Saiyajin Ends
by ssj_vegeta1000

Chapter One
Death of a Prince

His feet crunched in the cold snow as he ran to his daddy,
crying. He had never seen his father hurt so badly before.
As he ran someone grabbed him by the neck, choking him. The
three-year-old boy started to gasp for air. Someone punched
him in the stomach over and over. His dad looked up and saw
that this was happening to his son. He lifted himself off
the ground, wiping the blood from his face.
"Taro, stop it! Leave Trunks alone!" Vegeta yelled and his
hair started to change colors. Taro looked at Vegeta and
sent Trunks flying through the air, hitting a cliff, and
knocking him out. Vegeta looked at Trunks and then at Taro.
He tightens his fist, narrowing his eyes downwards.
Taro ran over to Trunks, stomping on his face and chest,
braking several ribs. Vegeta held up one hand and the other
dangling down his side, broken. An energy ball came out of
Vegeta’s hand, hitting Taro in the side of his head. Vegeta
started to fall but caught himself. He looked at the half
dead Taro and delivers the final blow by stomping on his
head not once, not twice, but three times, bashing in the
skull, killing him instantly. Vegeta staggered over to his
little boy and gently picking him up with his good arm.
"My little warrior," whispered Vegeta, looking down at his
son. Vegeta started to fly home when someone appeared in
front of him. He jumped a little, almost dropping Trunks.
"Kakarotto, Gohan…" Vegeta said weakly, passes out. Goku
and Gohan caught both Trunks and Vegeta. Goku looked at
Gohan and started to fly to Korin Tower to get senzu beans
for Vegeta.
When they got half way there Gohan stopped and looked at
his father.
"Tousan, why don’t we teleaport to Korin Tower?" He asked,
looking at Trunks. Goku nodded and Gohan held his dad shirt
and they disappeared.
At Korin Tower, Korin, a white cat, was just staring into
space when Goku appeared in front of him scaring the shit
out of him. Goku put Vegeta on the floor.
"Korin, do you have any senzu beans for Vegeta?" Goku
asked. Trunks started to move a little. Korin nodded.
"Just one bean? What about the boy?" He asked, getting a
bag for Goku. He was planning on giving some to him anyway.
Goku nodded and Korin handed him a bag. "I was planning on
giving you some. Give it to Vegeta as soon as he wakes up."
Goku nodded again and thanked Korin and left again. Goku and
Gohan took Trunks and Vegeta to the Capsule Corporation.
About a half-hour to an hour, Vegeta started to wake up. He
sat up quickly looking around for his son. He saw Goku
covering Trunks up. Vegeta relaxed a little, laying his head
back down on the sofa. Gohan saw that Vegeta was awake. He
walked over to him and motions his dad to come over.
"Vegeta, I have a gift for you." Goku smiled and handed
Vegeta a bean. Vegeta stuffs it in his mouth and chews
slowly. His eyes pop open and he gets up from the sofa
stretching. Vegeta walks over to his son and looks at him.
"Is he okay, Kakarotto?" He asked, touching Trunks forehead
Goku nodded and told him that he should be up soon.
Bulma walked in the front door and saw everyone in the
living room. She walked up to Vegeta and saw that he was all
dirty and had bloodstains on his torn up outfit. She looked
at Trunks.
"What happened to you and Trunks?" she asked looking all
pale in the face. She had been buying food for the week.
Vegeta told her everything that he remembers that had
happened earlier.
Trunks started to wake up a little. Vegeta had been sitting
next to him the whole time he had been sleeping. The others
thought that this was strange since Vegeta never showed that
he cared for his son in the past. Trunks looked up and saw
his dad looking at him. Vegeta quickly turned his head and
got up and got some senzu beans for Trunks.
"Tousan? What happened to me?" Trunks asked a little
sleepy. Vegeta turned around and stuff the bean in Trunks
"Eat it, then I’ll tell you later." Vegeta lied and made
sure that Trunks swallowed it and left. Trunks jump off the
sofa and went after his dad.
"Tell me now." Trunks said, folding his arms, like his dad.
Vegeta kept on walking. Trunks pulled Vegeta shirt, making
him stop. He turned around and looked down.
"Later, I promise." He said and Trunks went outside and sat
on the porch.
Since Goku and Gohan had gone home three hours ago, Vegeta
had been bored to death. Vegeta walked out back and saw
Bulma staring into the winter’s night, looking at the stars,
wishing that the moon were still there. Vegeta sat down
besides her.
"I want another kid, a daughter." Vegeta blurted out. Bulma
was shocked to hear that from Vegeta. Bulma just looked at
Vegeta and mumbled something, staring at the stars again.
Out front Trunks decided to take a little walk. He went
down the sidewalk and around the corner. He kept walking and
flying a little, until he came to the forest where Gohan
lives. Trunks walked in it and kept going. He started to cry
a little. He started to remember what happened to him and
his dad.
