Saiyajin Children Meet- Part 2

Trunks sat next to Goten in the hallway to the Principles Office. He had been here many times before when he was in kindergarten. He knew the principle well. They were each called in individually, and scolded and had promised never to do it again. Which was a promise that would be hard to keep. Now they both sat there waiting for there parents to pick them up. Who would no doubt be steamed.

"My mom is going to go crazy on me, she might never want me to come back." Goten said glancing in Trunks direction.

"You’ve got it easy, I have both my mom and my dad to worry about..." He shut himself up as he saw Goten look down at the floor. "Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to..."

"Trunks, What have you done this time." Startled Trunks jumped up from his chair, and looked in the direction of the voice, seeing his mother with her hands on her hips he cringed back in his seat. "On the first day of school....You could not last one day without getting in a fight? How bad is the kid beaten this time?" She stared coldly at her son. He needed punishment , she thought, he needs to learn what’s right and what’s not.

Just then she noticed Goten sitting next to Trunks. She just realized how beat up Trunks and the boy looked. Goten looked up at Bulma, he had seen her before only in pictures she looked the same as she always did. Bulma stared in shock as she recognized the boy, who looked identical to his father Goku.

"Oh my, you must be Goten. You look exactly like Goku did when he was little." She couldn’t help but feel sad as she thought of her long gone friend. Seeing Goten brought back so many lost memories.

"Yes I..." He was about to say something when he was interrupted by a shriek from across the hall.

"Bulma, Is that you." Goten could see his mother running up to them with a big smile on her face.

"Hai, Chichi how are you?" Bulma smiled back at her old "sorta" friend.

Trunks and Goten looked at each other annoyed as there mothers engrossed in a long conversation. Totally forgetting they were supposed to be punishing there kids.

"Gee, how long has it been now, four years." Bulma began, " How is Gohan?"

"Fine, Fine, How’s Vegeta, We should all get together again and have a picnic again." Chichi stated.

"Gohans going to start school. Really Wow. Vegeta is fine, Anyways..." They talked for about twenty minutes giggling like young school children as they talked about all there problems, and adventures, and families.

Trunks stared at Goten, who was about to fall asleep, and nudged him in the shoulder. "Hey Goten, Ya wanna come over and spar at my house or something?"

Gotens face lit up in excitement. "Ya, I haven’t had anyone to spar with lately. My brother used to but he is always so busy studying now." Goten glanced as his mother. She looked happier than she had ever been, seeing Bulma was probably good for her. "Hey mom...Mom."

Chichi finally stopped talking and looked at her son. "Oh my Goten, you look horrible. What happened?"

"Uh nothing, can I go over to Trunks?"

"What oh uh if its alright with Bulma." She glanced at Bulma, "Then I guess you can go.


Goten stood infront of the capsule corps Mansion in shock. He stared at Trunks in disbelief. "You live here?"

Trunks smiled, he could tell Goten was very surprised. ‘Just wait until he sees my toys!’ Trunks thought to himself.

After giving a shocked Goten a tour of his home, they decided to go out back and spar.


Chichi and Bulma were in the kitchen chatting away and catching up on old news. Vegata walked in covered in sweat from his workout heading for the fridge. He glanced at Chichi and growled as he grabbed a sandwich.

‘What was she doing here.’ He couldn’t help but hate Kakorats mate and family. Anything to do with Kakorate he hated. he walked out to the back porch. He looked out and he noticed two kis fighting each other. Each about equal, and one was his sons. He decided to look in to this. He walked around to the side of the house. Trunks was on the ground, getting up and the other figure was ramming fast into him. Trunks quickly faked out a punched and kicked the stranger so that he fell over. Vegeta finally got a good look at the boy, and was shocked at the resemblance he had with Kakorate. ‘Hai, so that brat is Kakorates.’ He grunted watching the sparring match. He could tell that Trunks was slightly stronger from the ki readings he got.


"Ha, take this," Goten punched Trunks in the stomach and sent him hurtling backwards. Trunks slowly got up smiling.

"You call that a punch? Watch this," He disappeared before Gotens eyes. Goten was shocked. Just then Trunks reappeared behind Goten. Goten sensed him a little to late as he was thrown forwards into the dirt.

"Lucky shot," Goten said as he wiped the dirt from his mouth.

They kept going until they were both to tired to even walk. They both lay there on the grass, grinning at there match.

"That was the most fun I’ve ever had," Goten exclaimed, as he took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

"Ya, I agree." Trunks and Goten lay there until they both fell asleep on the hard floor. To tired to do anything. Just then Vegeta came out from where he had been watching.

"With the right training you two could be pretty good." He said in a low voice so they wouldn’t wake. He picked them up and brought them inside. Chichi and Bulma jumped up as they saw Vegeta caring them into the house.

"What happened," Bulma yelled at Vegeta. He just stared at her. Of coarse she had thought that he had done this.

"They are just sleepen Woman calm down, I didn’t touch them," He grumpily yelled back at her. He walked past the two woman who sighed in relief. He went up to Trunks room and threw both of them down on the bed. They stirred a little but didn’t wake up. ‘Just like true sayjins don’t wake up for anyone,’ He thought to himself. ‘But I wouldn’t call that low class brat of Kakorates a true sayjin.’ He closed the door where the two children slept. He smiled thinking of how strong they would become when they got older. But he would still be stronger. He has to be stronger than all of them, for he was of coarse a Prince. He would show that Kakorate.