To Love You More

By Quincy Burney


Take me, back into the arms I love,

Need me, like you did before.

Touch me once again, and remember when

There was no one that you wanted more,

Don’t go, you know you’ll break my heart,

She won’t love you like I will

I’m the one who’ll stay, when she walks away,

And you know I’ll be standing here still.



Trunks is parked outside of the airport in his car, he is waiting for Pan to arrive from her trip to Canada. He has been looking forward to her arrival for a very long time. Then out of the swarming crowd came the person he was waiting for. There she stood, taller, dressier, She wore a bright red turtle-neck, with a black velvet skirt. She was oh so more beautiful than Trunks could remember.

Pan waved to him and motioned him to come over to her. Trunks waved back, and walked up to her. "Hi Trunks!" She said "Hello Pan, It’s good to see you again!" "It’s good to see you again too." They hugged, but this time, when Pan felt Trunk’s strong arms around her,

She felt different than all the other times they hugged. She felt mature. Her face showed it. She loved him.

On the car ride home, Pan told Trunks about her time up in Canada. "Oh Trunks, Canada is such a wonderful place. The people are so nice, the weather is just beautiful, and the country side is just glorious." Right then, Trunks piped up with an interesting fact "I was born in Canada." Pan gasped in disbelief. "No way! You’re Canadian?"

"Indeed I am! I was born at the Grace Hospital in Calgary, Alberta."

Pan let her words fly carelessly "No wonder I love you so much"






Pan then said "I missed a lot." Trunks responded "I missed you too. Ever since I broke up with Marron, I’ve had no one to talk with or express my feelings to, not even to Goten." Pan was disappointed. She thought that he had missed her in a loving way. The rest of the ride was silent. When they reached Trunks’ house, Everyone was there to greet her. They walked in the door, and almost right away, everyone was running up to her asking who her trip was, hugging her, the whole bit.

Then Trunks warded them all off "HEY! Give her a break. She’s had a long flight, and I think she would like to get a little rest." Pan agreed, and started off for the nearest couch to crash on. But on the way there, she saw Maroon walk up to Trunks "Hello Trunks!", "Hello Marron" She gave him a soft kiss on his lips, and hugged him. Pan was struggling to hold back her tears.

Gohan and Videl, who were across the room eyed her sit on the couch. "Oh my God!" said Gohan sounding amazed. "What is it Gohan?" asked Videl. Gohan replied "Did you see how Pan was looking at Trunks?", "As a matter of fact, yes! I think she is in love with him.", "No she IS in love with him…… My baby’s in love! But why with Trunks? He’s much too old for her." Gohan pondered. Videl then said "Well, she is not a baby anymore. She is a grown woman now. Why don’t you talk to her." Videl suggested. "Why me?", "You’re the one who noticed first!", "Fine!" Gohan walked over to the couch and sat down with Pan. "Honey, what’s wrong?" he asked her. "Nothing daddy" Gohan’s eyebrow raised "I know the look on your face. You’re in love with Trunks aren’t you?" Pan could no longer hold back her tears. She fell into her father’s embrace, tears running down her soft cheeks. "Oh daddy! I love him so much. It’s tearing me up inside." Gohan comforted her. "There, There. Now! About Trunks. How do you know it’s REAL love you feel him?" Pan answered exasperated. "I don’t know! It’s like a get a completely different feeling when I am near him. All I know is that I DO love him." Gohan couldn’t understand how his daughter felt, but all he could do was sympathize. "Listen honey, try to forget Trunks. He’s not right for you." Pan thought to herself "I don’t want to forget him"






I’ll be waiting for you, here inside my heart

I’m the one who wants to love you more

You will see I can give you, everything you need

Let me be the one to love you more



That night, Pan lay in her bed. She couldn’t get Trunks off her mind. She sang to herself.


"I want to tell you what I’m feeling,

But I don’t know how to start

I want to tell you but now I’m afraid that,

You might break my heart

Oh why does everything so easy

Have to be so hard to do?

I want to tell you what I’m feeling, and to say that,

I Love You!"


