The Guy I Never Knew Saga
By: Trunks_J_23

Chapter One
_---* Runaway *---_
Part Two

Marron…dripping wet from her little dramatic scene, walked slowly behind Goten and Trunks.
---* Ahhh! There you are my love! The sand that you are now sitting on, I shall worship forever! *---
She started to walk over to them, but something stopped her… it was that pimplified NERD! Out of the sand, he arose like a mummy awaking from its eternal slumber.
"Hello there."
"Aaaagghhh! Get away from me!" she screamed as she ran towards the nearest bathroom.
Goten looked back and watched her run screaming into the afternoon light…confused. He took his glance and returned it to Trunks who was still getting emotional about the scene. Slowly he got up and told Goten…
"Goten…I need to go away for awhile…don't tell anyone where I am!"
"But…Trunks! You're my best friend! What'll I do without you?"
"O.K. you can come with me, too."
"Why don't you want to stick around any longer?"
"It's just that little scene with Goku and Bulma."
"But, they're just friends."
"But would they KISS in front of Vejita?"
"I guess not."
"This is a bad time…we better leave at night…when everyone's asleep…" Trunks managed to say.
"Whatever you say."


As the kiss went on, Vejita managed to contact Bulma's thoughts.
---* Bulma…why did you say that? *---
---* I guess…being away from you that long…seeing Trunks without his father…was something I couldn't bear! Vejita…I…I…care about you…Just why did you have to be so…cold on Trunks…? All he ever wanted was to have a father who would approve of his achievements…be supportive of him…and not turn him down… *---
---* Bulma…I…I… *---
---* …And what about me…Vejita? You left me in the dust…that night…the night I knew you cared…The night you came into my room…when you whispered in my ear…'you're ugly and stupid'…I knew you didn't mean that…from your tone of voice…I loved you like I never loved anyone else! Vejita…WHY? *---
---* Bulma…I never knew you felt that way…so STRONGLY! I…I'm sorry…*---
At this very thought, Vejita, from his place under the palm tree, started coming to tears. Even if he wasn't holding his wife in his arms…he could feel her hugging him tightly…never wanting to let go for he was her husband…her one TRUE LOVE!
Goku slowly broke the kiss and looked sweetly at Bulma knowing that Vejita knew what he wanted to hear. Bulma, looking up at her life-long friend, smiled warily with tears streaming down her flush cheeks. She quietly whispered to Goku, "Thank you." As she hugged him dearly. She then got up from Goku's side and stood to stare at the man she married. Vejita broke off from his concentration, landed on the soft sand form his levitated stance, and ran to his wife…and hugged her. Everyone around them started breaking down to tears and smiled sweetly at the final result of conflict. It was then that Chaozu arrived with a few guests he tagged along and from the bathroom, Marron cautiously returned to the site.
"Hey! Since everyone's in a happy mood, let's all eat out under the stars. You know a little moonlight banquet with music, dancing, food, and all of our friends, and family together! Whaddya say, guys!" to that, everyone agreed.
 The sun was about to set, and after the little fiasco with Bulma and Goku, Goten noticed he had a tear in his eye. Smiling happily, he brushed it away as the wind blew on his back. Trunks just stood there looking at the ground as his hair flew up to his eyes soaking up every tear he ever had run down his face. From what Goten saw everyone was back to his or her senses and was happier than ever. Since Goten felt a little hungry, he mentioned to Trunks that if they're going to leave, they couldn't go on an empty stomach. Trunks nodded lazily and he took his hand and they walked to the table. Goku sat with his wonderful wife, son, and daughter-in-law; Piccolo, Tenshinhan, Yamcha, and Chaozu, and his guests, sat between her and Klilyn's family, and the once again happy couple, Vejita and Bulma. Trunks and Goten sat beside one another minding their own business as everyone around them got all mushy! With food set before them, everyone laughed and joked…everyone, but Trunks and Goten. Marron noticed their sudden change of mood and wondered what could have possibly gone wrong…yet…she thought about how her beloved, being this way, looked so FINE! How could she think of such thoughts at a time like this?


