Power of the Heart- By Japanda

Examining the end of his finger, Vegeta noticed this his glove had a small hair on it. He blew it off and yawned lazily. Oh he was bored. Bored, bored, bored. He could have been killing someone or blowing something up, but no, he was stuck here! He could feel his energy building up and wanted to go blast a few planets up. He yawned again, at the edge of sleep…


Vegita was knocked out of his chair from an energy blast to the head. He stood back up and saw Frieza glaring angrily at him from the other end of the table. He sat back down, resting his face on his hands.

"Now, back to the subject at hand. There is a galaxy, the Omciss system. Zarbon and Dodria, I want that system in two days. And Zarbon, please try not to blow up the planet this time," Frieza instructed.

"It won’t happen again, my lord. Slight miscalculation on my part," Zarbon said, pushing his green ponytail from his shoulder.

"Now Vegita and you two," Frieza said, pointing at Raditz and Nappa, " will be going to the Veda system. That is all for that," Frieza instructed.

Vegita rose to leave, but Frieza fired another ki-ball at him, intentionally missing him. "I’m not done yet," Frieza said. Vegita sat back down. "As you all know, we are the most powerful beings in the universe. I am the most powerful creature in this universe. But, since there is no one even near my power level, I have no one to spar and test my skills against."

"What does this have to do with any of us?" Raditz asked.

"Since no one exists with my kind of strength, I have decide to make someone who does."

Vegita nearly fell out of his chair. "What?! You can’t just make a person!"

"How would you accomplish this?" Dodria asked.

"Very simply. I will take energy from all of you and combine it with my own. Then I will create a person from that energy who will be nearly as powerful as me," Frieza said.

"What is it turns out more powerful or decides to fight against you?" Nappa asked.

"I’ll just have to make sure it doesn't."

"But why do you need our energy? Can’t you just use your own?" Zarbon asked.

"If I use you energy I can get the traits out of you that will be most useful. Zarbon, your hair and power. Raditz, your hair and interesting way of looking at things. Nappa, your strength. Dodria, your way of thinking of things and you loyalty. And Vegita, You power and your attitude, for my creation will need to be interesting. And last but not least, my energy, for it’s awesome power."

"I still don’t se how you will just create a person out of thin air," Vegita muttered.

"Well if you shut up and watch, I’ll show you. Now, every one put there hands forward and create an energy ball." They did. "Now sit back and watch the show," Frieza said.

The energy balls floated up out of their hands and formed a large ball over Frieza’s head. He created an energy ball of his own, then lifted it into the air. The other balls floated over and into the one in Frieza’s hands. They all watched in awe as he moved the ball to his left and hover it about three feet off the ground. Frieza shut his eyes and balls up his fists. The energy started to thin out and take shape.

Suddenly, there was a blast of light and after the light cleared a figure stood there. It was a female, about five foot six inches tall, very nicely built. She had green hair that spiked out behind her head and that was tied up into a ponytail with a black ribbon. She wore a blue dress that went down to her ankles, which was lined in gold and had slits going up to her thigh on each side. She had on black high heeled boots and had golden cuffs on her wrists.

She looked up, and Vegita swore his jaw had hit the floor. To say that she was beautiful was an understatement. Her golden gaze fixed on Vegita, and Vegita thought he was in love at first sight. The light surrounding her disappeared, and she stood there like a statue behind Frieza, all the while looking at Vegita.

"Well, I told you so. This is my new sparring partner and new member of the group. What shall we call her?" Frieza asked.

Beautiful, Vegita thought to himself. "Jarett," he said.

"Jarett it is then. Now then, I will put the finishing touches on her."

"What else is there?" Nappa asked.

"I need to make sure she always remains loyal and she needs a voice," he answered. Frieza lifted his hand and a black cuff appeared on Jarett’s right arm. "That will keep her loyal, now the voice." He lifted his hand up, creating a blue energy ball. It floated through the air to Jarett. It hit her in the throat, and disappeared. "Now, Jarett, who is your master?"

The most beautiful voice Vegita had ever heard came out of her mouth. "My loyalty goes to Frieza."

"Ah, perfect in every way. Beautiful, strong, and loyal," Frieza said.

Nappa tilted his head to the side, staring at Jarett. Vegita was getting angry with him for it till he leaned over and whispered in his ear. Vegita looked over at where Nappa had mentioned and a large grin spread across his face. Ha! This would get Frieza for sure!

