The Greatest Challenge Yet
By: Lauryn


“I can’t believe I’m stuck going to the store...” Goku muttered as he and Trunks flew to the nearest town. “Yeah, tell me about it,” Trunks replied. “I wanted to spar.” “I’m kinda surprised that you couldn’t convince Bulma to go herself, Trunks. Of course we all know that I didn’t have a chance against ChiChi.” Trunks laughed and sympathized for Goku. “Well, at least you don’t have to go alone.”

The two finally made it to the grocery store and quickly collected the items on each of their lists. “I think that’s it,” Trunks said as he looked over the lists. “Lets pay for all this and get outta here.” “Sounds good to me.” As the cashier rang up everything, Goku glanced down and aisle and noticed that a woman was looking their way. She had long silky black hair and the bluest eyes he’d ever seen. “Hey, Goku,” Trunks called. “Come on, everythings ready to go.” The woman turned and disappeared down another aisle as Goku returned his attention to Trunks. “Great, lets get out of here.”

Trunks and Goku gathered the bags of groceries and walked outside. “Hey guys!” a familiar voice called to them. They turned to see Krillin and Gohan approaching. “Need any help?” Gohan asked. “Are you taking those bags back to Bulma, Trunks? I was headed that way and can drop them off for you if you want.” Krillin offered. “Yeah, and I was headed home, so I can take those with me, dad.” Trunks and Goku exchanged glances, smiles forming on their faces. “Ok, sure!” They both agreed at the same time, handing the bags to Gohan and Krillin. “Thanks a lot you two.” Goku said. Trunks nodded in agreement. “No problem, glad we could help.” Krillin said as he and Gohan started flying off. “See ya later, dad!” Gohan called. Goku waved. “See ya!”

“Well that was convenient.” Goku smiled and looked over at Trunks, surprised to see that his attention was elsewhere. He followed Trunks’ eyes only to see that he was staring at the same woman he’d seen earlier in the store. Goku grinned and poked Trunks with his elbow. “She was checking you out in the store you know.” “Really?” he asked. “She’s cute...” The two were startled when the girl turned and started to walk toward them, smiling. “Oh man! She’s coming over, what do I do?” Trunks asked in a panic, slightly moving behind Goku. He laughed and pushed Trunks back in front of him. “Chill out, don’t tell me you’ve never talked to a girl before.” “Well yeah, I have, but she looks a little older, what if she’s really smart and I sound like a dumb kid who can’t form a complete sentence?” Before Goku could reassure Trunks, the woman was almost to them. To their surprise, she walked right past Trunks and approached Goku. “Hi.” She smiled. Goku and Trunks exchanged confused expressions with each other. “ there something I can help you with?” Goku asked, still surprised. “Yes, there is.” The woman smiled, stepping closer to him. “You see, I saw you back in the store and thought you were really handsome, and was wondering if you could help me figure out your number.” Trunks slapped his hand over his mouth in disbelief. Goku laughed nervously. “Well, last time I checked with my wife, I wasn’t allowed to give my number to strangers.” The woman’s eyes widened only slightly before a smile returned to her face. “Wife, huh?” Goku nodded. She looked down at his hands. “I don’t see a wedding ring.” Goku blinked, surprised that she was doubting the fact he had a wife. “Oh, well I’m not big on wearing jewelry...” “I see.” she relied, not looking like she was going to back down. “I’m Tami, by the way, and your name is?” “Goku.” he replied with a small amount of hesitance. “Goku..” Tami repeated in a low voice. “What a nice name, it suits you.” A moment of silence passed where Tami just smiled at Goku. “Uh,” he reached over and pulled Trunks in front of him. “This is Trunks.” Trunks snapped out of the daze he’d been in and smiled. “Hiya.” Tami smiled and nodded, but her eyes never left Goku.