She wept a short while, but soon fell asleep. Her mind was invaded by a dream that she would never forget. She was in a beautiful Victorian garden, she was walking along the rose bushes, when She saw Marron trying Trunks. Trunks pushed her away, then said "My heart belongs to another!" Pan came out from the roses and said "That would be me!" Marron disappeared. Trunks then walked over Pan, he was about to speak, when Pan shushed "Shh! No more words!" She kissed him. The kiss grew more and more intense as Trunks pulled her close to him, they couldn’t stop. "Love me Trunks" she said in deep breaths. Trunks was passionately kissing her neck when……………… "Pan? Pan! Get up your late." Pan’s mom had woken her up in the middle of her dream. "Mom! You interrupted the best dream ever." She said in a whiny voice. Then her mom unexpectedly said "Would it have had anything to do with Love me Trunks?" Pan’s jaw dropped open as her mom looked at her with a "I-know-what-you-know" look, and walked out of the room. Pan was now officially worried as she thought to herself " Oh my God she knows"


Pan crawled out of her bed. She had completely forgotten that she was supposed to go to a movie with Trunks, Goten, and Marron. She quickly got dressed, washed up. Trunks and the gang had already arrived by the time she was out of the washroom. She stuffed down her breakfast and headed for the door, but as she was about to exit, her mom said "Give Trunks a kiss for me!" Pan glared at her with a "I’m-gonna-murder-you" look. She jumped into the car and buckled her seat belt. "What took you so long?" asked Goten. "I was having the best dream ever! That’s what!" Goten jumped "OOOoooooo what about?" Goten loved sharing dreams. However, Pan didn’t didn’t. "Mind your own business Goten!" Goten gave a little puppy whimper and sat back in his seat. "I forgot what movie we ere going to see!" said Marron. Being the absent minded one, Marron had to be reminded every few minutes. "We are going to see My Best Friends Wedding". Pan looked puzzled. "I thought we going see Titanic." Trunks answered "We all agreed Titanic was too sad for us. You know how we’re all quick to tears. So we picked the next best one." Pan shrugged and sat back.

When they arrived at their destination, they all jumped out and ran for the door, the show was about to start. They quickly paid for their tickets and ran into the theater.

During the movie, Pan couldn’t help but stare at Trunks. The light reflecting off the movie screen was accenting his face in the dark in a way that she thought was very sexy. In reference to the movie, Pan felt like Julianne trying to win Michael over from Kimmy, with the fear that she would fail. When the movie ended, they exited and headed for the car. "I still think Michael should’ve gone with Julianne" said Goten. "Why did they have to make George gay?" Marron whined about that all the way home. Trunks dropped Pan off at home, but had one last thing to tell her. "Hey Pan! We’re all having dinner at Goten’s place tomorrow, wanna come?" Pan answered almost instantly "Yes!", "All right then. See ya there." Trunks backed out of the drive way, and waved goodbye as he drove off. Pan waved back, and thought to herself "This could be my chance to win him over" She smiled, and entered the house, and went into her room, and formulated her plan.







See me, as if you never knew,

Hold me so you can’t let go,

Just believe in me, I will make you see,

All the things your heart needs to know.


I’ll be waiting for you, here inside my heart,

I’m the one who wants to love you more,

Don’t you see I can give you, everything you need,

Let me be the one to love you more



That night at Goten’s house, dinner was served. As usual, being a Saiyan, Goten had prepared a ridiculously huge feast consisting mostly of barbecued meats, a little salad, and a glass of 1985 Merlot for everyone. AND again, being Saiyan’s, Pan, Trunks, and Goten ate like hogs. The only one who had the least amount of table manners was Marron.

