by Nikki

[Author's note: Hi DBZ fans! This is Nikki. This story here was my first
attempt at writing a fanfic. Actually, the one here is a revised
version. Please E-mail me and tell me what you think about it!]

Vejita and Goku were sparring again. Both had gone Super Saiyajin three
and were ruthlessly beating on eachother, neither seeming to gain the
upperhand. All of the sudden, they stopped and powered down.

"You feel it too, don't you?" Goku asked.

Vejita scowled, but did not answer. There was a very powerful being
heading straight for Earth, and he did not like it. With a power level
so high, the being could easily defeat him, and possibly Kakarotto, too.

They both looked up to see something fall and crash about a mile from
where they were. Without a word, both took off towards the landing spot.

When they arrived, Vejita noticed that Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Piccolo,
Krillin, Juuhachi-gou, Yamcha, Tien, and Chaotsu were already there. All
were in defensive positions, carefully eyeing the Saiyajin space pod
that had just landed.

Slowly, the pod opened and a tall, dark woman emerged. She looked to be
about 18 or 19, and she was about 5'7. She had long, black, unruly hair
and astonishingly dark eyes. She had an athletic body, long legs, wide
hips, a thin waist, and she was surprisingly busty for the warrior that
she looked like. She wore armor and a spandex suit that looked very
similar to what Vejita had worn on his first visit to Earth. She wore no
scouter, and had her black tail wrapped tightly around her waist.

As she examined the group surrounding her, Vejita noticed a large, black
UE stamped on her suit over both her biceps. She also had a CUE stamped
on her armor over her right breast. He immediately recognized this as
being the symbol of the Captain of the Saiyajin Ultra Elites. The Ultra
Elites were a group of five Saiyajin Warriors. They had to be extremely
strong, and the only requirement to join was that you had to be able to
go Ultimate Super Saiyajin. This one detail alone was enough to rule out
most of the Saiyajin race.

After the destruction of Vejitasei, he had heard that all but one of the
Ultra Elites had perished. It had been almost thirty years since that
day. This girl couldn't possibly be a member of the Ultra Elites, let
alone the captain!

The Saiyajin girl slowly levitated out of the crater that her ship had
created upon landing. She landed on the grass as everyone automatically
took a step back. Her gaze fell upon Vejita. Her tail unwrapped itself
from around her waist., then she spoke.

"Vejita? Is that you?"

* * * * *

She was examining the Saiyajin man now. I can't believe it, she thought.
It's Vejita, I'd recognize that hair anywhere.

Vejita just frowned, but showed no signs of having recognized her.

"Don't remember me? I'm not surprised. The last time you saw me, I was
eleven years old, and I was thoroughly beaten up from my training. I've
grown considerably since then."

Vejita's frown deepened as he desperately tried to remember. It was this
time that she decided to examine the rest of the crew. The first one she
saw she immediately realized was a Saiyajin. He had unruly black hair
(much like her own and Vejita's). He was almost a head taller than
Vejita (not counting hair).

The next person she saw was a short, bald human with no nose. How odd,
she thought. The look he was giving her was one that clearly read "I'll
kill you if I have to." It almost made her want to laugh out loud.

Next, was a very attractive blond woman. Oddly, she didn't seem to have
any ki at all.

The woman puzzled her almost as much as the next person. He was a Namek.
This was very odd indeed, since their entire planet had been destroyed
not too long ago.

The next person she saw was a rather attractive teenager with purple
hair. He wore a sword on his back, but bore no other weapons. Strangely,
he looked much like Vejita. Could he possibly be....? No, of course not.

After him was another teenager. This one was attractive, also. She
smiled to herself inwardly. Both boys seemed to be eyeing her. This one
had black hair and somewhat resembled the other Saiyajin standing next
to Vejita.

The next man, in his mid-twenties it looked like, looked much like the
last boy and the Saiyajin. Hmmm.....curious.

The next person was definitely......odd. He had two eyes in heir normal
places, and a third eye in the middle of his forehead. He was completely
bald and had a scar running across his muscularchest.

Floating next to him was a very strange boy. He was completely bald and
looked somewhat like a little mime.

The last person was nothing too special. A human man, possibly in his
late forties. He had scars crisscrossing on his cheeks, and he had
short, black hair. Oddly, when he noticed her looking at him, he turned
completely red and fainted. Humans! she thought, exasparated.

All of the warriors, judging by their ki, were incredibly weak. They
must be hiding their power.
She decided.

Her examinations had only taken a couple of seconds, and soon, Vejita


She smiled warmly, and everyone seemed to relax a bit. Everyone, that
is, except Vejita.

"I'm glad you remember, Vejita."

He leveled a glare at her. "What are you doing here?" He asked coldly.

"Hmmmm.......what would be the appropriate thing to say here? I come in
peace." She smirked at him.

His eyes narrowed in response.

Her smile faded, and she sighed. "You never did have much of a sense of
humor, Veji-chan."

The Saiyajin next to Vejita burst out laughing. The rest of the group
tried desperately to cover their smiles. All of them relaxed, since she
didn't seem to want to harm them.

"Veji-chan? Hahahaha!" the Saiyajin continued.

Vejita was turning scarlet at this point, from rage or embarrassment,
nobody knew.

"SHUT UP KAKAROTTO!!!" he screamed.

He turned back to Nita, glaring at her. She only smiled sweetly back at

"I will kill you someday for this!" and with that, he flew off, leaving

* * * * *

As Vejita flew, he recalled his past.....