“Well, we really need to get going,” Goku said as he backed away from Tami a bit. “I’m sure ChiChi is waiting for me...” “ChiChi? Is she your wife? Sounds kinda made up...ChiChi...” Goku was surprised by the statement. “No, really, my wife’s name is ChiChi.” Trunks attempted to help Goku out. “He’s telling the truth...she’s a very scary person.” Tami laughed. “Ok, even so, doesn’t sound like the nicest wife in the world, don’t you think you could find someone more fun to be around?” Goku took a few more steps back as Tami advanced on him. “, I’m really happy with ChiChi and my son also seems to like her well enough.” He choked out, trying to drop a hint. “Son?” Tami said, stopping for a moment. Goku relaxed, thinking that had done the trick. But the smile returned to her face. “How adorable! I LOVE kids!” Goku’s jaw nearly dropped to the ground, he couldn’t believe this, she STILL didn’t take the hint. Tami reached out and grabbed Goku’s wrist to keep him from backing away any further. “What’s your hurry? Can’t we talk for awhile?” “No, sorry, I really don’t have time...I---” He stopped as he felt her grip tighten, she was actually pretty strong, refusing to let go as he attempted to pull away.

Her expression changed from that familiar smile, to an angry frown. “Can’t you see that I only want to talk!?” she growled in a very angry voice. This sudden change in mood surprised both Trunks and Goku. “I see that, but...” he struggled to think of a convincing excuse, noticing that her grip continued to tighten with every passing moment, almost to the point where it hurt. Trunks looked at her grip on Goku’s wrist and saw the discomfort on his face...he knew something wasn’t right. “Come on Goku, we really have to go.” Trunks urged, putting his hand on Goku’s shoulder. “You know ChiChi needs us to pick that medicine up at quickly as possible before your sons condition gets any worse.” Tami’s expression as well as grip softened. Goku pulled his wrist back and rubbed it with his hand, it was already bruising. “I know, sorry Tami, but I gotta hurry back.” “Ok, I understand, I’m really sorry.” “No problem.” Goku said as he and Trunks took to the sky. She waved. “I hope I see you again soon!”

“That’s weird...” Trunks said as they flew away. “She wasn’t surprised by that fact we could fly at all.” Goku had noticed that. “I know, and did you see the number she did on my wrist? That’s not natural for a human...” Trunks looked over at Goku’s wrist as he pulled back the blue wrist band he always wore. “Whoa!” Trunks said in awe, looking at Goku’s blue and black wrist. “That’s unreal!” “It sure feels real...” He replied as he painfully rotated his wrist around, trying to work out the soreness.

Before another word could be said, the two were suddenly aware that an unfamiliar ki was quickly approaching. They both looked behind them to see a speeding figure shooting like a bullet straight at them. “What is---” Before Trunks could finish his question, the figure slammed into Goku, holding him in a bear hug type of grip. Goku gasped when he realized that it was Tami...and she didn’t look happy. “You lied! Your son isn’t sick, you didn’t pick up any medicine and I overheard you call that boy that took your bags, son!” She tightened her grip on him again angrily. “I’m sorry I had to lie, but you wouldn’t take the hint!” Tami’s grip tightened again as her anger grew. Deciding that she could be a threat, Goku broke away from her grip and got some distance between them. Her temper is worse than ChiChi’s. he thought to himself.

“I can’t help it. I want to get to know you! The least you could have done was talk for awhile!” She hissed angrily. Trunks and Goku felt her ki rise again. “You’re not from Earth, are you?” Goku asked. “No, I’m not, I’m from a distant planet that used to be inhabited by Saiyajins.” “You’re a Saiyajin!?” Trunks and Goku cried in unison. “No,” Tami explained. “I’m a human, but was raised by Saiyajins...that would explain my power. Pretty impressive, ain’t it?” “I’d mangled my wrist! You’re the first human to do something like that.” She smiled. “I suppose being raised by Saiyajins has given me an attraction to them. And yes, I’m able to identify your ki as a Saiyajins’.” she said to them. “Now, wanna get to know me?” “Well yeah, but only as a friend, I have a family you know...” Her expression changed to anger again. “Not good enough!!” she cried as she suddenly lunged forward, punching Goku in the jaw...hard! Goku fell back a bit, but regained control. “You’re crazy!” Trunks cried. Tami glared over at him. “Trunks, calling her crazy probably isn’t the best thing to tell her right now...” Goku commented as he wiped blood from the corner of his mouth. She looked over at Goku again. “I’ll get you to fall for me even if I have to knock you out to do it!” “Trunks...” Goku started. He looked at Goku and got the message. Both of them shot off, fleeing from Tami.

