Payment of Sin

Vegeta hovered in the air watching as his son racing to catch up.

“C’mon Brat!” Vegeta scolded. Vegeta noted the determination in Trunks’
eyes. It reminded him of when he trained with his father as a child. He
remembered hating his father’s taunts, but now realized why his father did
it. Some day he would die and he couldn’t have a weak son. He promised
himself that as a father he would give his son a “better life”. Trunks
could not survive in the world if he had too much pampering Vegeta thought
just as Trunks made his final approach.

Trunks nearly wept at the thought of his father calling him a brat, but then
thought that it would only give his father victory if he did. So instead of
crying he just flew on and set his goal.

“Let’s GO, let’s go we don’t have all day!” Vegeta screamed. Just as Trunks
made it to his father Vegeta shot off through the clouds. Vegeta knew that
Trunks was frustrated with the taunts just as he had been as a child, but it
would cause Trunks to try harder. He was flying as fast as he possibly
could and Trunks was gaining on him. He wanted so bad to tell his son how
proud he was, but knew that praise meant weakness.

Trunks pressed on the wind flying through his hair he never went so fast in
his life. The clouds were somewhat of a problem, but he knew his father was
flying through them on purpose.

Vegeta began to take his mind off Trunks and began thinking of Bulma. He
really did care, but showing her would only mean he victory over him. She
is hard enough to control, as it is let alone giving her that to use against
him. Suddenly he felt a tug at his leg “WHAT THE HE…” Trunks had caught up
“Doh! Damn emotions. Trunks will be gloating for weeks.” He thought.

“Got cha’” Trunks smiled.

“You sure did brat.” Vegeta barked with a small ki blast to knock Trunks off
his leg.

“AHHHH!” Trunks screamed as he fell through the sky.

“Oops!” thought Vegeta as he raced to catch Trunks before his impact with
the solid ground. He barely caught Trunks. He knew if he didn’t he would
not hear the end of it from Bulma.

“Well Brat you hungry or do you want to fly around some more and train?”
Vegeta said with a smirk on his face. “Hmm I wonder if Bulma has put dinner
on the table yet?” Vegeta thought to himself with a concerned look on his

“Err… I’m hungry,” Trunks said with a tough-guy look on his face. He wanted
to smack the smile off his dad’s face.

“Alright then let’s get home and this time don’t lag behind!” Vegeta
decided to take it slow on the way home because of how much ki he hit Trunks
with. “Guess I don’t know my own strength” he pondered. Hope he is okay.
“Mmm can’t wait for some of Bulma’s good cookin’”. BOOM! Vegeta felt a
huge pressure on his chest and realized he had been hit by a powerful ki

“Hahahaha” laughed the strange looking man.

“Father!” Trunks screamed as Vegeta fell to the ground like a falling star.

The man was tall with long black hair and a goatee. He had on Saiyan armor
and had 2 swords placed on his back, one white, one black. His power was
now noticeable and very great. Trunks could feel it in the air. Silence
surrounded the countryside…

“I am Novias of Trove, I believe you are Vegeta and this must be your….

“Ye…(cough)...Yes” now stumbling to his feet Vegeta noticed the man
resembled Raditz. He remembered the name Trove from when he was serving
Frieza. “Raditz?!….”

“He was my father…unfortunately.” The man said with disgust in his voice.
“He raped my mother and thus I was born!”

“What business do you have with me?” Vegeta wondered.

“You, and Frieza’s Saiyan force killed my people and destroyed our planet!
So now I’m here to kill you!” The man removed the swords from his back and
attacked Vegeta.

Trunks looked on watching his father dodge the blows given out by the
enraged Novias.

“ARGH!” the angry and hateful Novias screamed as he relentlessly attacked
the quick Vegeta. Suddenly Novias quits…he looks at Trunks and grins. He
then dashes for Trunks before anyone notices Trunks is falling to the ground
with a deep wound on his chest.

“NOOOO! TRUUUUNKS!” Vegeta screams as power covers his body. He can feel it
running through his veins. Suddenly his hair turns yellow and his body
pulses with energy and strength.

Novias begins laughing “Hahhaah, you cannot compare to my power Monkey!”

“Final FLAAASH!” a large beam of power burst through the air and into
Novias’ stomach.

Vegeta walks over to Novias’ bleeding body. “ I…I…am not the…last…there
will…be…(cough) more…. You will…di…Die for your crimes hu.” And with a final
cough of blood the man known as Novias dies.

“Trunks…where are you?!” Vegeta screams in dismay. Please be alive…please.

“Dad” says a faint voice. “Dad”

Vegeta finds Trunks injured body. “Son no please don’t die” Vegeta begins
crying and grabs Trunks body and holds him like he did when Trunks was a
baby “Son I love you, you can’t die.”

“Dad. I love you too” Vegeta kisses Trunks forehead.

“Don’t worry son I’ll get you home okay, don’t worry son, I love you.”


Written By: Joe M. Souder a.k.a. "Fugita"
December 8th 1999 to January 6 2000

Novias (c) Copyright Souder Enterprises 1999,2000