Meetings- Chapter 2

Chapter 2
By: Anika

note: Anika and Jessika went back with Trunks and
Goten. I’m just way too lazy to write that. This
chapter is short, but I’ll make up for it in chapter
three. This chapter in mostly about Anika.

She slammed her fist on her bedroom wall making a
small dent as a tear fell from her face. There was a
knock on her door. "Come in." she said dully, not
looking up. Chichi walked in.
"Ani, dinner’s ready." She told her. Anika stared out
the window.
"I’m not hungry." She replied coldly. Chichi walked up
to her. She stared hard in Ani’s blue eyes.
"I’m sorry, I didn’t, mean to step on you pet."
Chichi told her. Anika felt a hot tears in her eyes.
"I’m not hungry," Anika repeated herself, laying
on her bed, falling asleep. Chichi covered her up and
"Kaasan, where’s Ani?" Goten asked as Chichi came in

the kitchen. Chichi gave some rice to Goku.
"She’s sleeping. I think she’s mad because of the
little incident that happened today." She told them.
Goten nodded as he finished his second bowl.
"Goten, have you noticed anything different about
since you meet her?" Goku asked his son.
"Yeah, she seems less sad but more difficult to talk

to." Goten replied. "She doesn’t come out of her room
much anymore."
Goku and Chichi nodded in agreement. "She seem
to be around people." Goku said. "I know she sad about
losing her little baby rat, but other then that I
don’t know why she seem so depressed. And she doesn’t
look to good"
They were silent for a minute. Then they heard a
Anika scream in her sleep. Chichi hurried to her.
She walked in the room to see Anika yelling. Chichi
shook her. "Ani, wake up." She said.
"Kaasan! Tousan!" she yelled sitting up, crying.
Chichi felt her forehead and gasped. Anika was burning
up and was sweaty.
"Ani, it’s okay." Chichi console her. "GOKU!" Chichi

called for her husband, Goku walked in the room.
"Yeah?" he asked, "What’s wrong?" Chichi looked at
"Can you help her walk to the living room?" she
and Goku nodded his head.
He help her up. Gently he help her down the hall. He

felt Anika’s body go limp. He lifted her up and took
her to the couch.
"Goku teleaport us to the Capsule Corporation,"
Chichi said as she and Goten grabbed a hold of his
shirt as they disappeared.
They reappeared in back of Vegeta eating dinner.
Bulma stood up.
"What’s wrong with Ani?" She asked, looking
concerned. Chichi shrugged and stared at the sleeping
"We’re not sure. She hasn’t been eating. Chichi
stepped on her pet rat earlier today." Goku told them.
Vegeta tried to hold back a snort.
Jessika knew what was wrong. She and Anika had
the other day. She stood up and walked over to them.
"I know what’s wrong." She said. Everyone looked at
Bulma went to her. " Is it personal?" Jessika shook
her head and blink.
"It’s a long story, sit down." she instructed them.
Goku set Anika on the recliner chair. Everyone sat on
the floor.
"Anika is a very stubborn girl, and also likes to be

heard." Jessika started. "She says her family always
missed understood her and with that she got in
trouble. Anika never liked when people ignored her or
her ideas.
She is a self-centered, arrogant little brat
sometimes, she always proved her point. Anika never
did good in school and basically she only went when
she was bored at home or annoyed with her parents. I
think she felt unwelcome because that the teachers
gave her a hard time."
"Get to it already." Vegeta said impatiently.
"Any ways the other day Anika told me that she was
truly happy living here with you guys. She adjusted
really quick here, I can’t believe it. Before I go on
I need to know if Ani had trouble sleeping or eating?"

Chichi nodded, "Yes she hasn’t been eating or
sleeping much, but when she does eat she eats as much
as Goku." Chichi told her.
"Okay, the reason why Ani is sick is because she is
depressed and need sleep, food and fun. She never has
fun, real fun."
"Is that all?" Vegeta snorted. "She’s sick because
she depressed?" Bulma slapped him.
"Vegeta, depression can be very dangerous," Chichi
told him. Vegeta stared at Anika, she stirred a
Anika woke up, startled. She looked around and saw
everyone. Ani felt very hungry, and her stomach proved
it. "I’m so hungry, I could eat a whole pizza." Trunks
and Goten laughed.
Bulma got her some food and gave it to her. Ani
finished it in under five minutes. "Arigatou,
Bulma-san." She smiled and sighed.
"Ani, are you mad about your pet?" Vegeta asked,
trying not to snicker. Anika glared at him.
"Mention her once more time and you’ll be on the
floor holding your high and mighty princely balls. Got
it?" she snarled. Goku laughed along with everyone
else. Anika’s favorite thing to do was to annoy
Vegeta, she turned to him. " Veggie-chan, tell me,
were you born in cow shit or do you always smell like
that?" she asked him. Vegeta grabbed her shirt and
held her high above the floor.
"I’m the Prince of Saiyajin and you will respect
he growled. Anika laughed as she thought of something
to make him put her down.
"If you don’t put me down, I’ll throw up all over
you." She lied. Vegeta set her down as she burst in to
a fit of giggles. "You fall for everything,"
"Ani, calm down, you’re pissing him off." Jessika
told her. Anika looked at Vegeta, who was now super
"Poor Veggie-chan, Gomen." She whispered. " But I
just love pissing you off." Vegeta hair went back to
black. "oh, If you’re a prince and if your planet as
annihilated, that would make you "King Vegeta" of
nothingness." Once again Ani proved her point. Vegeta
stared at her. He couldn’t believe that a nineteen
year old girl was pissing him off. He thought only
Bulma, Goku and everyone else could do that.
"Anika are you okay?" Jessika asked her. "You don’t
look to good."
"I’m fine." She replied.
Anika felt someone tap her shoulder, but didn’t pay
much attention, she was last in thought and didn’t
hear people talking.
"…go to the movies?" Goten was asking her. Anika
snapped back to reality. She looked over at Goten.
"Yea, sure." She replied, unaware of the question.
Goten sighed as his shook his head.
"Cool, tomorrow at eight?" he asked. Anika nodded
went back to thinking.
Now, what did I agree to? She asked herself. It must
not be important. Oh well… her mind seemed to be in a
different world. Anika sat down and stared straight
ahead which was where Vegeta was siting.
Vegeta glared at her, not blinking. "What are you
staring at?" he snarled. Anika turned her head and
didn’t answer.

coming next is chapter three!