“Is there a reason we aren’t going to fight her? I’m sure we could take her down.” Trunks said as they flew at top speed. Goku looked over at him. “If you want to face that woman again, then be my guest, but I don’t want to be within two feet of her.” Trunks thought about it for a second, noting Goku’s severely bruised wrist and cut lip. “You’re right, Goku, I don’t want to face her either...she reminds me too much of ChiChi...and I’m scared to death of that woman.”

“She’s gaining on us, we aren’t going to make it back to your house, Goku.” “That’s ok. We’re almost at Capsule Corp...we’ll hid there till she passes by.” Trunks nodded in agreement. When Capsule Corp. came into view, they noticed that Vegeta was out front, training. “Father!” Trunks called as they landed. Vegeta looked over at them. “What is---” he stopped when he saw Goku’s injured wrist and the blood dripping from his lip. “Honestly Kakaroto, can’t you even go to the store without hurting yourself? What happened? Did you run into the glass doors?” Vegeta chuckled at the thought. “Very funny Vegeta...Tami did it.” Vegeta paused for a second, studying Goku’s face to make sure he was serious, then burst out laughing. “What’s so funny?” Goku asked. “You’re telling me that a woman from a grocery store beat you up!?” he choked out while laughing. Goku thought for a minute. “Well you make it sound bad...but she wasn’t---” he stopped and looked up at the sky, feeling Tami’s ki. “Oh no! She’s almost here!” He and Trunks ran inside, masking their energy. Vegeta watched as a girl flew overhead...he smiled.

“What happened to you!?” Bulma asked as Goku and Trunks slammed the door and ducked out of sight. She blinked and walked over and saw them both on the floor, peeking out the window. “Trunks, Goku, what’s wrong??” “SHHHHHH!!!” Trunks said, putting his finger up to his lips. “We’re hiding.” “What on earth from?” “A girl.” Goku said, still looking out the window. “Oh please! You’re both grown men! And here you are hiding from girls.” Trunks and Goku looked at each other and stood up, feeling foolish. “Well she’s really strong...” Goku mumbled looking at the floor. “Yeah,” Trunks agreed. “And mean too!” Bulma smirked. “And I suppose this girl gave you that bloody lip and bruised wrist too.” Goku was silent. “Oh my god!” Bulma laughed. “She did!” She grabbed his bad wrist. “Let me see.” “Owww!!! Be careful!” Goku whined. “Man. She did a number. You wouldn’t think that the strongest fighter in the universe could get this bad an injury from some girl.” Goku glared at Bulma. “Come on,” she said, pulling him into the kitchen. “I’ll bandage you up.” “I don’t need a bandage.” he complained as she forced him to sit down at the table. “Oh yes you do mister. I’ll just get worse if you let it go unbraced.” Bulma retrieved a first aid kit and began to wrap up Goku’s wrist. Trunks chuckled as he watched Goku’s grim expression. “You’re treating me like a kid, Bulma.” he complained as she finished wrapping his wrist and start putting some alcohol on a cotton swab for his lip. “Well, I guess since you always act like a kid, you should be treated like one. Admit it, since I’ve known you, you haven’t matured at all. You’re still that little kid I hit with a car all those years ago.” “I am not, I---AHHHHHH!!!!” Goku jumped up as Bulma applied the alcohol to the cut. “It burns!!!!” he cried, putting his hand over his lip.

“Awww, little Kakaroto can’t handle a little alcohol.” Everyone turned to see a smirking Vegeta in the doorway. “Come over here,” Bulma told Vegeta. “You have some cuts from your training that need cleaning.” Vegeta’s eyes widened. “Stay back woman, that stuff burns like hell! I’d rather they all got infected!” Everyone stared blankly at Vegeta, except for Goku, who smirked. Vegeta blinked... “Uh...anyway, there’s someone here to see you Kakaroto.” Goku noted the expression on Vegeta’s face. “You didn’t---” Vegeta nodded. “Oh yes, I did.”