He remembered his life at the palace when he was young, and when he
first met Nita. She had been born into nobility when he was only about
ten. She had lived in the palace, also. When she was two, she was tested
for potential. She had had unbelievably high marks. He sneered at the
remembrance. At four she had begun intensive training to become a first
class warrior. She had always had this _thing_ for Vejita. She was
always teasing him and pulling his tail anytime he forgot to wrap it
around his waist. And, to make things worse, at the age of ten she had
already become a first class warrior, quickly becoming stronger than he.
He absolutely dispised her. A year later, he had left the planet. He had
then heard of the destruction of Vejitasei and assumed she was dead. But
no, nothing ever _really_ worked out for him. He had so many questions
in his mind. It had been thirty years since he saw her, why was she
still so young? Well, he knew that. Space travel also affects time for
the people in the ship. But there were other questions also, not as
easily answered. How had she survived? And why had she so expertly
changed the subject when he asked why she was here?

* * * * *


The one Vejita had called Kakarotto smiled at her. "Gee, I thought only
I could get on his nerves like that."

She smiled at him, "Well, we're old friends."

"Well, I'm Goku, and this is...."

She interrupted, "Sorry, but I thought you were Kakarotto."

"Oh, that," He put his hand behind his head, "that's my Saiyajin name,
but all my friends call me Son Goku."

"Oh, okay." she replied simply, still not quite understanding the
connection between the two names.

"Anyway.." He continued, "This is Yamcha, my best friend Krillin, his
wife Juuhachi-gou (she had heard about the androids on Earth), my sons
Gohan and Goten, Tien, Chaotsu, Piccolo, and Vejita's son Trunks."

Nita's eyes widened in shock. "Vejita's got a son?"

"Yup, and a wife and daughter, too."

"I have got to meet the amazing woman who could put up with him."

Everyone laughed at that. Everyone except Yamcha, who was still lying on
the ground, motionless.

"Is he......going to be alright?" she asked.

"Oh sure, this happens whenever a cute girl acknowledges his existence."
said Tien.

Nita tried to fight the blush approaching her cheeks, and failed

"Oh yeah, we're all eating dinner out in my backyard soon, would you
like to come? You could meet the rest of the crew." said Goku with a
grin on his face.

Nita had yet to figure out why he was always smiling. "Sure! sounds like

With that, everyone flew towards Goku's home. Except Yamcha, who was
carried (with much difficulty) by Tien.

* * * * *

When they arrived, tables were already set up, and three women were busy
cooking enormous amounts of food. And, of course, there was Vejita,
sulking under a tree with a little lavender haired girl, literally
running circles around him.

Goku then introduced Nita to the three women who were cooking.

"This is my wife Chichi, My son's wife Videl, and Vejita's wife Bulma."

"I'm very pleased to meet all of you. Bulma, I have to congratulate you.
I don't know _how_ you did it." Nita said, pointing to Vejita.

Bulma giggled, "neither do I."

Goku then introduced her to an old man and a pig.

"This is Master Roshi, and this is Oolong."

"Hi." she said to them with a warm smile.

Neither replied. Both were staring at her (not her face, mind you) and
trying to hide the fact that they were drooling.

Goku then whispered in her ear, "Watch out, they're both perverts."

Nita laughed, "I figured as much."

Goku pointed at the lavender haired girl, who was now talking to a
little black haired girl.

"Those are Bra, Vejita's daughter, and Pan, Gohan's Daughter."

He then pointed at a blond, teenage girl, "and that's Marron, Krillin
and Juuhachi's daughter."

"And that's" he indicated to the raven haired teenager leaning against a
tree, crossing his arms, "Juunana-gou, Juuhachi's brother."

Just then, Chichi yelled, "food's ready!"

Everybody sat at a table and began eating. Nita sat with Goten, Trunks,
Marron, and Juunana.

Trunks and Goten began an argument over some video game and completely
forgot anyone else was there.

Juunana was picking at his food, and.....blushing? She couldn't tell.

And Marron, Nita didn't think it was humanly possible to talk that fast.
"Ohmygosh, I can't believe you're my age!" she squealed, and Nita
winced, oh my sensitive ears, ouch. "We're going to be the best of
friends! We have got to go shopping! I saw the absolute cutest outfit
that would look just FAB on you! And.....are you listening?

Nita blinked, "Huh? Oh, yeah. I've just never been one for shopping,
just fighting."

With that, Juunana looked up, "What techniques do you know?" he purred.
Does he always sound like that?

"Well, being the Captain of the Ultra Elites, a group of Saiyajin
warriors, I had to learn almost every technique in existence, plus a few
I developed myself."

"Really? That's amazing, maybe we could get together and spar sometime."

That voice is driving me nuts, I wonder what he sounds like when he's
actually _trying_ to sound sexy and suggestive.
Nita noticed that Goten
and Trunks had stopped arguing and were glaring at Juunana. He only

"So, do you know any telepathic techniques?" he asked.

"Well, the trainer I had only knew Mind Fuse, so I only learned that

Juunana's eyes widened, "Mind Fuse? wow."

Mind Fuse was an attack where you fuse your mind (telepathically, not
physically) to your enemy's and force energy into his/her/it's mind,
making it explode from the pressure. The only drawback being that since
your minds are fused, you would feel the pain that your enemy was in.
Sometimes the pain would last for days. Most people who attempted this
attack ended up killing themselves to escape the torture. The only way
you could prevent this attack was to be able to put up a telepathic wall
in your mind, something that very few people could do.