When dinner was finally finished, they all sat in the living room, and watched Pokémon: The First Movie, which Goten bought himself. Goten didn’t expect anyone to love the movied as much as he did, but he was shocked to see them all crying when they saw Ash get killed by Mew and Mewtwo’s blasts, and all the surrounding pokémon wept for him. Goten cried at that as well. When the movie was over, and Trunks was heading for the hallway, Pan caught up with him. "Trunks? I need to talk to you.", "I need to talk to you as well." Pan was surprised. Trunks then said very discreetly "We need to be alone! I know a place. Hold on." Trunks told everyone that he was stepping out with Pan for a while and would be back soon. Pan and Trunks then left, they rode in Trunks’ car until they reached his house. They entered, and they both sat down on the couch in the living room. "Pan?….." He was reluctant at first, but quickly continued "…..There is something I need to tell you.", "There is something I need to tell you as well." Pan said. They held each other’s hands, and looked into each other’s eyes as they both said it simultaneously. "I Love You"

Almost immediately after they said it, their lips locked in a very intense french kiss. They couldn’t stop. Pan unbuttoned Trunks’ shirt and pulled it off him. Trunks pulled Pan’s red turtle-neck over her head and cast it on the floor. Pan softly caressed his body, she ran her fingers down the middle of his chest. Trunks passionately kissed her neck down to her shoulders. "Oh Trunks! Love me, Love me forever" Pan said in deep breaths. "I love you Pan. I’ve loved you all my life. I will always love you." Trunks ran his hands down her back. It gave her tingles as she kissed him again. They soon found themselves making passionate love in Trunk’s bedroom. As they were making love, Pan remembered all the times She and Trunks had up until tonight, and when it was all over, They stared into each other’s eyes. "I’ve waited for this moment all my life Trunks" she said softly. "So have I my love." Then, Pan made a request "Trunks?….sing for me" Trunks lifted an eyebrow "I can’t sing", "Yes you can! Just try." After a couple minutes of persuasion, Trunks finally agreed, and started to sing.


"It’s the way she makes me feel,

It’s the only thing that’s real,

It’s the way she understands,

She’s my lover, she’s my friend,

When I look into her eyes,

It’s the way I feel inside

Like the man I wanna be,

She’s all I’ll ever need"


"Hey! You can sing." Pan complimented. "Yeah I guess I can." They both laughed. It was already 11:00 pm when Trunks fell asleep. Pan reached into her bag, and pulled out her cell phone. She dialed up her mother, and told her she’d be sleeping over at Marron’s tonight, a little white lie to get her out of a bind. She turned towards Trunks. He was so handsome when he was asleep., even more so when he was awake. She couldn’t believe the day had finally arrived when her and Trunks would finally express their feelings for each other. It was a dream come true.






It was December 24th, and Pan had come back up to Canada. This time, with Trunks at her side. They were walking through an open field covered by a fresh blanket of snow. They both sat on a bench. "Trunks? Do you really want me? Did you always want me? Will you always want me?" Trunks replied "Of course, all my life I’ll want you. I’ll my life I’ll love you! NOTHING will ever change that. Even if I were surrounded by the most beautiful girls in the world, even if I got a marriage proposal from Pamela Anderson…………." Pan laughed at him, and slapped his shoulder. He then hugged her tight and whispered into her ear "………even if I were dying I would want you. Even if I were dying I would want to love you more." Pan looked into his eyes, and kissed him.

Then……..Trunks did something that would change both of their lives forever. He sat up off the bench, he stood in front of Pan, and knelt on one knee. Pan gasped. She knew what was happening. Trunks then reached into his pocket, and pulled out a box lined with blue velvet. He held it in front of her and opened it, and revealed a ring. The ring had a ring of shimmering diamonds in the shape of a heart, and in the middle was a heart-shaped emerald. He said to her "Pan, It would be the most divine honour, if you………..if you would be my wife." Pan watched him slide the beautiful ring onto her finger, she was in tears when she looked up at him and said, "Yes………….Yes I will!" A huge smile came across Trunks’ face. He picked her up and they spun in the snow. He put her down and said, with tears in his eyes "Thank you!" Pan said "Oh Trunks! I want to love you more." She kissed him deeply, and they walked off into the sunset……… To Love Each Other More.


I’ll be waiting for you, here inside my heart,

I’m the one who wants to love you more,

You will see I can give you, everything you need,

Let me be the one to love you more.