Suddenly, Tami stepped into the kitchen. “There you are.” “Eep.” Goku squeaked as he backed up. She ran forward and tackled Goku to the floor. Vegeta laughed as Trunks ran to help Goku get Tami off of him. Trunks managed to pull her off long enough for Goku to regain his footing before she punched him in the jaw, causing a small cut. “Trunks!” Bulma cried, holding up the alcohol soaked swab. “No!” Trunks choked out, putting a hand up to stop her. “Not that!” Bulma tried to clean the cut as Trunks struggled to get away. “Run, boy!!” Vegeta yelled. “Vegeta, you need your cuts cleaned as well.” Bulma informed him. “You too, Goku.” Trunks, Vegeta and Goku exchanged terrified glances. “RUN AWAY!!!” they all cried at once as they took off toward Goku’s house, leaving Bulma and Tami alone. Bulma looked over at Tami and noticed a small amount of blood on her arm. She held up the cotton swab. “That might get infected...” Tami ran outside, “It’s not my blood, I SWEAR!!” and she took off after Goku and the others.

After reaching Goku’s house, Vegeta, Trunks and Goku ran inside. ChiChi stuck her head out from the next room. “Where have you been!?” she cried. “Why are you all out of breath?” Before anyone could answer, there was a knock at the door. The three jumped back into the room. “It’’s her...” Goku gasped. “Who?” ChiChi asked. Vegeta walked to the door and opened it. “NOOO!” Trunks and Goku cried. To their relief, it was only the Ox King. “Oh relax,” Vegeta muttered. “It’s only some big fat guy.” Vegeta slammed the door without letting the Ox King in. “Father!” Trunks scolded as he opened the door again. “Sorr---” Trunks trailed off as Tami came into view instead of the Ox King. Goku cried out and ran behind ChiChi. Tami pushed Trunks aside and looked at Goku. “There’s nowhere to hide this time, now come on, lets go on a date!” ChiChi’s eyes flared. “What!!???” Tami looked at ChiChi. “Oh, you must be his wife.” “You better believe it! So stay away from MY Goku!” She turned to face Goku. “Did you provoke any of this!?” “No, ChiChi,” Goku insisted as he pointed at Trunks with his bad wrist. “Trunks will tell you if you don’t belie----” “Your wrist!!!” ChiChi screamed, grabbing it to examine it. “Ow! You’re worse than Bulma!” Goku complained. “DID SHE DO THIS!!!??” ChiChi cried. “Yes....” ChiChi turned to Tami. “How dare you!” “It was the only way to keep him from running from me!” Tami insisted. “He wouldn’t let me get close!” “Yeah, well, you wanted some Goku and you were denied.” Goku said, taking his wrist back from ChiChi. “Denied or not, I’ll have you.” Tami insisted. “Think again girly!” ChiChi growled. “Back off grandma.” Tami growled back.

Suddenly, the whole room went silent. “’re gonna get it now...” Trunks said. “ shouldn’t have said that...” Goku agreed. A second later, ChiChi attacked Tami, the punches flying. Vegeta watched in amusement. Rarrr, catfight. he thought to himself, smirking. A few minutes later, Tami screamed for ChiChi to stop, running out the door and disappearing. ChiChi stood there with a chunk of Tami’s hair in her fist, breathing heavily with anger. Everyone stood there watching her, afraid to approach. “ChiChi...” Goku finally said cautiously. She turned and looked at him, causing him to slump back a little. Then, her expression turned from an angry scowl, to a smile. “She won’t bother you anymore.” she smiled. Goku grinned. Vegeta laughed. “You’re pathetic Kakaroto! Now your wife is fighting for you!” ChiChi shot Vegeta and angry glare, causing his heart to skip a beat. “Uh...think I’ll take my chances with Bulma and that alcohol...” he said as he ran out the door and flew away.

Trunks and Goku sat down on the couch to relax. “Goku!” ChiChi called. “Yes?” “You forgot a few things on the list. You’ll have to go back to the store. Trunks, I need you to go with him to make sure he gets it right this time.” Trunks and Goku looked at each other, their faces draining of color. By the time ChiChi came in with the list, they were gone.

“We’d rather take our chances with Bulma and the alcohol than go back to the store.” Trunks and Goku said in unison as they flew off toward Capsule Corp.