"Hey, Frieza, I think you should take a look at what else Jarett gained from our saiyan energy," Vegita said rather smugly.

Frieza looked over and his eyes went wide. "A tail!? A tail!? How could this be? I thought she was perfect?!" Frieza howled.

"What is wrong with my tail? I like it," Jarett said, looking over her shoulder and waving her tail around.

Without warning, Frieza shot out his hand and grabbed her tail, squeezing it hard. Jarett cried out in pain and dropped down on all fours. Vegita had to fight to leap up and protect her. Instead, he seethed silently as Frieza reamed her about the tail.

"I think I have had enough action for one day. Vegita, take her to some empty quarters. I’ll deal with her in the morning," Frieza commanded. Everyone left and Vegita fell into step with Jarett.

"I want to thank you for wanting to help me," Jarett said softly.

"How did you know that?" Vegita asked, very surprised.

"I heard your thoughts. I just wanted to thank you," she replied.

"You were supposed to have my attitude, but your not like me at all. At least you got my tail instead. Speaking of, how is your tail feeling?" he asked. They stopped at a door and Vegita pushed a button, opening it. He lead her inside and they sat down on the bed.

"It still hurts very badly," she whispered.

"Here," Vegita said. He put his hand over her tail and it started to glow. "There, it should feel better now."

"Thank you. It is nice to have someone. I was only created to fight and be Frieza’s pet. That can not be my purpose. With all this power, I must be able to accomplish something with it," Jarett said, staring down at her hands.

"I will teach you how to use your power. You could be a great warrior. Frieza may let you come with us to get some planets ready for sale. We can train then," Vegita suggested.

"Maybe. Then I will see you in the morning. Good night, Vegita," she said, leaning over and kissing him lightly on the cheek.

Vegita mumbled good night and left the room. He closed the door and leaned against the wall. Kami, she was beautiful. Frieza did not deserve someone so trusting and kind. Vegita knew that Frieza would most likely tired of her and kill her, or even worse. Vegita made up his mind then and there to be her guardian against Frieza. Jarett was right. Her purpose had to be more then Frieza’s pet. I’ll find her a purpose, and then together we can rise up and destroy Frieza and rule the universe together. He walked down the hall to his own quarters, thinking of how to train her. Inside her cabin, Jarett read his thoughts, lay down and smiled.

**** ****

"Now , cup your hands and fire!" Vegita screamed.

Jarett complied and let out a blast that totaled the forest clear to the horizon. They had been training on an uninhabited planet on the edge of the solar system they were supposed to prepare, and the three saiyans were amazed at her power. She was nearly as strong as Frieza, and with Vegita’s training she would prove a definite challenge for him. He had taught her everything he knew, even his coveted Final Flash attack, which only he knew. And with her mind powers, she could anticipated where her attacker would be. She could become the ultimate warrior, and Vegita couldn’t wait to see her in battle.

"Okay, I think you are ready to go into battle for real now," Vegita said.

"Do you really think so? I hope I don’t disappoint you. So what do we do?" she asked.

Vegita lead the group back to their pods. "Well, we destroy all the lifeforms on the planet. If they are powerful enough, they pledge allegiance to Frieza, but if they don’t, we destroy them." Vegita crawled into the pod that him and Jarett shared. She sat across his lap and the pod blasted off for the first planet they were to take over.

"Why do you do this?" Jarett asked as they sped along.

"Personal reasons," Vegita muttered.

"I am not going to read your thoughts this time. They seem too sad," Jarett said, resting her head on Vegita’s shoulder. There was barely enough room for the both of them, but neither of them seemed to mind.

Vegita remained silent. "I’ll tell you when the jobs over," he said finally.

They touched down on the planet where the inhabitants had assembled to resist the saiyans. Vegita scanned their power levels. Hum, not powerful enough to even worry about. Good practice for Jarett.

"Jarett, please do the honors," Vegita said, waving his hand towards the mob.

She walked past him with a determined look on her face. One of the creatures ran to attack her and she merely stood there. Then, even faster then Vegita could see, Jarett swung her fist, putting it through the mid-section of the creature. It came crashing out the creatures back, a spray of blue blood following it. She pulled it back out, and kicked the creature’s limp body away.

Vegita and the others stood in awe, and Jarett turned to face them.

"How was that?" she asked, shaking her gore covered fist to fling some of the creature’s remains from it.

