The Way It Never Was

The sun rose over the desert like horizon. Gohan is already awake and over looks the site. This was the same sunrise he was so used to when he was six. After all, this was the same place Piccolo trained him. A pleasent look became his face, but that was soon changed to a serious one. There was a sound from behind him; it was Trunks. The teenage Sayian hybrid woke just a few minutes after him.

"Mornin', Trunks," Gohan said without looking back at him. "You ready to train?"

"How long must we go through this?" Trunks yawned. He didn't feel like training today, which was odd for a Sayian but even more unusual for him being the son of Vegeta.

"We're almost done," he replied walking back to Trunks. "Turn Super Sayian, and then we can begin."

For the past five weeks and half, Gohan has been training Trunks for something no one knows. It was just something BaBa saw in her Neo-Crystal Ball. She notified all the best fighters that there was a dark force that will destroy the Earth sometime soon. After that, everyone went their way. The Z Fighters, lead by Krillin, went to Kame's Lookout to train there as Mr. PoPo observes. Piccolo went off to some remote area to train himself. The remaining Sayians, namely Goku, Goten, and Vegeta, locked themselves in the Capsule Corporation's Gravity Room. Not even Bulma could open it! Gohan, thanks to Chi Chi denying him a chance to rebel in his teenage years, refused to train in the Gravity Room and asked Vegeta to train Trunks the way he was. Vegeta was a bit hesitant at first but allowed him.

After some stretching, Trunks turned Super Sayian followed by Gohan. Both were very alert for people that just woke up. Must be the Sayian side of them. To test his speed, Gohan threw a fast punch to Trunks's face. He easily blocked it and threw a few punches of his own. Gohan ducked and tried to sweep him. Trunks jumped into the air throwing a energy ball as he did. A great explosion occured were Gohan stood. Through the smoke, Gohan rushed at Trunks, and a light speed fight occured. In fact, if anyone was there, they wouldn't even see the fight. All they woulds see is Trunks and Gohan disappearing from the bluff, a flash of light, and finally Trunks landing on a further cliff from Gohan with a few scratches on his face. Gohan's uniform was slightly burned. Trunks took a defence stance knowing that Gohan will take advantage of this pause. He did. Gohan sent a KamehaMeya Wave in his direction. Trunks slapped it aside causing one of the many bluffs to explode into nothing but dirt. Trunks and Gohan both rushed at each other only to stop in mid flight short of any fight that was to become engaged. Both had a look of shock and confusion.

"Did you feel that?" asked Gohan.

"Yeah," Trunks replied softly. "It felt like a whole lot of ki just disappeared." They both turned to the southeast. "It came from that direction." Trunks went back to his cold trademark look while Gohan looked on.

"How far do you think it was from here?" he asked. That question was quickly answered as a child's body, out of nowhere, came huddling in their direction. Trunks caught him, but the force was so strong that both went flying into a cliff. That didn't hurt Trunks as much as it would if he wasn't Super Sayian. He looked into his arms to see who he caught.

"Goten?!" he said, somehow keeping that cold stare on his face. He was scared of what has happened to this little Sayian warrior. Gohan landed and ran towards the two. Trunks "turned off" his Super Sayian self back into his normal purple hair and landed as well placing Goten on the ground. Goten looked as if the life was drained out of him. He had scars all over his body and all but his karate pants were either shredded or burned by something. His hair was still smoking from the same blast. Gohan tossed Trunks a Senzu Bean to revive Goten. He placed it in his little mouth, and almost instantaneously Goten came to. As soon as his eyes opened, he sat straight up with a shocked look.

"Trunks! Gohan!" the little 10-year-old Sayian yelled. "Where am I?" Something bad happened and Goten's eyes showed it.

"Easy, little bro," comforted Gohan. "What happened?"

"I-I-I dunno! It all happened so fast! None of us even felt it coming!!" Goten sped through thoses words as if they were nothing to him. Trunks looked up towards the direction where Goten came from as he explained everything to Gohan. "We were training in 100g's when we heard a scream from outside. Dad went to open the door, and this huge fireball just shot in our direction. We didn't sense any kind of ki coming from it, and Dad tried to block it." His head lowered. "That's all I remember."

"I don't sense their ki," Trunks finally said. "Something's wrong."

"We have to get back there!" Goten screamed. "The others may be alive!"


"Yes, Pan and Mom were coming over to check on us."

"PAN?!" Gohan realized. If that explosion could send Goten this far, he thought, then that mean that Pan is in danger. "Let's go." Gohan shot off towards the remains of the Capsule Corporation's Training Grounds and Lab followed by Goten. Trunks went to the tree he left his favorite blue jacket at only to find it missing.

"Where the hell is my jacket?" he asked aloud. "Nevermind that, for now. I have more important matters." He then shot off after the others. A few seconds after he left, the theif that stole his jacket peeked around the cliff that he was hiding behind. He sports a dark black, hooded cloak that covered his eyes. He then followed the three Sayians keeping a good distance behind Trunks. After all, do you think he would want Trunks to know of his presence?

When they got to the Capsule Corporation, everything was in ruins. The trademark dome of the main building looked like a caved-in egg shell. Gohan stood at the site half in awe and half in shock. Goten was looking for survivors if any could be found.

"Gohan!!" he yelled as he spotted something. "Down there!" The both landed next to a pile of rubble and moved it quickly to help anyone who could be captured underneath. Trunks finally arrived to help. After moving feet upon feet of wood and stone, Pan's face was revealed to the sunlight. Her little face was scratched worst than Goten's was.

"Pan!" yelled Gohan. "Are you okay?" Pan started to cough in reply. She opened one eye to see her father standing over her.

"Daddy," she managed to squeak by her lips. A slight smile came across her face.

"Here ya go, girl," Gohan said in a comforting tone as he handed her a Senzu Bean. She took it and became better. Suddenly, Trunks looked up. A white glove hanging limp among some rubble caught his attention. At that moment, Trunk felt as if someone shot him in his heart.

"No," he said softly. He ran towards the hand in a panic and quickly dug out enough of the rubble to see who it was. It was a lifeless Vegeta laying next to a beaten Goku. A emotionally disturbed look came over Trunks as he feel to his knees. This didn't help him much since he is now eye level with his fathers hand. His eye then caught something on the other side of the room. Bulma's lifeless body was only half buried, but that wasn't what got his attention. There was a one star Dragonball next to her. Gohan, Pan, and Goten noticed this too. Trunks then stood up with his cold look back on his face. "We have to get the Dragonballs, guys," he said in an orderly tone. "Then we'll wish them back." Suddenly, the four of them heard a beeping sound from behind. They all turned to see Bra with a DragonRadar and Dende's four star Dragonball. "Sis!" Trunks said joyously. Bra looked up from the radar to see who called her name. "Man, am I glad to see you. We need that DragonRadar."

"I know," Bra said calmly.

"You knew?" asked Goten as he grabbed the one star Dragonball.

"Yeah. Koran and I saw two weird looking figures fall from the sky just before dawn broke. Then BaBa comes along and starts jabbering about something that Krillin and the others didn't quite get till that explosion. BaBa told them what happened, point-blank, and they sent me with the DragonRadar to find the Dragonballs. Dende gave me his before I left Koran Tower."

"They sent you to find the Dragonballs unprotected?!" questioned Trunks. His sister is the only thing he has left in his family, so, naturally, he'd ask this as if he was a parent.

"Not really," Bra said. She then pointed to the sky to... nothing. "Huh? Where is he?"

"Where's who?" wondered Gohan. A sudden flash of light blinded them. When the light dissolved, someone was falling to the ground. "Look out!!" Trunks grabbed Bra and pulled her out of the way as the falling object struck the ground where she was just standing. It was a teenager, no older than Trunks, wearing a black cloak. This is the same guy that was following the three Sayians before. He was laying face down, his head no longer covered be the hood. Even though his head was exposed, they couldn't see his face due to his long hair. What was ironic was that his hair was the same shade of purple as Trunks's and Bra's. However, it had several streeks of black and gold. As the five tried to approach him, Piccolo landed.

"It's a good thing I'm here," he growled, somehow cracking a smile. This is where somekind of reunion was suppose to happen but didn't. The figure behind Piccolo groaned in pain and tried to get up. He was able to get to his hands and knees before passing out exposing his face for the first time. He had facial features similar to Goten. "So, he's still alive." Piccolo started to gather energy in his hand. "I'll finish him off."

"Wait!" demaned Trunks. Piccolo cancelled whatever he had planed. Through a small crack in the cloak, he saw his blue jacket. He took it? he thought. What could he want with my jacket? He then pulled it out of the sac that held it and put it back on him compleating his outfit. It felt a bit lighter than normal; he checked the pockets. Something's missing. His eyes then shot back to the injured teen.

"What's up, Trunks?" asked Pan. Trunks knelt down next to the body with Piccolo looking over. He reached for the sac that held his jacket on the kid's waist and opened it. In a confused manner, Trunks filed through the stranger's belongings.

"What do you think you're doing?" asked a female voice with an evil tone from behind. The group turned around to the source. Sitting amog the rubble was a teenage girl, about the same age as the other stranger, holding a fireball in her right hand. She was about the same height as Trunks if not a few inches shorter, and her short hair was a bright red with the same streeks of black and gold. She, too, was in a black cloak that covered a robed outfit. A sudden look in her eye could tell anyone that she meant bussiness. "Get away from him and keep your hands where I can see them," she brought the fireball back in a pre-trowing manner, "or you'll get burned." Goten, Pan, and Bra hid behind Gohan, who stood next to Piccolo. Trunks found that the male stranger stole his box of Capsule Corporation Miniture Utilities (his sword, a house, a motorcycle, etc.). He move slowly away from the body taking the box from the sac. "Good," sneered the female stranger. As soon as Trunks stood, she saw the body of her partner and canceled her fireball in shock. "Kit!" she screamed. She rushed towards him and knelt down next to head. She lifted it gently. "What did they do to you?" Kit began to come back from his faint. He softly moaned in pain as was able to open his eyes slightly.

"Kat," he managed to say, "I'll be fine. I just need time to heal."

"Yeah right," Piccolo scoffs. "You're not getting off that easy." He bagan to gather engery in his hands again. "Hope you enjoyed your stay here on Earth." Just as he was about to attack, a sudden blast from out of nowhere struck the Namek.

"Piccolo!" yelled Gohan as his friend and former trainer went flying trough the air. His lifeless body fell about ten feet from where he was standing. Goten, Pan, and Bra turned to the most logical direction of the blast, Kat. She was looking over her shoulder at someone behind her. Trunks was the first to notice a figure satnding on the opposite side of the ruins. He couldn't see much as the figure teleported away just as Trunks spotted him. Ironicly, at the same moment, Gohan saw Piccolo's body teleport away. He then whirled his sight back to the two cloaked strangers with a look of anger. "What did you do with him?" he snarled. There was no answer. "Answer me!!"

"Why should they?" asked Trunks. "They didn't do it."