Just then, Vejita stood and looked at Nita. All talking stopped.

"Nita, you never did say why you were here."

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that." said Goku.

"Shut up, Kakarotto." Vejita growled for the second time that day.

"Ummmm......well.......I..." Nita stuttered.


She sighed and stood, "I really hadn't wanted to tell you guys. I can
take care of it myself." she paused and took a breath, "I'm not the only
member of the Ultra Elites that survived. There is also Rhei. He was
extremely competitive. When he lost the fight against me for the
position of captain, he swore that one day he would defeat me, but he
remained in the Ultra Elites, under my command. After the destruction of
Vejitasei and the other three members, we lost contact with eachother.
Then, about a year ago, I got a message from him. He told me that in two
years he would come to kill me, Vejita, and destroy Earth." She said it
all in practically one breath, as if she was leaving something out and
didn't want them to notice.

"Wait, why does he want to kill me?" Vejita asked.

"Well, I'm not exactly sure about that. I think It's because he's always
been jealous that you're prince of all Saiyajins. And, I think he may
have gone insane....possibly."

He raised an eyebrow, "That's it? That's the only reason he's jealous?"

"Oh, no. He's also jealous of your stunning good looks." she smirked.

He almost smiled, until he realized that she was being sarcastic. He sat
back down again and grumbled something about women.

Suddenly, Goku spoke up. "Then we have one year to train, we'll start
right away."

Everyone flew off to begin training. Chichi sighed. And then she noticed
Nita, the only one who had stayed besides Bra, Pan, Videl, and Bulma.
She was gathering plates from the tables.

"Why didn't you go with them?" Chichi asked her.

"Well, we have a year, what's the rush? Besides, I thought it was unfair
that all of you have to clean up this mess alone."

"Thank you, Nita."

"Hey, Nita? Where are you going to stay?" asked Bulma.

"Oh, I dunno. I guess I'll just sleep in my pod." she replied with a

"Oh no you don't. You're staying at my place. I have plenty of guest

"Are you sure you don't mind?"

"Not at all. Plus, I just upgraded the gravity room to 1,000g. You can
train with that if you can get there before Vejita."

"Sure!" Nita laughed, "If I have to, I can always just beat him up."

Bulma looked dubious at that last comment, but didn't say anything. What
did she know about this strange girl? Everyone had just sort of accepted
her without question. No one had any real idea of her power. She
shrugged it off. If this polite young girl was really some power-crazy
loony, she was sure it wasn't anything Goku and Vejita couldn't take
care of.

* * * * *


The next morning Nita woke up at sunrise. Once again she admired the
room she had been given. It was a large room with a king sized bed, a
full length mirror, and a dresser. Other than that there was nothing in
the room. Adjoining her room was a private bathroom.

She took a quick shower and walked back into her bedroom. She opened the
capsule that held her belongings. I'll have to move my stuff into the
dresser, if I'm going to be staying here for a year.
Quickly sifting
through her things, she picked out her favorite training outfit. Black
spandex pants, black halter top, and black boots.

She smiled to herself as she jumped out the window after dressing (If
she had used the door, she would certainly wake someone). She walked
over to the gravity room and was about to open the door, but she decided
not to. If she turned the room on, she would surely wake someone up.
Instead, she walked out to the middle of the back yard and began doing
her kata.


Trunks suddenly sat up in bed. Hmmm...., he thought, I could've sworn I
heard someone using war cries.
He scratched his head groggily and looked
at the clock. 6:00am! Then he heard it again.

"Yah! Yahyahyah!"

He opened the window and looked out into the backyard. There she was,
Nita. His eyes seriously threatened to pop out of his skull.
Hmmmm.......that's definitely a nice sight to wake up to.
She was
wearing a completely skin-tight outfit. She stood in the middle of the
yard, punching the air in front of her. Her fists weren't even visible.
As he stood leaning out the window, admiring her, she stopped and looked up at his window.

"Good morning sleepyhead! Hey, if you lean out that window any further
you'll fall out."

He quickly composed himself and flew down to where she was, completely
forgetting that he was still in his pajamas.

"Why are you up so early?" he asked.

"This isn't early. I always wake up at dawn."

He frowned, "Yeah, whatever. I'm going back to bed. Wake me up for

She heaved a sigh, making his eyes wander down..... "Sure, by the way,
cute P.J.s." She smiled as she went back to her training.

He turned red and looked down. He mentally slapped his forehead. Damn,
I'm so stupid.
He turned and flew back up to his room. But, no matter
how hard he tried, he couldn't get back to sleep. He sighed and went to
go shower.

* * * * *


Nita had just finished her 1,000 pushups and 1,000 situps. I have to
start doing more of these, I didn't even break a sweat.
Then, she
noticed Goten land in front of the house. He must be here to see Trunks.
she thought.


Trunks opened the door to let Goten in. "Hey Goten." he said as the two
boys sat down on the couch in the living room. "You'll never believe
what I did this morning," He continued, "I went to scold Nita for being
up so early and waking me, and I did it wearing the baby blue P.J.s that
my mom gave me for Christmas!" He groaned.

Goten started laughing hysterically. He fell off the couch and began
rolling on the floor, clutching his sides.

Trunks frowned. "It's not funny!"

"Yes Trunks, I'm sorry, but that's hilarious." he said, and began
laughing again.

"Thanks Goten, you're a big help."

* * * * *


Nita stopped her training when she heard Bulma yelling "Breakfast!"