"Wonderful. Looks like you got some of my attitude after all," Vegita said, grinning.

"I got your attitude when you go into battle. I am as ruthless as your are. But in seeing that we have an entire planet of the things to clear, you wanna have a contest to see who is worse?" she taunted, flicking a piece of the creature at Vegita.

He dodged it easily. "You’re on. Come Nappa and Raditz. You heard the lady. Let’s go!"

The four raced into the swarm of people, each trying to be more evil then the other. In seconds, the crowd was reduced to a pile of dead bodies. The saiyans stood admiring their work.

"Well, I think it was a draw," Nappa said, pulling a piece of flesh caught in his armor.

"Man, this was never so much fun! We gotta bring Jarett along more often!" Raditz cried, clapping Jarett on the back. "You’re all right in my book."

Jarett bowed gracefully, swishing her tail. "Thank you very much sir."

"Well, we got a whole solar system to go. Now, there are four planets, so I say we each take one after we finish this place," Vegita said. The others nodded in agreement.

` By the end of the day, the four had the entire planet cleared and ready for sale. They spent the night curled around the fire eating a deer-like creature Raditz had found for dinner. Vegita sat awake staring at Jarett’s sleeping face. Again. that protective feeling washed over him, and he smiled slightly. He wondered since she had a tail, if she could transform. Always time to find out. She turned in her sleep and he moved her blanket to cover her shoulder. This was not like him, this behavior. But then, he decided, I could get used to it. Laying down beside her, he reached out and took her hand in his before falling into a deep sleep.

Jarett woke up first the next morning to find everyone still asleep. She looked at Vegita to see his hand holding hers. She smiled and carefully moved her hand away so not no wake him up. She walked over to the near by stream and plunged her face into it, swallowing large gulps of water. When she had her fill, she sat up and took the bow out of her hair and tied it around her wrist. Her hair reached down to her waist, and she took her hair out. She stuck her head into the water and then sat back up, flipping her hair back. Now that her hair was clean, she decided to sit and watch the stream till it dried. Suddenly, she felt a presence behind her and turned around.

"Dear Raditz, how long have you been watching me?" she said.

"Long enough to soaked by your hair," he said, wiping his face off and sitting down next to her.

"Why are you up so early? Is everyone else up too?" she asked, wringing her hair out.

Raditz picked a piece of grass and messed with it. "Nope. I am the only one up. I always am," he said, flicking it away.

"It will be nice to have the company," she said.

"Vegita seems to have taken quite a liking to you," Raditz said, staring off.

"I have noticed that to. He thinks he is in love, but it is not the kind he thinks," Jarett said.

"What do you mean?"

"He wants to protect me, like a father would a child. He has labeled himself my protector. So it isn’t the love between two people his is feeling, but more like the love for a parent and child," she explained.

"Well, I guess we are all kind like your fathers. Some of each of us was used to create you," Raditz said. Jarett nodded and both of them stared down at the water for a few moments.

"How long have you three been doing this?" she asked suddenly.

"For awhile now. Why?"

"I was just wondering why you do all this. I can sense Vegita’s hatred for Frieza, but he continues to serve him. Why is that?" she asked, taking off her shoes and placing her feet in the cool water.

"Well, it’s a long story. I think it is better that you here it from Vegita. Did you know he is the prince of all saiyans? The ruler of an entire planet even," Raditz said.

"Wow. That must be a lot of work to govern all those people," she said.

"Well, not really. There are only three of us left," Raditz said sadly.

Jarett remained silent, probing Raditz’s thoughts. "I won’t push the conversation further. You seem too sad," she said, placing her hand on Raditz’s shoulder.

"It’s okay. I guess I need to tell someone. My entire family was destroyed. My father, my mother, but there are rumors that my little brother survived. I am looking for him so he can join us," Raditz said.

"I am sorry. I am sure you will find your brother." Jarett pulled her feet out of the river and put her boots back on. She fingered combed her hair and decided to leave it down. "We should be getting back."

Raditz agreed and they walked back. they found Vegita and Nappa already up and they had finished off the remains of the deer.

"If you had been here," Vegita said, swallowing the last bite, " you would have gotten breakfast. It is time to go."

"A morning person as always," Raditz said.

"I’ll get something myself," Jarett said, slightly annoyed.

"We got four more planets to get ready. Raditz, you get the first planet. Nappa, you take the one closest to us. I’ll take the one in the middle and I’ll drop Jarett off at the one second from the sun," Vegita instructed. "Let’s go."