"Wha?" Gohan looked at Trunks confused and still enraged.

"I saw a figure on the opposite side of the ruins. He looked like our friends here but was different. He appeared more evil."

"That was Master Kizar," said Kat. She put her hand to Kit's forehead, and it started glowing. The Sayians looked in awe.

What is she doing? wondered Trunks. And why can't I sense any ki from her? She must be using a lot right now. A few minutes later, Kit sat up fully healed. Kit now had an evil glance in his eye similar to Trunks's cold look. Something tells me that they are not the good guys. Kit and Kat both rose to their feet; both with evil grins. Trunks, Gohan, and Goten took defensive stances.

"I bet you think a fight is gonna happen soon, huh?" Kit said. Since he is no longer hurt, he's gotten a bit cocky. He has a good enough reason. None of the Sayians could sense him or his partner. A sneak attack would be easy for them right now. "Well, it ain't gonna happen any time soon." Both started an evil laughing and then teleported away.

"We'd better get to Koran Tower and find out what's going on," suggested Gohan. The others nodded in agreement, and with that, they flew towards Koran Tower.

Meanwhile, in a cave near Yamzabit Hights, Kit and Kat had teleported in to a very displeased Master Kizar who was slowly reviving Piccolo. Kizar is wearing a long black cape that sometimes draped in the front forming a cloak. His hair was a silky silver and he had features exactly like the late Zarbon, when not in his transformed state, of Freeza's army.

"Some warrior you are," scolded Kat. "What'd he do? Surprised you from behind?"

"As a matter of fact, yes," Kit retorted. At lest he tells the truth. Kat let out an annoying laugh.

"And just what were you going to do with that box?" laughed Kat. "Use it to hold your tacky collectibles?" Kit got red with anger. Out of the corner of his eye, Kizar flashed a cold glance at her. Both immediately stopped.

"What are you doing, my master?" Kit asked politely.

"Reviving the Namek," Kizar said without turning away. Even his voice could tell the dumbest person this guy was evil to the core.

"Are you sure that is wise?" Kat asked in reply. "He may attack again." She said this with a slight smile on her face and a glance to Kit as if to make fun of him.

"I need him for bait," Kizar explained. "More than likely, those Sayians that you came across will come and look for him. And when they do," he cracked an evil grin, "they're in for a big surprise." He then turned around to face his only warriors. "They will have to fight one of you to the death. It will be a one-on-one match to the death in the Destiny Caves. I'll pick the warriors when that time comes, but let me assure you this." His eyes drifted in Kit direction. "This match will tell me just how worthy of a fighter the one I choose is." Kizar then turned back to his work. That glance from him sent Kit a message. He started to feel himself sweat, and his heart was pumping faster than it has before. "Guard the entrance here and stay there until you see the Sayians."

"Yes sir," said both. They then vanished as they bowed to him.

Once at Kame's Lookout, Gohan and the others were met by Dende and Mr. PoPo. As Goten got a new set of clothing, Dende explained to them how, unless this new force is delt with first, wishing the others back with the Dragonballs is useless.

"What do you mean?" queried Trunks.

"Shortly after Bra left, that Kizar fellow came along and attacked The Z Fighters," Dende started. "We didn't even sense him coming and, therefore, didn't stand a chance. They fought their hardest, but, as you can see, they didn't win this fight. They were all sent to another dimension. Now, if we revive Goku, Krillian, and the others, we normally would have a fighting chance, but in this case, we don't. If we can't sense their ki, we are open to any attack they please."

"Apparently, they like the surprised method," continued Mr. PoPo. "It seems as if they know that you guys can sense the ki of others and are taking advantage of the fact that you can't sense them."

"BaBa found their hideout in Yamzabit Hights," resumed Dende. "We think it best if you go there and try to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Mr. PoPo will take all of you there."

"Pan," Gohan started as he knelt down to her height, "I want you to stay here."

"She can't," ordered Dende. Gohan turned his head to Dende. "BaBa also saw a plan that involves all of you to go. It is best if you all went; otherwise, they may come looking for the rest of you killing and destroying all that is in their path. We can't risk the people of Earth like that." Gohan nodded as a sign that he understood.

"Okay, guys," called Mr. PoPo, "Are you ready to go?" He then showed them his magic carpet hovering next to him. They all nodded. "All right. Let's get going." They boarded the carpet. As Trunks was getting on, Dende grabbed his shoulder at stop him.

"Yes, Dende?" he said still keeping that cold look.

"Take these," Dende said as he handed Trunks a bag of Senzu Beans. "BaBa also saw something dark happening to you. You're one of the strongest fighters left on the planet, and we can't afford to loose you." Trunks stuffed the bag in his jacket and boarded the carpet. Then in a flash, they were off to Yamzabit Hights. Please be careful, thought Dende. I have a bad feeling about these next fights. Someone may not survive while the remainnig may be used.

In no time, the five Sayians arrived at the edge of Yamzabit Hights.

"Here we are," declared Mr.PoPo. Everyone looked around. There were dark cliffs all around the edge as if to give warning to stumbling hikers. A cold bast of wind constantly blew against them. The sky was a very dark and almost deathly black. This is the devil's domain that they were now entering.

"Cozy," Trunks said sarcastically. They all got off the carpet except for Mr. PoPo. Trunks turned to see the carpet vanish taking Mr. PoPo back to Koran Tower. The guy may be a whimp, but he has his reasons, he thought. If I was in his place, I would too. He turned back to Yamzabit Hights. "But first things first." He joined the others as they appoarched the massive cliffs. Pan and Gohan were scanning the area for a potentially safer entrance.

"So," questioned Bra, "how do we get in?"

"That's easy," smiled Goten. "Jump." He then shot off skyward.

"Goten! No!" yelled Gohan. As soon as Goten cleared the face of the cliff, a whip shot out and wrapped around him. The young Sayian screamed in pain as the whip was engulfed with flames.

"Goten!" screamed Trunks. And with those words, he was pulled over the cliff still screaming. The remaining four stood there listening. At irregular intervals, Gotens blood cold scream for help was heard from a distance that was only drowned by the wind. "Come on," he commaned. He then jumped to the top of the cliff grabbing the edge. He then climbed onto the bluff.

"Just what do you think you're doing?" Bra yelled at him. "You could end up like Goten! And even if we could save him, how would we find him?" Another one of Goten's scream for help echoed. Pan and Gohan realized what Trunks was doing. He was going to follow the screams as long as they lasted. Gohan clasped his hands together to support Pan's foot as she stepped into them. He then shot her upward. Pan did a very impressive backflip and landed on the bluff like a gymnast. Gohan looked at Bra as if to say with his eyes 'You're next.' She didn't even take one step when a sudden depression appeared below her and a pair of gloved hand grabed her ankles.

"Bra! No!" Trunks yelled. That's all he could really do at such a sudden instance. Keep in mind that none of them sensed any ki and, therefore, were prone to any attacks. Bra was pulled underground; her screams stifled as the ground closed over her. Trunks looked as if he was about to cry. He was alone now. The only one left in his family that actually was lucky enough to get this far against a foe of this type.

"Hey, guys," Pan noted, "listen." All three of them listen as hard as possible. Besides the wind blowing past their ears, there was nothing. "Goten," Pan sobbed. "Is he--?"

"No," interrupted Trunks. "Otherwise we would've sensed a sudden loss of ki, right Gohan?" Gohan jumped onto the cliff.

"Yeah, we would," he supported. He then turned to Pan. "But we didn't, did we?" Pan began to slime slightly through her tearful eyes.

"We better get a move on if we want to find them," Trunks commanded as he got his sword from its capsule. They then climbed down the other side of the large bluff and headed toward the deep center. Gohan and Trunks were walking as low as possible; Trunks had his sword extended in what looks like fencing stance six (straight in front and level with his head) to defend against anything. He knew it wouldn't help him much, but he would rather go down fighting. He knew something was going to happan to him, but what? Pan was sprinting from bolder to bolder acting as a look-out. She would go from one bolder, look around the peak, and then bolt to the next nearest one. They were about three miles into Yamzabit Hights when Pan saw something. She ducked down behind the bolder and signaled Gohan and Trunks to hide as well. Gohan was against a wall being blocked by the bolder that Pan ducked behind. Trunks was on the opposite side of the deep valley behind a cropping of the cliff to his back. Gohan signaled Trunks to look around and see what Pan saw. Trunks slowly moved his sword beyond the cliff using it like a mirror. In it's refelction, he saw a caves opening about ten feet away. A few seconds later, Kit entered the image. He then looked up at Gohan. He mouthed 'What is it?' to him. Trunks moved his sword to reflect the image to him while still giving him the same image on the other side of his double-blade. Now, both he and Gohan can see the cave opening and Kit. He put his long hair in a low ponytail as he talked to Kat.

"How long do we have to wait?" he asked Kat.

"They'll come," she assured. "Don't worry. We'll catch all of them easy." Trunks moved his head to get an image of Kat without disturbing Gohan's vision. "And if they don't, we can always get them the way we got these two." Behind Kat, Trunks saw Bra and Goten tied together by a rope made of rock. Both were knocked out.

"Well," Kit started, "since it's been about an hour, what do you say we get another one?"

"Why not?" Kat smiled. "let's pick on the cute purple-haired one." Trunks gasped to himself. She turned slightly, but the image made it look like she was staring directly at him. She cracked an evil smile. Did she know that Trunks was spying on them?

"Why him?" argued Kit. "His too strong for you. Why do you want to capture him?"

"Because he's cute." Her eyes were still locked onto Trunks in the refection. "Besides," she reached inside the cloak, "he right there!!" She pulled out her whip and snapped it in Trunks direction. Quickly, Trunks moved his sword downwards as the whip flew by cutting her weapon in half. Kit jumped over the bolder that covered Pan from their sight and held a fist over his head gathering power.

"Yoo-hoo," he taunted. "Up here, weakling!" Gohan looked at him; a battle-ready face was on. "Block this!" Kit swung his hand forward and opened his fist. A beam of ice shot out towards Gohan. It hit him on the chest not only freezing his torso but sending him flying into another set of bolders.

"Daddy!" yelled Pan as she ran towards him.

"I don't think so, sweaty," Kat ran past her grabbing Pan in her free arm. Pan screamed.

"Pan! No!" Trunks turned Super Sayian and rushed towards the two sword pointed at Kat. She turned her head and flung her whip at him. Trunks could've cut it easily in half again, but something happened. The whip was engulfed in flames and was getting longer. Trunks brought his sword around and blocked it. The whip wrapped around the blade with the flames causing the sword to heat up. Trunks felt it in his hands sting. Kat cracked her whip again. This time, the flames changed colors to blue. The blade began to turn a bright red, and Trunks couldn't stand the heat any longer. He dropped the sword; Kat tossed it into a cliff face. Trunks looked at his hands to find that an imprint of the swords handle was burned into both of his palms. So much for that, he thought. Kat began to laugh that annoying laugh of hers. Suddenly, Pan stomped on her foot.