When she got to the kitchen and began eating, she noticed that only
Bulma and Bra were there.

"Where are Vejita, Trunks, and Goten?" she asked.

"Well, Vejita ate earlier and went back to bed. He said something about
avoiding the female version of Satan. Odd. And, Trunks and Goten are
sparring in the front yard. I'll call them again."

With that, she left. Nita went back to eating. Bulma entered again, this
time accompanied by a rather battered pair or teenagers. They sat at the
table and ate.

"Trunks, I forgot to tell you...." Goten began, "All of the crew paired
off for training, for the next year, that is. Well, Yamcha asked me to
train with him, I won't be coming here to train anymore. Sorry."

"What?! Who will I train with?" Trunks almost screamed.

"I'll train with you." Nita offered. Both boys only stared at her. "Of
course, if you think you can't handle it, you don't have to." she
smirked at him.

"I can handle anything you dish out. We'll start training after

"Wait," Goten interrupted, "I changed my mind, Trunks, you can train
with Yamcha." He smiled.

"No, no, Goten. You don't have to sacrifice for Trunks, you go have fun
training with Yamcha." Nita teased.

Goten only looked down and grumbled to himself. Nita and Trunks laughed.

* * * * *

After Breakfast, Nita and Trunks cleaned up, and Goten flew off to begin
his training. Nita then had changed back into her armor. She and Trunks
then flew out to an open field.

"So," Trunks said when they had landed, "Can I see the techniques that
you developed?"

"Sure, just move out of the way." She said as she levitated off the
ground. She suddenly began That's odd. She put her
hands out in front of her and the light gathered in the palms of her

"Lazerbeam........BLAST!!" She screamed as a beam of black light flew
from her hands and into a nearby boulder, completely disintegrating it.
Trunks's eyes widened as she slowly landed next to him. "What do you
think?" She asked, "Pretty cool, huh?"

"Wow, that was amazing. Did you develop any other techniques?"

"Well, none like that."

"Okay, well, let's start sparring. I warn you though, I'm not going to
go easy on you."

She smiled wickedly, "I will."

They both got into position. Suddenly, Nita faded and appeared behind
Trunks. He turned and blocked the punches flying at him. They were
coming so fast that he didn't have time to throw any of his own. Then,
without warning, she threw a ki blast at his abdomen, at point blank
range. He blocked it, but still fell back from the impact. She stood and
watched as he struggled to stand.

"Not bad," He said, "but I was holding back."

She smirked, "So was I."

She flew at him with incredible speed, and she disappeared just before
reaching him. He went into defensive position, waiting for her to
reappear. She appeared directly in front of him and uppercutted,
catching him in the ribs. The air rushed out of his lungs, and he
desperately tried to clear his vision. When it did, he saw Nita,
standing in front of him.

"Well? Aren't you even going to try?" she said.

He charged at her, and began punching at her face and stomach. She
blocked or dodged every punch. They continued punching and kicking at
eachother, neither hitting their target. Trunks suddenly saw an opening.
Without a second thought he used it, and punched her in the stomach. She
flew back a couple yards, grinned, and faded. She appeared behind him
and kicked him in the back. He stumbled forward. She faded and appeared
in front of him again. She grabbed his shoulders and kneed his ribs. He
cried in pain and fell to his knees.

Panting, she stopped. "Wow, I haven't had a workout like that in ages."

He looked up at her and winced. "I think you broke a couple dozen of my

"Oh, don't be silly, you don't have that many ribs." She then kneeled in
front of him and removed his hands from his chest. "Here, let me see."
She put her hands under his shirt and felt his ribs.

"Oww! You could be a little more gentle, you know!"

"Sorry. You're fine, I didn't hit you that hard. You just bruised a
couple ribs."

"Me?! I didn't do anything!"

"Exactly, that's why I hit you, you were careless. So, I guess you're
not up for another round, huh?"

He stood up and looked at her. "I'm fine, lets fight."

* * * * *


The warriors fell away from eachother once again. They were both
battered and bruised.

"C'mon Trunks, let's take a little break. This is the fifth time I've

He was breathing hard, "No, just one more fight."

"We're both exhausted, and I'm hungry."

"Just one more!" he whined.

She sighed, "Alright."

He smiled and charged at her. She got into defensive position and he
threw many punches at her. She blocked and dodged every one. Suddenly,
he kicked out with his legs and swept the ground, throwing her off her
feet. Before she hit the ground she hit his knees, toppling him onto

Panting, she said to him, "Umm...I can't get up."

He smiled, "I know."

"Am I interrupting something?" Said Bulma, who had just arrived in her

Trunks quickly got up and helped Nita to her feet. "No, mom. We were
just sparring." He turned red.

"Yeah, well, that's not how you and Goten usually spar." She replied,
raising an eyebrow.

Trunks suddenly seemed to be fascinated with his shoes. Bulma laughed.
Nita just stood there the entire time, wondering what was so funny.

"I'm joking, Trunks." Bulma said, "I think It's cute that you two are

Nita and Trunks looked at eachother.

"Well, I just came to tell you that I have lunch ready for you. Just
come whenever you're done.......doing whatever you were doing."

Nita smiled, "Okay, thanks Bulma."

Bulma smiled back and got in her car. Soon, she was gone. Nita slapped
Trunks playfully on the back of his head.


"You acted like a 13 year old kid who was just caught making out with
his girlfriend on the couch. What's wrong with you?"

He sighed, "I don't know. Let's go eat, I'm starving."

They took off and flew back to Capsule Corporation.