They all walked to the pods, except for Jarett. The others noticed she wasn’t following and stopped. They turned around to see her looking up at the sky.

"What is it? We have a schedule to keep!" Vegita yelled.

"How far would it take the pod to reach the planet?" she asked.

Nappa turned on his scouter. "About thirty minutes. Why?"

"I’ll make it in ten," she said.

"And just how do you plan on this?" Vegita asked.

Jarett look over at them, a grin on her face. "Fly"

"How, you can’t survive in space, can you?" Raditz asked.

"I don’t know. We’ll see. Let’s race," she said.

Vegita thought for a moment. "You’re on."

The saiyans returned to their pods and took off. Jarett waited a couple minutes then powered up and blasted off. She cleared the atmosphere and hovered in space for a moment. So far, so good. She blasted off after the pods, a green energy trail behind her.

Vegita sat in his pod, arms crossed over his chest. He was sorry he hadn’t saved some of the meat for her, but he wasn’t used to having another person around. He hadn’t seen Jarett yet, and was starting to worry about her. He knew Frieza could survive in space, but he didn’t know about Jarett. He was toying with the notion of going back to get her when he heard a large thud on top of his pod. He looked up to see Jarett’s face hanging upside down through the pod’s door, grinning from ear to ear. She waved and disappeared, only to float through the top of the pod and land on his lap.

"Did you miss me?" she said, placing a kiss on the end of his nose.

Vegita, annoyed, snorted. "You have a job to do. I suggest you do it," he said.

"Fine, I know when I am not wanted." She disappeared back through the top.

Vegita saw her flying along side him. She gave a small wave and blasted off faster then he could ever fly. He smiled to himself and closed his is eyes again. He landed on his planet which was inhabited by creatures that looked a lot like Dodria. He launched into the fight with them, and won quickly. By the end of the day, the entire planet was ready.

He decided to rest and waited for the other to be done with their planets. Something shiny caught his attention and he turned towards it. A sword, left by one of the creatures, was caught in some weeds. He bent down and untangled it from the vines, and examined it. It was medium sized, and entirely black. On the handle of the sword was an ax blade that was rather sharp. He decided to keep it and give it to Jarett to make up for this morning. He decided to go see what Nappa was doing, out of sheer boredom.

When his pod reached outer space, he saw Frieza’s ship waiting for him. Oh great, what does he want. Hope it is nothing to do with Jarett. His pod docked with Frieza’s ship and made his way to the main room. He stepped in and nearly fell backwards. Frieza had Jarett by the throat. Jarett was struggling to get away, but Zarbon had her tail and she could move.

"What the meaning of this?" Vegita screamed as he burst in the room.

"None of your business, monkey," Frieza snapped.

"Why are you doing that to her? What has she done?" Vegita yelled.

"Because she won’t behave," Zarbon said, giving her tail another squeeze. She cried out in silence.

"What has she done?" Vegita screamed one again

"She won’t kill this lowly creature," Frieza said, pointing to one of the frog looking creatures that patrolled the ship, who was cowering in a corner.

"I…don’t…want…to…" Jarett rasped.

Frieza was starting to get angry. "I am your creator. You do what I say, when I say."

Jarett shook her head slightly. "No."

Vegita couldn’t take it anymore. "Put her down now!" he screamed.

"I don’t have to. She belongs to me. I will just make her obey." Frieza lifted up his right hand and waved it over the black cuff on her arm. It glowed white and Jarett arched her head back and screamed in pain. Raditz and Nappa appeared behind Vegita and stood in awe at what was happening. Frieza dropped his hand and Jarett stopped screaming.

"There. That should do it," Frieza said. He let go and so did Zarbon. Jarett crumbled to the floor like a rag doll and lay motionless.

"What did you do?" Nappa demanded.

"I activated the cuff. Now she will do what ever I say," Frieza said triumphantly.

Jarett stood to her feet shakily. She looked around at everyone in the room, then walked up to Frieza.

"Who is your master now?" Frieza asked.

"You are," Jarett said monotonously.