"Ow!" she yelped as Pan rushed for safety. "You little runt! You won't get away that easily!" She pointed her index and middle finger at Pan, and the ground beneath her rose and grabbed her ankles. She fell face first only to become tied down by another set of earthly hands.

Meanwhile, Kit drew a sword of his own. The blade was a metallic blue, but other than that, exactly like Trunks's. He landed with it outstreched and charged at Gohan, who has now emerged from the rubble he was trown into. Gohan saw this and turned Super Sayian as well. As he did, the ice around his torso shattered like glass. Gohan send an energy ball straight at him. Kit jumped onto the blast and started to ride it like a Nimbus. He turned it around and was still charging at Gohan, but this time his sword was down at his side like a golf club. Gohan wasn't ready for this turn of events and backed away slowly. Kit's sword began to glow blue. He then swung it over his head and back down to its original position sending a blade of ice directly at Gohan. He rolled out of harms way causing the ice blade to shatter on the cliff face. He looked up at his enemy and saw, at least three feet away from him, Trunks's Sword that Kat threw. Kit was coming at Gohan pretty fast, but he was faster. As fast as light, Gohan pulled his friend's sword out of the rock and used it to trip Kit off the engery ball. Due to the speed in which this happened, Kit went flying only to be stopped by the bolder he jumped over. He looked up to nothing in front of him. He looked higher up, and there was Gohan with the sword about to crack his foe's skull. Kit shot his free hand upward, and a bolt of lightning struck the sword's handle. This caused it to fly out of Gohan's hand and land next to Pan, who is now tied down by the earthly hands of Kat. At the same time, Kit thrust his sword into Gohan's stomach. Kit, with his eyes closed, felt his sword become heavy and let it fall to the ground. He expected to here the sound of metal hitting stone, but instead he heard a sudden 'omph' and the sound of a body hit the ground.

Trunks saw his sword and rushed for it as fast as light. As he drew it out, he saw his Gohan's body fall to the ground. He hadn't even taken a fighting stance yet to continue his battle with Kat. He just stood there in shock as Gohan's body lay there still as the surrounding rocks. A blue blade was thrusted through the Sayian's stomach. His eyes turned to Kit who just now opened his eyes to see what he has done. He reached for the sword that remained plunged in Gohan's body and pulled it out. Trunks was enraged. That cold look of his he had during his battle with Kat was replaced with one Vegeta would normally take. A look of anger and hate swallowed the boy's face to the point where his heavy and almost broken breathing could be heard. He then rushed at Kit only to be stopped one foot short by Kat. She wrapped her whip around his ankles and then caused the earth to grab his wrists as he fell. He couldn't move, but worst of all, he had an up close and personal view of Gohan's death wound. He could feel Gohan's ki disappearing now but also felt another's returning. Whose could it be? An image flashed in his head. Piccolo? thought Trunks. He's alive? But--- He felt a boot step on his back with a driving force and the whip being unwrapped.

"You idiot!" scolded Kat. "Why the hell did you go and do that?"

"Yes, Kit," said an evil voice, "why did you kill him?" Trunks moved as much of his head as he could to see where the voice came from. Throught the cornor of his eye he could see Master Kizar. A cold chill shot up his spine. "Your orders were to capture them, and you disobeyed them. By killing this one, you have won my choice as the warrior who will fight in the death match in the Destiny Caves. Your opponent," Kizar laughed an evil laugh, "is him." He motioned to Trunks. "And since he is still enraged at you for doing so, this shall make an interesting match. Kat, drain him of his energy and then bring him inside with the others. As for you," directing this to Kit, "you have one hour to prepare for the fight of and for your life." Trunks then started to feel Kat's foot lift from his back and then tired. He fought to keep his eyes open but failed. His hearing was turning on and off at random intervals. Finally, he blacked out.

Thirty minutes has passed by. If he was anything like Goku, Kit would be training like mad. He wasn't. High atop the highest point in Yamzabit Hights, one could find Kit sitting there. Just sitting as if he already knew he was going to loose. His ponytail was flapping against his right cheek as the wind blew, and he failed to show any kind of feeling. His face was as cold and still as Trunks only with a different kind of tone. This tone was depression. It was the kind of depression that a person gets after a loved one dies. Something did die. It wasn't anything that was once living, but it felt like it was. What was it? Another fifteen minutes making his meditation last about forty-five minutes of his hour.

"There's nothing I can do, now," Kit mumbled to himself. He then turned back to the cave and took the long way back.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the hideout, Piccolo is being given a briefing on why he was spared.

"You see," explained Master Kizar, "I am the head of a very elect number of individuals. These individuals possess powers that are at the max of their ability. We were once the most fear army in the universe. We were so powerful that Freeza and his weak Ginyu Force made me sign a document stating that we were never to be allies nor enemies. Should that of happen, the results would be too much, even for Freeza. Anyway, somehow someone from Earth defeated almost all my members."

"But you and those two wiz-kids were the only ones that escaped, right?" growled Piccolo. Kizar nodded. "And now you want to reform that army with the strongest from Earth. That's why you saved me, right?" Kizar nodded. "So why Trunks and not Goku?"

"Excuse me?"

"Why did you pick Trunks over Goku? You want the Earth's strongest, so what pick the fourth strongest Sayian that lives here?" Sneaky little Namek. He was trying to find out as much as he can about his plans, as if he wasn't going to reveal them anyways. That's practically villian code!

"Goku, as you call him, would never join. I've seen and delt with his type before. The younger generation is easier to control. That's why Kit and Kat are so young. Not only were they the master of their skills, but they were easy to make my own. You, on the other hand, were a challange. You had too many good and ideal thoughts that shouldn't be there. It only clouds the mind causing fighters to be weak and feeble. That's why I brainwashed you."

"You what?!" Piccolo got steamed really quick.

"I'm sure you heard me, but just for your sake, I'll tell you again. I brainwashed you. Go on and try to remember something about your past." Piccolo did so, but nothing came to him. "It's just a blank. You are only able to remember names and other statistics like that, but as for actual events, there is nothing." Piccolo growled somemore but Kizar just walked on leaving the Namek alone to wonder the passages as free will.

The hour was drawing to a close as Trunks found himself on the floor of a dark cavern. His sword was missing along with his capsules. He did still have the Senzu Beans given to him from Dende. He picked himself up and looked around the poorly lite cave. His eyes would adjust soon, but all he saw was huge room. Depth, hight, and where the cliffs were he couldn't see as of now. He was standing at a hallway and could faintly see another hallway parallel to it. He was starting to get annoyed at the darkness and looked for something flammable. Suddenly, the lighting got brighter as if someone turned up a switch. Trunks turned and gaurded against the harsh light. When his eyes readjusted to the change, he saw his sword in the center of the room. The room itself was a huge one at that. As Trunks walked to the sword, he guessed that this room was about a thousand or so feet hight and thousands more in diameter. Cliffs were located on his left side and on his right was a tall cliff with another pair of entrances and exits. Trunks put his hand on his sword's handle preparing to draw it. Taking a last look around to see if anyone was there, he then drew it out of the rock and sheathed it.

"Not a smart move," called a familar voice. Trunks looked up. His challenger Kit was standing in the entrance of the hallway. He was leaning against the wall with his armed crossed. A cocky look dawned the face as he tossed the hair that wouldn't go into his ponytail behind an ear. He wasn't wearing the black cloak. Instead, he wore a white outfit similar to Trunks's black sweat-pants and tank-top. His sword was also in a similar sheath to that of Trunks. In short, his outfit looked like a negative of Tunks's minus the blue jacket. Trunks could feel an energy ball forming in his hands, but he wasn't going to use it. If he used it now, he may not be able to find the exit. Kit drew his blue sword. "Let's get it over with," he sighed.

"My thought exactly," growled Trunks. He then sent the engery ball flying in Kit's direction. A mighty explosion made the entrance a bit bigger and produced a lot of smoke. Trunks then redrew his sword and got into a defence stance. Kit then flew out of the smoke his sword pointed at Trunks's head. Trunks knocked that and another series of blows almost as easily as he did with Gohan during training. Both tried to strike at the other only to be caught in a deadlock. The two fighters were standing so close that they could see each others nose hairs. Trunks hadn't even broken into a sweat. Kit was, on the other hand, starting to. He also had a look on his face that made Trunks think that Kit was enjoying himself. Trunks then yelled at the top of his lungs, and Kit fell back from a sudden unknown force. A golden aura engulfed the teenage Sayian and his long purple hair was being blown upwards. As it flapped in the unfelt wind, it quickly turned blond. Trunks then ceased his yelling; the aura disappeared. His hair was now spiked and up in a kind of Bart Simpson/Final Fantasy 7's Cloud style. He has turned Super Sayian.

"Very impressive," Kit said flatly. "I bet you think that I'm scared now."

"You should be," Trunks replied. For the first time, he actually sounded like his father. Creepy for those who know him best. "In this form, I'm faster and stronger than I was two seconds ago."

"Yeah right," Kit again flatly uttered. "Prove it." With those words, Trunks disappeared from normal vision. Moving at the speed of light, he ran behind Kit and was going to strike from over-head with his sword. As soon as he reappeared, however, Kit wasn't where he was before. Trunks landed from his protential attack and glanced quickly around. Kit was running into the hallway Trunks found himself in at the begining. Trunks sprinted to the entrance again at the speed of light. Kit didn't even get half a foot in the doorway when Trunks suddenly appeared in front of him. Kit jumped back and took a defensive stance with his sword again. A few of his gloden and purple and black streaks were hanging in his face making him look like a combination of Goten, Trunks, and a Super Sayian. Trunks slashed his sword upward missing Kit but exposing a wide attack area. Kit then trust his sword at his stomach only to strike through air. Trunks quickly jumped behind him and grabbed Kit's free arm in a hammer-lock (pulled the wrist back to almost in between the shoulder blades) while putting the blade of his sword against his neck. Kit tried to elbow Trunks in his face but missed. He also almost cut his own throat in the process. Trunks then tighten the hammer-lock, and Kit grunted slightly with the pain. In a desperate act, Kit threw his sword to the ground and sent an ice beam into the young Sayian's face. Trunks dropped his own sword and grabbed his face riving in pain. Kit rolled away grabbing his sword but not Trunks's. Trunks shook off some ice from his face. His eyebrows now had a sliver tint to it with the remaining ice, and there was frostbite right below both of his eyes. Trunks couldn't believe this. A Super Sayian bleeding?! He flash an angery look at Kit. They made eye contact until Kit looked down at where Trunks's sword landed. Trunks followed his eyes and levitated it back to its owner. This time around, Trunks took the defensive stance. Kit was just standing there his sword hanging close to his right side. His chest was moving up and down with his heavy breathing. It took a lot out of him to defend himself from all those fast attacks, and Trunks knew this. He knew that he had the perfect chance to attack and maybe even kill him. He couldn't bring himself to do it though. Something inside him said for him to wait. Kit stared him down with a similar look to Vegeta's.

