Saiyajin Children Meet- Part 1

It was early morning, Chichi was nearly dragging her 5 year old son out of the house and into the huver vehicle Bulma had given her. "Why do I have to go to school mama, Cant you teach me like you did for Gohan", Goten complained for the millionth time that day.

Chichi just sighed and shook her head. " I don’t have time anymore Goten, You know I have to work now that... Goku is gone." She hated talking about Goku, It was a bad memory that wouldn’t go away. She missed him terribly, But she didn’t let her sons see her sad. "Now go on, Bulma said that her son is going to the same school!" Everyone had been so busy that the only time Goten and Trunks had actually met was when they were infants.

"Pl..Pl..please mommy," Goten put on his best puppy dog face in order to persuade his mother.

"Goodbye Goten!" She said as she shoved him out the car door infront of his school. She wasn’t as protective of Goten as she had been with Gohan.

Goten finally gave in and slumped sadly towards the schools entrance. He wasn’t nervous about going to school at all, he just didn’t want to give up his play time. As he walked through the doors he could see little kids clinging to there parents as if scared they’d never see them again. He laughed as he walked into his kindergarten class seeing all the children looking scared and about to wet there pants. Gohan had explained strength to him when he first used it, He use to think for a while that everyone was that strong, As strong as he was. He sat down in the back of the room and waited for the teacher to begin.


"Trunks, get your butt down hear or ill get your father," At hearing this from his mom Trunks flew down the stairs, afraid that his father might do something harsh to him. Trunks was starting first grade. He wasn’t to thrilled about it that much, seeing how he was always the smartest in the class and sometimes smarter than the teachers. Of coarse he took after Bulma.

"Why do I even bother going to school, I’m smarter than all of them!" Trunks looked up at his mother as she sighed.

"Come on Trunks, don’t be stubborn, You know, Chichis little boy will be there."

"A reason for him not to go." Vegeta walked around the corner grinning at his wife.

"Vegeta your not helping," Bulma was getting angry, she had the biggest temper when it came to Vegeta’s behavior towards Trunks. "Trunks in the car now!" She shot past Vegeta and headed towards the front door. Trunks frowned and followed after her. He knew it was going to be a bad day already.


Goten sat in the cafeteria eating his lunch his mom made for him. Kids were glaring at him as he ate. "Geez its not like they haven’t seen someone with a big appetite eat before." He told himself. He wasn’t having the greatest day, he had dozed off twice in class and got scolded by the teacher. "I wish there was something exciting in this stupid school." Just then he heard a loud burp from across the room. He could see a pale haired boy chomping down as much food as he was. There were people looking in disgust as he burped a second time. Goten giggled to himself, he wasn’t the only one with a big stomach. but he had never seen a human eat as much as him before.

After lunch he went outside for what the school called RECESS, he was relieved to get out of the school. He could hear all the children screaming and laughing, he wasn’t much in the mood for playing today.

"Come on give it back, give us our ball back." Goten looked over near the baseball field. Three kids were running after the pale haired boy he saw earlier. He was easily running and dogging them as he laughed.


Trunks laughed as the boys who were trying to get the ball started to get angry. They were jumping and leaping at him to no avail. "Stupid humans, they cant even get a simple ball from me." he thought to himself. Just then he was stopped by a boy who out of nowhere appeared in his path. The boy had black messy spiked hair that looked very odd to him. He seemed to recognize it but couldn’t remember where.

"Give them there ball back bully," Goten walked a step closer to Trunks. Trunks just smiled.

"Wanna make me," he laughed thinking of what would happen if this human were to punch him. He probably wouldn’t even flinch.

Goten was angry, he hated when bigger kids picked on youngers just for the sake of it. Before he could stop himself he flung his fist at the boys face. The boy screamed and went hurtling ten feet backwards. "Shit I might have killed him," he said in shock.

Trunks was also in shock. He couldn’t believe he had been punched so hard, by a human. He got up and saw the look of shock across Gotens face, as if he expected him to be badly hurt. "How... how can a human be so strong." Trunks spat out towards Goten.

Gotens face was in shock. ‘What does he mean human, isn’t that what he is?’ Then he remember his mother telling him about Bulmas boy. This kid did have her hair. "I’m not Human." he decided to see what the boys reaction was to this before telling him more.

Trunk stared in shock, ’What is this boy trying to pull, of coarse he is human’. "What do you mean, not human?"

"Well I’m half human anyways," he looked around kids were staring at them from across the playground. He could also see a teacher running up to him. "Shit" He swore as the teacher approached.

"Goten, Trunks. You stop this at once." She scolded as she stood between them. Trunks eyes lit up as he heard the name Goten.

‘So thats why hes so strong’, He could feel himself smile. I might have fun with him. He might give me a good spar.

"So your Trunks?" Goten asked staring at Trunks also with a smile on his face. "Bulmas son?"

"Ya and your Chichis son." Both were smiling at each other now. As if they could read each others mind they took a fighting position. The teacher seeing this squealed and ran to get help.

Goten and Trunks charged at each other, giving punches and kicks, but only a few hit through the others defenses. After about twenty minutes of non stop, they backed off each other. "Wow your good, allot better than I expected." Trunks stated.

Goten sat down on the grass. "Ya so are you." They took there remaining strength to stand up again. By now almost every teacher and student were staring at them with mouths wide open in shock.

Trunks could hear Goten giggle, at seeing them in a state like that. Trunks frowned thinking how much trouble he would be in with his mother.

"Shit were gonna be in so much trouble, Goten!" Goten nodded at Trunks. Chichi would be histarical.

Trunks couldn’t help thinking that today wasn’t so bad afterall.