dove to the ground and fired a shot. She screamed as her laser bounced off all the mirrors uncontrollably. She could hear Gohan scream out as the same thing happened to him. At the same time, they both yelled in pain as their own shots hit them. “AH! THE PAIN!” Gohan shouted. “You wimp!” Bulma yelled back, getting up and running from the room before Gohan found her. He punched the floor angrily as he heard her footsteps become more distant as she left the room. “Shoot!!” he shouted angrily. “I’ll get her later.” he mumbled, getting up and running from the room, accidently running into a few mirrors as he did so.

Gohan snuck around through the maze, not wanting to get hit again. He moved into a room that was filled with foxholes to hide in. He smiled as he jumped into one, scanning the room, spotting another figure moving around. Gohan gasped and ducked into the hole, shaking in fear as the heard the person get closer, stopping by the foxhole he was in. “Who’s down there?! That better not be you Bulma, because if it is, you’re gonna feel a lot of pain!” Gohan looked up. “Mom?” ChiChi lowered her gun. “Are you ok?” she said in worry as Gohan jumped out of the foxhole. “Bulma shot me!” he lied in an attempt to hide the fact he’d shot himself. ChiChi’s eyes widened. “Oooo...I’m really going to get her.” she growled. Gohan nodded. “Yeah, I want to get back at her too for calling me a bookworm.” “Looks like Bulma’s made quite a few enemies in the last thirty minutes.” ChiChi and Gohan spun around and saw Vegeta standing there, a grim expression on his face. They raised their guns at him. “Oh relax.” he snapped. “I’m not here to shoot either of you. I’m looking for Bulma too. That woman shot me at point blank range!” “What?? She shot her own team member??” ChiChi cried, lowering the gun slightly. Vegeta frowned. “Ever since she got her hands on that laser gun, she’s been crazy with power. I’m going to blast her a couple times and take her out of the game.” “I want a shot too.” ChiChi mumbled. Gohan nodded.

Vegeta suddenly felt a gun poke him in the back. His eyes widened as he looked back and saw Goku smiling evilly at him. “Kakarotto! Wait, don’t!” “Why not? You didn’t hesitate to shoot me back there.” He smiled and prepared to pull the trigger. “Hold it right there Goku!” Trunks shouted as he put his gun to Goku’s back. “Not now Trunks!” Goku said in annoyance. “I’m getting my revenge here!” Trunks smiled. “I am too. In case you don’t remember, you shot me earlier as well!” Vegeta laughed. “Looks like the tables have turned on you Kakarotto.” “Shut up! I can pull this trigger before Trunks can pull his!” Vegeta’s smile faded. Trunks gasped as he felt a gun on his back. He looked behind him and saw a smirking Gohan. “This is revenge for calling me a wimp!” “Hold on guys!” ChiChi shouted. Everyone looked at her. “I think we should seek out Bulma before we all blast each other. She’s a loose cannon and needs to be taken out of them game.” “Yeah, we all have beef with her anyway.” Trunks agreed. “I don’t.” Goku said, still holding his gun to Vegeta’s back. “Wouldn’t you rather shoot her before she shoots you?” Vegeta asked. “She wouldn’t shoot me.” Goku chuckled. “Don’t be so sure.” Trunks said. “She shot father already, and Gohan. Not to mention she tried shooting me.” Goku lowered his gun. “Man...she’s gone nuts...Ok, lets go get her.”

“Looking for me?!” Bulma called from the other side of the room. “There she is!” Gohan cried. Everyone ran after her, firing as they went. Bulma ran from room to room, finally ending up in the mirror room. Everyone looked around. “Be careful guys. If we miss, our own shot will come back at us.” Gohan said, remembering what happened earlier. “She’s right there!” ChiChi screamed, pointing at a smirking Bulma. They all began firing round after round at her, only to find out that it was a mirror. Their own blasts came back at them. With no time to react to the dozens of lasers flying toward them, they began to get shock after shock as they were hit. After a few minutes, everyone lay on the floor, moaning in pain. Bulma walked out and laughed. “You guys are too easy!!” The drill instructor appeared. “You sorry sacks of nothing! You let this little lady take you all out!?” “She’s a traitor!” Trunks shouted. “That’s life, pretty boy! Get used to it! Trust no one!”