Meanwhile, who should be watching the fight but Kizar and Kat on a viewing globe. They were in a room that looked like Sailor Moon's Queen Bairal's throne room (minus the flowing background) and was soon joined by a fustrated Piccolo.

"Oooo," Kat commentated, "that was a good one."

"What's my first order, Kizar?" ask Piccolo regretfully. Kizar and Kat looked up. Kizar had a harsh glance. "Master Kizar," Piccolo corected himself.

"Guard duty," Kizar dully said. "Come with me." Kizar left the room and led Piccolo down a long corridor to a series of holding cells.

"Piccolo!!" yelled a high-piched voice. Piccolo turned to it. It was Bra, She and the others were held in one cell. "Piccolo, have you come to save us?" No reply.

"Piccolo?" chimed in Pan. "What's up?" No reply. Kizar then stepped into view.

"What have you done to Piccolo?!" demanded Goten. An angry look dawned the face as he said this to Kizar.

"Piccolo," Kizar ordered, "guard this cell and don't listen to these rugrats." He turned eerily towards the children. "They're mine if that teenager fails against Kit." He now directed his attention to the kid who were huddled and shaking in fear. All but Goten, that is, who was trying to be like his father Goku. "As for you, I have a gift." Kizar opened his cloak to reveal a viewing globe exactly like that he and Kat were using. "I'll let you guys watch the fight. Think of it as Pay-Per-View on my behalf. After all, you may end up in the same way." He then stood up with an omnipotent tone and walked back to the throne room.

"What are you doing?" ask Piccolo. Kizar stopped but didn't bother looking back. "What are you doing, Master Kizar?" he corrected himself again.

"Using fear to manipulate them," he bluntly explained. He then continued walking back to the throne room.

Kit and Trunks had been standing as we last left them for about two minutes. Trunks was getting impatient seeing how this is a "Fight to the Death." Kit may have been planning something this whole time. Trunks had to be ready for anything. Surprisingly, Kit turn his back to Trunks and casually walked into the hallway he rolled into. Little did Trunks know that, as his back was turning away, Kit had gathered some lightning energy in his hand. Trunks didn't lower his defenses, but as of now, he didn't have any. Plain science gave Kit the advantage here. Kit then turned back around and flashed the ball in Trunks's eye. It melted the ice, but it also blinded him. Kit took this time to gather some ice energy for a major attack. Able to do two things at once, he was also running through the hallway which lead to the upper cliff of the same room. When his vision came back, Trunks was too late. Now only was Kit now on the cliff above him, but Kit also had all the ice energy he needed to attack.

"Ice Spears!" yelled Kit. Trunks turned to the voice and jumped upward to the upper cliff. He then met up with Kit's attack. Several huge shards of ice came flying downward at him. He dodged what he could. Two shards tore his right pants leg from the knee down; another shard nearly took off his left arm. He did escape with a deep but non-fatal wound on his shoulder. Amazingly, his blue jacket was still in one piece. He landed on the edge of the cliff on one knee. His jacket was now draped over only his right shoulder while still covering the left fore-arm. He looked at the wound. That's the second scar that Kit has given him! He readjusted his jacket and then eyed Kit. Kit was getting oddly tired. His breathing was heavy, and he was sweating bullets. Trunks, even though the cut on him made him a bit weaker, had a lot of energy left in him. Trunks then launched his attack. He ran around Kit at the speed of light once more and slashed at him. When he stopped, he was back where he was before waiting for something. A split second later, Kit jerked in pain and bits of his clothing were being cut. Now that's fast. With that one attack, Kit was brought to his knees. His head was down almost looking like a guillotine victim without the guillotine. His breathing was broken, and blood dripped from his arms. He gulped down a breathe, and his eyes, and only his eyes, looked up at his opponent. Trunks was walking towards him, sword in hand. He had that famous ice cold look on his face. He then stopped three inches away from Kit and raised his sword. Kit looked downward and closed his eyes waiting for the fatal blow. It never came. He then heard a sword being sheathed. He opened his eyes abruptly. There was a Senzu Bean in his grasp. Confused, he looked up at Trunks. He was no longer a Super Sayian but now his normal purple-hair self. He too had a Senzu Bean that he popped into his mouth. He chewed it and swallowed. In the next instant, a serge of energy shot through his body. All the scars healed themselves, and his massive yet proportionate muscles were toned to perfection. He then turned his head slightly at Kit. He was still confused.

"Eat it," Trunks ordered. Kit shook his head slowly. Trunks then grabbed him by the straps of the tank-top and brought his scar filled face to his own. "What's your plan now?"

"I don't have one anymore," Kit managed to say. His voice was all broken and almost at a whisper. "You've won. Kill me."

Meanwhile, Kat and the Sayian Kids were the only ones watching this. Kat was in a state of horror. Her partner and brother was going to be killed in a matter of moments right before her eyes. The Sayians were celebrating Trunks's victory. That is, they were until Goten pointed out that something weird was happening. Piccolo's attention was now drawn to the fight.

"No," Trunks growled in reply. He then threw Kit against the cave wall where his hands could easily get the Senzu Bean. "Eat it," he commanded again. Kit gave him a look of distrust. Trunks suddenly looked evil and got an almost angry psychotic look. He snarled like Vegeta would. His father's side of him is coming out. "Now!" His voice echoed through the cave. It was at a slight growl, and the reverberations almost sounded non-human.

"Please don't. Please don't," begged Kat from the throne room. She knew she couldn't do anything which made her viewing this worst for her.

Kit finally took the Senzu Bean in hand but refrained from eating it. Trunks must have been somewhat pleased, for now he just walked to the next hallway wondering if that lead to the exit. He stopped a few steps away from the entrance and looked back at Kit. Both of their eyes were locked on to the other, and both were cold glances. Still keeping and eye of Trunks, Kit slowly put the Senzu Bean in his mouth. Trunks turned away and heard slight chewing from Kit. He then noticed a shadow raising on the right wall. The shadow then began to get a bit smaller in size as he heard the sound of approaching foot steps. The foot steps then stopped about three feet behind him. Trunks didn't bother looking back over his shoulder. He knew he was the better fighter. If Kit was to attack, he would most likely be able to dodge it and then attack him.

"Why did you do that?" ask Kit.

"I don't kill when forced to," he replied. "Besides, something inside me said to wait."

"Wait for the right moment to kill?" There was a slight uncertainty in the way he said that.

"No," answered Trunks, "just to wait." He turned around to see Kit's reaction only to be met with the tip of a sword pointed at his throat. He stared down at Kit who happened to have the same cold stare that Trunks did. "Is this how I'm gonna be thanked?" he asked in a very territorial tone.

"Round two starts now," replied Kit. His voice hinted that he wanted to fight and he wanted it to end with a victor.

"If that's the way you want it," Trunks then turned Super Sayian again, "then lets go." Kit jumped back and swung his sword upwards. In the process, a sheet of ice formed in the shape of the area in which he had just sliced through. The sheet flew towards Trunks at a fast rate, but he easily dodged it. As Trunks redrew his own sword, however, the C-shaped sheet of ice came rush back at him in reverse. Keep in mind that Trunks cannot sense any ki from Kit nor has he yet to from his attacks. Trunks got into a defensive stance and was then captured by the sheet. It wrapped around his waist and then began to freeze the rest of his body. As a result, Trunks dropped his sword. The freezing didn't stop till his head was left untouched. Kit then walked over and picked up Trunks's sword. A cocky smile was on his face as he formed scissors with the two swords that rested at Trunks's neck. He pulled them back preparing to cut our hero's head right off like a grape from a vine. In a last effort, Trunks shifted all of his weight backwards avoiding one problem but causing another. He then began to tumble down the steps in the hallway that he thought lead to the exit. His exposed head was being knocked back and forth as his frozen body rolled down the stairs. Half way down the hall, Trunks began to gather some energy. It was slowly melting the ice. When his trip ended, he was in another room and saturated with ice water. He was on his back and had a fairly good angle of the hallway he just came down. Kit then appeared from around the corner. He jumped the last few steps at Trunks with the swords about to pierce him through each lung. Trunks rolled away at the last second. He then flipped back to his feet and took a defense stance again. Kit looked up from the attack at his target. His eyes read something other then battle. He then stood up and threw Trunks's sword at him like a javelin. Trunks caught it with his hands clasping it in a clap. The point was less than an inch away from his right eye. He then turned the sword around, grabbed the handle and charged at the speed of light at him. Suddenly, there was a brilliant flash of light and two collisions. Trunks crashed into a wall next to a sixth hallway entrance, while Kit was in a similar case with the wall of the hall that he just came down from. What happen? Both of then attacked at the same time as strong as they could and as fast as they could. The blast from both Kit and Trunks was so strong that it sent both flying in opposite direction. Man, thought Trunks, he's stronger than I thought. He'd make a great sparring partner if he wasn't so evil. That was his final thought. Trunks was now knocked out. Kit fought his way out of the crater he got himself into and ended up falling flat on his face on the floor. Both of the fighters had burns and scars, but if someone had to have had more, it was Kit. Somehow, Kit was able to bring himself to his feet. He staggered over towards Trunks. This took him about an hour since the room was so large and he was so weak. That and the fact that he was dragging his sword along. As soon as he got within striking range, he saw Trunks's sword laying next to his right foot. Kit picked it up and once again brought the swords to Trunks's neck in a form of a pair of scissors. Trunks's head moved slightly and his eyelids tighten as if he was about to wake up. This was only for a moment as kit placed the two swords in their deathly position. At the last second, something flashed in Kit's head. It was a vision. He shock it off and tried to kill the Sayian, but the vision came back with a forceful affect. It was as if the vision was trying to stop him from doing something stupid. Kit dropped the two swords and fell to his knees grabbing his temples with eyes of death. He could now see images of him and Trunks talking, then of him smiling while in the company of Trunks, then of his sister and him playing as loving siblings in a field full of flowers, then of a dragon made from seven starred orbs, then a repeat of what he just saw.

"No!" Kit screamed. Trunks slowly came to about this time. He didn't hear Kit's first scream and was reaching for a Senzu Bean as quickly as he could with such small amount of energy. "No!" Kit screamed again. Trunks's eyes moved to Kit; his hand grabbed a Senzu Bean and was moving to his mouth. "No! It can't be!" Kit screamed louder. Trunks was chewing the Senzu Bean and soon was healed. He the slid out of the hole in the wall and stood over Kit. If he was concerned in any way, he didn't show it as Kit screamed and yelled. Finally, the visions ended along with Kit's screaming. He looked up at Trunks with a scared filled face and a deathly glare in his eyes. Trunks stepped back a bit. It wasn't the sudden turning to him that caused this. It was the eyes. They looked like he was going to die on Trunks at any second. "You," Kit softly mouthed. "You can't be."