Frieza walked out of the room, Jarett and Zarbon close behind him. The three saiyans stood silently, then Vegita screamed and put his fist through a wall. It wasn’t fair. Now she was just another mindless servant to Frieza. Her personality, her laugh, were gone. And Vegita, her sworn protector, had just let it happen. His anger fuming, Vegita swore revenge on Frieza, not only for destroying his home and family, but for taking away the innocence from another, the same as had been done to him. He turned to go, and Nappa and Raditz followed him. I’ll be back for you, Frieza, he growled in his thoughts as he walked back to his pod. I won’t let anything bad ever happen to you Jarett. I’ll die first…


Chapter Two

Twilight had settled across the mountains, painting the jagged horizon in the purple shades of the dusk. The winding sapphire river snaked it's way through the gathering darkness, surrounded by the black shadowed hills that towered into the purple cloudless sky, stretching towards the first faint glimmerings of the night's first stars.

Trunks would have a appreciated the view more if he wasn't in so much pain. At the moment he was falling from the sky at the moment, and the ground was coming up fast. Suddenly, something hit him on the back off the head, making his trip down even faster. He crashed into the ground with tremendous force, enough to knock down a large section of the forest. Coughing and sputtering, he picked himself out of the crater his body had made. A blond-haired figure landed about ten feet away from him, laughing hysterically.

"Okay, you got me this once," Trunks sputtered as he stood up.

"You weren't fast enough for me, boy. Why don't you give up?" Vegita declared.

"True, I am no match for you in your super saiyan state, but not for long," Trunks yelled.

He blasted off into the air then stopped. Vegita blasted off after him.

Wait…wait…wait…NOW! Trunks exploded the air around him as he went super saiyan, knocking his father backwards. Trunks flew full speed after him, fully powered up now. A kick to his mid-section sent Vegita crashing into the earth. Trunks followed it up with a burning attack. His father's body disappeared in a cloud of smoke, and Trunks searched for him. Suddenly, Vegita blasted up through the clouds, punching Trunks square in the face. Trunks reeled backwards, caught himself and fired a ki-blast at Vegita, hitting him dead on. They both stopped and caught their breathes.

"I think we should call it a draw," Trunks said, wiping the blood off his lip.

"Only because I don't feel like beating on you anymore. Besides, it is dinner time," Vegita said. They flew home in silence.

"Man, you two really kicked the crap out of each other this time. Trunks, you didn't hurt Vegita did you?" Bulma taunted.

Trunks laughed till a ki ball from Vegita stopped him. "Actually, he won this round. I wasn't really concentrating on the battle," Trunks said, sitting down at the table. Bulma put out a plate in front of each of them.

"No excuses boy. You must always be concentrating on the battle. On the here and now," Vegita said between bites.

"Yes, Vegita," Trunks said, eating with a bit more elegance then Vegita's spoon shovel-method.

After dinner, every one went to their own rooms, and Trunks decided to take a late night stroll. He chose a path not traveled very often down to the lake. It was his favorite spot, because at night the stars shown off the water like a mirror. He sat down cross-legged and peered into the water. He looked at his own reflection for a few moments. He had grown so much since he had come from the future. His once short hair was now longer and back in a ponytail. He flexed one arm, admiring the muscles he had gained. He lay back on the grass and tried to find a picture in the stars. Not realizing it, he dozed off near the water's edge.

He was now in another place, in what looked like a ship. He immediately recognized it as the main room on Frieza's ship. He drew his sword in preparation for any attack. Nothing happened, so he walked around a little. Near the entrance he found Vegita, but Vegita wasn't looking at him. He was looking at Frieza. He was yelling at him to let go off something. Trunks looked at Frieza to see him holding a young woman, maybe Bulma's age, bye the throat. Suddenly, the image disappeared and everything went black.

Trunks shot awake. He looked around him to find himself still by the water.

"I must of dozed off," he said to himself as stood up. That dream creeped him out, but he decided to dismiss it. He flew back to his room and went into a dreamless sleep.

"Vegita! Trunks! Wake up!!" Bulma cried, banging on the doors.

"What is it?" Vegita mumbled, coming out of the gravity room.

"Goku says that someone is attack down by his house! He sent Gohan to come get you! You gotta go!" she screamed.

Vegita ran into Trunks's room to find him putting on his sword. They blasted off from the front porch towards the battlefield. The three landed to see Goku in a battle with a green haired figure. They were moving to fast to see but Vegita recognized the ki somehow. He didn't know why but forgot about it and launched him self into the battle. As soon as the figure turned around, Vegita stopped dead cold and everything in him froze.


"Stop Goku!" Vegita cried.