* * * * *

Next Day...

Nita and Trunks continued their training through sparring. After Nita
won another fight, she suggested that they use the gravity room.

"Are you kidding?!" Trunks exclaimed, "My dad is always in there. We
can't use it."

"Oh, I'm sure he won't mind. I may have to pursuade him," She grinned
wickedly, "but I'm sure It'll be ok."

She took off toward Capsule Corp. and Trunks sighed. He knew by now that
when Nita wanted something, she got it. He wasn't about to argue with
her. He flew off after her.

When they landed in front of the gravity room, Trunks noticed it was on.
Nita calmly walked over and flipped it off. Suddenly there was a loud
BANG! as something heavy inside slammed into the ceiling. There was much
swearing. Then, the door opened, and a very angry Vejita came out. He
was rubbing his head where a large bump was forming.

"What do you want?" He hissed.

"Well, I was wondering if we could use the gravity room today." Nita
said sweetly.

"NO!" Vejita said and turned to go back inside. Nita calmly grabbed his
shoulder and spun him around, facing her again.

"But, Veji, I don't think you understand. We would _like_ to use the
gravity room." She stared meaningfully into his eyes. He glared at her.
Trunks looked from her to his father, trying to figure out what was
going on.

"You'll have to fight me for it." Vejita finally said.

She smiled, "Gladly."

With that, both backed out into the back yard and got into fighting
stance. Trunks sat on the grass to watch. Vejita went Super Saiyajin
three. Nita began laughing.

"Is that it? That's the best you can do?"

Vejita glared at her as she slowly began to glow. She closed her eyes
and seemed to be focusing intently on something. Suddenly, she let out a
short scream and her power level ski-rocketed as she burst into a bright
golden hue. Her hair became gold and lengthened out to almost touch the
ground. Her tail became even longer and changed to the same shade as her
hair was. The jacket she had borrowed from Trunks earlier dissintegrated
right off of her body. Powerful lances of energy shot off her and landed
all around her, burning the grass and leaving small craters. When she
finally opened her eyes, they were deep pools of darkness. All traces of
emotion had left her face, for she had just let out all of the fury
unside her and burst into Ultimate Super Saiyajin.

Vejita stumbled back several feet before he powered down. "I'm no idiot.
I'm not going to fight you." He turned and went into the house, cursing
as he went.

Nita powered down, regaining her original form.

Trunks walked over to her. "" he trailed off.

"Yeah, well, I'm a member of the Ultra Elites. Not only that, I'm the
captain, Of course I can go Ultimate Super Saiyajin. Although, it's been
a while since I've done that. It normally doesn't take that long for me
to achieve USSJ. I actually had to imagine.....certain things to bring
the anger out. I haven't needed to do that in a long time." She looked
distant, like whatever she had imagined had deeply disturbed her,
reawakened a hatred that she had previously conquered. She shrugged,
"So, are we going to train, or what?"

As she walked off, not waiting for an answer, Trunks whimpered slightly.
"My jacket...." He said quietly, but decided not to bother her about it.
She seemed a little out of it.

* * * * *

As the weeks went by, Nita and Trunks continued their training. Nita
still seemed slightly distant at times, and tended to get lost in
thought whenever she wasn't training. She focused all of her energy on
improving herself. They would spar, and use the gravity room whenever
they could wrestle Vejita out. Soon, Vejita gave up and just trained
with Goku instead. About three months before Rhei was to arrive, it
happened. Marron finally tracked Nita down.

Nita and Trunks were sparring in the front yard again. Both stopped when
they heard a voice.

"Nita!" she squealed, "I can't believe I found you! It took forever to
figure out where you were." Nita groaned as Marron came running up to

She turned to Marron and said, "Hi Marron, what's up?"

"Oh, not much. We're going shopping today, though." She smiled.

"We? As in, you and I?" Nita asked.

"Yep! You can't go around dressed like that though. You can come to my
place, I'll let you borrow some of my stuff until we get you new

"But," She began, "We have training to do, don't we, Trunks?" She looked
desperately at Trunks, giving him a look that said "Save me! Please!"

"Oh, no. We've been training every day for almost a year, you deserve a
break." He smiled wickedly at her. "Besides, Goten is coming over today,
we're gonna be busy."

She glared at him as Marron dragged her to her car.

* * * * *

Nita tugged at her clothes as she and Marron walked through the shopping
mall. Marron had given her a white, button-up blouse that ties in the
front and shows your middle, a black skirt that was unbelievably short
(earlier, the two girls had cut a hole in it for her tail), and black,
knee high, heeled boots.

"Oh, I still can't believe how good you look in my clothes! We're almost
exactly the same size! And, don't worry about it, you can keep them, I
never wear them anyway."

As Marron went on and on, Nita thought, I'm going to KILL Trunks when I
get back!

"Oh! look! Is that Goten and Trunks?" Marron said.

What?! They can't be here! Damnit! I look positively stupid! How did I
get myself into this?
she thought helplessly.

"Hey! Trunks! Goten! C'mere!" Marron screamed.

The two boys walked over to them. Oh no, it IS them! They stopped in
front of Marron and Nita.

"Hey Marron! Hey.......Nita?" Goten said.

"Nita, you" Trunks stammered, not blinking.

She blushed and seriously thought of flying back to Capsule Corp.

"Doesn't she look cute? Our next stop is Victoria's Secret. She needs to
get some bras." Marron said.