"I can't be what?" questioned Trunks. There was a hint of distrust and suspicion in his voice. Kit forced himself to his knees. When he was able to stand, he was hunched over in pain. His upper torso moved up and down as he breathed. He was holding his left bicep, the place where there was a deep wound that was oozing blood. His head was hanging low.

"You can't be," Kit whispered. He then looked up at Trunks. His face was pale as if he had lost a lot of blood. "You can't be the one that saves..." He got weaker. He started to shake and his eyelids closed as tight as they could. "... that saves me and my sister." With that, he dropped to the floor on the right side of his body. Trunks knelt next to him; a look of shock and concern dawned his face. It looked more like confusion.

Meanwhile, Kat was crying. Kizar walked in and took his seat on the throne. He then glance at the viewing globe.

"What did I miss?" he asked with a sigh.

"Kit," Kat began, her voice broken, "was healed by that teenager, then he had the upper hand in the fight, was about to kill him, then...." She broke into a slight sob. She never did finish the sentence. She didn't need to; it was obvious to Kizar who won. Wanting to make sure of the outcome, he waited.

In the prison area, the three Sayian-hybrids moved closer to the cell door and viewing globe. Piccolo was now kneeling next to the globe engulfed in these two fighters and their powers. The angle, however, provided a familiar scene. Piccolo could swear that he had seen Trunks and Kit in the very same positions before. He just couldn't remember where.

Kit still had his hand over his left bicep. Trunks moved it slowly to expose the wound. It was deep and there was a rock shard in it. Trunks pulled it out; it made a sickening sloshing and sucking sound as the shard came out. After it was removed, Trunks saw that the shard was at least five to six inches long. The wound was deeper than first thought.


This dude's gonna die if I don't do something, Trunks thought. A Senzu Bean may help him some, but it won't heal this wound. It will just stop the bleeding and maybe scab it over. Trunks had this kind of would before when he was training with Gohan. He taught Trunks that ancient remedy that Goku taught him, but Trunks didn't have any of the plants he needed. He sat down an thought for a bit. It was then that he noticed his other pant leg. He ripped the left leg from the knee down and then ripped it again at the seams. He turned to Kit and lifted his arm. Big mistake. The shard went straight through Kits arm. Trunks had no time to loose. He wrapped the cloth around the wound and tightly tied a knot. As he gently placed Kit's arm down, he saw a familiar blue box sticking out of Kit's pocket. It was his capsule box. Trunks took it back with a slight grin. Jerk, he thought. Trying to steal this again from me, eh? He placed it in his jacket next to the Senzu Beans. He pulled out the bag as he redrew his hand from the pocket. Opening the bag, he found that he had only seven beans left. He'd best be careful not to use them all up. He took one out and placed the bag back in the pocket. He turned Kit's head towards him in order to help him chew the Senzu Bean after placing it in his mouth. Dried blood laced the corner of his lips. Trunks moved Kit's jaws with his hands slightly to break down the bean. When that was done, he pressed upward on the throat and made him swallow the crumbs. Kit's eyes opened suddenly. Trunks was the first thing he saw. He had that cold look on again. The green eyes staring straight at him. Kit jumped back a bit and slid towards a wall. For some reason, there was a sense of fright coming from him. "That's twice I've saved you," Trunks reminded him.

"And I suppose you'd like a thank you for it, right?" Kit said trying to sound like he was the better fighter.

"That'd be nice," he replied, "but I can live without one." He then sat down and rested his back against the wall of the entrance to the sixth hallway. He was able to keep his eye on Kit and revert back to his normal purple-hair self. He then tossed his hair in a way that would make a girl faint and a boy jealous. He then looked away and at his right hand. "The Senzu Bean I gave you won't heal you completely. That wound you got on your arm is too deep for one Senzu Bean. If I gave you two, I don't know what would happen." He formed a low energy ball. Nothing too major but enough to sting a small infant. "It may hurt you rather than help you." He looked up at Kit and threw the energy ball. "Catch," he said casually. The ball was traveling at about the speed of a tossed baseball. Kit held his palm out in front and the ball hovered about two and a half inches away. He showed no emotion at this point. "If you can be brave now, why weren't you a minute ago?" Trunks asked from across the room.

"You're not using all that strong power of yours," Kit replied. His voice was flat. There was no emotion in his voice either.

"You can sense my ki?" Trunks raised an eyebrow as he asked this. Kit nodded and threw the energy ball back at Trunks. "Why can't I sense yours?" Trunks did a quick motion of his right hand and canceled the energy ball before it could get within a foot of him. Kit shrugged in reply to his question. "I guess your the better of the two of us," Trunks complimented. A look come over his face. It was the kind a person gets when they realize that they said something they shouldn't due to either image or reputation management. Kit smiled a true smile of happiness then got the same look. Two of the visions just came true! All that was left was something about his past and the dragon made of the seven orbs. Both stood up and walked towards the other. Something didn't seem right. Both wanted answers, and both intended to get them by any means necessary.

"I had a vision about you, Trunks," Kit stated coldly. There was a slight flame in his eyes. The heat of battle was close. This was also the first time he has said Trunks's name.

"About me?" question Trunks with the same tone. A cold stare and an evil snarl were the two most noticeable features on his face. He, too, wasn't far from the feeling of battle.

"Yes," explained Kit, colder than ever before, "about you. Two of the four vision already occurred. I intend to find out the rest. I saw an image of a dragon made of and call forth by seven orbs each having a certain number of stars in them. What are they?"

"They're Dragonballs," Trunks answered trying to be as vague as possible.

"What do they do?" he demanded. They stopped walking and were about five feet away from each other. Both of their swords were about fifteen feet away from each fighter and in the same direction.

"They grant two wishes," Trunks replied. So much for being vague. If he was going to get anywhere with this guy in this state of mind, he might as well tell what he can. "The person that gathers the seven Dragonballs gets two wishes from the Guardian of the Earth Dende who is being trained by Kame, the former Guardian."

"And what kind of wishes shall he grant?"

"Any wish, but the Eternal Dragon can only grant it once per person. He can't grant the same wish twice." Kit seemed a bit relived. He now knew what the fourth vision meant.

"I also saw a vision from my past, something that I can't remember," he threw out at Trunks.

"What does that have ta do with me?"

"You tell me." Both where silent. It was a cold scene. What looked like a good friendship forming between the two of them now looked like a war between two countries.

Fool, thought Trunks. Thinks I have something to do with his past. I don't even know the guy. Chances are that if he can't remember anything, neither will his partner with the whip. That is unless Kizar didn't erase all of their memory. Since this guy can have vision, most likely he has the power of ESP as well. That means he knows what I'm thinking right now!

"Right, Trunks," Kit said out of nowhere. Trunks flinched a bit. "Now then, say what's on your mind before I decide to probe it again."

"Since you have the power of ESP," he explained, "you could link up to your sister's mind and mentally probe through her memories to see if they fit all the blank spots or if they are exactly the same."

"You're crazy!" Kit yelled.

Meanwhile, in the prison area.

"You're crazy!" Kit yelled over the viewing globe. His voice sounded a bit distorted sounding like it was coming out of a cheap TV set. "You're crazy, and that idea of yours is also whacked!"

"It wouldn't hurt to try," Trunks said calmly. Piccolo was watching the fight. The Sayian children were fighting to stay awake. It was late. Piccolo became interested in what Trunks had to say. "And if it does work, you'll have your memory back." Piccolo sat down Native American style. He closed his eyes and began to concentrate.

If Trunks is right about this, he thought, then Kame may be able to help me get my memory back. Kizar did say that I could only remember names and statistics, and if my memory hasn't been screwed with, Kame and I are one of the same. He opened a physic channel to Kame hoping that Trunks's idea will work.

Kat was asleep in a corner of the throne room. Kizar dozed off in his throne. Kat then began to stir a bit as if she was being awaken against her will. Her eyes suddenly opened with a deathly appearance to them. She then sat up and looked around.

"Kit?" she whispered. Nothing but silence. She then did a quick hand movement, and the viewing globe turned on and hovered towards her.

"She shut me out," Kit said over the globe's piece of crap sound system.

"Try again," Trunks said. He sounded like a little kid that was eager to do or find out something.

"All right," Kit sighed. Kit closed his eyes and a slight aura began to glow around him. Kat's aura began to glow at the same time. She let him connect to him through the mental channel. She closed her eyes as if by reaction. Suddenly, her eyes reopened with another deathly glance.

Meanwhile, Piccolo suddenly got the same look in his eyes as something was happening between Kame and him.

Kit was just standing there. The aura was no long glowing. His eyes were glassed over with the same deathly gaze as Kat and Piccolo. Trunks examen him carefully. Kit was still breathing and still had a pulse. He waved his hand in front of Kit's face and tried calling his name which he now just learned. Kit then began to blink and shook his head.

"You okay?" Trunks asked. Kit looked at him almost densely. He then cracked a smile.

"It worked," he said softly.

"It did?!" Trunks said a bit shock. "Well, what do you remember?"

"My sister and I are not from here," he explained. "We are from a planet called Cydan. Everyone from there has the powers similar to mine and my sister's, but we only use them in battle. One day about 15 years ago, we were attacked by Kizar and his evil army. My parents were the strongest on the planet, and just like Sayians, their offspring were born stronger than them. This made us a prime target for Kizar. If you were to measure out power level on the strongest scouter available, we would still break it. After somehow killing our parents and almost everyone on the planet, he took us under his evil wing and brainwashed us. He made us his lackeys and we fought the battles that he was afraid to. We did this until we were strong enough to take on the Ginyu Force of Freeza's Army. Kizar had different intentions. He sent us to Earth to find him a strong fighter. Once we reported what we found, he told us to kill off your parents and anyone that would get in the way. From there, I'm sure you know the rest." Trunks face read that he understood where this was coming from and took it in. Suddenly, he looked to the furthermost wall. The floor looked like it never met the wall like the other three. He slowly walked towards it.

"Kit," he called, "do you feel that?"

"Yeah," Kit said softly. "I sensed it when I came in here but thought little of it. Why?"

"I felt it, too, when I woke up, but it was so weak that I thought it was a bat or something." Trunks came to a huge crater in the floor. It looked bottomless. "It's getting stronger, and it's coming from down there." He leaned towards it. Looking down, he saw nothing but black for what appeared to be miles.

"You can sense if something is getting stronger?" questioned Kit. He too was walking towards the deep pit. He trusted Trunks now and hoped that Trunks was the same about him. Kit never told him, however, that an hour ago he felt another physic channel open. He didn't know who's it was or who that person was trying to contact. All Kit knew was that he felt very uncomfortable knowing this.

"Answer me one question," began Trunks not answering the last question. Kit looked at him. Trunks had his head turned over his left shoulder and his eyes at the ground as if he was following something. "Why do you keep trying to steal my capsules?"

"I'm a collector," answer Kit with a smile. Trunks was listening but still following something. "I've been all over the place and collected a lot of different things that make that planet memorible to me. When I first saw someone using a capsule to make a car appear, I said to myself 'I must get me some.'" Trunks was completely turned around and staring at Kit's boots. His expression changed and he looked up at Kit.