Both combatants stopped and looked at each Vegita. Jarett's eyes opened wide in recognition.

"What is the matter Vegita?" Goku asked.

"I know this person. Jarett, what are you doing here?" Vegita cried.

"Seeking revenge for the death of my master, Frieza. You all need to pay for his death!" she yelled taking a swing at Vegita with her sword, which Vegita recognized as the one he had found for her.

Faster then Vegita saw, Trunks appeared and blocked her sword with his. "No one tries to hurt my father. Besides, I am the one who killed Frieza, your business is with me!" he cried, and the pair started fighting.

Vegita stood watching the fight. Both were equally as powerful as the other one, even with Trunks in his super saiyan state. Vegita had to get her back to normal before she killed them all. He knew he wouldn't be able to fight her. Blood was pouring out of Trunks and Jarett, and they parted to catch their breathes. Suddenly, Trunks fired his burning attack. Jarett stood silently, then merely hit it away her sword. She fired back with a final flash. It took Trunks off his feet and buried him into the ground. Jarett stood laughing, the black cuff on her arm gleaming in the sun.

That's it! Vegita knew that if he destroyed the cuff she would return to normal. But if he didn't act soon, Trunks would die. Powering up his hand, he let lose a big bang attack. It hit her full force, throwing her several hundred yards away. Everyone ran up to her. Vegita bent down to inspect her. She lay unconscious, the black cuff lay shattered into a thousand pieces on the ground. Vegita reached down with a tenderness that shocked everyone and held her in his arms.

"Jarett, Jarett wake up. It's me Vegita," he said, shaking her.

Her eyes fluttered open and looked at Vegita. "Vegita, what happened?" she whispered.

"Frieza activated the cuff on your arm. What do you remember?" he asked.

She sat up. "Frieza was trying to choke my and Zarbon had my tail. You were trying to come to my rescue. Then an excruciating blast of pain, then darkness, until now. What was I doing here?" she asked, standing up.

"You were trying to destroy us. But no hard feelings," Goku said. He extended his hand towards her and she took it.

"Hey, are you a saiyan?" Gohan asked, noticing her tail.

"Err…not exactly. I'll explain later. What happen to that purple haired dude I was fighting? I didn't hurt him did I?" she asked looking around.

"Not worse then Vegita ever has," Trunks said from behind her.

"I am very sorry, I wasn't my self," she said, extending her hand.

"No problem. I'm Trunks," he said, taking it.

"Jarett, my name is Goku, and this is my son Gohan," Goku said. Gohan stepped forward and they shook hands.

"You are powerful for a child, I hope we can spar sometime," Jarett said.

"You're on!" Gohan said, smiling.

"And Jarett, this is my brat, Trunks," Vegita said.

"Wow, you having a son. I wonder who finally beat you into submission and got you to settle down!" Jarett cracked. Everyone, including Trunks, starting laughing.

Vegita snorted. "Well, I see your humor hasn't changed at all."

"Hey, what ever happen to Raditz and Nappa? I'd really like to see Raditz," Jarett asked.

"We'll discuss that later. Everyone to my house, we'll talk there," Vegita said. They all blasted off towards his house.

**** ****

"So Raditz is dead?" Jarett whispered.

"I'm sorry, but he was going to kill my son and myself, but I had no choice," Goku said.

"Did he ever find his brother? He was very concerned about his brother's well being," she asked.

Goku raised his hand. "He found me. But he wasn't at all happy to see me."

"Oh, I can remember him telling me things," she said, leaning back against the couch.

"How come it took you so long to get here after Frieza's death?" Trunks asked from beside her on the couch.

"Well, I had to fly here, and news travels slow in space. I was on the other side of the galaxy at the time," she explained. "So you are the one that actually killed Frieza?"

"Yes," Trunks answered.

Jarett suddenly threw her arms around Trunks's shoulder and hugged him. "Then I have you to thank for my freedom."

"Vegita is the one who destroyed the cuff, you should be thanking him," Trunks said.

"I know. Thank you too, Vegita. Still my protector after all these years," she said.

Vegita blushed bright red for a second then returned to normal. "Whatever."

"Do you remember anything from all these years hen you were serving Frieza?" Gohan asked.

"No. I can't remember anything from Vegita's past either. When their energies were put into me, Frieza said I would know everything they knew and have all their memories. But I can't remember anything from Vegita's past, almost like it is being blocked out," she said.

