Mom, I Going to Meet My Dad
By Lilly Lui

One morning in Capsule Corporation, Canny and her 17 year-old daughter, Silver, were helping Bulma and her son Trunks. They were building a virtual battle- field so they could train better and fight whatever was trying to destroy the Earth.
Later that day, Silver asked her mom what her dad looked like and how he was a hero.
"Silver, you ask me this everyday. I think you should remember," Canny said.
"I know, but it's so interesting. I wish I could meet him for real. Even though the Trunks from this time period looks like the future one, but he doesn't have the personality I'm looking for," Silver said.
"I know Silver, but you just have to live with it," Canny told her daughter.
Silver was very disappointed, but she knew everything that her mother and grandmother tell her about her dad from the future. As Silver was working on the controls, Trunks ran by and slapped Silver on the face. He liked ticking off Silver like that, since he and Goten met her when they were kids, they like to joke around with her a lot.
"TRUNKS! I'll get for that!" Silver screamed at him.
"Not if you can catch me first!" Trunks shouted as he ran for his life because Silver is stronger than Goten and him put together.
"Boo!" exclaimed Silver as she teleported in front of him.
"Ok, I'm very sorry. Don't hurt me, please. You and I are like brother and sister except you think of me as your cousin, even though I'm not. I'm your…hmm…what am I?" Trunks said getting himself confused.
"Oh, forget it, I'd never hurt you or Goten. I'll chase you, but never hurt you. Man, you and Goten get scared very easily," Silver said.
"Hey, the only reason that he and I are scared of you is because you have a very high power level and you train more than Goten and me. You don't even go to school because you're so smart, which gives you a lot of time to train every single day." Trunks said.
"Well, you're right on that part. Now, please leave me alone, I got to work on that controls before grandma finds out that I was goofing around with you," Silver said as she was about to leave Trunks.
"Grandma?" Trunks asked with a confused look on his face.
"Your mother, Bulma, remember?" Silver told him.
"Oh, yeah," Trunks said with a smile.
As Silver walked away from Trunks, Trunks knew that she had some problems and he wanted her to feel happy for once. He remembered that when he was little, Silver was a very happy girl with no-care-in-the-world in her. He just wanted that same Silver back again.

The next day, Silver got up before anyone else in Capsule Corporation. She went down the stairs and into the lab. As she got there, she heard sounds in the training room. She knew that it was her grandfather, Vegeta, training with the gravity machine. Silver opened the door and worked quietly on her secret project.
"Bulma, you really shouldn't cook breakfast for all of us. I mean, Silver and I can do it ourselves," Canny said.
"No, it's all right, I really don't min. Besides, I have to get used to it, now that I am a grandmother already," Bulma said as she flipped over the pancake.
"Ok, but you can at least let me help you with it," Canny insisting on helping Bulma doing some of the morning work.
"All right you can help, but only for today. Now can you please call the group for their breakfast?" Bulma asked kindly.
"Sure. SILVER, TRUNKS, VEGETA, hurry and get your breakfast!" Canny shouted.
Trunks raced down the stairs and into they kitchen, while his dad walked to the kitchen. The two of them were just about to eat, but Canny told them to wait.
"Trunks, have you seen Silver this morning?" Canny asked.
"Nope, now can I eat, I'm kind of hungry here?" Trunks replied.
"Trunks! I know you have better manners than that. Now, apologize to Canny," Bulma scolded at Trunks.
"Ok, I'm sorry Canny," Trunks apologized.
"It's quite all right, I'm just worried where Silver is," Canny said worried.
"Good, I'm almost finish with this thing," Silver said to herself in the lab.
"SILVER! SILVER, where are you?" Canny exclaimed as she searched for Silver.
"Oh no, I better hide this before she finds me here. Man, I can't find a good hiding place," said Silver.
"Silver, are in the lab?" Canny said about to open the door.
"Uh…No!" Silver said quickly as she was running around the lab and finds an old storage room to put her project in.
"Silver, there you are. Um…what's that you got there?" Canny asked curiously.
"Huh…I don't have anything. If I did I would have it in front of me, not behind me," Silver said nervously.
"Well all right, now please come and eat breakfast with us or Trunks and your grandfather are going to eat it all up," Canny told Silver.
"Ok," Silver said.
Canny and Silver walked into the kitchen and saw that the table was filled with many empty plates. Canny and Silver weren't surprised because they were used to it and they know that saiyan men have big appetites.
After breakfast, Silver continued working on the controls for the battle- field while Goten and Trunks were training with each other outside near the lab that Silver was in.