After everyone was lined back up outside the maze and had taken off their armor, the instructor led them to the next event. “This next event involves race car driving. One person from each team will drive a race car through a traitorous track. Few people finish the race without some sort of injury, so be careful! Now, who’s driving?” Goku had to drive for his team, seeing as how he was the only one who could drive, and Trunks stepped forward for his team. They both smiled evilly at each other as they made their way to the cars, hopping in as they put on helmets and pulled down the visors to shield their eyes. Goku’s was a sleek looking silver car, while Trunks’ was an equally sleek black car. “Prepare to be beaten!” Trunks called. Goku smirked and looked over at him. “Yeah right! Reckless driving is my specialty! You’re going down pretty boy!” They glared at each other one more time before turning their attention to the light that would signal the start of the race. Goku reeved his engine in anticipation, while Trunks gripped his steering wheel tightly. The light flashed red, then yellow, then green. Trunks and Goku took off. Goku took an early lead as he weaved through the cones that had been set up. “Ha! Eat my dust Trunks!” he laughed as he cleared the cones, watching Trunks in his rearview mirror. The next part of the course was cut in two. One side was for Goku, and had dummies resembling Trunks, Bulma and Vegeta set up, while Trunks’ side had dummies looking like Goku, ChiChi and Gohan set up. The object was to hit the moving targets with the car. If you missed, you’d have to turn around and try again. Goku sped toward the first dummy, laughing as he hit it head on. “Get to know the pavement better, Trunks.” Goku laughed after he’d run down the Trunks dummy, heading for the Bulma dummy next. He sped toward it, swerving at the last minute as the dummy moved to the side. Goku’s car made a complete 360 degree turn and came to a stop. He glared at the dummy as it swayed back and forth behind the car, untouched. “I’ll get you...” he muttered, backing up quickly, flattening the grinning dummy. He smiled evilly as he closed in on the dummy resembling Vegeta. “Oh yeah, I’m gonna get you good.” Goku pressed the petal to the metal, sending the car to it’s limit, leaving no time for the dummy to move. He hit it head on, sending the dummy flying dozens of feet into the air, breaking to pieces as it hit the street again. Vegeta, who was watching from the sidelines, was shocked, and somewhat horrified. Bulma chuckled. “Looks like Goku has some built up anger towards you.” Goku laughed as he continued onto the next section of the course, glancing back, expecting to see Trunks still behind him. To his surprise, Trunks ended up being ahead of him already, having nailed each dummy on the first try. “Darn!” he shouted angrily. “I would have thought that ChiChi’s dummy would have given him some trouble!

Trunks laughed to himself, watching Goku speed up behind him. He looked up ahead to the next section, slamming on the brakes when he got a good look. “Is this a joke?!” he yelled. In front of him, the course was full of exploding mines, nail stripes, pot holes, and deep puddles, capable of completely swallowing up the car. Suddenly, Goku shot right by him, waving his hand out the window as he did so. Trunks glared at him and stepped on the gas, speeding toward the first obstacle. Trunks sped around the mines. The car was occasionally shaken by explosions when he came too close to one. “I thought mother said this was a way to settle disputes without getting hurt! We could be killed!” Trunks said outloud to himself, as he watched a bomb explode dangerously close to Goku’s car, forcing it into the air a bit. Luckily, Goku managed to regain control and continue on. Suddenly, Trunks’ car hit a mine head on while his attention was on Goku. His car was thrown into the air and it flipped several times before hitting the ground, rolling onto it’s tires. Trunks sat there gripping the steering wheel tightly, his eyes wide with fear. Bulma looked on from the sidelines, her eyes were also wide with fear. “Do you think he’s ok?!” she cried. No one answered as they watched Goku turn around and drive back to Trunks, stopping by his car. “Are you ok?” Goku shouted so Trunks could hear him. Trunks finally snapped out of the daze he’d been in and smiled evilly at Goku as he came back to his senses. “Don’t you have enough sense to finish a race?” he asked, suddenly taking off again. Goku gasped and glared at him angrily as he carefully turned his car around, avoiding the mines, then took off after Trunks. Trunks laughed as he looked back at the frustrated Goku. “Sucker.” he grinned. Vegeta smirked as he watched the trick Trunks had pulled on Goku. There’s some hope for that boy yet. Trunks swerved around the puddles, nail stripes and potholes, finally reaching the home stretch before the finish line. Goku suddenly pulled up beside him, signaling toward the wall on Trunks’ side. Confused, he looked out his driver side window, trying to figure out what Goku was trying to tell him. Goku smirked and rammed his car into the side of Trunks’ car, forcing it into the wall, sending sparks flying everywhere. “Have a closer look!” Goku laughed evilly as he sped toward the finish line. Trunks struggled to regain control of his car, watching helplessly as Goku crossed the finish line.

ChiChi and Gohan cheered, while Bulma and Vegeta frowned. They all ran down to the track as Goku climbed out of his car. Trunks was just pulling up, cursing angrily as he exited through the car window, the door having been jammed shut from being rammed into the wall. “You cheated Goku!!” Trunks yelled angrily. “What’re you talking about? I don’t remember the instructor saying anything about foul play being against the rules.” Goku grinned. The drill instructor put his arm around Goku’s shoulders. “Good work soldier. I knew you’d be good at this.” He looked at Trunks. “As for you pretty boy, I told you before, trust no one. Life has no rules!” Trunks mumbled angrily under his breath as he brushed off his shirt. “That’s one to one.” the instructor continued. The Son family won one round, and the Brief family won another. On to the next event!” They all followed as the instructor led them to the next course, which was about ten acres of wooded area. “This is Paintball. You’ll each be given a gun. The Son family will have red paint, while the Brief family will have blue paint. You’ll each go after the opposing team and seek them out. Like the laser tag, three hits means your dead, so you’ll have to drag your sorry carcass back here! These paintballs pack quite a punch however. The closer range you are, the more it stings. So if you’re out for revenge, the closer, the better. Now GO!!”