"Kit!" he yelled running at him. "Watch---" The ground shattered underneath as Trunks pushed Kit away. Two giant, red, dragon hands clasped Trunks in its claws. Trunks tried to push out since his arms were the only limbs free. The grasp only tighten with every attempt. Trunks then turned Super Sayian and tried to blast his way out. This only mad the dragon that had him madder causing it to come out from below and shatter the majority of the remain floor. Kit flew towards the swords with the debris and slamed into the wall they were next to. He was able to land on one knee. His hand landed by his sword. Trunks's was right below it. Kit grabbed his sword and sheathed it. He then heard a scream of pain from Trunks and looked up. Something wasn't right. He wanted to leave. Hell, Kit wanted to run for his life. Looking at Trunks in that state of pain sent a message back. Whenever Trunks would give him a Senzu Bean, Trunks was always the one who was the better health. This time around, he was the healthly one, and Trunks needed his help.

"I know I'm going to regret this," Kit said as he grabbed Trunks's sword. From his pocket, he pulled out a single capsule. It had the number ten on it, and the label read hoverboard. Underneath that on the label was a warning in Bulma's handwriting. It said that this is a prototype and should only be used at Trunks's own risk. Ignoring it, he clicked the small, pin-sized button. Immediately, a large exposion engulfed Kit. It wasn't like it would be on a normal capsule. This one had flames.

Meanwhile, Trunks had his own problems. He tried to gather the energy that he needed from his Burning Rage Attack, but the dragon kept squeezing him. Suddenly the dragon brought him to its eye. It had the same cold stare that Kizar had. At this point, Trunks realized that he was staring at Kizar. This had to be some kind of reserve battle form or something that Trunks couldn't think of. He can't think of anything but the pain. The large claws may not have been strong enough to cut through Trunks but sharp enough to cause pain. The dragon squeezed again. In three areas on his his back, both lungs, and in the heart of his chest, the claws felt like six burning daggers with salt to inflict more pain if blood was to be reached. Finally, Trunks was enraged with pain. At the top of his lungs he yelled and brought his hands in front. His index finger and thumb of both hands were touching the corresponding ones on the other hand. "Burning rage!!!" he yelled. A white blast rushed at the dragon's eye.

"Mimic!!" yelled a familar voice. Another white blast rushed at the snout of the dragon's face knocking the gip away. Trunks hovered in place and looked for the mysterious friend. Over his right shoulder, he saw Kit on a hoverboard flying towards Trunks with his sword in hand. He turned it around and handed it to Trunks. Kit had a slight smile and a burned face. "Follow me," he said sounding like a whisper compared to the roar of the dragon. Kit then turned the hoverboard around and flew towards the exit.

"Where'd he get that?" Trunks asked out load. As he flew after Kit, he saw the Capsule Corp. logo on the bottom near the rear. Trunks cracked a smile his father would normally have. More of his father was showing. As they entered the hallway, they came to a fork in the path. Kit looked over his shoulder as Trunks landed. He shot an ice bean at Trunks missing his right ear but nailing the dragon that somehow was able to fit through the ten-feet high, six-and-a-half-feet wide doorway. Trunks turned around to see the massavie head of the dragon shake back and forth. Trunks turned back around to nothing but the wall that separated the two hallways. "Kit!" he yelled as loud as he could. "Where the hell are you?" Suddenly an arm grabbed him from the wall. It pulled him inward into third hallway and then swung him around to the other side of the figure. It was dark, and Trunks could barely make out who pulled him into this secret room. There was a low explosion near his feet and the tall figure shunk to Trunks's height. He or she then kicked up a small object to its hand and moved it in front of Trunks.

"You may want this back," said Kit's voice. He turned his head towards Trunks. In what little light that was there, Trunks could see Kit's burned face. He then opened his hand and a small capsule dropped in his hand. He saw the warning that his mother wrote for him and laughed at himself. He just now found out how Kit got all scarred up. All this time he thought it was because of the debris of the floor. Suddenly they both sensed a strong ki and flatten themselves against the wall. Kit looked out the corner of his eye and saw the massive head of the dragon look for them. Not being able to sense ki, the dragon bolted to the left, the hallway that leads back to the room that Trunks awoke in. Kit sighed and slid into a sitting position. He then tossed strans of his hair that came loose from his pony tail in the same but poorly done manner as Trunks did. Surprisingly, as a result, he saw Trunks staring down at him. Trunks was panting and began to sweat with fear in his eyes. "What?" questioned Kit.

"N-n-nothing," stuttered Trunks. Boy, for a Sayian of his status, being afraid of Kit would be quite unusual. Something happened, though, in the pass few moments that occurred. I don't believe this! he thought. I can sense his ki now! It's enormous! His power level must be near if not over mine! He still isn't as strong as Goku was. Pitty. He shook off the feeling as best he could.

"Actually, I'm stronger than Goku," Kit said suddenly. "I just had it pushed down as far as I can make it go." This could be some getting use to.

"So, how do we get out of here?"

"Up," Kit said as he pointed in the direction of the exit. He then shot off upward in a blue streak.

"Oh, now you show to me that you can fly," Trunks mumbled to himself in an annoyed tone. He then shot off at Kit hoping to find an exit.

Meanwhile, Kat was experiencing a slight shock. Her memory had just came back, and she now realized that she let Kizar have control over her "pet." She sneaked out the room as best she could. She flashed a quick glance at Kizar. He was asleep. She knew better though. Kat saw a soft glow of aura around Kizar. He also had a low power level as if he had either lowered it on purpose or was transferring it to a weak-minded being. Keeping an eye on him, Kat disappeared into the hallway.

"Piccolo!" she yelled. Piccolo looked behind him. "Deform," she commanded. Immediately, Piccolo melted away into a mud pile. Kat then turned to the Sayians in the cell. "Sayians, deform," she said again. Just like the fake Piccolo, Goten and Pan and Bra melted away and formed another pile of mud. "Mud Demon, reform!" The two piles of mud joined as one and formed a huge, muscular monster. Places of its body were dripping pieces of mud the rejoined itself back at its feet. Its eyes were glowing red, and it had a slight snarl.

"What do you think you're doing?" questioned a familiar voice. Kat turned to. She saw a silhouette of Kizar.

"M-m-master Kizar," she stuttered. "I realized that we programmed these decoys wrong."

"How so?"

"Well," she lied, "for starters, it dawned on me that Kame is no longer the Guardian of the Earth. If he was, he would have been the first one we came upon when we first came to this planet. He wasn't. It was the Namek known as Piccolo and the three Super Sayians. Second, that Goten fellow was about the same height of Trunks."

"So why didn't you're Mud Demon transform correctly when it took his DNA?"

"I dunno," she said regretfully.

"Come with me," Kizar commanded coldly. "Hopefully, I'll find up some way of redemption."

Somewhere in Yamzabit Hights, it was calm. The key word is "was. A blast from below shattered the silent plain of stone. Through the debris flew Trunks and Kit. They bolted forward away from the cave.

"Couldn't you find an easier exit?" yelled Trunks.

"You need the excersie," Kit yelled back. Trunks smiled a bit. He knew he made a new friend and fellow freedon fighter. Suddenly, he stopped and looked back. Something wasn't right. He felt a slight uneasy knowing that something or someone was following them. His vision sharpened, and he saw the dragon from the cave. A look of battle dawn his face. He turned Super Sayian and drew his sword. The dragon was still a good distance away. Glancing over his shoulder, he saw that Kit was almost away in equidistance. He could try beating him to the path and tell him, but there was no time. He did the only thing he can do.

"Kit!" he yelled. "Get back here!" Kit stopped and looked behind him. He saw Trunks and the dragon charing towards them. He teleported next to Trunks and drew his sword as well. The sword had a blue aura-like glow to it in the light. Trunks startled a bit. He still wasn't used to Kit's high level of ki. "Ready?" Trunks asked.

"Yup," Smiled Kit. They charged at the red fiend as fast as each could reach. Trunks, moving at light speed, took out the razor-sharp claws. At the same time, Kit sent an ice beam towards the dragon. It hit both wings and froze its back and tail as it traveled. Trunks then cut the frozen wings as its massive body plumited. It broke a cliff and roared in pain. Oddly but found common among the Z fighters, the dragon didn't bleed. The cuts were cleen and exposed both the muscle and bone. The beast recovered and eyed the nearest of its foe, Trunks. He felt a cold chill run up his spine as he sheathed his sword. Trunks had never felt such an evil force, bet yet it was still familar to him. The dragon rushed at him with lightning speed. It was so fast that Trunks was barely able to dodge it. Somehow, he did. A scream was heard to his right where the dragon's snout was. It pulled back and began to swing its head wildly. In its mouth flashed a white streak and a blue ray of light from a reflective metal. Kit was in the jaws of the dragon! He saved Trunks yet again from the beast. Again, after a series of hand movements, Trunks brought his thumbs and index fingers together and did his Buring Rage attack. The white ki ball hit the jaw releasing nothing but Kit's tank-top.

"What the--?" Trunks whispered to himself. "Where did he go?" His enhanced vision then saw a capsule mark No. 103. It was his bomb capsule. Once the button was pressed, the owner had five seconds to run like mad. At that moment, someone grabbed his wrist tightly. Trunks turned to the person about to throw a punch. He stopped when he realized it was Kit. Natually, he had no shirt on and his chest was bleeding gravely.

"We got three seconds to get out of here!" he yelled.

"That's plenty of time," he smiled slightly. Trunks then grabbed the wrist of Kit and both began to glow a white, firey aura. Trunks eyed the capsule and then the dragon. "Sayonara, baka yaro." A sudden and great explosion occured. Loose rocks on cliff face were shaken away. A few cave enterances colapsed, and bolders rolled. Even the wind changed as a result from the blast. When the smoke cleared, There was nothing. A white streak of light bolted across the dark sky. It was Trunks flying like a jet. Blood was trailing from Kit's wound and they passed. He landed quickly onto a plateau and placed Kit down. Kit was unconsious as he has been since the explosion. As Trunks removed his hand, he felt nothing but blood. The wound was deeper than he first thought. It destroyed all of the ribs around Kit's lungs and crushed his heart open. His ki was dropping fast too. Wasting no time he looked for the Senzu Beans. There was one problem. He had lost the bag during the battle. After realizing this, Trunks stood up and nobly bowed to the fallen warrior. His power level was almost at zero. An opening in the cloud shined a beam of sunlight on Kit's bloody body. Trunks woefully opened his eyes. He felt them began to tear, for he had lost another friend, his only friend as of now. As the light got more intense, Kit began to stur. Trunks stepped back and grabbed his sword ready to draw as almost as if it was a natural reaction to this kind of thing. Something fell from Kit's pocket. It was a glass bottle with an unusual liquid in it. Trunks released his grasp on his sword and picked up the small vile. He searched for some kind of label but all he saw was the word ELIXIR that was part of the glass. It was melted into the surface. Through the liquid he saw a healed Kit, but if he moved it away, he saw a bloody corpse. Trunks could only reason that this was something similar to the Senzu Beans that Kit had the whole time. He broke open the neck of the bottle and poured what he could into Kit's slightly open mouth. He emptied the bottle and tossed it aside. He then sat down next to him and waited for something to happen. He deeply hoped that he helped save his last friend in the world.