"Trunks, come on you're not training very well today. What is the problem?" Goten asked.
"Well, I'm worried about Silver. She's never been sad in her life and now she is. I even slapped her just to get her off her sad side," Trunks said.
"Wow! I never knew that you would go that far just to do that," Goten very surprised.
"Well, I did, and it kind of felt good, too," Trunks said.
"Hey! Why is it so quiet out here?" Silver shouted opening the door.
"Um…we're taking a break now, can't you see?" Trunks said.
"Well, I'm sorry. You don't have to be so mean Trunks. Why can't you be like my daddy? He is never mean to anyone even if his friends or family don't like him at all," Silver said.
"Well, I'm sorry that I'm not your daddy, because I'm not! And you said that I was being mean to you. I was helping you." Trunks said.
"Yeah, how are you helping me Trunks, by hitting me on the side of my head?" Silver asked very angrily.
"Don't answer, I already know that you wouldn't have an answer for that one," Silver said.
Silver went back inside the lab and slammed the door behind her. Trunks and Goten figured that she was really upset and decided to leave her alone so she could cool off.
A few hours later, Silver went out of the lab and decided to take a long break, since she was working on the controls for the battle- field and her secret project.
"I got it, I got it…
"Yo, Trunks, are you ok?" Goten running to Trunks.
"I…I…I think I want my mommy," Trunks said.
"Um…I'll take that as a yes. Hey, look what you did to the door!" Goten exclaimed.
"WHAT! What do you mean? Did I dent it or scratched it?" Trunks asked very worry.
"Relax, I was only kidding," Goten replied laughing.
"BUT WHY?" Trunks asked getting upset.
"So I could get you off that Mommy thing," Goten said.
"Oh," Trunks said getting calm.
"Hey! Who's making all that racket out here?" Silver asked.
Goten and Trunks froze. They didn't know what to do now, but they did know that Silver was still probably very mad.
"So, it's you two, I thought that you guys would go far away from me to leave me alone," Silver said.
"Well we did, but you see we had a little accident with Trunks. He hit his head on the door," Goten told Silver.
"Oh Trunks, what are you trying to pull here?" Silver giggling.
"Nothing really, I just happen to hurt myself, and hit my head on the door," Trunks said rubbing his head.
"Ok, I'll be going now. I have to baby-sit Gohan and Videl's kid. You tow be nice and don't play so rough," Silver said as she was walking towards a red convertible and drove off.
"Hey, I think she's not mad at us…I mean you anymore," Goten said as he corrected himself.
"Huh? What did you say Goten?" Trunks don't paying attention because he found something interesting. Sorry, it's not girls.
"I said…hey, what are you looking at?" Goten asked curiously.
"Oh, well I'm looking at the thing that's on the table," Trunks replied.
"Trunks, you're stupid, that's the controls to the battlefield!" Goten exclaimed.
"I knew that! I was talking about the thing next to it," Trunks said slapping the back of Goten's head.
"Well, sorry, you really didn't have to hit me in the back of my head you know. I would have figured it out," Goten said as he was rubbing the back of his head.
"Well, I'm sorry too. Come on, lets take a look at that thing," Trunks said walking towards it.
"Ok," Goten said following Trunks.
They started to examine it (well not exactly, only Trunks examine it not Goten. He was kind of being lazy) and trying to figure out what the thing or "it" was.
"Yo, Goten, come here. Look at all of the buttons and stuff," Trunks said as he was amazed by it.
"So you're interested in buttons, so what. All I want to know is what it does. Then, I'll be interested," Goten said.
"Well…I don't know it does. It kind of looks like a belt with a lot of buttons and stuff on it," Trunks said.
"Can you wear it?" Goten asked.
"I don't think so. It looks too small for me, how about you Goten?" Trunks said handing it to him.
"Ok, let's see here. Um…heh-heh, I guess I can't either," Goten said putting it back on the table.
"Well, I guess the only person can is a girl, huh," Trunks said.
"I guess you're right, but let's take it to my Aunt Canny and maybe she might know what it is. She might be able to wear it too," Goten said getting excited.
"Uh…maybe not, Goten. I mean, it might be someone's project, I don't think they would like other people looking at it and know what it is, you know?" Trunks said.
"Yeah, like what we're doing now," Goten said.
"Uh…no…this is different Goten. Don't you know the differences?" Trunks asked.
"Oh, I know the difference Trunks, and what we're doing now is looking at it and trying to find out what it is," Goten replied.