Everyone took off in different directions. Goku ran to the top of a wooded hill and lay down, pointing his shotgun type gun down at anyone who might walk by below, laughing to himself. He waited for awhile. Suddenly, he heard a twig snap behind him. He spun around and saw Vegeta standing over him, and rolled to the side, just in time to avoid the shot Vegeta fired at him. “HA! You missed!” Goku laughed, pointing his gun up at Vegeta, still laying on the ground. Vegeta grinned and pointed his gun down at Goku. “I won’t miss this time...” The two sat there, pointing their guns at each other at point blank range. “Well looky here...two sitting ducks.” Bulma said from the side. Goku and Vegeta both looked over at Bulma in surprise. “Oh no! She’s gone mad with power again!” Vegeta cried as they attempted to turn their guns toward her...but it was too late. Bulma laughed evilly and shot them both, hitting Vegeta in the stomach, and Goku in the arm before running away and disappearing into the woods. “Man...that does hurt...” Goku muttered, sitting up and rubbing his arm. “I say we both go after her and forget about shooting each other...for now.” Vegeta said. Goku thought about it for a minute, then jumped up and nodded before taking off in the direction Bulma had run off to. They snuck through the trees quietly, stopping when they stumbled onto ChiChi, who was hiding behind a tree. She hadn’t seen them yet. Goku grinned. “Give me your gun.” he told Vegeta. “What? Why?” “You’ll see...” he smiled as Vegeta handed him his gun. He took aim at ChiChi and fired, hitting her in the back with blue paint, making it look as if someone from the other team had hit her. She cried out in surprise and spun around as Goku and Vegeta ducked behind a few trees. Goku handed Vegeta his gun back and smiled in satisfaction. “I needed that.” Vegeta grinned a bit as he watched ChiChi run off in the direction she’d thought the shot had come from. “Ok, lets go.”

They both continued on their way, scanning the area, careful not to be ambushed by the cunning Bulma. “Dad!!” Gohan called from up in a tree. Goku stopped and looked at Gohan. “Where’s your gun?” Gohan looked as if he’d cry. “Bulma shot me and took it!” he cried, pointing to a blue mark on his side. Suddenly, two more blue paintballs hit Gohan in the chest and stomach, causing him to cry out and fall to the ground. “Vegeta!” Goku cried as he looked over at Vegeta, who was smirking as he lowered the gun. “What? I put him out of his misery!” Goku glared at him and walked over to Gohan, pulling him to his feet. “Better get back to the starting point before you encounter Bulma again...” Gohan nodded and limped off. Goku and Vegeta continued their search for Bulma. “You know...” Goku said thoughtfully. “Hiding up in a tree isn’t a bad idea...We’d be able to see a lot further and we’d have the advantage.” “For once you’re actually making sense.” Vegeta agreed as they jumped up into separate trees across from each other. They looked around from their new viewpoint. “I see ChiChi over there.” Vegeta said, pointing to the left. “She’s headed this way.” They waited quietly as ChiChi ran into the space between the trees. She had another blue mark on her other than the one Goku had hit her with, meaning that either Bulma got her, or Trunks. Vegeta pointed his gun a her. “Oh look, another person that needs to be put out of their misery...” He fired the shot and ChiChi yelled out angrily, looking up at him after the paintball had hit her in the shoulder. “Blast it Vegeta! Don’t you know you’re not supposed to hit a lady?!” He grinned down at her. “That’s what your son said.” Goku couldn’t help but laugh and ChiChi spun around to glare at him. “Goku! Who’s side are you on?!” He stopped laughing and looked down at her. “I tried to hit him...but my gun locked up...” he lied. “You should move along now ChiChi, your dead son is waiting for you in the loser’s circle.” Vegeta taunted. ChiChi yelled out angrily. “Hey ChiChi! Give me your gun!” Goku called down to her. She turned and threw her gun to him before walking off angrily. “Alright...I’m ready for Bulma now...” he smiled, pointing the two guns at the ground.

Trunks suddenly staggered out of the bushes, mumbling about something. He had three red marks on him, signaling that he was out. “Dead man walking!” Goku called from up in the tree. Trunks stopped and looked up at him. “Let me guess,” Vegeta said, catching Trunks’ attention. “Bulma nailed you, didn’t she?” Trunks looked back down at the ground. “’d she get a red paintball gun?” “She stole it from Gohan after she shot him.” Goku explained. “So is ChiChi out then? That’s her gun, isn’t it?” Trunks asked. He nodded. “Fine, then it won’t be unfair if I give you my gun.” he said as he threw his to Vegeta. “I better drag my sorry carcass back to the starting point now.” Trunks muttered as he turned and began to walk away. Goku grinned and fired two shots at him, nailing him in the back with both paintballs. Trunks spun around and yelled angrily at Goku, only to get shot three more times by Vegeta. Goku and Vegeta laughed as they began shooting round after round at Trunks as he ran away screaming, completely covered in red and blue paint.