"My past, is not something that you need to remember. It is for the better," Vegita said, leaving to go into his gravity training room.

"Hmmm, must have touched a nerve," Gohan said.

Goku decided to change the subject. "So you can read people's mind?"

"Yeah. I use it in battle to my advantage so I can tell where and what my attacker will do so I can counter properly. I even beat Frieza once when we were sparring, but we destroyed an entire solar system in the progress," she boasted.

"I'll spar with you any time!" Goku said.

A look crossed Jarett's face. "How about now?"

"You're on!" Goku cried.

"I am going to change first. I don't want to ruin this dress. I can tell this is going to be a rough fight," she said.

Bulma popped her head around her corner. "You can borrow some of mine or Vegita's clothes if you want too," she said.

Jarett disappeared and came back out wearing a pair of Vegita's baggy black pants and one of Bulma's tank tops. "You ready to lose?"

**** ****

Vegita sat meditating in the gravity room. He was so glad Jarett was back. he couldn't wait to spar with her. Sounds from outside broke him out of his trance. Annoyed, he walked over to the wall to see if he could identify the noises. There were two big bangs, shaking the room. Suddenly, someone came flying through the wall of the room, crashing into the opposite side. Jarett got up and shook her hair, then got back up.

"That was it! You're mine!" she called out.

"Bring it on!" Goku yelled back.

Vegita walked over to her and grabbed her by the shirt. "Out of my gravity room." He drug her over to the hole she had made and tossed her out of it.

"Party pooper!" she yelled and started back up with Goku.

"All right Jarett, I have been easy on you. Now it is time to see what I really can become!" Goku yelled, blasting into super-saiyan two.

"You are a super-saiyan! Oh my god! I have never seen one before!" she exclaimed.

"We all are super saiyans. Me, Gohan, Trunks, and even Vegita," Goku said.

"Vegita! Ha! I’ll believe that when I see it!" she laughed.

Suddenly, she went flying forward and hit the ground. "Be careful what you wish for," a voice growled form behind her.

They turned around to see Vegita standing there, a super-saiyan. "You should know never to laugh at me, Jarett," he growled.

"Why, don’t you teach me, oh high and mighty prince!" Jarett taunted.

They raced towards each other. Just before they made contact, Bulma stuck her head out the front door and yelled "Dinner!"

Both combatants stopped cold. "The only thing that could tear me away from a fight," Vegita said, racing with the others to the front door.

Jarett stood there musing to herself. Four super saiyans. I have saiyan blood in me. Can I go super saiyan? I must find out! The smell of food wafted across her nose. But first…

**** ****

Jarett stood at the entrance of Vegita’s gravity training room. Hesitantly, she knocked.

"Go away!" a voice yelled from with in.

"Vegita, it is me," she said.

She heard a machine powering down and the door opened. "What?" he said, breathing heavily.

"Well…uh…never mind. Sorry to bother you Vegita. Good night," she said, walking away.

Vegita muttered something and went back into his gravity room. Jarett made her way to Trunks’s room. He was sitting on his bed and looking at his sword. He looked up at her when he felt her ki.

"Is there something I can help you with?" he asked politely.

"I don’t know. Maybe," she whispered.

Trunks patted the bed next to him. "Sit down and tell me about it."

"Well, I saw all of you go super saiyan. I was wondering if since I had saiyan blood in me, if I could go too," she said, sitting down.

"I don’t know. Maybe. Tomorrow, I’ll teach you how to go. Maybe Vegita will let you borrow the gravity room to help you with this.," Trunks offered.

Both sat in silence for a moment before Trunks spoke again. "Tell me how you were created."

Jarett told him the story that Vegita had told her. "But I don’t remember anything since Frieza activated the cuff on my arm. Maybe it was for the better. There could be things I did that I don’t want to remember," she said.

"So you don’t remember anything?" he asked.

"I can remember little bits and pieces. Just pieces of conversations, times we sparred, but that is it," she said.

"Hmm. Well, I will see you tomorrow morning. Bring your sword. We’ll spar a little," Trunks said.

"All right. Good night, my friend," Jarett said as she left the room.

The next morning, after breakfast, Jarett and Trunks met in his favorite meditation spot. They sat cross legged on the ground and prepared for the day’s activities.

"Concentrate very hard on your power. Try to raise it as much as you can. Like this," Trunks said. He closed his eyes and went super saiyan. "Like that."