"Ok, ok. What we're doing is wrong, but why would Silver or someone leave it here?" Trunks said as he was thinking.
"You know what, I think that we should leave it alone and forget that we ever saw it, ok?" Goten said waiting for Trunks to reply.
"I guess you're right Goten. Come on, let's get out of here," Trunks said walking out of the lab with Goten.
Later that day, Silver came back from baby-sitting Pan, Gohan and Videl's daughter. She decided to finish up her little project so she could get it over with. As she was passing by the living room she heard some crunching noises. She looked in the kitchen and there was Goten and Trunks eating a bunch of junk food. The table was full of chocolate and candy wrappers. There were at least a million of them just lying on the table. Silver was shocked to see how many sweets they had ate, even though she is also a saiyan, but she couldn't eat that many sweets.
"You guys are going to get a tooth ache if you keep eating like that," Silver said with a serious look on her face.
"No, we won't. We're saiyans, and we can't have a tooth ache," Goten said proudly.
"Yeah, I agree with…ouch my tooth!" Trunks shouted.
"See, I told you. I'm going to the lab to work on the controls now, and please don't fool around while I work. You got that?" Silver asked.
"Yes ma'am, whatever you say ma'am," Trunks said giggling.
"I'm serious and if one of you do mess around, well, let's just say that you'll get a major beating from me," Silver said with an evil look on her face.
"Ack! Ok, Goten and I will be good, right Goten?" Trunks said looking Goten for his reply.
"Um…yeah, we'll like angels," Goten said nervously.
"Good. See you at dinner time," Silver said as she walked away.
As they were cleaning, Silver made it to the lab. She put on her lab coat and her goggles. She got out her toolbox and other things for her secret project. It took a couple of hours and finally she was done.
"Finally, I'm finish with this piece of junk! (Just kidding)
What she said for real, "Finally, I'm finish with this time machine!"
"Hey, what's all that racket?" Trunks asked as he opened the door to the lab.
"Hey! You get out of here!" Silver exclaimed as she was trying to hide her time machine.
"No, I don't want to," Trunks said crossing his arms.
"What do you mean no?" Silver asked.
"I mean no as in no I'm not going anywhere, till you tell me what are you trying to hide from me," Trunks explained.
"I'm not hiding anything," Silver lied.
"Oh yeah," Trunks said as he teleported behind her, "then what's this lovely thing?"

"Hey! You give that back to me!" Silver shouted as she tried to get it back from Trunks.
"I'll give it back to you if you tell me what this thing is," Trunks trying to reason with Silver.
"Oh, come one, Trunks, it's not fair. I never do that to you," Silver said starting to run after Trunks.
"Silver, you know better than to hide things from me. If you want it so badly then you have to tell…me," Trunks said almost out of breath.
"Oh, fine," Silver said as she stop instantly running.
"Good, it was about time too. Let me catch my breath and you can tell me what this belt looking thing is," Trunks said slowly as he was going to lie on the floor.
"Ok, it's a time machine," Silver said as she sat by Trunks.
"A time machine? Why were you working on a time machine?" Trunks asked curiously.
"So I can meet my dad, for real. I don't mine pictures, cause they help, but I hate it when I can't get a story out of my mom or my grandmother," Silver explained.
"Grandmother?" Trunks said with confusion because he is still confused about the family thing.
"Bulma!" Silver shouted and started to cry at the same time.
"Hey, hey, don't cry Silver. It's not my fault that I don't get our relation. Come on, be a tough girl like you always were," Trunks said holding Silver in his strong arm and smiling at her.
"All right, but I'm also crying cause I'm going away," Silver said wiping the tears with her sleeve.
"Going away, to where?" Trunks asked with concern.
"I'm going to see my dad. Didn't you hear a thing I said?" Silver said getting angry.
"Now, now, let's not get into a fight again," Trunks said holding Silver back.
"Fine, we won't fight," Silver said backing away.
"Good. So, if you're going to meet your dad in the future how come your not going now?" Trunks asked.
"Well, before it wasn't finish, but now it is cause I just finished it. I want to tell my mom that I'm going to see my dad, but then she might stop me and say that it was crazy," Silver replied.
"Oh," Trunks said.
"I'm going to try out my machine tomorrow, but right now I'm tired," Silver yawning as she walked out of the lab with her belt like time machine.
"Hey, way up! You're not the only one who's tired!" Trunks shouted as she ran after Silver.

The next day it was sunny and birds were singing (NOT!).