An hour later, Bulma finally came into view, noticing the paint on the ground that had splattered off of Trunks as Vegeta and Goku shot him earlier. They both aimed down at her and tried firing, only to find that their guns were all empty. “BLAST!” Vegeta yelled angrily. “Why’d we have to waste all our ammo on that brat?!” Goku jumped down from the tree, throwing down both guns. Bulma smiled and pointed her guns at him and Vegeta, who was also jumping down from the tree. She start firing at them, hitting Vegeta three times with the red gun, and hitting Goku once with the blue. Goku dodged the shots as he ran toward her, tackling the power hungry woman to the ground and snatching Gohan’s gun back, turning it on her as he knocked the other gun from her hand. She screamed out angrily as she attempted to get up, with no luck. Goku smiled. “See? I did learn something from you over the years.” he chuckled evilly as he fired three shots at her, point blank range. Bulma cried out in pain. “God Goku! You didn’t have to shoot me so close! Now get off of me! You won already!” Goku grinned and got off of her, throwing the gun to the ground. Bulma mumbled angrily as she got up. “Not so fast Kakarotto!” Vegeta said. Goku turned around, only to see that Vegeta had picked up the blue paint gun and was preparing to shoot him with it. “Wait a second! You can’t shoot me! You’ve been shot four times! You’re dead!” Vegeta smirked. “I don’t see anyone else around...if I shoot you now, no one will know who shot who and when...this will be a tie. As long as you don’t win, I’m happy.” Vegeta fired the shot, missing Goku as he ducked out of the way, and hitting Bulma in the face instead. Everyone froze. Vegeta dropped the gun as Bulma wiped the paint off her eyes and opened them, glaring at him angrily. “I’m going to kill you!” she screamed, running at him. Vegeta turned and ran from her. “You already killed me!” he cried as he fled from the enraged Bulma. “I mean for real this time!” she shouted back. Goku watched them run off, then picked up all the guns before returning to the starting point.

Goku dropped the six guns on the ground when he’d reached the starting point. “I won.” he said. “Where’s Vegeta and Bulma?” the instructor asked. “Bulma is chasing Vegeta around cause he shot her in the face by accident.” “Ok...” the drill instructor said. “Well, you’ve only got two hits on you, and since you have all the remaining guns, I’m declaring you the winner.” “That’s two for the Son family, and one for the Briefs family. You can all take a short break to change into new uniforms since your current ones are covered in paint...” the instructor said, glancing at Trunks, who was covered from head to toe in paint, courtesy of Vegeta and Goku. “So take advantage of this while I go find Vegeta and Bulma.” He turned and walked away in search of the two.

ChiChi, Gohan, Trunks and Goku all changed and returned to the starting point to see if the drill instructor had found Bulma and Vegeta. “Still not back.” Gohan said, scanning the area. “Do you think she killed him?” Trunks asked. Goku thought for a minute. “I don’t know. She was pretty pissed off.” ChiChi stood to the side, her arms folded. “I don’t care what happened.” she mumbled. “I want them to get back here so we can continue!” Ten minutes later, Vegeta came into view, still running for his life as Bulma chased after him. Behind Bulma, the instructor was yelling and waving his arms in an attempt to get her to stop. Trunks and ChiChi burst out laughing when they saw Bulma’s blue face. She closed in on Vegeta and he flew a few feet into the air, hovering just out of her reach. “Come down here!!” she yelled, shaking her fists at him. He shook his head no and smirked in an attempt to hide the fact he was terrified of her. “I don’t know what you’re so upset about! I probably did you a favor by shooting you in the face!” Bulma’s eye narrowed as her rage was fueled. “You are SO dead Vegeta!! You can’t stay up there forever!” Vegeta folded his arms and looked down at her, refusing to come down. Bulma walked over to Goku and whispered something to him, pointing up and Vegeta. He watched them both suspiciously. Suddenly, Goku grinned and threw Bulma up at Vegeta. She smiled and punched him in the eye when she was level with him, falling back into Goku’s arms afterward. Vegeta was thrown a couple of feet backwards from the punch, much to his surprise. He cursed angrily and landed, his hand over his eye. “That’s what you get!” Bulma laughed as Vegeta lowered his hand, revealing and already black eye. “Wow! She got you good!” Trunks said in shock. The instructor finally stepped in. “Alright you two! Go change and meet us back here!” Vegeta mumbled angrily to himself as he made his way inside while Bulma skipped along ahead, happy with what she’d done.

They soon returned back outside and joined everyone else. “Ok, now that we’re all here, the next game is called Capture The Flag. It’s very similar to paintball, only the object is to capture the opposing teams flag without getting shot. In this game, you can only get shot once before you’re dead. You die, you’re out.” Everyone’s eyes widened as they looked over at Bulma, who was smiling evilly as she thought about getting her hands on another gun. “Once again,” the instructor continued. “Son’s team has red paint, and Briefs’ team has blue. We’ll be using the same course as last time, only this time, I’ve activated a few booby traps. So watch yourselves because if you get caught in one, you’re a sitting duck.” Everyone took back their guns after they were told which side of the course their flag was on.