Jarett closed her eyes and concentrated. The earth started to shake as her power level rose and a green energy field engulfed them both. Her level kept rising, and Trunks was amazed at her power. It was no where near Frieza’s, it was thousands of times higher. He watched her carefully, letting some of his energy go into her for help. Her hair started to straighten out, like she was about to turn. Her hair flickered gold for a few seconds, then went to normal. She let her energy drop down, and caught her breath.

"Did I?" she asked.

"For a few seconds, yes. That is enough for today. Let’s see what techniques you know. What attacks do you know?" Trunks asked.

"I know what Vegita taught me, I can do a final flash. I also have developed a few on my own," she said.

"Well, come show them to me. But not here, this is my special place. Let’s go where me and Goku usually spar." Trunks led the way to a small island and they touched down.

"Well, I know hell’s flash, deadly promise, odd dimension, shadow of silence, dark eclipse, and one more I can’t remember yet. I still haven’t regained my memories yet," she explained.

"Well, hell’s flash I know, but show me the others. Odd dimension first," Trunks asked.

"Can’t. If I do, it will send you into the next dimension. It is a finishing move," she said.

"Good call. Since I don’t wanna visit the next dimension again, save that for any battles we may have," Trunks said laughing.

"Again?" she asked, one eyebrow up.

"Yeah, got nailed through the chest in a fight with pretty bad guy. But, all is well and I came back. How about deadly promise instead?" he asked.

"Now that would be okay," Jarett said.

She brought her sword up and held it parallel to her face. She concentrated and her power level sky-rocketed. The earth shook with enough force to force Trunks to fly into the air. The ground around her ripped apart, and lava and rocks started to fly around her. Suddenly, as soon as it had happened, everything stopped and went back to normal. Jarett stood there, still in the same position, looking as if she was on fire by a green flame. Trunks landed and watched. Her eyes shot open, glowing bright red. A large tornado engulfed her, and her sword glowed yellow. Her hair whipping about her face, she brought the sword up above her head. It seemed to absorb the tornado, and she brought it back down.

"Deadly promise!" she cried. She took the still glowing sword and pointed it towards the sky. A blast bigger then anything Trunks had ever seen came out of the sword and shot towards the heavens.

Trunks watched the yellow blast go higher and higher, till he could barely see it anymore. Suddenly, there was a bright flash of light, and the entire sky was engulfed in a green light. The entire earth started shaking, and a few moments later the sky returned to normal.

"Wow," was all he had to say when she brought the sword down and look at him. "I can imagine it would hurt if that hit you."

"It killed many a people and destroyed many planets. I remember that now," she said.

"It seems every time that you use an attack you remember a little bit more. If you spar enough, you’ll get your memories back," Trunks suggested.

"Some things," she said, a tear sliding down one cheek, " are best forgotten." She blasted off towards home, and left a very bewildered Trunks alone.

"I wonder what that was about. Probably a bad memory," he said to himself as he flew off after her.

Vegita was out in front to meet him a few seconds after he touched down.

"What the heck was that blast?! Were we under attack!?" Vegita screamed.

"No, it’s okay. Jarett was showing me one of her attacks. We were just sparring. Nothing to worry about," Trunks said, walking into the house.

"Jarett did that?! I thought Cell had come back and was trying to destroy the earth again. I was just about to come fight him!" Vegita exclaimed as Trunks sat down on the couch.

"Aw, were you worried about me?" Trunks asked grinning.

Vegita gave him an icy stare and started to go back to his training room.

"Wait! Can I ask you something?" Trunks said.

"What brat?" he said, stopping.

"Can Jarett go super saiyan?" he asked.

Vegita turned around to look at him. "I guess. Why?"

"Because, she expressed some concerns about it and while training today, she flashed super saiyan for a brief time," Trunks explained.

"I don’t know. What has any of this got to do with me?" Vegita growled.

"Can she use your gravity room? It might give her the power boost she needs," Trunks asked.

"Very well. Now don’t bother me again brat. I’m going to train," Vegita said as he left the room.

Trunks lay back on the couch and pondered about the days events. A new super-saiyan. It would be great. It is hard to believe, she used to work for Frieza. Trunks sat up an stretched his arms above his head. He decided to train her non-stop till her memories came back. Besides, he wanted to see the rest of her attacks. He would bring Vegita along with them tomorrow. Trunks stood up and walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table. A new super-saiyan…