In the other dimension, Goku, the Z fighters, King Kia, and the others met with Kit at King Yamma's check-in station. Goku, being the strongest and practically the representative of the bunch, explained everything to Kit.

"So," Goku concluded, "that's how we got here. You understand what to do from here, don't you?"

"Yes, sir," Kit bowed. He had his cloak back in his spirit form and seemed almost out of place at first glance. The halo above his head faded away.

"Well now," King Kia said in his chubby sounding voice, "it seems that the potion you had worked. Now you'll be able to help Trunks beat Kizar and save Earth. Are you ready for what battles lay ahead? I warn you. If you are not careful, we may end up seeing you earliler than intended. Kizar is an unruly foe as you must have seen through the memories that you have recived. His power is beyond both yours and Trunks, and he can easily destroy you if you let your defences down for even one second. The fate of the planet rests on your hands." He then cracked a goffy looking smile. "But, hey, no pressure!" He then clasped his mouth and spat out a laugh that he was trying to hold back. He then broke into an explosive laugh. The Z fighters followed him in this manner except for Piccolo and Vegeta, who just cracks a slight smile and said a single "ha." Kit didn't laugh at all, he kept this cold glance of battle the entire time. King Kia then raised his hand and everyone stopped laughing. He then flash Kit a cold stare through his dark sun-glasses. "You didn't laugh. Don't you have a sense of humor?"

"I do," Kit replied calmly. "You just didn't tell the right joke." King Kia looked on with confusion. Kit then made his way back to Earth's plane with a cold and noble feeling surrounding him.

Trunks had fallen asleep. For the past hour or so, he watched the unsightly wounds slowly heal. The first thrity minutes was all the bones replacing themselves if needed, and then the rest of the time was devoted to regenerating the skin and loss blood as fast as possible. Trunks fell asleep somewhere between the forty-five and fifty minute mark. Kit's body finally had some life back into it. His eyes opened slowly. He then got back up and looked around for Trunks. He was sitting to Kit's left side. Feeling a bit stupid without his tank-top on in the presences of another guy, he materialized another along with his black cloak as he stood up. He looked down at Trunks in an almost godlike stlye waiting for Trunks to wake. When he did, Trunks made eye contact with Kit and stood up himself.

"You ready?" Kit asked.

"As ready as I'll ever be," Trunks answered with his cold look.

"Then lets go." With that, they shot off for Kizar. It didn't take them long to get there. Kit explained to Trunks what his friends said about him in the other dimension. Trunks was happy to know that his friends were still well and watching over him for him. Kit then banked left and landed on a plain that looked like it was made from lava rock. Trunks landed after him.

"Is this where you guy hung out this whole time?"

"This is were Kizar is," replied Kit. The ground then begain to rumble and a beam of steam mixed with some small flames shot from a crack in from of Trunks. After it settled down, a cold and evil laugh echoed through the plain. Trunks grabbed for his sword; he knew it was Kizar. Kit cloaked his head with his hood. A few seconds later, Kizar projected himself to Trunks and Kit.

"Well, well, well," Kizar laughed as Kit turned his head away, "if it isn't the Sayian and my loyal servant Kit." Kit stopped cold in his tracks. His eye became wider, and he started to sweat and breath a bit heavier. "Don't think I don't already know that you've turned on me. I know that much. T'is a pitty that you weren't like you sister and stayed on my side." Kit turned back a bit, but his head was still covered. "As for you, Sayian. Your friends are trapped inside this volcano." The ground shook again. "As you can see, it's also about to erupt." Trunks balled his hands into fists and began to growl a bit with anger. "Save them if you can." He then disappeared laughing. Trunks turned Super Sayian and ran for the volcano. Kit stopped him.

"Get out of my way!" he yelled. Kit didn't move. "I said get out of my way!" Again, Kit did nothing. Trunks then grabbed his shirt and pulled Kit towards him. "Look my friends are in danger!"

"No, they aren't," Kit said calmly. "They all are dead."

"Only Goku, my mom and dad, Gohan, the Z fighters, and their families!"

"And Pan and Goten and your sister Bra." Trunks let Kit down slowly. His look of anger slowly turned to disbelief. A crack behind the two hissed as steam shot out.

"Are you for real?" Trunks asked in a confused manner. Kit nodded. Trunks reganed his look of anger and pushed Kit aside. Wasting no time, Trunks ran through the corridors and hallways of the volcano. Kit was close behind him. He then came to the center of the volcano. The remaining ground was a circular rim that connected itself to the long walls. The rim was about ten to twelve feet wide. The rest of the room was molten lava that was bubbling and sending drops onto the rim. The heat was so intense that Trunks took off his jacket and placed it aside. When Kit caught up with him, his cloak was already off. Trunks looked over his shoulder at Kit. It was a cold and almost evil glance. Suddenly his attention was turned to an evil laugh. Kizar and Kat were standing on the other side of the room. Kizar wore a battle outfit similar to the Sayian-armor style only without the shoulder flaps/guards. He had a long, flowing cape colored black. How he was able to stand the heat is unknown. Kat was wearing a very revealing outfit. Every piece of clothing (or lack of clothing, depending on how you look at it) seemed to cling to her every cruve as if it was almost tattooed in. There aren't enough words to describe how she looked. She did seem to match the color of the lava both in hair and outfit color. If Trunks didn't know she was the enemy, he would of tried a pass on her that Yamcha taught him. Kit then stepped foward into the hot room with his sword drawn. Trunks, with a large amount of distrust, eyed all three. He was still debating on if Kit was on his side or on Kizar's and if this was a trap. It was about this time he was able to sense Kizar's and Kat's ki level. Kat's ki was about the same level as Kit's if she was pushing it down. Kizar's on the other hand was much greater. His ki was so strong that it gave Trunks a mild headache. Trunks's heart also began to race with the pressure. A chill ran down his spine as well, for Kizar's ki was that of pure evil. If he was at all scared, Trunks never showed it.

"Well now," Kizar said in a very arrogant manner, "I see that you found us. And since you know that we killed everyone you knew, I'll cut to the chase." He turned his head to Kat. "Kat, attack your brother." Trunks stepped back and looked at Kit in shock. Kit didn't even flinch. Trunks knew now that Kit was on his side. Kat was a different story. He was sensing a ki of pure good and light from her. Something was going to happen, something that will benifit him.

"Yes, sir," Kat bowed. She leaped over the vast pit of lava and landed in front of Kit. Trunks noticed a slight smile from her. Her eye moved towards Trunks. They was a lustful glare in her eyes. Trunks could feel himself blush. Kit flash a sly glance at both her and Trunks. They were planing something.

"What are you waiting for?!" Kizar yelled in an impatient manner. "Kill the traitor!" Suddenly, Kat rushed at Trunks and covered his eyes with her hand. Kit flashed a ball of lightning directly into Kizar's eye. Kat then made the wall tie him to it in a dungeon-like way. When Kat removed her hand, the room started to shake, and the lava was stirring and churning itself in the quake. Trunks grabbed Kat, for she had lost her balance and was about to fall in. "Traitors!" Kizar yelled. "Do you honestly think you stand a chance against me?"

"You know 'Mimic?'" Trunks asked Kat.

"Yup," She nodded with a smile. The three of them then formed a line and did the exact same series of hand movements as Trunks. All of then then stretched out their arms making sure that their thumbs and index fingers touched the other on their hands. A large amount of ki began to gather. The cavern started to glow a bright and almost holy white light. It was a Burning Rage Attack 3x.

"Ha!" Kizar laughed again. "Do you honestly think that feable trick will destroy me?"

"We'll find out," Trunks replied. They then let their attacks fly towards Kizar. Somehow, he was able to break free of the trap and relfect the three ki balls back. Kat and Trunks were able to dodge it. Kit got hit with his duplicate and was thrown against the wall with the force of the explosion. He then fell to the floor knocked out. Kat, upon seeing this, rushed towards Kit to check on him. She was stopped short as Kizar appeaed in her path and grabbed her throat. He began to choke the life out of her. Trunks then appeared from behind with his sword held over his head about to strike down only to be blocked by Kizar's forearm. He then kicked up Kit's sword into his other hand and trusted it into Kizar's kidney area. It missed, but he let go of Kat. She jumped back and withdrew her whip. Trunks got into a two-sword stance that he found comfortable. Kizar looked at his two foes, cracked a smile and flew into the air. He turned around preparing to blast at Kat and Trunks only to find that his legs were wrapped in Kat's whip. She sent a blue flame up the rope and cracked it loose. Kizar reflected the fire back down towards Kat. She jumped out of the way in the explosion that followed. Kizar then turned around to see Trunks. He had both swords in hand and swung both in a X at Kizar. This cut his cape into four pieces in which the largest flew into his eyes. Kat took the opprotunity to crack her whip around Kizar's neck to choke him. Kizar did a mid-air somersault that sent her flying towards a wall. She was moving to fast for her to turn around. Kat hit the wall back first and then fell next to her brother. Kizar removed the cloth from around his head and looked up behind him. Trunks had his hand raised and his sword sheathed. He sent a blast towards Kizar that he easily dodged. The beam then went striaght for the pit of lava and caused a wave to rush at Kit and Kat. Luckly, it hardened forming a rocky dome around the two siblings. Trunks then threw Kit's sword at the dome. It wedged itself in it and cracked the surface a little. Kizar looked up to Trunks.

"Well, looks like it's just you and me," he said in a vile manner. "I have to admit, your skills are very impressive for someone so young. It's a shame that you aren't quite the fighter I thought you'd be. After all, you just found out that I killed all of your friends and made my lackeys take every precaution to make you think that you had to save some of your dearest friends. It's a good thing you don't know ESP, for if you did..."

"I would of known it was all a trap," Trunks finished.

"Precisely," Kizar growled. He then thrusted his fist forward sending an electric arua blast into Trunks's stomach. With lighning quick speed, Trunks moved out of it but made it look like he didn't. A mighty explosion happened above him sending bolders downwards. They landed in the lava pit and caused even more stirring. Trunks then charged at Kizar full force. He threw fake blows and disappeared each time only to re-appear and do it again. He then finally appeared behind Kizar with his own sword drawn and held by his left side. Kizar turned around and backed up quickly as Trunks swung his sword upward with great force. It cut off the long sliver ponytail of Kizar. Kizar saw this and then looked up at Trunks. "Looks like you took off too much from the top."