“Ok,” Goku said after he, ChiChi and Gohan had gotten to their flag. “Someone’s going to need to stay here and protect the flag, while another person acts as a decoy. I’m going after the other flag.” “Well I think mom should guard our flag. If she guards it the same way she guards me while I do my school work, then there’s no way anyone can get it.” Goku nodded in agreement. “Fine. I’ve been wanting to nail someone all day with this anyway.” ChiChi said, motioning to her gun. Goku turned back to Gohan. “I’m going to need you to come with me. Once the flag is in sight, you need to distract whoever’s guarding it so I can get it without getting shot.” Gohan frowned. “So I’m supposed to get shot instead??” “Oh don’t be such a sissy!” ChiChi cried. “Take the blasted bullet so we can win!” Gohan continued frowning but nodded as he and Goku started off toward the other teams base, sneaking through the trees and bushes as quietly as possible. “What do we do if Bulma is guarding the flag?” Gohan asked. “She’s going to be able to take us both out within a few seconds.” Goku stopped when given that realization. “Uh...let’s just hope they weren’t smart enough to have Bulma guard the flag...” They suddenly heard a muffled scream on the other side of a few bushes and went to investigate. They both laughed when they found Trunks hanging upside down from a tree, his ankle having been snagged in a trap. Trunks looked over at them when he heard them laughing. “I don’t see what’s so funny!” he yelled angrily. Gohan laughed again and raised his gun in preparation of shooting Trunks. “No! Don’t do it!” he cried, desperately trying to reach his gun, which was lying on the ground. “Wait! Don’t!” Goku cried, lowering Gohan’s gun. “Why not??” he asked as Goku walked over to Trunks and pulled him down. “I just found a way to get around Bulma.” he said, smirking. Gohan thought for a minute, a smile forming on his face as he understood what his father meant. Trunks looked at the smiles on their faces and got really nervous, diving for his gun. Goku quickly kicked it away before he could get it. “Don’t try anything funny.” he said, pointing the gun at Trunks, forcing him to walk in front of him as they made their way to his flag.

Sure enough, Bulma was the one left to guard the flag. She spun around when she heard them rustling in the bushes, pointing her gun in their direction. Gohan jumped out, followed by Goku, who was smiling evilly as he held Trunks in front of him, pointing his gun at his head. Bulma gasped and lowered her gun. “My baby!” she cried. “Leave him alone! Let him go right now Goku!!” Goku grinned. “I don’t think you’re in any position be to giving orders.” he said, pushing the gun against Trunks’ head. “Move away from the flag and drop the gun.” Bulma hesitated. “DO IT NOW!” Goku shouted, threatening to shoot Trunks. Trunks’ eyes widened. “Do what he says!” Bulma quickly stepped away from the flag, but only lowered the gun. “Put it down Bulma! You’re pretty boy here isn’t going to be so pretty anymore if I pull this trigger!” Goku yelled, moving a little closer to the flag. Trunks had tears streaming down his face. “I’m too pretty to die!” he sobbed. “Ok!” she cried, putting the gun down. “Go get the flag, Gohan.” Goku instructed. He nodded and walked over to the flag. “Hold it right there!!” Gohan stopped and everyone looked over at Vegeta, who held ChiChi in front of him, pointing a gun at her head as well. She was holding the flag however, so the game wasn’t over yet. “Back away from the flag or she gets it!” Vegeta threatened. Gohan jumped back from the flag. “No Gohan! Don’t back down!” Goku yelled. “Goku!” ChiChi screamed. “Sorry ChiChi, but we have to sacrifice! We’re so close!” ChiChi yelled at Goku angrily as Gohan edged toward the flag again. At the same time, Bulma was slowly edging toward Vegeta and ChiChi. “Get it now!!” Goku cried, noticing what Bulma was up to. Gohan and Bulma both dove for the flags at the same time. Gohan snatched the flag off the pole just as Bulma grabbed the flag from ChiChi’s hands. Goku shot Trunks in the head as Bulma grabbed the flag. Vegeta cursed at him and shot ChiChi as well. Goku gasped as ChiChi fell to the ground, dropping Trunks. He threw his gun to the ground and ran over to ChiChi. “Are you ok?” he asked, pulling her up off the ground. She opened her eyes and slapped him across the face for sacrificing her. “She’s alive!” he cried happily. He helped her to her feet and turned just as Bulma as pulling Trunks to his feet. “How could you Goku?!” she yelled. “Oh come on Bulma. How can you get mad at me for shooting Trunks when you did the same thing earlier?” She glared at him. “That’s different! I’m his mother!” Everyone stared at her blankly as the instructor ran up to them. “It was a tie! Each team gets a point!” He walked over to Goku. “Sacrificing your own wife, eh? That’s pretty bold.” Goku folded his arms and turned to the side. “I did what was necessary.” The instructor grinned and turned back to everyone else. Alright, we’re going to have one more event for the tie breaker, so lets get going!”