"That's it! I'm outta here!" Nita said as the two boys burst out
laughing. She turned to leave. Suddenly, an arm reached out and grabbed
her shoulder.

"Oh no you don't! We still have lots to do!" Marron started to drag Nita

Nita glared at Trunks, who had calmed down somewhat. "I'm going to get
you for this!" She hissed at him. He only smiled at her.

"I'm sure you will, but right now you have some shopping to do!" He and
Goten began laughing again as Nita got dragged off into the crowd.

"Now," Marron said, "We're going to go to all of my favorite stores!
This is going to be so much fun!"

* * * * *

By the time their little shopping spree had ended, they had been in the
mall for five hours. Nita was carrying several shopping bags, and so was
Marron. Nita was dropped back off at Capsule Corp. with her six shopping
bags. She thanked Marron for paying for everything. As she walked
through the front door, she noticed Trunks and Goten sitting on the
couch, grinning at her. She dropped her bags and jumped on Trunks. She
began strangling the life out of him.

"Urk......I......erck...." He tried to speak.

"Nita! Stop it!" Goten screamed frantically as he tried to pry her off
of Trunks.

Then, Bulma walked in. She gasped. "STOP IT! She screamed.

Everyone froze in the position they were in. Trunks still couldn't
breath, Nita's hands were clamped tightly around his throat. He began
turning purple. Goten was frozed in position, one arm around her middle,
and one holding on to the coffe table.

"Nita! Let go of my son!"

She reluctantly let go of Trunks. He gulped air and began turning back
to his original colors.

Bulma turned and walked back into the kitchen mumbling to herself.

Goten let go of Nita. She climbed off of Trunks and straightened her
skirt. She then picked up her bags and walked out of the room, mumbling
"He deserved it."

* * * * *

The next week went by pretty smoothly. Trunks hadn't mentioned Nita's
little lapse in sanity, and Goten hadn't returned yet. Trunks and Nita
were tending to eachother's wounds one night. Suddenly, Trunks asked her
a question.

"Nita? Would you like to.....ummmm......go out sometime?"

She looked up from the wound she was bandaging on his chest. "What?
Like, a date?"

He blushed, "Yeah, like, out to dinner or a movie, or something..." He
trailed off.

"Sure, but only on one condition." She said as she went back to


"We don't tell Marron until after the date. She would probably insist we
go shopping for more outfits."

He laughed. "Yeah, I remember what happened last time."

She looked up at him, "Really? I don't. I've blocked it out of my mind."
They both laughed.

"Ok. So, It's a date." Trunks said.


* * * * *

Trunks squirmed as his mother adjusted his tie.

"Trunks! Stop moving around!" She scolded him.

"I can't believe I picked a fancy restaurant for our date. I hate
dressing up! I could have said "lets go see a movie" but noooo, I had to
be expensive and fancy." He began pacing the room.

"Trunks, It's just Nita. It's no big deal. Don't get all nervous."

"Nervous?! I'm not nervous! Oh kami, what if she doesn't like the food?
what if she doesn't like my suit? I look so stupid!"

"Calm down son! I'm going to Nita's room to make sure she's all ready.
Don't forget, I made your reservations for 8:00. It's only 7:30, but
don't be late." She said, and left while Trunks continued pacing.

Nita sat in front of her mirror, fretting over her hair. Damn Saiyajin
hair! Stay put! Aargh!
Just then, Bulma walked in.

"Oh, let me help you with that." she said. She walked behind Nita and
began brushing her hair. "I've got a make-up kit, I know exactly what
I'll do!"

Nita sighed, "You're almost as bad as Marron." she sat still as Bulma
took a step back and examined her hair.

"I'm not going to be able to put it up, but at least now it looks more
tame." She said as she reached into her purse and took out a make-up
kit. She turned Nita to face her and applied a very minimal amount of
make-up. "I don't want to overdo it." she explained. Then, she sprayed
perfume on Nita, it smelled like wildflowers. Nita coughed.

"Stand up! Let me see you." Bulma ordered.

Nita stood, and Bulma gasped. Nita was wearing a dark blue, strappy
dress with a low neckline. The dress went all the way to her ankles and
had slits up both sides. She also had a pair of strappy heels, in a
color matching her dress. "You look great, Nita."

Nita chewed on her lower lip. "Are you sure? I feel stupid."

"Yes, I'm sure. Don't do that! You'll smudge your lipstick. Here." She
quickly reapplied and stepped back. "There, now you're ready."

There was a knock on the door, "Nita? Are you ready? It's 7:45, we
should be going."

Bulma smiled and opened the door. "Hi Trunks, what do you think?" she
asked him, gesturing at Nita.

"Ummm......I.......uhh....." He tried to speak.

Nita was obviously blushing under her make-up. "It's not that bad, is
it?" she asked.

"No, you look.......very......" He looked for the right word.

Bulma nudged his side and whispered something in his ear.

"Yeah! Pretty. You look very pretty."

Nita laughed and looked at Bulma, who was smiling. "You should get
going." she said.

With that, they went out to the car and drove to the restaurant.

* * * * *

When they walked into the restaurant Trunks panicked. Wait, why is there
a band? And a dance floor?! I can't dance! Oh no! What do I do?!
on the other hand, was perfectly calm. She had learned to dance when she
was little.

They were soon seated and given menus. Nita quickly scanned the list.
Trunks sat and tried desperately to focus on the menu. All be could
think of were visions of him, attempting to dance and stepping on Nita's
feet. He winced at the thought.