It was time for all the festivities to begin! Everyone got dressed and stampeded on to the dance floor. Bulma's instant décor was what they needed to get a party going and it sure brought a lot of color to the night sky…under the stars. As Chaozu shared his dates with Tenshinhan, Yamcha, and bribed Piccolo to dance with someone, Trunks and Goten sat on the sidelines eating. Trunks and Goten were so handsome that night in their own little tuxes and Marron loved every moment! All the boys looked so slick and drop dead gorgeous! The girls were dressed from head-toe in shimmering gowns making the guys swoon! They weakened so…EASILY! It's what you'd expect from macho guys, I guess. The macho they are, they see a chick, the weaker they feel! Standing on the dance floor, Marron stood staring in Goten's direction.
---* O.K. the next song is a slow song…"Last Chance." Now, if only I can only get him to dance with me…it would be all I could ever ask for! *--- She thought as she batted her eyes looking up at the sky.
The last song just ended and Klilyn set up the next song before he got back to dance with the love of his life.
"O.K. everyone! This is the last song of the night…so pick out your next partner…hopefully, the one you love…and to make this night memorable."
At that last thought, Marron quickly dashed over to where Trunks and Goten…WHERE SITTING…Wha? Confused, Marron looked everywhere for them! They were nowhere in sight! Where could they have gone? As the song played, she watched as all the other couples danced…holding each other close…looking so happy. If only she could feel the happiness the same way they did as she took a seat on one of the empty chairs. Chaozu saw her low-down look and asked his dance partner to excuse him for he needed to dance this song with Marron. She accepted his permission and he kindly asked her to dance.
"Yes Chaozu?"
"If you don't mind…will you dance this last song with me?"
With a warm smile on her face looking a little flush, she freely accepted. As the song continued, thoughts and compliments were being exchanged.

Chichi looked up at the sky dreamily whispering to her husband…
"This is a beautiful night isn't it, Goku?"
He slowly looked up and smiled and returned his thought through her ear softly.
"Yeah, but it's even more beautiful because I'm with you."
A small grin appeared across her face and she began to blush and Goku just held her tighter as she began to shiver. Both her boys looked wonderful that night and acted like total gentlemen. That made her proud and it also made her feel like she raised her son as well as her mother raised her.

"So…Whaddya think about tonight?" Gohan asked nervously.
"I think it's the best! You know why?" Videl questioned.
"Cause I'm with you silly!" she answered as she gently kissed him.
"You know…that thought JUST passed my mind when you kissed me! Can it pass by again?" he asked eagerly. Videl giggled and gave him another gentle kiss on his lips where she last placed them.

"Heheh! That's more like it!"
"Klilyn! Get off that stool!"
"But…Juu-chan! I just want you to feel happy. I just want you to feel like you married a regular guy…I want you to feel that special…" Klilyn sighed as he stared at the ground.
"Klilyn, Klilyn, Klilyn. I don't feel special right now." She replied.
"See I…you don't?"
"No." Juu-chan then lifted him off the chair.
"Huh? What are you doing? I feel like a little kid!"
She then pulled him close.
"NOW…I feel special."
"How? I'm still short!"
"Yeah, but you're my husband…you're the short, yet sweet and kind-hearted soul I married. That's what makes me feel special. I don't want any guy to replace you or what you've done to make me feel special. That's all I want."
Klilyn looked up at his smiling wife and over to his daughter.
"Yeah…I guess so…actually, down here…I DO feel special!" he said and Juu-chan just smiled.

Tenshinhan, Yamcha, and Piccolo were surprisingly flush while they hung around all those girls that Chaozu brought home…not to mention, so were the girls!
"So…" the guys said at the same time. "You live around here?"
The girls just giggled and held them closer and the guys seemed weakened by that effect.


"So, Marron…why so glum?" Chaozu asked.
"Well…it's a guy."
"Oh. Does he seem strong?"
"Oh! He is Chaozu! He really is!" she answered excitedly.
He suddenly felt flush again and continued to ask questions. "Is he…sweet?"
"Yes…he's very sweet!"
"Well…I hope the best for you…" his voice suddenly trailed off.
"Huh? What are you talking about Chaozu?"
"Well…ever since I set my eyes on you…I…"
"Yes, Chaozu?"
"I…liked you. You were so sweet and kind-hearted and I never found any other girl like that… no other girl like you of course." At this point…he felt REALLY stupid! I mean, saying that to a girl that he didn't know if she had the same sort of feelings for him!
"I didn't know you felt that way Chaozu." She said kindly as she placed a hand on his flush face. Chaozu then felt REALLY STUPID!
"I know I should've given this to you a few hours ago…" her voice slowly faded and she gently kissed him. He went along with this of course, for he never had this sort of feeling before. When she broke it off, she looked sort of flush herself with smile spread across her face. When they saw how flush they were from the look on each other's faces, they started laughing. From that point on, they spent the rest of the celebration talking together and Marron COMPLETELY FORGOT about Trunks and Goten. As they continued dancing…