The instructor led everyone back inside. “Ok. The last event is possibly the most difficult. It doesn’t test your physical abilities as the previous events, this event tests the strength of your will power.” he smiled. “Most of my strongest recruits buckle under the pressure of these events, crumpling like a rag doll.” Everyone looked at each other and laughed. “It can’t be that bad!” Trunks chuckled. “Don’t be so sure, pretty boy.” the drill instructor grinned. “Now, judging from your actions today, I have come up with specific tasks for each of you that will test your limits. If you fail to complete a task successfully, the other team will get the point. To remind you, the score is tied. So lets get started. Pretty boy, come with me.” Trunks followed him down the hall, stopping in front of a door. “Ok, the first task goes to you.” the instructor said, opening the door. The door led to a small room. Besides a chair, the room was completely empty. No windows, no mirrors, no nothing. He pushed Trunks in. “What am I supposed to do?” Trunks asked. The drill instructor held up a mirror. “Take a good look. It’s the last time you’ll see your reflection for a long time.” Trunks looked confused as he lowered the mirror and left the room, laughing.

Trunks shrugged and sat down in the chair, looking at the blank walls that surrounded him. “That guy is nuts...I don’t know what’s so hard about this...” he mumbled, looking at the floor, then at his shoe laces. He frowned. I hate these stupid shoes...they’re stupid... Trunks sighed and looked up at the ceiling, then at each of the walls again, leaning back in his chair. “Is this supposed to be testing my will power?!” he yelled. “This is stupid! What’s the point?”

Meanwhile, everyone else had gathered in a another room with a huge tv screen. They all sat down as the drill instructor turned the tv on, showing a picture of Trunks in the room. “This is a hidden camera in the room with Trunks. It’s undetectable. His task is to spend a full three hours in this room with no contact what so ever. If he fails to do so, he’ll be out, and the Son family will get a point. He’s been in there for fifteen minutes so far.” Goku smirked. “He’s gonna cave. Trunks can’t stand to be in a room with no mirrors. We’ve got this one in the bag!” “Don’t be so sure, Kakarotto!” Vegeta snapped. He looked back at the screen and watched Trunks become more and more skittish by the second. He rolled his eyes, realizing that Goku was right.

Trunks looked at his shirt, pulling off a loose thread. He fiddled with it, tieing it in a knot, then untiing it over and over. Wonder how long I’ve been in here... he thought to himself as the string broke up after being worn out. Trunks got up and started walking around, humming to himself in the hopes time would pass faster. After another ten minutes, which seemed like an eternity, he sat down in the corner, having a sudden urge to look in a mirror. He looked around frantically, hoping that by some miracle, a mirror would appear and save him from going crazy. Trunks reached up and felt his hair. Oh no! OH NO! I’ve forgotten what my hair looks like! Hey....what’s my face look like?! He struggled to remember, hitting himself in the head in an attempt to remember what his reflection had looked like in the mirror the instructor had held up before he left. His mind swirled and began playing tricks on him, rearranging his own features until they made an entirely new face. Trunks’ eyes widened as his mind pictured himself as looking like his father. “Oh no! That can’t be right!” he yelled outloud. He jumped up and looked at the four walls again. “There’s no way that’s what I look like! It’s impossible!!”

Everyone looked on in awe as they watched Trunks freak out. “What’s he yelling about? What’s not right?” Gohan asked. The instructor smiled. “It’s starting...he’s forgotten what he looks’s driving him mad. I’ve seen this happen before with other pretty boys.” Goku laughed as Trunks ran around the small room frantically, shouting about how everything was a lie. “He’s snapped.” he grinned. “It’s only a matter of time now. It won’t be long.” Vegeta was annoyed. “How could you have raised such a weak brat?!” he yelled at Bulma. She glared at him. “What do you mean?! He’s a fine young man! I did a good job!” Vegeta scoffed, pointing at the screen as Trunks rolled around on the floor, screaming. “You call THAT doing a good job?! It hasn’t even been an hour and already he’s gone insane! You babied him!” Bulma folded her arms and looked back at the screen. “I’m his mother! That’s what I’m supposed to do! Maybe if you had been alive, he would’ve been stronger!” Vegeta folded his arms and slumped back in his chair, mumbling angrily about his weak willed son.

Trunks crawled to the door, pawing at it desperately. “Let me out!!! LET ME OUT!!” He start chewing on his finger nails when no one came, turning back to the room. “I can’t take it! I’ll blast my way out!” he cried, turning back to the door and hitting it with a ki attack. Trunks laughed happily and ran out of the room, speeding down the empty hallway. “I need a mirror!!” he shouted frantically. “It’s a matter of life or death!” He suddenly skidded to a stop once he’d come to the entrance of the Laser Tag maze they’d been in earlier, laughing happily as he ran in and headed straight for the mirror room. Trunks smiled when he reached it, gazing at himself in all the mirrors that surrounded him, dropping to his knees as he was overwhelmed with joy. “I’m gorgeous!” he cried. “It’s all coming back to me now...” “HEY, PRETTY BOY!” the drill instructor shouted from behind him. Trunks looked back at him and smiled. “You’re right! I am pretty!” he grinned, looking back at all the mirrors. The instructor grabbed him by the collar and dragged him from the room. “Alright, come on. Everyone’s waiting.” Trunks’ eyes widened. “Wait! NO! I HAVEN’T GOTTEN ENOUGH YET!!!” he shouted, looking at every mirror before being pulled from the room. “Relax! There’s a mirror in the room you’re going to.”