Meanwhile, Vegeta got up to put Trunks to bed when he
discovered that Trunks was not at home. Vegeta started to
walk out the door when the phone rang. Bulma answered it.
"Vegeta, do you know where your son is?" Bulma asked him.
Vegeta went to her.
"Where is he?" Vegeta hissed. Bulma told him and he went
after him, Stupid boy, he thought. Vegeta stopped for a
second, then went on. He looked around. He felt a ki coming
his was. He was in for trouble. The ki was very strong and
Vegeta had never sensed that ki before. He turned around.
Someone hit him very hard and quick, rendering him
Ki blasts hit him in the back several times and stomach.
He clothes were torn, half gone. Blood was coming down his
face, and had several broken bones. This person must be
terribly strong than Vegeta if it only took less then ten
minutes to almost kill him.
Vegeta lowered his ki to make it look like he had been
killed. He was smart to do that. Vegeta opened his eyes,
slowly but painful. He got up and fell again. He was
helpless. His eyes closed involuntarily. He started to
shiver uncontrollably, his teeth chattered, his body was
The snow beneath him was melting, slowly. Vegeta was having
trouble keeping his mind on his thoughts, trying to stay
alive. His breathing became more slower, his body, freezing.
He let his mind wonder. He finally passed out.
"He’s coming around," a voice said. It was Bulma’s voice.
His body still hurt him. Trunks looked at his dad as Vegeta
opened his eyes. He felt warm. He tried to say something
but nothing came out.
Wh-where am I at? He wondered. His mind was blank; he didn’t
remember that little battle between the mystery man and him.
Bulma kissed him gently; he squinted his eyes as if it was
hurting him.
"Bu-Bulma, what happened?" He asked quietly, talking was
hard. Bulma looked at Vegeta oddly; she didn’t have an
answer to that question.
"You don’t remember?" She asked him. He shook his head.
"Goku found you unconscious, all beaten up." He tried to
remember but everything happened so fast, so quickly.
His whole body ached; he was tired, too. His eyes closed
going back to sleep. Vegeta would be asleep for a few hours,
so Bulma made dinner for her and Trunks, since Goku had
bought him home when he found Vegeta.
"Goku, can you bring Trunks to me?" Bulma asked. Goku went
to get Trunks. He wasn’t around. Goku felt a powerful ki and
he recognized another, struggling; it was Trunks. What’s
happening to Trunks? Could it be the same person who
attacked Vegeta, kidnapped him? Goku thought. He ran down
the stairs and was almost out the front door when Bulma
stopped him.
"Trunks was kidnapped and I think it was the same guy who
had beaten up Vegeta." Goku said in one breath. Bulma
fainted, landing in Goku arms. Goku put Bulma on the sofa.
Goku left. He followed the power level flying super fast.
Gohan sat up fast and so did Goten; who is two. Gohan put
his little brother to bed and checked on his mother. When he
made sure that both were sleeping he left to find his
father. Gohan had fought every battle since he was a little
boy; he was not going to miss this battle. He wanted to
fight; it was the saiyan blood that ran through his vines
that called out to fight. He flew in the black night only
sensing his dad’s ki. He felt the horrible power then,
Trunks, too.
He held Trunks in a tight grip. He looked at the boy,
staring at him in the eyes. Trunks looked back, tears
welding up in his tired, blue eye. Your father will pay for
killing my brother, kid! He thought. Trunks looked down,
falling fast asleep. Strange. The thought of killing the boy
past as he shifted Trunks to the other side.
Goku eyes widen as he came close to them. He started to
tremble in fear; the enemy is far more powerful. He
remembered how badly Vegeta was hurt.
Meanwhile back at Bulma’s, Vegeta is sleeping, having many
nightmares; mostly about everyone getting killed. Sweat was
coming down his face. His ki, heightening, he was scared.
Vegeta’s eyes suddenly opened. He sat up, with a lot of
effort. Vegeta looked around, seeing Bulma on the sofa.
Where is Trunks? He wondered, he knew something was wrong.
Trunks woke up. He started to run but he was caught. The
boy looked up and saw his kidnapper. Trunks started to
tremble. He fell, shaking, to the ground.
"What’s wrong boy? Are you afraid of little old Sagi?" He
asked, gently picking the boy up. Trunks looked down and
muttered something. Sagi wondered why this boy was so
special. Trunks started to cry a little, sniffling, wiping
his red, tired eyes. Sagi set the boy back on the ground,
watching him fall asleep for the night.
Vegeta tried to get up but his body ached, so did his head.
