"A Future Reborn" by Mirai no Trunks

Chapter 5: Tragedy

    Gero brought his two friends back to the Capsule Corp. building. They
were injured badly. He stood, quietly. After pondering the matter for several
minutes, he set up two rejuvination tanks for his friends. He then flew off.
    When Trunks finally woke up, his strength seemed to have returned. He
opened the tank and stepped out. He saw Mirai no Trunks already doing sit-ups on
the floor.
    "What happened to Gero?" asked Trunks. Mirai Trunks looked at him as if he
had seen a ghost.
    "How am I supposed to know?" replied Mirai Trunks. Trunks went to the
window of the office and looked out. Gero... A super saiya-jin? he thought.

    Gero had flown to where the android was lying. Dead and sprawled on the
floor, Gero wondered one thing. What have I become? he thought. His memory was
suddenly triggered. He remembered his childhood and everything that came with it.

    "Daddy, Daddy!! Let me show you what I built!" screamed a young boy.
    "Just one second, son. Daddy's working on something important." a slightly
insane voice said.
    "Please daddy!!" The young boy tugged on the man's pant leg. The man
suddenly swerved around.
    "Daddy?" said the young boy, bewildered. The man had then smacked his son
to the floor. The man took a shot full of fluid out of his coat pocket and pinned
his son to the floor. He injected the fluid into his son.
    "This'll teach you to bother me with your useless experiments! If you want
to be useful to me, you must become one of my experiments!" the man screamed. The
injection continued.
    "This is saiya-jin blood, son! You will become one of the strongest warriors
on earth and be of great aid to me when I finally take over the world!" The man
laughed uncontrolably. Suddenly, the boy's mother walked in. She screamed as if
it were her own life being taken. The man heard this, and walked over to his wife,
with a smile on his face. Out of his other pocket came a firearm. He pointed it
towards her head, and pulled the trigger.
    "See, boy?! If you do not cooperate and become my experiment, then you shall
die as your mother did!" screamed the man. He then went back to his experiments.
    But, the boy did not move. He kneeled over his mother, crying.

    Jacob woke up again. His eyes were filled with tears. I'm his... experiment,
he thought.
    "And a very bad one indeed." said a voice from the shadows. Jacob turned
around only to see someone very familiar from his own childhood. The man laughed.
    "What's wrong? Don't you recognize me? Your own father who clothed and
sheltered you for all those years? Well, now it's time to end that." said the man,
once again.
    "Father..." stuttered Jacob.
    "Son," said the man. He stepped out of the shadows. His arm was filled of
metallic wiring. His brain cased in metal. His legs made of android material. The
android that was supposedly killed by #17 so long ago. Dr. Gero.
    "I expected so much out of you," explained Dr. Gero, "but you ended up failing
me and working for these peace-making apes. But, I do have to give you credit for
developing these wonderful androids. They are so much better than those misconceiving
earlier ones. Hell, I even think I have a new use for you." Before Jacob even had the
chance to ask, Dr. Gero had grabbed him by the shirt and ripped off his head. The
bloodly spine dripped to the sidewalk. Dr. Gero only laughed. His plans for Jacob would
exceed anything he had ever done before.

    Trunks began searching for Jacob, when he suddenly saw Jacob's decapitated body
lying on the street. Trunks looked back up. Tears began to come from his eyes. His
friend had been taken from him, and in the worst way possible. But, suddenly, a female
android appeared directly in front of him.
    "Hello. I am Android number 42. I have been sent to kill you." said the android
in a cold, but none the less human voice. Trunks turned around.
    "Did you kill Jacob!?" he asked, screaming inside.
    "No," the android replied, "but if you want, I can tell you who did it." Right
about now, Trunks didn't even care. He flew towards the android and began to swing punches
at her. The android dodged each and every one of them and created a ki blast in her hands.
She put her hand on his stomach and blasted him into a nearby building. Trunks fell to the
ground in pain. He could no longer take it. As he flew up towards the android with more
anger than ever felt possible, a golden glow formed around him once again.

To be continued...