It was a cold morning and Trunks had just finished his training. "That’s better, now I am awake" said trunks. He looked up and closed his eyes and took a deep breath of the cold morning air. "I wonder what Bulma made me for breakfast". Trunks started to walk back to the house but felt something was wrong. He broke into an all out run for home. As he arrived he saw nothing wrong but then he heard screaming. "STAY AWAY FROM ME!" screamed Bulma from inside the house. Trunks quickly ran into the house only to see his mother standing and the table looking down at a mouse. Trunks looked up at his mother. "Its only a mouse, mom. You don’t have to panic, I though something was wrong." At this trunks made his way to his room leaving Bulma standing on the table. "TRUNKS GET BACK HERE!" Trunks walks back out. "What," said a very tired Trunks. "If you want breakfast you better get rid of that mouse NOW!" Trunks walked over to the table and picked up the mouse and headed towards the door. As he opened it his fiend Goten was about to knock on the door but hit Trunks as the door opened. "What you do that for!?" Trunks rubbed his head where he got hit. "I just came to tell you that I was gonna go do some training in the woods and ask if you wanted to come." Goten looked hopeful that Trunks would go with him. "I guess, but I am gonna eat breakfast first. Wanna eat too? I’m sure my mom won’t mind." Trunks and Goten walk into the kitchen and Bulma is cooking. "Hey mom, can Goten eat with us?" Trunks looked at her with hopeful eyes. "Sure he can, he at least enjoys my food." Bulma flashed a cheesy grin and continued to cook. Trunks and Goten started to talk about childhood and the door burst open and Vegeta falls through the doorway with a hole through his stomach. "Dad?" Trunks gets up and runs to his father. "What happened father?" Bulma runs into the room and sees Vegeta lying there dying. "Vegeta! What happened?" Bulma tried to hold back her tears. Vegeta finally got enough strength to sit up. "I was out in the woods…and I turned around…and there he..was….Nappa….and he..he was stronger then…when I killed him." Vegeta coughs up some blood. Bulma starts to cry. Goten walks into the room and sees the scene. "I’m gonna go. I’ll see ya later Trunks. You just stay here with your father. I can train alone today." Trunks looks at his father and starts to cry. "I will get revenge father…I must." Trunks stands up and looks at Goten as he walks out the door. "Wait for me Goten. I’m going to the woods with you." At this Trunks grabbed the hope sword and him and Goten left. Bulma walks over to the dying Vegeta and can’t stop crying. She hugs Vegeta as tight as she can and kisses him. "Please don’t die. I love you." A tear falls onto Vegeta’s shoulder. "…strong...Bulma…tell trunks… him…and…I…love you too…" Vegeta dies and Bulma kisses him lightly and a silence fills the room and Bulma holds Vegeta’s dead body close to hers.

In the woods Trunks and Goten are training and Trunks has the upper hand. "Trunks, take it easy. This is only training for crying out loud!" "I know that, that’s why I am going all out, I need to focus my strength." A small blast goes between Goten and Trunks and a shadowy figure stands next to a tree. "Hahahaha…you must be Trunks, son of Vegeta." "Yeah, That’s me. Goten, leave now!" "But Trunks, I wan…" is cut off by trunks. "NOW!" Goten flares up and flies away. " it’s just me and you….you killed my father…now you will die." "Hahaha..i was just returning him the favor. You see, when me and your father landed on earth, we fought the earthlings, a saiyan and a namekian. Well..i started to lose, I was weak so your father killed me." "Well…now I will return that favor back. BIG BANG! Trunks shoots a blast at Nappa and Nappa counters it with eye lasers. "Hahaha…that was just a warm up, Trunks. Nappa disappears and reappears behind Trunks and punches him through a boulder. Trunks flips up and runs towards Nappa and rolls to the side and trips Nappa jumps up and shoots ki blasts at Nappa. "I..think I got him." Trunks stands and watches the smoke clear and Nappa is gone. Trunks turns to walk home but is hit in the face as he turns and flies into a tree and is knocked out.

Two hours later Trunks awakes in his home and Bulma and Goten are staring at him. "What happened?" Trunks is too weak to move. "Trunks, That was Nappa you were fighting. Your father killed him on earth years ago. Somehow he was wished back to this dimension." Bulma just sits and stares out the window…still crying. "We need to find the dragonballs. I must see him again." Trunks looks over at Bulma and closes his eyes and thinks about his father. "We’ll find them. We have to." Goten takes in the scene and heads out the door. Bulma walks over to Trunks and hugs him and Trunks starts to cry.

The next morning Goku and Gohan arrive at the home of Trunks. Goku knocks on the door and trunks answers. "Hey trunks, How things going?" Trunks gives Goku a cold but emotionless stare. Bulma walks up behind Trunks and gestures for him and Gohan to come in. They all sits at the table and start talking about finding the dragonballs. Trunks stands up. "I think we should go after Nappa first. He deserves what I am gonna give to him." Goten puts his hand on Trunks’ shoulder. "Sit. Bb quiet, we’ll get Nappa. First we gotta get your dad back." The group starts talking and they hear a knock at the door. Bulma gets up to answer it and Krillin is standing there holding a bag. "I found all 7!" The group quickly rushes out side and summons the dragon and wishes Vegeta back. "Your wish can not be granted. Make another wish." Bulma starts to cry. Goku steps forward and starts to make the wish. "I wish that all beings killed by Nappa in the last 2 weeks be brought back to this plain." Dragon’s eyes flash red. "Your wish has been granted" The dragon goes back in to the dragonballs and they scatter across the earth again. Two minutes later Vegeta is standing in the doorway. Has a grin on his face. "Miss me?" Bulma runs up to him and hugs him the kisses him. "DON’T EVER DO THAT AGAIN! I was worried…" Vegeta looks at the group. "What are we waiting for? Revenge is such sweet sorrow."

After a few hours the group finds Nappa. Vegeta sees Nappa and is enraged and starts to power up. Vegeta is engulfed in a bright light and emerges super saiya-jin. "FINAL FLASH!" Vegeta shoots the beam at Nappa and Nappa flies back into a mountain. Vegeta flies forward Nappa and ax-handles him to the ground. Flies down and shoots a beam through Nappa’s stomach. "Hahaha…you did it again…Vegeta…" Nappa coughs up some blood. The group looks at Vegeta as he returns to his normal self. They all turn and walk away, Trunks and Vegeta slow down behind the group. "Trunks, I just want you to know that I love you (I know..sounds weird coming from Vegeta)." "I know father." Trunks and Vegeta both hug each other and catch up with the group.


(Disclaimer: The events of this story are fictional. The characters belong to Dbz. Hope you liked it.)

Author: Jeremy Branda