For real: The next day it was pouring down rain and Silver was packing some of her things in a backpack. Bulma and Canny were at a special meeting so they had to go to downtown for it. Silver thought that her plan would work since her mother and grandmother weren't here and won't be back for the whole day. Trunks was still here, but he was napping on the couch because he couldn't fall asleep in his own bed. Vegeta was still training and he never takes a break unless he gets hungry or has to potty. (Hehehe) So, he wouldn't hear a thing, which is good, since Silver didn't want anyone to know that she was leaving. Only Trunks would because she told him about the time machine that she had made.
"I guess I'll be going now since I don't want to be late," Silver said putting on the belt.
As she put the belt on Trunks woke up and he quickly peeked into Silver's room. He turned his head back and gave a signal. His mother and Canny came into the house without making any noises. As they got to her room, they also peeked to see what was going on.
"Now, I got to press this button here and that one there and there we go! I'm going to the future. Sorry mom, that I haven't told you, but it's just that I'm 17 now and I want to see my dad in person. Stories are ok, but now that I have the knowledge to make a time machine, you don't need to tell them anymore. I'm going to be on my own now," Silver said.
"I can't just let her leave!" Canny said getting worry of what might happen to Silver in the Future.
"Wait, Canny don't….
"Silver, wait!" Canny shouted.
"Huh?" Silver said turning around as portal opens.
"Silver, please don't go!" Canny exclaimed.
"Sorry mom, I have to do this. It's the only thing that's going make me happy," Silver said as she takes one step into the portal.
"Can't you just change your mind?" Canny asked begging her daughter to stay.
"No, my mind is made up. I'm going, and you probably won't see me for a year or two or whenever I get to meet my father," Silver said taking the last step.
"I love you, mom. Trunks, I'm going to kill you when I come back for telling!"
The portal closes and Trunks said, " But you…never…said…that."
There was silence in the room. Canny was crying after Silver had entered the portal. Bulma and Trunks decided to leave her alone, so they left the room. Canny had cried for many days and nights, just thinking about her only child, and what might happen to her. She thought that she was a bad mother and that she should have told some of the stories about her father even though Silver knew all of them. Bulma and Vegeta were trying to help her out with her problem and they kept telling her that she'll come back and that it wasn't her fault that lead her daughter going to the Future. Canny was often left alone because she needed to think and also because she missed silver. She soon had gotten over it after a couple of months later because she had another child. She named her baby Tunks, because he looked like Trunks, except that he had black hair and brown eyes. She was very happy and Vegeta and Bulma were glad that she was happy again too.
During those couple of months, Silver was still trying to find her father, Trunks. One day she saw a building that looked similar to Capsule Corporation. As she walked closer to the building, she saw a sign that says Capsule Corp. Silver jumped up and down as she saw it. She decided to go inside and to see if her father was home or her future grandmother. She gotten half way to the building, but suddenly a huge robot came charging at her. She was scared and her mind went blank as the blue and red robot came at her. She started to run, but not for long because she remembered that she had powers to defeat the robot, or she hoped that her powers will stop it.
"Hey, why did you stop running?" asked the Robot.
"Because I want to fight you," Silver replied.
"I'll crush you into the ground if you fight me. Hahahaha!" Robot exclaimed laughing.
"I wouldn't be so sure about that Mr. Robot," Silver said getting closer to the robot and kicking it really hard on one of its legs.
"Ouch! You little brat, I'll teach you a thing or two!" the robot shouted getting very angry.
"Hmm…I don't remember robots ever saying ouch before. Are you sure you're a robot?" Silver asked as she examined him.
"Yes, I am sure that I'm a robot!" the robot yelled.
"Ok, if you are a robot then where's you battery? Robots have to run a battery, you know." Silver said looking at the robot.
"How did you know that I wasn't a real robot?" asked a short little pig.
"Cause I build one before. Hey, are you Oolong?" Silver asked grinning at the little pig.
"Why should I tell you? I'm getting someone to kick you out of here, since you ruin my disguise," Oolong said as he turns around to face the front door.
"Who are you calling Oolong?" Silver asked curiously.
The front door slowly opened and a dark figure was there. It walked into the light and there stood, a tall muscular man with long lavender hair. He walked until he met Oolong and Silver.
Can it be…my father? He looks the same in the pictures that I have at home. I can't believe it's really him. Silver was thinking to herself.
"All right, Oolong who is it now that I have to kick out for the 100th time?" Trunks asked.
"This brat here. She kicked me," Oolong said pointing to Silver.
