A DRAGONBALL Z/Ranma ½ Crossover
by "the Paradise Star" John Mercer
Start 12.07.2000

Part 1: Strangers from Far Away
It was the middle of the day in the Furinkan Ward of Nerima District when
Ranma and Akane were walking on the street getting in their normal
conversations while elsewhere in town, two young warriors came from out of a
strange-looking object that resembles a time machine. One warrior was wearing
a denim jacket, gray jeans and carries a big sword. The other wore a blue
outfit with a white cape around him. Those warriors were Trunks and Gohan and
they seemed to have lost their way.
"Are you sure we're in the right direction, Trunks?" asked Gohan. "This
doesn't look like the future world after we beaten Cell."
"I'm sure of it, Gohan," replied Trunks, "unless the temporal displacement
unit's out of commission. Let me check." When Trunks opened the containment
unit, smoke filled the clean air around them.

"Dammit!" cried Trunks. "It's singed! We'll never get back home now!"
As Trunks sat near the time machine trying to think of a way to repair it,
Gohan was looking around for any signs of hospitality.
"I'll see if I can find some of the locals," said Gohan. "Maybe they can help
us get to your time."
"Great idea, Gohan." said Trunks. "But be careful. You'll never know who
you'll run into."
"Don't worry, Trunks. I'll be careful," remarked Gohan. "I am after all the
one who killed Cell, although I don't know why Mr. Satan took the credit for

As Gohan walked down Furinkan, he saw many martial artists have their own
style of fighting techniques.
"Hmm," he thought, "perhaps I can learn these tactics as well. Won't Dad and
Mr. Piccolo be surprised. I'm not sure Mom will be."
Meanwhile, back at the time machine, Trunks saw a bunch of girls running for
cover. It was the rampaging raid of Happosai, the most perverted martial
artist in all of Japan. Stealing girls' underwear is his hobby.
"Yuck!" silently groaned a disgusted Trunks. "How sick can one man be? He's
even worse than Master Roshi of the Kame House!"
Happosai continued on his panty raid until he came across a curvy young blond
girl with short hair.
"Wow!" thought the excited pervert. "Look at the hips and full figure on this
one! I bet she wears those sexy-cut undies beneath her clothes." Unbeknownst
to Happosai, Trunks had followed him, but it didn't matter. When Happosai
leaped into the air to latch on to her breasts, she let out a fierce kick
that crippled the old pervert.

The young blond smiled in delight at Happosai's attempt and plans to tempt
him even more. She took of her jeans, blouse, vest and beads. Trunks gasped
in shock because he knows who that was. When she was into her underwear, she
posed for Happosai and did a little dance to taunt him.
"Tell me my young woman," smiled the perverted martial-arts master, "I lost
my number. May I have yours?"
All she did was smile and say. "Sure. My number is 18."
The number hit Trunks like a ton of bricks. "ANDROID #18?!" he shouted. With
one quick blow, Happosai was lying on the sidewalk: bloody, battered and face
"Maybe that'll teach you some respect, you old goat." chuckled the android
"Android #18's here?!" startled Trunks. "What's she doing here and what's her

Meanwhile, Gohan was walking by the Cat Cafe when he saw a young boy with
black hair and a red scarf run by Gohan with a pretty young purple-haired
girl on his back.
"Hey, that's Android #17!" said Gohan. "But who's on his back?"
On his back was Shampoo, the Chinese Amazon with a figure that can turn men's
heads. Human's heads that is, not android's.
"Get off me, you crazy woman!" hollered #17. "Leave me alone!"
"Shampoo never leave you," beamed the Amazon happily. "Shampoo want to be by
you side all time! You woude ailen!"
That was the beginning of #17's problems. Mousse, Shampoo's suitor came by to
spear the android with his spear.
"Shampoo is mine!" yelled Mousse in rage. "You can't have her!"
This was #17's window of opportunity. "You want to play?" he smiled wickedly.
"We'll play." He elbowed Shampoo loosening her grip just as Mousse was about
to stick him with the spear. #17 jumped out of the way and headed off to find
#18 while Mousse turned around to follow him.
All Shampoo could do was smile and giggle. "Shampoo love woude ailen. Ranma
is ailen, stranger is ailen, too. Everybody love Shampoo!"

Trunks and Gohan weren't the only ones seeing android activity. Ranma in girl
form was after P-chan (who is really Ryoga). The piglet turned around the
corner and stopped in terror of a giant of a man wearing yellowish-green
armor and has orange hair in a mohawk: Android #16.
Female Ranma was about to swat P-chan until #16 stood in her way, protecting
the piglet.
"I won't let you harm him," coldly spoke the giant android. "leave now and
spare yourself trouble."
"You want trouble?" screamed Ranma. "You're gonna get it!" And she attacked
the giant with the Chestnut Fist Technique.
Surprisingly, the blows didn't affect him. And answered back with a big boot
to her sending Ranma flying back a few thousand feet. P-chan was scared when
he saw #16 staring at him, thinking he'll attack next. Instead, he extended
his arm as if he were saying "Climb onto me." P-chan was nervous when he
climbed up the arm and onto the shoulder of #16. When he reached #16's
shoulder, the large android patted him gently. P-chan now thought #16 wasn't
gonna hurt him, he's nice to animals. When Akane walked by, however, she
thought differently.
"Stop hurting my P-chan, you big creep!" hollered Akane as she took P-chan
off the big android. "Leave him alone!" Akane walked off with P-chan, and
Ranma after she regained consciousness, followed Akane staggeringly.
"Strange world," said the emotionless #16. "I have to find the others." And
so #16 went to find the other androids before anything else goes wrong.