"A Future Reborn" by Mirai no Trunks

Chapter 3: The First Strike

    The world could never have been as peacful as it was now. Trunks looked out the
window of his office. I hope we at least corrected some of the future, he thought.
    Jacob Gero was now their ally. He was constantly trying to shut down the
project he started. Unfortunately, no one could see why Gero wanted to. That is,
except for Trunks.
    The guy just figured out he was the cause of all that, thought Trunks.
He's taking it pretty well actually. Trunks stood up. I have an idea, he thought.

    The wind made the night even colder. Jacob Gero stood with a white karate
gi on. Trunks stood directly across from him.
    "Why are we here?" asked Jacob.
    "If we cannot stop the project, then we must fight the project. I'm going
to teach you how to fight." said Trunks.
    "Me? Fight???"
    "Let's get started." said Trunks.
    Trunks flew into the air and created a small ki in his hands. Gero ran, scared.
Trunks stopped.
    "Don't run. You must learn to face your fear. Now, before we get on to ki, let
us try some hand to hand combat." said Trunks.
    "Uhh.. okay." said Jacob. Trunks sighed. He would never be able to teach this
nerd how to fight. But he figured he might as well try.
    "Now, I want you to first test your speed. I'll attack you and you try to dodge
it." Trunks threw a punch at Gero. Surprisingly, Gero went under the punch. Trunk
tried to kick Gero, but Jacob had caught Trunks's leg, and then let go of it.
    "Where'd you learn to do that?" asked Trunks.
    "I don't know..." answered Gero.
    The training continued. Eventually, Gero had finally been able to actually lay a
punch on Trunks.
    "You've done well, Jacob. Now it's time for us to test your ki controlling
abilities." said Trunks. "First, we'll start with a fairly simple technique. It isn't one
I use often, but is rather good for the begginner, otherwise."
    "Sure." said Jacob.
    "First, lodge your hands in a clam-like shell position." Gero did just that.
    "Next, concentrate all your energy into your hands." said Trunks. "Finally,
release the energy."
    When Gero finally did, it was apparent that the technique had worked.
    "What is that called?" asked Gero
    "That is a Kamehameha. Son Goku used to use it often. Oh, and by the way, if you
yell out the attacks name it usually works a little better. I'll see you in the same
place next week."
    "Thanks, Trunks!"

    Next week never came. Mirai no Trunks stood next to Goku, when suddenly, a gigantic
explosion was heard.
    "That may have been my stomach." said Goku.
    "No... that was worse." said Mirai Trunks. He flew off towards the Capsule Corp.
building. Something really bad is gonna happen, thought Mirai.

    Trunks stared out his window once again. Why do I put up with this job, he thought.
Suddenly, there was a knock on his door.
    "Come in." he said.
    "Trunks," said a soothing voice, "can I come in?"
    "Pan?" Pan walked into his office. "This isn't a good time." he said.
    "What's wrong?" asked Pan.
    "I'd rather not have you get into it." said Trunks.
    "Why? Just because you still think I'm a little kid? Is that what you think?!!"
screamed Pan. Trunks said nothing. Pan began to cry.
    "Please, don't cry Pan." said Trunks. "I hate it when you cry."
    "I never want to see you again!!!" screamed Pan. She slammed the door. Trunks
hated himself for making her mad, but he knew that if she got involved, her fate would
be sealed. He didn't want her to get hurt.
    Pan ran from Trunks's office. Why does he have to be so mean? she thought.
Suddenly, she saw a purple-haired man in a jacket running towards Trunks's office.
Trunks? she thought. Naw, she thought to herself, it couldn't be.

    Trunks heard another knock at his door, but before he had a chance to say
anything, Mirai no Trunks burst through.
    "What is it?" asked Trunks.
    "Gero Industries....," panted Mirai no Trunks, "has.. been destroyed."
    "What? By who?"
    "The androids..." said Mirai Trunks, eerily.

To be continued........