The instructor pushed open the door leading to the room everyone else was in, pulling Trunks in with him. Bulma smiled and ran over to him. “Are you ok? I was so worried!” Trunks pushed her out of the way as he spotted the mirror, running over to it and sitting down, just staring. He smiled and completely relaxed. “’s like some wonderful drug...” Everyone looked at him blankly, but he didn’t notice. “Ok, that point goes to the Son family. The score is 2 to 3, Son.” Goku grinned, as did ChiChi and Gohan. Vegeta continued to mutter angrily about how weak his son was as Bulma desperately attempted to get Trunks’ attention, with no luck. “The next event is for Gohan and ChiChi. They’ll both be put in a room with a desk, chair and school books. If ChiChi can resist making Gohan study, then they’ll win the point. If not, then the Briefs will get it.” Goku and Gohan’s eyes widened. “Wait! Can’t you come up with something else for them to do?!” Goku cried. “Not a chance Kakarotto!” Vegeta grinned. Goku nervously bit his nail as Gohan and ChiChi were taken into a room across the hallway and shut in.

Gohan looked around, his eyes focusing on the huge pile of books on the desk. He start sweating when he saw that ChiChi was already looking stressed. “Mom...remember...we need to win this event...” ChiChi looked down at him, then back at the books, pacing around anxiously. Ten minutes passed and ChiChi was at the end of her rope. “Ok!! I can’t stand it anymore! You need to study! Sit down and get to it!” she cried, pulling at her hair, which had fallen out of the bun she always wore it in. “Mom! NO!” Gohan cried. But it was too late. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!” They heard Goku scream from across the hall. The drill instructor burst into the room. “Sorry, it’s over. That didn’t last long. The Briefs get the point.” ChiChi and Gohan walked back into the room. Bulma was jumping around happily, and Goku was sitting in the corner, hitting his head against the wall serveral times. “I’m sorry!” ChiChi told Goku as she walked over to him. “I really tried bu---” “Shhhh!” Goku said, putting his hand up to keep her from coming any closer. “I’m mad at you, go away.” She gasped. “You’’re mad at me?!” He nodded, as he folded his arms and looked to the side. ChiChi turned to Gohan, who also looked away from her. “You two can’t be mad at me! I did what comes naturally to me!” Goku glared over at her. “That’s no excuse. Killing people is supposed to come naturally to me. Wouldn’t you be mad if I went around murdering everyone I saw?” ChiChi thought for a minute and reluctanltly nodded. “Well fine then. It’s no different. I can be mad at you for doing what comes naturally to you.” he said as he got up from the floor and moved across the room away from ChiChi.

“Ok, the next event is for Bulma. If you can hold this loaded laser gun without shooting anyone with it, then you’ll get the point.” the instructor said, handing everyone the same sheild as before to put on. Bulma took the gun with a shakey hand, looking at all the targets just sitting there, asking to be shot. Trunks was still completely oblivous to everything going on around him as he gazed at his reflection in the mirror. She looked over at him, frowning as she remembered how he’d pushed her out of the way to get to the mirror. He cared more about seeing his own face than the fact his mother was worried sick about him... “Don’t do it woman!” Vegeta warned her, noticing the look Bulma was giving Trunks. ChiChi decided to take advantage of this situation, in the hopes Goku and Gohan would forgive her. She walked over to Trunks and smiled at him. “Hey Trunks...your mother loves you. Did you know that?” He sat there for a minute, grinning at the mirror. “What mother?” he finally said, enraging Bulma. “This mother!” she screamed, raising the laser gun and shooting Trunks in the back. He winced a little and slowly turned around. “Did you say something?” he asked. Bulma screamed again and raised the gun, unable to shoot him a second time before the drill instructor grabbed her gun. “That point goes to the Son family. The next event will decide the winner. ChiChi smiled over at Goku as everyone took off their sheilds. “Did that make up for it?” she asked hopefully. Gohan and Goku looked at each other, then back at ChiChi, smiling and nodding. “Good.” she said, her expression turning serious. “Because the last event is going to decide the winner, so don’t screw it up, Goku!”