Vejita and Bulma were having the time of their lives! Bulma never knew this side of Vejita even existed! Once they set foot on the dance floor, he suddenly became the King from the peasant. He was actually a really great dancer! Bulma enjoyed this day as if it was their wedding day all over again! Her man in a fine fitting tux with a beautiful rose in his left pocket. Even if his hair was still in its same style, he was still her knight… in a fine tux! As he held her as close as he thought he was during that telepathic moment, his hands wrapped around her slim waist and her's, over his muscle bound shoulders.
"Bulma…I'm sorry about what I did in the past…to you…and to Trunks especially. I'm sorry that I didn't admit that I cared for you two…I guess I was too caught up in my pride…that I forgot who loved me and who I loved…I'm sorry." With a tear in his eye, his evil, somehow, simply washed away with those words said.
"Vejita…I don't blame you. It's just…I don't know…something that can't keep you out of my mind! When everything in this world was right, I recovered those Dragonballs again…I knew the only thing I wanted was getting you BACK! I used my wish to grant you back but, to show your true feelings for me and Trunks!" Bulma sobbed. Grasping the shoulder of his tux, she wept. Vejita suddenly felt bad and sentimental. A sad face appeared on the self-esteemed Sayin as he held his wife in his arms and rested her head on his shoulder. His callused hand stroked back her soft hair from her wet face. She settled her emotions at this feeling she hadn't felt in a long time and softly whispered in his ear. "I love you Vejita-san…from now until forever."
With a smile across his face, he kissed her forehead and whispered back to her, "I know you do." She moved slightly away from him to look up at his eyes still holding him tightly.
"You should've seen Trunks tonight… he looked like a real gentleman and so did Goten." She said, looking a little flush. Sweetly, Vejita was about to answer, but he then noticed that he hasn't seen his son the whole afternoon! Puzzled, just as the song ended, he asked, "Bulma-san…where is Trunks?"


Cleverly, Goten and Trunks snuk out of the party and into their beach hut. Zipping up the last of their stuff into their backpacks, they stashed it away under their beds, and ran out to the party.
"Remember, Goten…3:30am"
"Go it!" he said as they set their watches.

Back at on the dance floor, as everyone stopped dancing, Bulma, and Vejita asked everyone if they've seen Goten and Trunks. They stopped the fun and began a search for them.
"They could be anywhere!" Juu-chan said.
"GOHAN! VIDEL! What did you do with him now?" Chichi hollered.
"Great! Another lecture."
 "Tell me about it." Gohan and Videl whined.
"Trunks! Goten! Where are you?" Goku shouted.
Worried, Bulma took a seat and dug her face into her hands.
"I would DIE if anything happened to my baby boy!" she wept as Vejita sat with her to keep her company.

"HEY! What happened to the little party?"
Everyone turned to the direction of the voice and saw…
"Goten! Where have you been?"
"Just out for a little night stroll. Nothing serious."
"I was so worried! I'm just glad my little bro's o.k." Videl said.
"Hey! SIS! BRO! Make her stop! Haahhaa!" Goten laughed happily.
Gohan just laughed with him.


"Trunks! There you are! Where have you been?" Bulma asked as she wiped new tears from her face and got up to her hug her son.
Trunks just looked at his mother with a serious look, walked away from her as if she was a mere stranger to him, and walked into the beach hut café she set up in front of the dance floor. Bulma looked at her son worriedly.
"Vejita…what's wrong with him?"
"I don't know…I can't connect to him. He's not that easy to talk to when he's like this."
"You've learned that haven't you…after you two spent a year in the room of Space and Time together?"
"Yeah…I have. Maybe we should let him cool off a bit. Maybe he doesn't feel like talking." He reassured.
"I hope you're right."

Goten noticed this and asked to be excused. As he ran over to his buddy, he brought him a piece of the strawberry cake Bulma made earlier that day before the argument with Goku. As he entered the café door, he whispered out to him.
"Trunks?" he said softly, "Trunks? Bro…are you O.K? You…you want some cake? Your Mom made it just for you…it's your favorite…strawberry and chocolate…"
Goten placed the plate in front of Trunks so he could see it. Trunks carefully took the plate and looked at it without a word, and thought…
---* Happy Birthday Trunks! You're 6 years old now! My little boy's growing up! *---
_---* Thank you Mommy…! Where's…Daddy? *---_
---* Oh…? Well…uh…he's…he's somewhere with Piccolo…I think…Hey! I made you a special cake! Strawberry and Chocolate! *---
With that sudden thought, he placed the cake on an empty chair he sat by. Goten's burst of joy was now a burst of sorrow. He couldn't bear to see his best friend like this…so…QUIET! Trunks sat with his head down, and fits clenched. Goten looked at him…playing with his thumbs nervously. He thought he shouldn't say a word to him. I mean, watching him like this…so uptight…any sudden burst of conversation would make him break out in anger! Goten hated it when his friends aren't their selves…especially Trunks. He couldn't take it! He HAD to say something to him.
"Trunks…you know I hate seeing you like this. It scares me…a lot."
He didn't respond.
"Here…if it'll make you feel better…I'll leave so you can chill…O.K?" with his final words, he walked towards the door. He took one last glance at his friend and closed the door behind him. With anger, hate, and sadness in his eyes, he turned to face the innocent piece of cake. He picked it up and threw it to the wall ahead of him. The ceramic crashed and the cake smashed under its weight leaving behind crumbs scattered on the floor. As he stood above his chair, the last broken piece of ceramic stabbed the largest piece of cake like a dagger. With that done, Trunks slammed open the door and ran to his beach hut.

_---* END OF PART TWO *---_