Katrina Briefs

Katrina lied with her dear Trunks – rather, Mirai. She had called him Mirai since they first met. Since they first talked, laughed, and expressed their love for each other. He had always been Mirai to her, nothing more, nothing less.

Mirai held her close to his warm body. He closed his eyes, fighting back yells of frustration and tears of despair.

Separation was always like this, and separation would always be like this. He hated being torn from Katrina’s arms. He hated the lonely nights lying in his bed, thinking of her and wondering what she was doing at that time. He would miss her touch, and he didn’t want to be deprived of her gentle caresses and sweet smiles. Mirai always had cherished them more than he could ever say to her. He had always been so quiet, unable to tell her exactly how much he felt for her. It was no matter though, she knew.

Katrina lied her head on his chest and closed her eyes, not bothering to hold back her tears. They rolled down her cheeks and she gently trembled as she clutched to his black tank top. Why was it his parents had to be so cruel? To draw her to him like he was some bait, her a hungry trout, and just when she was about to finally be satisfied once more, her bait was snatched away from her grasp. Katrina knew Mirai didn’t enjoy it either, but it hurt her to watch him have to suffer like she once did. She knew how it felt to lie in bed at night and have to cry herself to sleep, to have to reassure herself, to be separated. Separation was so cruel to them. It always crept up and pounced upon the couple, as they were finally becoming content. They both hated it more than anything.

Mirai’s eyes furrowed together and he sighed heavily.

“I have to go now…” he spoke softly. Katrina looked up at Mirai and smiled. She wanted their last moments to at least be happy for her, so she smiled.

“Okay. It’s been great.” Katrina said. Mirai kept looking gloomily at his love.

“Yeah…” he sighed. Katrina kept smiling, trying to make him feel better.

“The longer the wait, the more cherished the meeting will be. Just be patient.” She caressed his face softly.

“I will.” He said quietly. He smiled slightly at her touch. Katrina felt her heartache and moan.

“Please don’t look so sad. I hate seeing you like this. Just remember I’m always with you and I’ll be thinking of you.”

“I’ll remember.” Mirai said gently. He pulled her into a tight embrace, holding her closely and not wanting to let her go out of his reach. He wanted desperately to stay like that for as long as possible. Katrina clung to him, rubbing his back slowly and reassuringly. Mirai slowly pulled away and looked deeply into her violet eyes. Mirai took one last good look at the woman and took a step back. “Farewell…my love…”and with that Mirai turned and began to walk off. Katrina kept smiling.

“I’ll see you soon dearest.” Katrina said after him. Mirai looked over his shoulder at her and smiled back to Katrina, waving to her with his index and middle finger. She waved after her husband. “Be good for me!” she teased. He nodded silently. Katrina thought and yelled again after him, “And remember.”

“I will.” Mirai reassured his wife. Katrina watched him and sighed heavily to herself, clutching her heart.

“Sayonara Mirai-kun…daisuki yo.” Katrina said softly. Mirai looked back at her for the final time.

“I love you too.” And with those final delicate words, he was gone.

Katrina stood there for ten minutes before finally moving. She slowly walked into their house and into the kitchen. She ate then returned to their empty bedroom. Katrina lied down on the bed and stared at the ceiling. Something was eating at her mind and she had to get it out. She reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the pad of paper lying there. Katrina picked up the gold pen next to it and clicked it. She bit the end of the pen and stared at the ceiling once more. She suddenly smiled and felt the words begin to form in her mind. The Saiya-jin wife brushed a strand of long silky violet hair from her glittering eyes and began scribbling down a poem for her husband.

It was finished. One hour later, it was finished. Katrina studied it carefully and corrected a few spelling errors, but she was finished nonetheless. She set it down on her nightstand and curled up into a deep sleep.

Two weeks passed and Mirai finally returned to her.

The two lied on the couch. A fire roared and blazed in the fireplace, the flames licking the cobblestone gently, whispering a sonnet to the wind. Katrina lied asleep in his lap, her head against his chest, her feet gently brushing against his every time she sighed. Mirai lied with his arms around her, combing her hair with his fingers. He kissed her forehead and smiled down at her. She smiled in her sleep and clung to him like a baby. To Mirai she was a baby – his baby. He scooped her up and carried her upstairs to their bedroom, making sure not to disturb her slumber. Mirai walked in and lied her down on the satin sheets, then tucked her in. She curled up and pulled the ruby red comforted up to her chin and kept sleeping soundly. Mirai stood and watched her, smiling down at her. He turned to leave, but something caught his eye. He looked down at the nightstand and saw the notepad. Mirai gently picked it up and read the woeful poem his beloved had written for him in his absence:

Every night is filled with cold and piercing agony

Every time you must be taken away from me

Every day means nothing to this lonely heart

When the two of us must depart

You don’t understand how much I miss you so

When I have nobody to smile to, nobody I can hold

Yet I still force out my usual cheerful smile

And hope that my happiness will be worth the while

For nothing seems worth it without you.

Dear God, tell me what I am supposed to do

When I’m lying here all alone?

Dear God, direct me into his arms, my prince, my throne

Guide me to the heart that beats like mine

The one that’s connected with me in soul and mind

Dear God, lift me with your great hands

Give me the strength to carry on to your demands

Dear God, lead me to the one I love with all my heart

The one I was forced to depart.

Nights get longer

The cold gets bitter

The pain inside an endless winter

I need the lips that warm my touch

I crave the one who loves me such

Dear God, I pray to you that you deliver unto me

The one I miss the most so I can put to rest this degrading misery

Dear God, deliver into my arms

My knight, my heart.

And Dear God, please help him through his moments

Give him to me so I may kiss away his fearful thoughts

But Dear God, help him to most importantly…

Just to…remember.

Mirai stared at the paper, then slowly to Katrina. She lied there, her eyes open, watching him. Mirai just stood there and stared at the woman. Katrina blushed and smiled at him.

“I wrote it while you were gone…I missed you.” She whispered. Mirai dropped the pad and sat down next to her. She sat up and looked at him. “Is something wrong?” she asked fearfully. Had it sounded completely pathetic to him? Was he going to lie to her about how he liked it and then later on say “Oh my God, what was that tramp thinking?” Katrina stared at him. Mirai leaned over, picked up the pad, and read it once more. He looked back up at her.

“You really wrote this for me?” he asked quietly. She nodded. He smiled at her. “I had no idea anybody thought so highly of me…” Mirai said softly. Katrina smiled and ran her hand down his face.

“Well, I do.” She said. The two leaned in and kissed, Katrina relieved and Mirai blushing furiously from flattery. Mirai kept the poem with him at all times along with Katrina…and all because he simply…remembered.


To my dearest Mirai. I just hope that you keep this story in your heart forever…and I hope you do remember all I have told you. I love you much more than this story and poem could ever say or express. There just aren’t words to describe my love for you. Remember.