Chapter 1
By: Anika

"Jessika, can I come over for awhile?" Anika asked her best
friend, while walking home from school. Jessika looked at
her. "We can read manga or make fun of music videos."
Jessika pondered for a minute. She wasn’t in the best of
moods that afternoon with a lot of housework to do.
"Well, okay but not for a long time." She finally replied.
Anika smiled cleverly.
They walked along the sidewalk and then stopped. Both looked
up and saw a group standing in front of them, chattering.
"Damn people, have no respect for the walking!" Anika said,
sarcastically. They looked at her.
"What the hell?"
Anika looked at Jessika and laughed a little. She took a
look at one of them and remembers what she heard.
"Oh no, It’s a spiky-haried Prince!" She laughed. The
spiky-haired guy glared at her.
"You know us? How?" The purpled hair boy asked. Jessika
looked at him with these lovey-dovey eyes. Anika stood back
after she made that last statement.
"We know you." She spoke up, shyly. "Let me see."
They looked at Anika. Jessika stood next to her.
"You’re Gohan, Goten, Goku, Trunks, and Vegeta." She
pointed to each one. Vegeta was shocked. "And you are
"Juuhachi-gou," Jessika corrected.
"Whatever," Anika muttered crossly. Juuhachi-gou looked at
them as if they were insane.
"We’ll show you. Follow." Jessika said. Anika stayed
behind, afraid to follow. Jessika went to her and whispered
"I think I might go home,"
"Come on, you can’t leave me with the most powerful people
in the universe!"
Anika followed, staying behind them. They walked down the
street, with Dragonball fans casting strange glances at
Anika had a strange feeling about this. Goten went to her.
Anika looked at him and smiled weakly.
"You never introduced yourself." He told her. Anika took
her hat off and pulled her hair back then replaced the hat.
"I’m Anika," she whispered. Goten smiled.
I wonder why she’s so shy. He thought. They reached
Jessika’s house. She unlocked the front door and went
inside. Anika put her pack down and went to the garage to
"Damn it. This is strange. Why are they here?" She told
herself. "But it’s like I knew this was going to happen."
Jessika come in. She saw Anika sitting on the step.
"Boo!" She said. Anika jumped. She turned around and gave
her an evil look.
"You better start to run." She told her. "Cause there is no
escape, Jessie." Jessie took off run with Anika behind her.
She went to "lightly" punch her when Vegeta appeared in
front of her so instead of hitting Jessika, she hit Vegeta
and knocked him out.
Jessika looked down with wide eyes. "You killed him…"
Vegeta started to moan as he woke up. He glared at Anika
with his evil eyes. Anika rubbed her head and backed away.
"S-sorry. He he."
Vegeta got up. Goku stared at Anika, so did everyone else.
She smiled weakly and walked away.
"Jessika, where will they stay at?" she asked, Jessie
sighed. Anika pondered.
"I don’t really know where they’ll stay at," Jessika
groaned, Anika pondered some more when she smiled
HAVE THE REST!" she screamed into Vegeta’s ear. Vegeta
stared at her again and she backed away.
"She is not my friend," Jessika told them, burying her face
in her hands. Anika looked down and grinned sheepishly.
Vegeta snarled and Goku laughed.
"SHUT-UP, KAKAROT!" Vegeta yelled. Goku covered his mouth
with his hands. Vegeta narrowed his eyes down at Anika.
"S-sorry?" Anika said in a small voice.
Vegeta snorted and walked away. Goku uncovered his mouth
and started to snicker. Vegeta turned around and glared at
him, thinking about killing him in his sleep, but the
thought past.
"Who wants pizza?!" Jessika yelled, this time screamed in
Vegeta’s other ear. The Saiya-jin prince promptly snatched a
lock of her hair.
"You meant to do that, didn’t you, brat?"
Through whimpers of pain, Jessika chuckled uneasily.
"Aheh…ow, ow, heh, ow…" Anika laughed through her teeth.
"Juuhachi, you’ve been quiet," Anika told her.
"Juuhachi-gou," both the android and Jessika corrected her,
Jessika’s hair still in Vegeta’s grasp. Anika glared at
"Yo, Jessie, where are the two hotties at. Vegeta and Goku
are not that hot so it can’t be them" Anika demanded. Vegeta
and Goku both glared at her. Vegeta released his grip
slightly, and Jessika was able to wriggle away.
Suddenly, a black-and-white entity zipped into the room and
stopped short of the Z Senshi. Kieko, Jessika’s chubby cat,
his claws extended into the carpet, cringed with wide flaxen
Trunks entered the room. Suddenly, he made a dash at Kieko.
The cat, panicked by all the ki in the house, made a mad
race for Jessika and leapt into her arms. Jessika made a
short yelp and toppled over under the weight. Kieko, claws
still extended, ran over her face and into the bedroom.
"Damn cat, ouch!" Jessika hollered, rubbing her scraped
face. Trunks smiled sheepishly and backed away afraid of
getting his ass yelled at.
Jessika noticed his anxious smile and shrugged her
shoulders. "It’s OK; he jumps at everything."
Trunks makes a feeble smile again.

Weeks went on and romance was under way. Goten and Anika
had been going out almost every weekend. Trunks and Jessika
were in their own wonderland.
Every thing was perfect until it was time for Trunks,
Vegeta, Goku, Goten, Gohan, and Juuhachi-gou to return back
to their own time. The adults let the kids say good-bye
"Good-bye, Anika." Goten said sweetly, but sadly. He was
sad that He was going to have to leave her. Anika felt a hot
tear slip from her face. Goten held her close, not wanting
to let go.
Trunks looked at Jessika. His blue eyes met with her eyes.
Both were sad that they would have to be apart.
"I love you, Jess." He whispered in her ear. "I don’t wanna
leave you." Trunks held her close and kissed her.

"TRUNKS, GOTEN! TIME TO GO!" Vegeta shouted.

"Good-bye, Jessika." He turned and walked away along side
Goten. They turned around and waved good bye and left…for

Jessika looked at Anika, who was crying. Her first
boyfriend, who made her happy, just left her alone.
"Anika, I’m sure they’ll find away to visit us," Jessika
reassured her.

A week went by and Jessika was worried about Anika, who
locked herself in her house. She tried to get her outside
but nothing worked.
"Only if Goten were still here." She told herself. Jessika
padded around her house. She missed Trunks, but she wasn’t
that sad, but she did really miss him at first.

"Goten, what’s wrong?" Trunks asked while they watched TV.
Goten looked up.
"Something’s wrong with Anika. I know it." he replied.
Trunks raised his brow. He knew what was really wrong with
Goten, he missed Anika as much as Anika missed him.

Anika had been lying in bed all morning, thinking about the
times she and Goten had. She laughed as she remembered his
lame jokes.
"He’s so much like his father." She told herself.

Jessika looked at the ceiling. She was bored and tired of
Anika. She was starting to get worried about her best
friend. She hadn’t seen her in a week. She must have really
loved Goten…she thought.
There was a knock at her door. Jessika got up and went to
answer it. As she got there she tripped over Kieko, who had
been sleeping.
"Damn cat!" She yelled as her cat scampers off. She opened
the door.
Trunks and Goten were there. "Hi!" they both said at the
same time.
"Hi! Oh thank god you’re here, Goten!" she said and went to
kiss Trunks. Goten looked up.
"What’s wrong?" Goten asked. Jessika looked over at Anika’s
"Anika locked herself in her house after you left," Jessika
told them. Goten hurried to Anika’s house.
"ANIKA!" he shouted through the door. "OPEN THE DOOR!" The
door sung open and Anika jumped on Goten and wouldn’t let

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