No More Tears

By Sulphi

Trunks advanced through the forest. Glancing around, he slowly started to climb a tree. He was careful. Who wouldn't be when you were being stalked? He stared off into the horizon, watching the sun set. He had to get home soon. Not yet. He had to catch his stalker. He had to do this.
He looked down and saw the stalker. He smiled, knowing the person didn't know he was right above. He crouched and got ready to spring. Then, his legs shot out from under him. Trunks flew through the air and fell right down at the stalker.
"Got ya!"
He landed ontop of Goten, and they both tumbled through some bushes and into a stream. They laughed together and crawled out from the stream. Trunks flopped down on the shore and rolled onto his back to stare into the reddish orange sky. Goten rang the water from his spiked hair and looked down at his friend.
"Whatcha thinking about?"
"Nothing... Just staring into the sky."
Goten raised an eyebrow, suspicious about his friend. He knew what Trunks was like and how his friend sometimes got the craziest ideas. With a poke to the ribs, Trunks sat up quickly from his day dream and punched Goten in the arm.
"Hey!" he laughed, "Come on. Let's go ask your mom if you can come over for dinner, Trunks. My mom is making rice balls with soy sauce tonight, and maybe my dad will let us order a pizza also."
Pizza. Hmmm, Trunks thought, maybe I could go for some tonight. My dad is out training while my mom is going to leave soon, leaving Bra and Marron home and those two cook the worst food! Might as well give it a shot.
"Sure, let's go."
The two boys started off towards Capsule Corp., unaware of what was happening above their heads.
A light streaked through the darkening sky. It headed towards the ground as suicidal speed. If not controlled, the person inside would surely die. But the spacecraft never slowed down. And hit the ground. Metal flew everywhere. Animals scattered in fear. Luckily, no one had seen this spacecraft. Hopefully, no one would...

"Mom!? I'm home!" Trunks cried as he came through the door.
Bulma looked over at her son as she put on her earrings. She smiled and said, "Hello Trunks and Goten! You two seem tired."
"Hey Bulma! Can Trunks come over to my house and eat dinner with my family? And maybe spend the night?"
"Sure. No problem. Trunks, go pack your stuff and pick up your room young man before you go anywhere!" Bulma scolded, then kissed her son on the forehead. "I have to be leaving. See you two tomorrow!" And she went through the door.
"My room is already clean..." Trunks grumbled as he ran up to his room.
Goten followed and plopped down on the bed. He stared at some of the medals Trunks had. His sword, his posters of his favorite fighters on Tv. The CD player and the new Saiyan armor he got. Goten snorted, being slightly jealous of his friend because Trunks always got new armor.
"Hey Goten! Mind helping me?" Trunks grumbled while he searched for his bag.
"I'm sitting on your bag if that helps." Goten laughed.
"Better not have farted on my bag or I'll shove it down your throat!"
"Oh I think I'll just fart on it right now.."
Trunks shoved over Goten and grabbed his bag, shoving his belongings into it.He opened his window and jumped out of it.
"Hey! Wait for me man!"
Goten followed and ran after Trunks, hollering from him to wait up. As they walked through the woods, Trunks suddenly stopped.
"What is it?"
"I sense something..."
He stepped forward and walked up to a clearing. In the middle of a valley was a huge crater. He stared in horror. The foul smell of blood and burnt metal filled the air. He stepped up and peered down into the crater. Inside the crater was a huge spacecraft. A Saiyan ship.
"Oh my lord... Goten! Goten! We have to get your father!"
"You'll never believe what's in this crater! Hurry! Go get your father!"
"What's in there? I'm not getting my father until I know what's in that crater!" Goten demanded angrily.
"A Saiyan space ship!" Trunks screamed. "Now GO!"
Goten turned and took off running towards his house. His footsteps making a rhymic sound each time they hit the ground. The branches hit him in the face, tearing up his arms bloody. He couldn't waste another minute. Who knew what could be inside that Saiyan spacecraft. A Saiyan most likely. And this was important.
"Mom! Mom! Where's dad!?" Goten cried as he burst through the door, panting madly.
"Right here son." Goku looked from his dinner, rice covering his mouth. "What's wrong? You seem tired."
Chi Chi peeked out from the kitchen, a scowl on her face and hollered, "Where have you been young man!? You've missed dinner and you're all dirty! Oh my lord, and you're hurt! What have you been doing!?"
"Chi Chi! Let Goten speak!"
"Dad... A... We... Me and Trunks found a... A Saiyan spacecraft in the... Valley nearby... Trunks is there alone."
"You left Trunks alone out there?" Goku jumped up and ran out the door.
"Where are you going Goku!?"
"Somewhere Chi Chi! I love you! Come on Goten!"
Chi Chi sighed deeply and murmured as she cleaned the table, "All this worrying is going to give me wrinkles..."

Trunks jumped down into the crater with a loud thud. Dirt and dust flew into his face, but he ignored it. He slowly walked towards the Saiyan ship, ready to strike if attacked. No attack came. He knocked on the door and tried to look inside, but the windows were all blocked with something. Trunks prayed it was not blood. He slowly opened the door and peeked inside. He was met by a blinding flash of light. He stumbled back and fell to the ground. He closed his eyes and everything went black.

More To Come!!