Vegeta and Goku were told to sit down at a table across from each other. “This event is the most difficult. I say that after witnessing hundreds of soldiers fail miserably while attempting this. It’s an eye staring contest, but don’t be fooled! It’s a lot harder and stressful than it sounds. You’ll be allowed to blink, but here’s the catch. ChiChi and Gohan will be standing behind Goku, and will be able to do whatever they want to try to distract Vegeta enough to the point where he’ll break eye contact with Goku. Bulma and Trunks will stand behind Vegeta, and will also be allowed to do whatever they want to distract Goku. First one to look away, or close their eyes longer than necessary will lose. Oh, and one more thing. NO one is allowed to talk.” Vegeta smirked. “That’s insanly easy, but I guess that’s all that Kakarotto is able to handle.” Goku glared at him. “We’ll see what you have to say after you lose.” They both glared at each other for a moment. “Ok.” the instructor said. “Get ready....and begin.”

Goku and Vegeta sat back in their chairs and locked eyes, smirking at each other. Bulma and Trunks moved behind Vegeta and smiled at Goku, waving and jumping around. ChiChi and Gohan moved behind Goku and did the same, neither group having any luck in distracting the Saiyajins. Gohan thought for a minute and began raising his power level in the hopes his high level would anger Vegeta enough to the point were he’d look away. Goku grinned as he felt Gohan’s power level rise, adding to the anger Vegeta was starting to feel. Trunks saw that they were getting to his father so he power up quickly and blasted Gohan with a ki attack, knocking him to the ground. Vegeta grinned and became focused again as Goku’s grin faded, desperatly wanting to look at Trunks long enough to blast him. He leaned forward on the table in frustration, forcing himself to keep his eyes on Vegeta’s. ChiChi and Gohan huddled up, discussing what they should do to get Vegeta’s attention. ChiChi quickly grabbed a poster from a closet and a couple of markers and she and Gohan began drawing something. After a minute, they both held up the poster. It had a picture of Goku pounding Vegeta into a bloody pulp. Though he couldn’t see the full picture, Vegeta could see enough of it where he lost his focus again, struggling to keep his eyes on Goku’s. Goku didn’t know what ChiChi and Gohan had done, but he smiled anyway, seeing that it obviously bothered Vegeta.

They both sat there struggling to keep focused, sweat dripping down their faces as the minutes ticked by, turning into hours. Goku sat back again, gripping the arms of the chair tightly as his frustration grew. Vegeta was equally stressed, tapping on the table, angry that Goku had lasted this long. ChiChi, Gohan, Trunks, and Bulma all racked their brains trying to come up with something that would end this silent battle before the two Saiyajins went mad. Suddenly, both Bulma and ChiChi got an idea. Bulma quickly ran to the back of the room and opened a mini fridge, pulling out a chocolate cake that happen to be in there for no reason at all. She ran back to where Goku could see her and held up the cake, and at the same time, ChiChi flashed herself to Vegeta. The Saiyajins eyes widened and they both looked away from each other at the same time. Goku used his super speed to snatch the cake before Bulma even knew what had happened. She ran over and covered Vegeta’s eyes when she’d realized what ChiChi had done to destract him. “Vegeta! How could you?” Bulma cried. He pulled her hands away and looked back at her. “How could I not?!” Goku looked up from where he was eating the cake. “What? What happened?” he asked as he chewed. Trunks went walked over to him and whispered what ChiChi had done into his ear. Goku froze and looked over at the red faced ChiChi, beginning to choke on the cake. “It worked didn’t it??” she asked as Trunks hit Goku on the back, dislodging the cake that had gotten stuck in his throat. “I’ll say!” Vegeta called from across the room.

The drill instructor was shocked, and I don’t mean by ChiChi’s performance. “It’’s a tie!” Goku stopped choking Vegeta and everyone looked over at him. “A tie?!” they cried. Goku let go of Vegeta’s neck. “Doesn’t my team get extra points for creativity?!” he asked, pointing to ChiChi, who covered her face in embarrassment. “Yeah! I’m going to be traumatized for the rest of my life now! We deserve extra points!” Gohan shouted, sitting in the corner with his eyes closed. He considered it, and finally shook his head no. “Sorry, but rules are rules. I don’t have any tie breakers, so you’ll just have to settle for being equal.” the instructor explained. Everyone looked at each other, except for Gohan, who continued keeping his eyes shut. “It’s been nice working with you people, I hope I never see any of you again. NOW GET OUT OF HERE!” the drill instructor shouted, pointing out the door.

Goku, Gohan, ChiChi, Trunks, Vegeta, and Bulma all went back to Capsule Corp.. “What a waste of time that was!” Bulma muttered. “It wasn’t a complete waste...” Goku said slowly. “How so?” Trunks asked. Goku thought for a minute. “ was a complete waste...” Everyone nodded. After a moment of silence, ChiChi chuckled to herself. “What’s so funny?” Bulma asked. “Well, I was just thinking that all that activity couldn’t have made you look any younger.” ChiChi smirked. Bulma’s face turned red. “Big talk from Mrs. Wrinkle Face!!!” They both jumped up and started shouting at each other, causing Goku and Trunks to jump up and restrain them. Vegeta thought for a moment as he watched the scene. “Does any of this look familiar to you?” he asked Gohan, who was still sitting there with his eyes closed. “I don’t know...I’m never opening my eyes again!”