"Really?" Trunks challenged. "I don't think I took off enough!" Trunks swung his sword downward at Kizar's upper torso cutting the armor in two leaving Kizar with a very ugly and almost distasteful outfit. Trunks then did a mid-air somersault and "boomeranged" his sword upward. He then came back with a ax-handle that tagged Kizar's right knee. Kizar then threw a left kick directly for Trunks's head. It made contact and sent the Sayian spinning like a top. On his way back around, Trunks extended his fists and made contact with Kizar's jaw. The second fist did the same. Kizar then grabbed the third attack; Trunks came to a compleate stop. Kizar then kneed him in the stomach causing the Sayian to expose an attack area on his back. Kizar took advantage of it and elbowed him. Trunks flipped around underneath Kizar as result of the blow. Making sure not to propel himself into the lava pit below, Trunks sent a concentrated blast of energy at Kizar's face. It missed and flew pass Trunks's sword as it was coming back down to him. He then threw a helicopter kick causing Kizar to "trip." The sword plunged into Kizar's right shoulder. Any faster and it would've taken his arm off. Kizar ripped it out and threw it at Trunks. He didn't finch as Kizar did this. Trunks easily caught the sword with one hand stopping it one inch from his forehead. Bringing it to a side, he tossed the sword backwards to grab the handle. Kizar then rushed at Trunks. Kizar missed his attack as Trunks sunk in elevation. This gave Trunks an excellent attack field. Since his arm was already back in a pre-striking position. Trunks swung his arm foreward. Kizar caught the sword and shattered it. Trunks brought his arm down and found nothing but the guard and handle left. He began to burn with rage. That sword had sentimental value! It contained memories of close calls and battles that he won! It was the sword that killed Freeza! With much anger, Trunks threw the guard at Kizar's eye. It missed, and Kizar began to gather some energy in his hands. Trunks flew up, his fist raised in attack. He was gonna try to uppercut him before the attack. He was too slow, for Kizar unleashed a blast of pure evil into Trunks's temple sending his towards the pit of lava. As he passed the ledge, Trunks grabbed on to it. He was too heavy for the ledge to hold with the force that he came. It was starting crumble. Trunks slid off his sheath and tossed it onto the legde on the other end of the room. It landed next to his jacket. Just then, a bubble of lava popped from underneath him. A drop of molten rock struck his free arm. The burnning sensation was like nothing he had ever felt. He felt his skin begin to turn into ash. Even in Super Sayian form, he couldn't stand it. Trunks then climbed onto the ledge. As soon as he got one of his legs onto it, he saw Kizar. He reached down at the Sayian grabbing his neck. He then took Trunks and rammed him into the cavern wall. Kizar raised his fist back and bagan throwing punches and hook-shots at the helpless warrior. One after the other, hook after hook, punch after punch. This must have went on for what felt like hours. In fact, in a matter of a few seconds, Trunks was drained of energy. Kizar was just too much for him to take on alone! Kizar the drew his fist back and exposed his plam. It began to gather a huge about of energy. It let off its own light. It was a blinding glare similar to the cave's.

"Sayonara," Kizar taunted. Trunks gasped at the cause of two things. He saw Kizar's eyes. They were the same, the exact same, as the dragon that he and Kit fought before coming here. The other was that during Kizar's taunt, he heard a crack of a whip. Just as Kizar was going to launch his attack, he was turned around by a force that grabbed his wrist. Timing was wrong, for in his lack of guard, Kizar sent the blast flying to whoever it was that caused this. The blast was then ricocheted back. Kizar jumped out of harms way, and Trunks, well, fell into a sitting position as the energy ball burned a perfect circle in the wall of the cavern above him. Trunks looked across the room. It was Kit and Kat! They broke free from the dome of rock, which now looked like a cracked egg shell, and was aiding Trunks. Just then, a column of lava shot upward from the center of the pit.

"What the hell?!" Kit yelled as they staggered back. Kizar let out an evil laugh.

"I just caused this volcano to erupt a bit early," he tittered. "You all will burn in a matter of seconds."

"Not if I can't help it," Kat snarled. She raced for Trunks and aided him to his feet. Kit sent several Ice Beams towards to pit hoping to buy some time. The room began to quake and rocks began to fall from above. Kizar, too wrapped up in his victory, was hit by a bolder and was brought to his doom in the pit. Kat and Trunks saw his burn in the pit. Kat rolled her eyes. "Idiot," she whispered to herself. She then turned to Trunks. "You okay?" Trunks nodded. "Can you still run?" Another bolder slashed some lava against the walls. Kit ducked into the entrance way. He stuck his head out only long enough to yell a warning.

"You two lovebirds think you can hurry it up?!" he yelled. "We'll all be talking to King Kia real soon if we don't get out of here!"

"Who?" Kat asked Trunks. Trunks just gave a sign with his face that he'd tell her later. Another quake followed by another splash of moten rock. Again, a few drops hit Trunks's arm. He reacted with a small grunt of pain. "Trunks!"

"I'm fine!" he said. His voice was sore and almost broke. "I'm fine." Another quake occurred. Trunks grabbed Kat around her waist. "Hang on; we're getting out of here." At the speed of light, they found themselves with Kit. Kat ran ahead as Kit made sure that Trunks could still run at a fairly fast pace. He knew that Trunks was weak and that last skill was all that he had left to give. Because of this, Kit followed Trunks. Another quake took both of them off balance. Kit looked behind them. The lava had risen to the level of the ledge and was flowing over into the entrance slowly. He rushed at Trunks and helped him up as quickly as possilbe. Kat came rushing back only to find them running faster than before. She saw the wall of lava behind them. Kat then thrusted both arms upward and a wall of rock appeared behind the two. Kit and Trunks ran pass her, and she joined them. Trunks then threw a capsule far ahead of them. A hoverbike popped out. They got around the bike. "This thing only sits two," he explained to them as he turned the key. "You two take this and get out of here as fast as you can." Kit boarded at the driving controls. "Now the more you step on this pedel here, Kit, the faster you go. I think that you have enough fuel in the tank to get you out in ti--" Kat boarded the bike behind her brother and looked at Trunks almost as if she was crying. Trunks smiled to her. "I'll be okay, Kat." She smiled only a little but was still visibly sad. "I'll see you outside." Kit then blasted the hoverbike, and they were gone in a cloud of dust. The only thing left behind was a trial of flowing tears from Kat. Trunks felt like a lustful jerk now that he did that. He began to run after them when he heard a cracking sound. He turned around to see the wall blow open with fast flowing lava gushing out of it. He turned back around and ran as fast as he could without using too much of his remaining energy. Stupidly, he fell to the ground thanks to a rock he didn't see. He hurried to his feet and the lava nipped at the tips of his boots. He was at a full sprint for the exit. Each time he placed his foot down, he felt a bit more of his boot melt away. He really wish he had enough energy left to fly out of here. He only had enough to sprint. Trunks then tripped over another rock, but he caught himself and flipped forward. This gave him about a five feet gain from the lava but it also caused his burnt arm to give out. He was holding it and running against time. There was another quake which knocked Trunks against the wall. He rolled with the blow and continued running. The wave of lava had gained three feet and was still coming closer by the second. He then got to an area that had alot of bolders. He jumped onto the first one he came to and then bounced off the others till he was about five more feet ahead of the wave. However, the bolders only made this ray of hope last shortly. They made the walls of the hallway more narrow, and in turn, caused the wave to rush faster than before. Trunks could feel the heat behind him. His black clothing didn't help him out either. The soles of his boots were gone; he was running in his socks. He then saw a flame shoot by him. It had started from some kind of flamible liquid. Trunks had a sick feeling in his gut. The flame was at his side as he ran. Looking ahead, he saw a crashed hoverbike. The fuel tank had leaked, and the lava caused a fire. Trunks sped up a bit to try to beat the fire. As he got to the bike, he jumped over it. Right as he landed, the fuel tank caught on fire and blew up. The force of the explosion sent Trunks along with some debris flying. Trunks rolled forward but was able to get back up and start running. He glanced over his shoulder. What he saw made him wish he was a full strength. The wreaked hoverbike was being melted as the lava was speeding up. Turning back around, he saw Kit's and Kat's silhouettes. They were running to the exit. He knew if he could just keep going at this pace, he could make it. Suddenly, Kat stopped and looked back. Kit, after a while, stopped to grab her. They had to get out first. Friends always comes first. Apparently, Kat felt the same way. She ran back towards Trunks before her brother could get her back on track. "Kat!" Trunks yelled to her. "Get out of here!" She stopped again. Her brother grabbed her arm and looked like he was waiting for her to run. "Get out of here, you guys!" Trunks repeated. Even though he couldn't see it, Trunks knew Kat was crying. Kit then said something to her that must have brighten her hopes. Trunks couldn't hear it; he was concentrating on the running. The two shadows then ran towards the exit. The last five hundred yards was an uphill run to the exit. This meant that as soon as the wave of lava hits a certain point, not only will it slow down, but it will start to splash around. Either Trunks caught up with the two new friends or they were beinging to slow down. Either way, they now ran at the same pace. Kit was the first to get to the exit. He stopped everyone at the exit with his back turned and his arms outstretched. Trunks and Kat stopped and looked over Kit's arms. The ground had cracked and exposed a vast pit of lova. Only a few islands of rock were the safe zoness They were sinking, and a few were crumbling in the heat.

"Now what?" asked Kat worried.

"Kit, can't you make us an ice brigde or something?" Trunks asked.

"Yeah, but it would melt, and the steam could burn our skins off."

"Kat, you can control fire, right?" Trunks questioned. "Can't you--?"

"Yes," she cut him short, "but I can't control fire I don't create on my own." Trunks showed signs of frustration. He looked behind him. The wave busted down the inclined hallway. Trunks pushed the two off the newly formed cliff.

"Fly!" he said. Kit grabbed Kat since she was off gaurd. They then flew off to safety leaving Trunks behind. He sat down and looked over his shoulder one last time. He didn't have enough energy left to fly. He also knew that he wouldn't survive, but he didn't care. Kit knew about the Dragonballs. He knew they would wish him back. The next few seconds were quick. Trunks felt the heat of the lava, heard the sound of the rushing wave, and saw... nothing.

It was dark. It wasn't hte deathly cold he had expected. It was more lie room temperature. He felt a floor underneath his boots. Along with that, he felt that his cloths were restored. He felt no draft nor openings or tears that shouldn't be there. He fely his favorite jacket and his heavt sword on his back. He felt something move overhead. It was flying pass him at a great speed. He slowly opened his eyes.

"So," said Mr. Popo, who was the first thing he saw, "how do you like our little room?" Trunks slowly boiled into an agery glance. He clenched his fists tightly and stormed out in a rage cursing in Japanese. This was his way of showing how upset and shocked he was. Every battle was fake! There was no Kit who he nearly lost to. There was no Kat who wasn't afriad to show she loved him. There was no Kizar who set him up into a trap. Trunks slamed the door behind him. The giant pendulum swung back over the encircled pentagram that contained astrological locations. "I don't see why he is so mad."