Soon, a waiter came to take their order. She ordered her food and a
glass of water. Then, it was his turn. Oh my kami. I need more time!
Quickly, he ordered the first thing he saw on the menu. The waiter took
their menus and left. Whew! Crisis averted. For now. Then, Nita looked
up at him and said those words that he had prayed she wouldn't say.

"Let's dance!"

Trunks began sweating. It was getting very hot all of the sudden.
"Dance?" His voice cracked when he said it. He started blushing.

She smiled, "Yes, dance. Don't worry. It's not hard."

He stood up and offered her a hand. She took it and stood. Together they
walked out to the dance floor. Great he thought, It's a slow song. I
have no idea what to do!
She looked at him.

"Ok, what do you know about dancing?"

"Ummm....." His palms were sweating. He looked out at all of the other

She reached out and put his hands on her hips. She put her arms around
his neck. "Ok, now just move to the music."

Ok, I could get used to this he thought as they began dancing. He looked
back at all of the other dancers and then at her. Something was wrong.
He pulled her closer to him, There, that's better. She laughed.

They danced for a couple more songs, surprisingly, all of them were
slow. At the end of one song Trunks thought Ok, this is it, I'm going to
kiss her, don't chicken out!
He leaned in to kiss her, but then their
waiter tapped him on the shoulder before he could.

"Your meal is ready, sir."

Trunks gritted his teeth. "Thank you."

They sat down and Nita began to eat. Trunks only stared at his plate.
What the hell is this crap? What did I order? It smells disgusting!

She looked up from her food to gaze at him. "Is something wrong Trunks?"

"Hmm? Oh, no. Nothing." Yeah right, my food looks like something my
grandfather's cat coughed up.
He tentatively took a bite. Yech! Maybe if
I just cut it up and move it around my plate, she won't notice that I
haven't eaten any.
He looked up at her, she was eating, and hadn't
noticed the disgusted look on his face when he had taken a bite.

The rest of their meal went pretty well. They talked about training, and
Goten, and Marron. After the check came, Trunks panicked once again. Oh
no! Where's my wallet? Aargh! Why can't anything go right tonight?!
noticed the look on his face as he frantically searched his pockets.

"Forgot your wallet?" She asked.

Why is she so calm?! He nodded and turned red. She laughed.

"Don't worry, I always come prepared." She reached down into her shoe
and pulled out a couple of bills. He heaved a sigh of relief. She
quickly put the bills on the table and stood. "That should cover it."

He stood as well. "Yeah, thanks. You're a lifesaver."

They then left the restaurant and drove back to Capsule Corp. When they
reached the front door, Nita opened it and went in. Hmmm.......he
thought, I guess that means there's going to be no goodnight kiss on the
front doorstep.
He escorted her to her bedroom. Just as she reached the
door, she turned to him. Before he could say anything, her lips were on
his. She held the kiss for a couple more seconds, then broke it. She
smiled at him.

"Thanks, Trunks."

She disappeared into her room and closed the door. Trunks just stood
there, too shocked to move. Finally, he walked to his room and sat on
his bed, in a daze. Wow.

* * * * *

The next three months were generally uneventful. They continued their
training in the gravity room, and there were no unexpected visits from
Marron. Trunks and Nita went out every once in a while, and Trunks would
always get his kiss at the end of the date. Soon, the day of the arrival
of Rhei was upon them.

That morning, Nita dressed in her armor. She launched out of her window
to meet the rest of the crew. She and Bulma had calculated where his pod
would land, according to the direction from which he was coming, the
rotation of the Earth, etc. She landed in the open field and greeted the
others. She had been the last to arrive. All of them were considerably
bigger. They had definitely been training hard.

Suddenly, there was a flash of light as something entered Earth's
atmosphere. Everyone flew out of the way as a Saiyajin space pod landed
in the field. The door opened and a very large Saiyajin man came out. He
was wearing armor that looked almost identical to Nita's, Except for the
fact that he didn't have a CUE stamped on it. Nita stepped forward as
everyone got into fighting stance.

"Rhei," She said, her voice thick with hate, "You've been working out."

He laughed wickedly, "It's all for you, woman." His voice was low and

He looked at the rest of the crew. "Is this the kind of company you keep
nowadays? I thought you had better taste." He sneered.

She ignored the comment, "Rhei, I'm giving you one chance to get out. I
don't want to have to kill you."

He laughed, "I've changed, I'll kill you, woman. Feel the wrath of
RHEI!" He screamed as he went Ultimate Super Saiyajin. He grew a few
inches to accomodate for the extra power, and his hair and tail blasted
into a bright gold. His power was incredible, and all of the warriors
took involontary steps back. Nita followed suit. As she transformed,
Trunks noticed, it didn't take nearly as long as it had the first time
he saw her. She looked almost the same as that first time, with only
slight changes. Her eyes weren't dark pools of of emptiness this time,
they were filled with hate and fury. Her eyes were the only part of her
that betrayed the true feelings she had right then. Her composure was
calm, confident. She levitated and slowly said:

"As you wish Rhei. As you wish."

With that last comment, Goku, Vejita, Goten, Gohan, and Trunks went
Super Saiyajin three. Everyone attacked at once. Rhei disappeared and
reappeared next to the two androids. He sent a ki blast to each of them,
throwing them both into a tree. He then faded again as the rest of the
fighters came at him. He appeared above them all, throwing ki blasts at
all of them. Everyone except Krillin, Tien, Chaotsu, and Yamcha dodged
in time. He laughed as the remaining fighters backed up and circled him.

