Curse of the Playstation Game

            By: blackstar (formerly Super_Saiyajin_Vegeta)
                             Written: 1/8/00
Bulma is walking along the aisles of a store, looking for the perfect gift too impress her family.  She unknowingly is drawn to the electronicsaisle of the store…….
 “Hmmmm.. this looks good.”  She picks up a game for Playstation.  “Final Fantasy 8….. they’d like that….”  Bulma doesn’t take the time to turn over the game and look at the back where a label says: WARNING: DO NOT BUY THIS GAME IT IS CURSED.   She buys the game and takesit home.
 As soon as Bulma walks into the house Trunks flies past her, grabbing the bag in his wake.  “Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!  What ya get me, Mom?”  He asks, ripping the bag to shreds instead of opening it.  “WOW!! FINAL FANTASY 8!!!!!!!”  Trunks flies off to his room where he begins the game.  Vegeta walks in.  “That brat makes enough noise to wake the dead.”  he mutters as he strolls over to the refrigerator.  “Oh yeah, like you don’t make that much noise when you’re asleep.”  says Bulma.  “Are you saying I snore??!!”  growls Vegeta.
 “Oh no, you don’t snore, honey.  It’s just that most people don’t have a bulldozer crammed up their nose at night.”  Vegeta glaresat Bulma as she walks out of the room.
 Vegeta decided he’d take a look at the game Trunks was playing.  He floats up the stairs and blasts down Trunks’ door.  Trunks doesn’t even look up.  “You know Dad, there’s a little thing called knocking I’d like you to try some time.”  “Everybody’s a comedian today.”  says Vegeta as he plops down behind Trunks.  “So what’s this game all about?”  Trunks ignores him.  Vegeta asks again, but with more force, “Don’t ignore me.  I said, what’s this game about?”  Trunks still ignores him.  “Listen brat, if you don’t answer my question….”  Vegeta is interrupted as a bright white light flashes on the screen.  “Is that supposed to happen?”  he asks.  This time Trunks answers him, “How should I know?  I’ve never played this game before.”  But Trunks voice has worry in it.  Vegeta keeps going, “But you’ve seen Goten play it, did this ever happen?”  Trunks ignores him.  “Don’t start that again!!  Answer me!!!”
“Dad…”  whispers Trunks, “Look at the screen.”  Vegeta glancesat the screen carelessly, but than takes another look.  Squall and Zell are staring directly at them.  “Hello Trunks, hello Vegeta.”  says Squall, “We want to switch places with you.”  says Zell.  Vegeta and Trunks are staring at the screen with slack jaws as the bright white light fills the room and engulfs them…..
 “Bra, have you seen your brother or father lately?”  asks Bulma as she walks into the living room.  Bra is watching T.V.  “Huh? Oh, no Mom.  Haven’t seen either of ‘em since they went up to try out that game.”  “Ok.”  Bulma walks out the door.  Then she stops.  “They’ve never had the attention span to play something for that long….”  Bulma shrugs.  “It must be a really good game.” Bulma continues on her way to visit her parents.
 At the same time, half way across the world, the producers of Final Fantasy 8 are arguing about stuff that they consider are worth arguingabout.
 “I’m just saying,” says Yoshi, “that maybe we should keep aneye on that one disgruntled employee we always over work, now what’s hisname?”
 “Shynji.”  says the other producer, named Joe.
 “Yeah, Shynji.”  says Yoshi.  “Anyways, he is disgruntled,and also a master of the black art of curses.”
 “So?”  asks Frank.
 “So he might put a curse on one of the games.”  says Yoshi.
“WAH AH HA HA HA HA HA!!!! OH THAT’S A GOOD ONE, YOSHI!”  roars Joe. Yoshi just stares at him.  Joe explains, “Listen, Yoshi, buddy, pal.  There is no way Shynji could or would put a curse on one of the games.  He doesn’t have the guts.  He allows himself to be teased, taunted, and overworked for minimum wage, so why would he take his pent-up rage and frustration out on the very people who are forcing him to do more work each day when they buy the game?”  “I guess you’re right.”  murmurs Yoshi.  Then he laughs, “Yeah, what was I thinking.  Curses, like that stuff is even true!”  From three miles away people could here Joe and Yoshi laughing.
 Bulma is starting to get worried.  Vegeta and Trunks haven’tcome out of the room for hours.  She stares at the T.V, hardly paying attention to her favorite soap, “Two Lives to Live”.  All she can think and wonder about is why Trunks and Vegeta were still up there.  They didn’t even come down to eat.  A few… strange thoughts ran through her mind, but she quickly dismissed them.
 “That’s it!!”  yelled Bulma, “I can’t take it anymore!!!”  Bulma stormed upstairs and kicked open the door, which must’ve been repaired while she was gone.  Her eyes widened in disbelief.  “OH MY GOD!” she yelled as she looked at the horrific scene before her eyes.
                                TO BE CONTINUED
    Now isn’t this what you’d expect?  Get to the best part and to be continued pops up. What happened to make Bulma scream? What will happen to Vegeta and Trunks?  Find out in the nextchapter of: Curse of the Playstation Game