"Ok, ok, Miss please get out of my property?" Trunks asked.
"Wait, I need to talk to you daddy…I mean Trunks," Silver said nervously, not knowing what to say.
"What did you just call me?" Trunks asked narrowing his eyes.
"I…I…um…I called you daddy," Silver answered.
"Why?" Trunks asked.
"Well, because you are my father," Silver said.
"I have no daughter, and if I did, I would know what she would look like," Trunks said, but he also lied about that he didn't have a daughter because he didn't want strangers to know that he has a family.
"Well guess what, you haven't seen your daughter a long time so maybe you don't know what she looks like," Silver said knowing that her father was lying to her.
"Oh, why am I having this conversation with a stranger?" Trunks asking himself and starts to walk away.
"Wait daddy, let me prove to you that I am your daughter, Silver," She said as she grabbed Trunks by the arm.
Trunks turned his head to face her and he noticed something familiar as Silver wiped some makeup off her right cheek. It was a little yellow star and Trunks was shocked by it. He knew that his daughter had a star on her cheek, just like her mother did. He look at her still shocked, he didn't know what to say to her. He was very embarrassed now because he had treated his daughter very rudely. He only hopes that she could forgive him for treating her in a bad way.
"Now do you believe me daddy?" Silver asked.
"Yes, Silver I do. I just can't believe that it's you. My, you have grown. How old are you?" Trunks asked curiously.
"I'm 17 daddy, the same age when you came to the past, but I came to see you in the future," Silver replied.
"Your mother told you stories about me? I thought I told her not to brag and tell too much about me," Trunks said smiling.
"I made her tell me daddy. Everything I do or see reminds me of you. I even promised myself that I would a time machine so I could see you. I also kind of hid that idea from mom because she would only make me stay and I didn't want that. But now that I'm here, I kind of feel happier," Silver said hugging her father, or should I say her daddy.
"Well, I'm glad that you are happy here, but are you going back? If you are please stay, I would also be happy to know my own daughter a bit more before she goes back," Trunk asked hugging her back.
"Well, daddy, that was part of my plan. I plan to stay until I know you enough, even though I do, but then you're more than just a hero though, you're my father and I want to do know what kind of things you do here now," Silver said.
"Well then, come inside to meet your grandmother from the Future, and then I'll show you your room and then we'll get to know each other. How's about that?" Trunks asked.
"Sure daddy, I would love to do that," Silver replied with a smile.
So they went inside the building, leaving Oolong behind only because they forgot that he was there with them. Silver met her future grandmother and saw her room that she was given. She knew that she was going to be happy here than her own time period because she was now here with her father. Since Silver planned to stay in the Future for a while, she and her father talked a lot about what they like to do. Trunks would sometimes tell Silver about his early life and how very rough it was because of the androids that try to destroy the world. Silver felt sorry for her father, and thought about her life and how good it had been. She asked him why he and her mother did not raise her in the Future. He told her that she would have a better life, and she would be more happier living in the present and also her mother belong in the present and he did not want to change things between the two time periods. Silver now understood why and thought that he was a great father for thinking of his family first. That made her feel good to know that about it.
A year had past and Silver was beginning to feel a bit homesick. Trunks knew that his daughter was homesick. Her face had been gloomy and she didn't smile as much as she used to. Trunks walked towards Silver and decided to talk for a while.
"Hey, Silver, is something wrong?" Trunks asked.
"Well, yeah, but, it's hard to say. I don't want to leave here, but I also don't want to stay here forever. I want to go home but then I think of you daddy. I think…
"You think you're going to be unhappy. Is that it Silver, you think that you might be unhappy again?" Trunks asked.
"Yes, how did you know that?" Silver asked very surprised.
"Parents have special powers of knowing things like this Silver. Don't worry if you feel unhappy if you go back to the Present. Do what I did when I came to the past, I mean present, oh…you know what I mean," Trunks told his daughter.
"Oh yes, you went back to the Future because you thought everything was ok in the Present. So I can do that too. If I'm not ok, then I can just come back here, of course, I should have known that," Silver said.
"So when are you going back home?" Trunks asked.
"Right now, I really miss Trunks and Goten," Silver said going to her room.
"Well, don't you miss your mom, and your other relatives?" Trunks asked.
"Yeah, I miss them a lot too," Silver replied as she was packing up her things.
"Well, I'm going to really miss you, dear. I hope you feel better and if you don't, you can come back here again, or just visit whenever you feel like," Trunks said smiling.
