"A Future Reborn" by Mirai no Trunks

Chapter 4: Secret Saiya-jin

    Jacob Gero looked upon his building with a feeling of dread. They knew this
would happen. Hell, even I knew this would happen, he thought. Why did it have to
happen so soon.... A tear was shed from the young man's face

    "What the hell are you talking about!??" asked Trunks, screaming. Mirai
covered his ears.
    "The androids have attacked. It happened this morning. It started with
the 42nd android. It, he, she, whatever attacked and activated all the others."
    "Where'd you find out about this?" asked Trunks.
    "Gero told me. He's standing outside his building right now..." Mirai
Trunks paused. "We should have killed him when we had the chance." he said.
    "Think a little bit more about what you just said, Mirai no Trunks.
If we had killed him, someone else from under him would have continued the project."
concluded Trunks. He walked around his desk for a while. "Let me see Gero." he said.

    "You okay, Jacob?" asked Trunks. Gero lashed out at Trunks.
    "STAY AWAY FROM ME!" said Gero.
    "It's okay, Jacob. We'll stop the androids." said Trunks. Jacob turned around
and faced Trunks. Then he fell to the ground.
    "Everything is coming true," he said, "and it's all my falt.." said Gero, in a
    "It's not your falt. You tried to stop them." said Trunks.
    "It's too late to comfort me. We have to stop them." said Gero, finally getting
    "Then we shall." said Trunks, finally. They flew off with Mirai no Trunks and
searched everywhere for the androids.

    "#42, a group of warriors have been circling around the area lately, all with
ki levels extremely high." said a slightly forced voice.
    "Let them come." said #42. He smiled.

    "If we cannot find them," said Mirai no Trunks, "they will find us." They
continued their search across the town.
    Suddenly, a short blast of ki startled them.
    "What was that?" asked Gero.
    "Bad news." said Mirai no Trunks. Gero looked down. #53 and #21... he thought.
#21 should be easy to defeat, considering that he was my first prototype.
    "Trunks, I'll handle the one on the left. You two get the guy on the right."
yelled Gero. Trunks agreed. Both of the Trunks's flew towards #53 while Gero took on
#21 by himself.
    "Hmm...," said #21, "it's kind of weird to be able to meet your maker. But to
kill your maker is a different matter entirely."
    "So it is to kill your creation." said Gero. #21 grew angry. He powered up
and threw a gigantic blast of energy at Gero. Gero caught the energy blast, and threw
it to the side, as if throwing it away.
    "I guess you'll have to do better than that, huh?" remarked Gero.
    "I'll kill you!" screamed the android. But before he could say another word,
Gero began to concentrate all his ki into his hands.
    "KAMEHAMEHA!" he screamed. The ki blast overwhelmed the android. But instead
of merely killing the android, nothing of the android was left. Gero was happy, but
then looked over to see how his friends were doing.
    Trunks kept fighting the android. But the android was tougher than anything
he had faced before. The android came from behind Trunks and grabbed him. Startled,
Trunks couldn't even move a muscle. The android held Trunks in the air, and jammed
his knee into Trunks's back. Trunks screamed. Mirai no Trunks was lying down in a
puddle, injured. The water turned red. Mirai no Trunks fell unconsious.
    Gero rushed over towards the sight of his friends getting hurt. He grew
angrier the closer he reached them. A long tail soon grew out of his end.
    Mirai no Trunks woke up and saw Gero.... and the tail.
    "What the hell!!??" he screamed. "He's a... a... saiya-jin!"

    Gero kept racing towards where Trunks was getting killed. He grew angrier as
he inched closer to the area. Electricity raged around him. His hair turning strangely
golden at times. Finally, Gero let out a scream that shook the earth.

    #53 looked up. What the....? he thought. A golden glowing figure stood above.
    "Who the hell are you!?" he asked.
    "Your creator. Who else?" Just then, the golden figure punched the android
directly in the face. The android shook off the pain, and looked at what he was
    "A Super Saiya-jin. I've never dealt with the kind, but considering the race,
this shouldn't be too hard." smirked #53. But as he was talking, the super saiya-jin
grabbed #53 and threw him into a building. The saiya-jin flew towards the building and
created a ki blast in his hands. He blasted the android to hell.
    Trunks got up from his death. He looked at the saiya-jin who was above him.
    "Gero...." he stuttered. He soon fell unconsious.

To be continued.....