"A Future Reborn" by Mirai no Trunks

Chapter 2: Meeting the Future

    Trunks stared into the eyes of the person across from him. He couldn't believe
it. He was staring at himself, and not in a mirror or a reflection in water. He was staring at
a real version of him.
    "Why are you here?" asked Trunks
    "To fix the past?" said Goku. Trunks stood in disbelief. What does Goku mean?
he thought.
    "And we need your help to do it." said Goku again.
    "Why me?" asked Trunks.
    "Because you are one of the few surviviors of the future." said the other Trunks.
    "What are you talking about?"
    "Fine, I'll tell you... the future is desolate. Dr. Gero's original androids were destroyed
a long time ago, but new ones, self aware ones, started appearing. The androids were meant to help
human kind, but destroyed it instead. The creator of these new androids was Jacob Gero, the son of
the original that we fought so long ago. They killed dad. They killed all of the Z Senshi. They killed
    "Wait a minute, I thought Goku wouldn't return for a hundred years. I wouldn't even be
alive then!"
    "Goku heard about the incedent and left Shen Long to fight with the rest of us. He was
killed, then returned to Shen Long. The only other survivor besides me was Goten. But first let me
tell you of a story I heard from mom a long time ago.
    "In the future, a warrior with a sword fought for his life against an evil race of artificial
humans called #16, #17, and #18. They were as evil as it could be. Since the young warrior could
not overcome them, he trained for the time that he would finally defeat the androids. But he never did.
The only other survivor besides him was a young boy named Gohan. And one night, Gohan went
to fight the androids alone, and died trying to win. The warrior discovered this, and grew extremely
angry. So angry that the shock caused an errie golden glow around him. The young warrior became
a Super Saiya-jin. And you know who that warrior is?"
    "Who?" asked Trunks.
    "Guess." said Mirai Trunks.
    "Yes, but that future was long vanquished since the warrior came back in time to correct
the future. Goku had originally died of a heart attack and was then grateful for the medicine."
    "Saved my life, it did." said Goku.
    "The future is repeating itself. In other words, the future never changed. I am that warrior.
I am the warrior named Mirai no Trunks."
    "You mean, your the one who helped defeat Cell, and not some new incarnation?"
    "Yes, I'm afraid so. When I returned to my own time, it was still not right. New androids
came. It was the end of the world as we knew it. Goku never died of the heart disease in the past. He
died because of the androids and Jacob Gero. And I'm here to put an end to the future."
    Trunks could not handle this. A new memory popped into his mind, about how the Mirai Trunks
had saved him from a horrible explosion when he was but a child.
    "I guess I should thank you for saving me so long ago." said Trunks.
    "No need. First we need to focus on the problem at hand."
    "What?" asked Trunks.
    "We need to find Gero, and warn him of what he's creating." said Goku, finally. "But, what the
hell, how about we get some lunch first!"
    Each Trunks fell on his side.

    "Mr. Gero, someone is here to see you."
    "Tell them I'll be there in a minute."
    "Yes sir." she left. Jacob relaxed with his newspaper in hand. Just then, she reappeared through
the door.
    "Sir, they say it's important." Suddenly, a swift cut of a sword was made, the android's head falling
    "#35!" screamed Gero.
    "That's one android that caused over one million lives, Gero. Do you have any idea what you have
    "I don't know what you're talking about. These androids would not kill anyone." said Gero.
    "Maybe you should take a closer look." the voice stepped from out of the shadows.
    "The President of Capsule Corp.? What do you want with my androids?"
    "I am not the president of Capsule Corp., he is." Mirai Trunks pointed to Trunks.
    "I am better known as one of the people who helped kill your father, and you in the future." said
Mirai no Trunks. Gero was shocked at the words, and immediately started to call security. Just then, Mirai
grabbed the phone from Gero's hands.
    "What do you want with me?" he asked.
    "Just a realization of what you created." said Mirai no Trunks. He place a hand on Gero's head.
Suddenly, what Gero was viewing was gone. The whole world had gone black.
    "This is just a little dream sequence showing exactly what you've done in the past.... or should I say
    Gero screamed. What in hell is going on? he thought. He appeared in a desolate world. Buildings
destroyed, children crying. Gero began to realize where he was, and walked around the place, and before he
even took a third step, a fight broke out. He saw the President of Capsule Corp. fighting one of his androids.
#43 to be exact. He saw the horrible fight. Trunks was injured to the extremes, but flew away. Just then, the
android saw Gero. The android smiled, and then launched a blast through Gero's stomach.
    When Gero finally woke up in the real world again, he was baffled.
    "I caused that?" he asked.
    "Yes, and we are here to fix it." said Mirai Trunks. He raised his sword, but, suddenly,
Trunks stopped him.
    "Why kill someone that we can use?" asked Trunks. Mirai no Trunks was at first not sure of what
Trunks was saying.
    "Just look at him. Don't you think that after seeing what he's done, he can be a worthy ally to us?"
Mirai no Trunks grimaced. Trunks wasn't surprised. After all, if you were forced to join up with someone who
ended up killing everyone you love, you wouldn't be happy either. They walked off. When Goku finally joined
them, all he could talk about was the great lunch he had.

To be continued......