"A Future Reborn" by Mirai no Trunks

Chapter 1: Tales of Future-Past

    Trunks looked down at his feet. How boring could this get, he thought. God, do I hate
this job. He got off his desk, and began searching his office. Suddenly, he saw something
in the pile of papers he had never seen before. It was a blue jacket with the emblem "Capsule
Corp." on the left shoulder. Where did this come from? he thought. He put the jacket on,
opened his window, and flew into the clouds. This was his way of feeling free from his job.

    "Welcome, Mr. Gero. May I help you with anything?"
    "No thank you, #35. I'm fine."
    "Would you like some coffee sir?"
    "Sure, thanks."
    Jacob Gero looked at the young android. She's very pretty, he thought. Too bad
she's an android. I need some rest, he thought.

    Trunks drew his attention to the new building that appeared before him.
    "Gero Industries? Now why does that sound so familiar?"
    Trunks stopped. Suddenly, his head started to feel like a million knives pulling
away at his skin. The pain was horrible. It was like memories were being inserted into his
own head. He looked at his hand, and how it suddenly turned from normal, to expanded. What
the hell is going on, he thought. I need to get out of here! He flew away, but the memories
were still haunting him on the way back to the office. Memories of a future that could only
exist within a dark premise.
    When Trunks got back to the office, all hell had broken loose. Papers were flying
out the window, his computer broken, his desk thrashed. Who could have done this? he thought.
Something then struck his mind. Could it be? he thought. He looked on his desk. A piece of
Dragon skin was laying there.
    "Goku.." he said, stuttering. He couldn't be happier, or more scared. Why did Goku
come back? he thought. He pondered it for a moment. This isn't right, he thought, this isn't

    He stood on the verge of madness. Even though a breakthrough had been made with his
newly marketed androids, he didn't feel right. He thought of his father, and how his own
creations destroyed him. He thought of his mother, and how she was killed by Gero to keep
her from interfering with his plans. He was ready to commit suicide. His life had been a living
hell ever since that day his mother had died. But, since the recent death of his father, he now had
the power to stop himself from the horrible fate.
    "#35, can I speak with you for a second?" he said. The android turned. She was
about 5' 7 and had a very nice figure. He felt the blood rushing through his vains as she stepped
towards him.
    "Yes, sir?" she replied.
    "I need a little more information on how Project 25432 is going."
    "Yes sir, it shall be here in a minute."
    He watched her as she walked away. She is part human anyway, isn't she? he thought.
He shook the feeling off. The last thing he wanted now was a relationship.
    "Here are the new files, Mr. Gero."
    "Thank you, #35."
    "Your welcome, sir."

    Trunks went towards the building once again. What is it about this building that makes
my head feel like memories are being inserted? he thought. Suddenly, without warning, the whole
world went black. He appeared in a world where it was desolate and destroyed. Buildings falling,
women and children dying in the streets. Where am I? thought Trunks.
    "Exactly where you need to be." replied a voice.
    "Who is it? Who are you?" asked Trunks. Then, out of the shadows, came a very tall
figure. "Goku?"
    "Yes, and I've brought someone with me." Another shadow stepped next to Goku.
"Trunks, I'd like you to meet....Trunks."

To be continued...........