"This is pathetic, Nita. I thought you could do a little better than

She screamed as she charged him again. Her calmness had completely left
her, only her hatred remained. The rest of the fighters followed. They
all punched and kicked him from different angles. Amazingly, he blocked
every attempt. Suddenly, he reached out and punched Goten, Gohan, and
Piccolo, all in only a couple seconds. All three flew back and fell,
unconscious. The only remaining fighters were Nita, Goku, Vejita, and
Trunks. They all fell back, panting.

"Rhei, you've improved." Nita said.

He smirked at her, "You have no idea." He then charged a ki ball in each
hand and shot them at Goku and Vejita. Without thinking, Nita jumped in
front of the two Saiyajin warriors and fired two ki blasts of her own.
The four blasts collided, resulting in a giant explosion. They all
attacked Rhei again. They began fiercely punching and kicking him. Rhei
blocked and dodged, not having time to use his own attacks. Finally, he
threw a ki blast at Vejita's chest. Vejita fell back, unconscious.

"DAD!" Trunks screamed.

"Trunks! He'll be fine, don't get distracted!" yelled Goku.

Just then, Rhei took the opening Goku had left when he yelled at Trunks.
He shot a ki blast at his stomach. Goku slammed into a boulder, dead or
unconscious, Nita couldn't tell.

She looked at Trunks, and he nodded. "Just like we practiced." Trunks
said. Both faded. Rhei looked around, bewildered. They both reappeared
on either side of him and flew out a distance.

"Ka Me Ha Me HAAA!!" They both screamed simultaneously. Rhei was
engulfed in the blast. They waited for the dust to settle, knowing that
he wasn't dead. All of the sudden, five energy discs flew out of the
haze at Trunks. He dodged all of them with ease. He had been prepared
for such an attack. Then, Rhei flew up at Trunks with terrifying speed.
He reached Trunks and began pummeling him, beating the Super Saiyajin
out of him. Nita flew at them, but she was too late. Trunks fell towards
the ground. Nita swooped down and caught him.

Rhei landed and began laughing. "That was _too_ easy!"

Nita landed and put Trunks down gently. At least he was still alive,
barely. She glared at Rhei.

"YOU BASTARD!!!" She screamed and charged at him. Her aura became more
intense, fueled by her rage. She began punching and kicking him. He
blocked and dodged every hit. He eventually began throwing punches of
his own, none of his hits contacting either. She soon realized, to her
horror, he was stronger than her. They separated, both breathing hard.
She levitated up and threw dozens of ki balls at him. He dodged every
single one of them.

"Damnit." She said under her breath. Then, a movement behind Rhei caught
her attention. Goten and Piccolo had regained consciousness. Quickly,
she faded and appeared next to them.

"Distract him for a couple minutes, if we're going to win, there's only
one way." She hissed at them, then faded again, reappearing a distance
away. She watched as Piccolo and Goten charged Rhei. Oh please, kami let
this work
she prayed. She levitated into the air and began chanting in
Saiyajin. She closed her eyes and began glowing. Her hands clasped in
front of her chest, she continued chanting, her brow furrowed in
concentration. She felt Rhei's mind slowly fusing with her own. He
didn't seem to notice, since he was busy with Goten and Piccolo.

Suddenly, a blast connected with her side and her concentration was
broken. Her eyes snapped open and she saw Rhei, standing over Goten and
Piccolo, who had been defeated.

"Now Nita, you're not trying to kill me, are you?" He smirked at her.
Damnit! What do I do now?!
She thought frantically.

"Why don't you just die Rhei? It would make all of our lives easier."
She sneered at him, stalling for time. Come on! Someone wake up!! I
can't do this alone!

As if he had read her mind, he said, "No one can save you now, Nita.
You're all mine!"

Seeing that she had no more time, she quickly flew higher.
"Lazerbeam........BLAST!!" She screamed as the ominous black lazer shot
from her hands towards Rhei. He quickly dodged, but he didn't escape the
beam completely. His entire left arm had been disintegrated. He clutched
the bloody stump that had been his arm, his face twisted in pain. Nita
landed in front of him and began ruthlessly pummeling him, breaking
almost every single one of his ribs. She uppercutted, hitting his
stomach. He was thrown into the air. She faded, and appeared above him,
slamming him back into the ground. She levitated once more up higher.

"This one's for Trunks, bastard! Ka Me Ha Me HAAA!!!" She screamed. When
she was positive that he was dead, she landed and fell to her knees,
completely exhausted. Then, she blacked out.

* * * * *

When she awoke, she was in her room, at Capsule Corp. Her bed was
surrounded by all of the Z fighters. All of them were fine, with only
bruises and scrapes to show that they had ever been in a fight.

Bulma looked down at her, "Oh! You're awake! You had us all worried."

Nita smiled and looked around. She sat up quickly, "Where's Trunks?!"

Bulma frowned, "He's in his room, recuperating."

Before anyone could protest, Nita was out of bed and running to Trunks's
room. When she got inside, she saw him, in his bed. He was bandaged
heavily. She went to him and sat down next to him. He was awake.

"Did you kill him?" He asked quietly.

"Yes, right after he knocked you out. Trunks, I thought he....."

He interrupted her, "No, it would take more than a big lug like that to
keep me from you."

She smiled at him through her tears. He sat up, wincing. He put his arms
around her and kissed her.

Just then, Bulma came to the door. She was about to yell at them for not
resting, saw them, and thought better of it. She silently closed the
door, smiling to herself.

The End

part two