He sensed Goku’s ki, but his son was harder. Vegeta’s eyes
widen then narrowed. He sense that other ki again, the one
that belonged to the person who had beaten him up. He sensed
it coming towards him earlier. My kid! That bastard has my
son! He thought, getting up this time. I’m going to get him
back. Even if I get killed! He ran out the door ignoring the
pain. Vegeta leaped in to the air at a high level, only to
pass out, he had no way to find his son. His hand hit the
ground when someone caught him. He’s eyes opened, looking
up he was Gohan, frowning. Vegeta passed out again.
Gohan took him back inside, laying him on the recliner
chair. Bulma eyes opened slowly. She glazed her eyes around
the room, spotting Gohan.
"Gohan, is he okay? What happened, and where is Trunks?"
She asked, then she remembered that Goku told her that
Trunks had been kidnapped. She started to cry. Gohan looked
at her.
"I’m not sure that Vegeta will be okay, he seems awfully
weak. I don’t know where Trunks is or my dad he took off all
of a sudden. " Gohan told her.
Bulma went to Vegeta; she was worried about her husband and
her little boy. Vegeta may not be the perfect husband or
father but Bulma knew that deep down inside Vegeta really
cared for them and would do anything to keep them safe, even
if it means dying.
Vegeta was never a kind person; he always seems to wrapped
up in pride and fighting. His mind is usually on trying to
find away to kill Goku. He knows one thing; he is loved by
his family and he loves them.
"Gohan, will you find them?" Bulma asked him. There was a
knock at the door. Gohan answered it. He was startled to see
who was there.
It was "The boy from the future". His name was Mirai Trunks.
He is the older Trunks. Mirai Trunks had a concern look on
his face like he knew what was happening.
"You’re back. Why?" Gohan asked, letting him in. Mirai
Trunks saw Vegeta.
"What happened to him?" he asked, going up to him. Bulma
looked up at him.
"Did you know this was going to happen?" she asked Mirai
Trunks. He shook his head as he felt Vegeta’s ki getting
"How was he hurt?" he asked. Bulma held on to Vegeta’s hand,
gently. She knew something was wrong by the tone of Mirai
Trunks voice. She looked at Gohan then Vegeta.
Is something wrong with Vegeta? Is he going to die? She
thought to herself. Vegeta please don’t die. A tear slipped
from her face.
Gohan looked up at her. He wiped the tear from her face; she
looked up at him. Don’t worry Bulma, we are all here for you
when and if he dies. Gohan thought.
Mirai Trunks looked up, as did Gohan. Vegeta Ki was getting
weaker and weaker with every breath he took, they knew it
wasn’t long now. Bulma knew now what was going on.
"Vegeta’s gonna die, isn’t he? " Bulma asked, as a another
tear came from her eyes. Mirai Trunks was not going to lie.
"Yes, I’m afraid he is." Trunks told her calmly and softly
as he could. She cried holding on to Vegeta hand. Gohan
hugged Bulma.
Vegeta had stopped breathing and slowly his body faded. The
recliner chair was empty; the blankets that kept him warm
were laying there in a messy fashion.
Bulma sat there crying in Gohan’s shoulder. Gohan just
rubbed her back and telling her that it was okay.
Goku felt Vegeta’s ki disappear, but just kept on going. He
found Sagi in the forest near his home. As he landed Sagi
looked at him.
Sagi howl with laughter waking Trunks up. Trunks saw Goku
and smiled. He ran to him. Goku picked the boy up and used
his instant movement technique. Goku appeared in front of
Gohan sat Trunks down and went back to Sagi to take revenge
for Vegeta’s death.
Trunks ran to his mother and hugged her. Seeing tears in her
eyes made him wonder why she was crying.
"Mommy, what’s wrong? Where’s daddy?" he asked looking for
him. Bulma began to cry more as she hugged him. Gohan took
Trunks to his room and him on his bed.
"Trunks-chan, your mommy’s crying because your daddy just
died, so she is sad." Gohan told him as gently as possible.
Trunks didn’t believe it.
"NO! He is not DEAD!!" Trunks scream. He threw his face
into his pillow, crying, "He’s not dead!" He pounded his
little fist in to his bed, each time he said that. Gohan sat
with him until he cried himself to sleep. Gohan covered the
sleeping boy up and stayed with him.
Goku clothes were torn up, blood was coming from a cut on
his forehead from above his left eye. His other eye was
Sagi was on the ground. He had never fought a super saiyan
before. He got up wiping the blood from his face, panting.
Sagi was totally out on power.
Goku came up behind him and pulled his tail, as Sagi fell to
the ground his tail came off. Goku let loose all of his
power and didn’t stop until he couldn’t feel Sagi’ ki
anymore. When the dust had finally lifted Sagi had totally
been killed, there was nothing.
Goku sighed with relive. He was exhausted. He teleaported to
He woke up, crying. Gohan tried to calm him down but Trunks
hit him.
Chapter two coming soon!!