"Thanks daddy," Silver said hugging him.
"It's no problem dear, I'll always be here for you," Trunks said kissing his daughter on her forehead.
"Don't I have to say good-bye to grandma too?" Silver asked.
"Nah, I'll tell her your leaving, besides I wouldn't want her to cry and make such a big fuss about it," Trunks answered.
"Oh, ok, then I'll be leaving now," Silver said as she opens the portal.
"I love you daddy."
Silver went to hug her father again and she starts to cry because he was a great dad and had done a lot for her.
"I love you too, Silver," Trunks said hugging back with a tear running down his cheek.
"Now, get out of here before you grandma starts to cry too."
"Ok, daddy, I'll see you soon," Silver obeyed and entered the portal waving good-bye.
Bulma entered Silver's room and saw Trunks facing the wall. She wondered if something was wrong so that she could help him out with his problem.
"Trunks dear, are you all right?" asked Future Bulma.
"Yeah mom, yeah," Trunks replied.
"Oh, ok…um, where's Silver?" Bulma asked curiously.
"She went back home, mom," Trunks replied as he turns to face his mother.
"She left? I didn't even say good-bye. Teenagers these days, they won't say good-bye even though they know that you want them too. Humph, Trunks you need to teach that daughter of yours some manners," Bulma said.
"Yes, I will mother, and you can count on it," Trunks said walking out of Silver's room.
Back in the Present, Goku and his family came to Capsule Corporation for a visit. They didn't know that she was coming back nor did Canny and her other relatives. So this was a good time for Silver to come back because all her family members were here at the same place. They were all having lunch inside and all-of-a-sudden; a huge wind came and blew all the food off the table. An opening appeared and a figure was in it.
"Goku, what is it?" Bulma asked.
"Yeah dad, what is it?" Goten asked.
"I'm not sure you guys, but I think it could be trouble," Goku answered.
"Well then, what are we waiting for, lets power up," Gohan said.
They all powered up including Vegeta because he didn't want anyone to kill Goku and also Goku was his to kill someday. The figure came closer and closer, as it walked into the light, the figure's fave appeared. Everyone was staring; they didn't know what to say as it walked closer to them. Soon the portal closed and there was silence in the room. Nobody talk for a couple of seconds, except for Goku because he knew that it was his niece.
"Silver, welcome back to the present," Goku said cheerfully as he lowered his power level and went to hug his niece.
"Yeah, great to have you back cuz," Goten said also lowering his power level and went to hug Silver.
"Wait, how can we be sure if this is the real Silver. What if this is a copy?" Vegeta said.
"Oh come on Vegeta, this has to be the real Silver. Besides, if she was a copy she would have killed us all by now," Goku said.
"I still think she's a copy, a copy that is waiting for the right moment to everyone," Vegeta said as he turns to face the wall with his arms crossed.
"Wait, I can tell if this is the real Silver," Canny said walk towards Silver with baby Tunks, Silver's little brother.
"Who gave your father or Present Trunks that sword when he was young?" Canny asked point to it.
"Why, Tapion of course. I still remember him when he came here and fought that evil monster. Luckily Uncle Goku used his dragon punch to finish him off, and Tapion was glad that the monster was kill because he doesn't have to worry about that thing coming out of his body when he does fall asleep. Oh, yes, when he got into the time machine, he gave Trunks his sword because he said that he didn't need it anymore," Silver replied.
"SILVER!" Canny exclaimed and hugged her tightly.
"Come on everybody, lets all hug Silver now since she proved herself that she was really Silver," Goku said.
They all hugged her and Vegeta did too, only because he loved his granddaughter very much. (I know Vegeta has a soft spot). After they hugged her, they all wanted her to tell what she did in the Future and if she found Future Trunks. It took all day and night, and the next morning for her to finish telling it. When she finished everyone was tired and they all went to bed, except for Goku, Goten, Trunks, and Silver because they were hungry. (Yep, Silver's got a big appetite too). Vegeta went back to train again because sleeping only slows him down and he doesn't need it.
The next day, Silver was playing with her baby brother Tunks and Pan. Pan was 2 year-old and Tunks was 1. Silver is now 18 and is happier than ever cause she's got a baby brother that has the same personality just like her daddy. (That doesn't mean that she won't visit her father from the Future though). She was so happy that she played with them until it was they're naptime. She knew now that she was complete and Present Trunks was glad of that because he got the old Silver back. And it was the real Silver too because she beat him up like she said she would when she was in the portal. That made him really happy even though he had to suffer.

The End