By Lilly Lui

Gohan and his dad Goku were training for the Tenkaichi Bodoukai outside of their house near the forest. Chi-Chi came out of the dome shape house and called out to Gohan.
"Gohan come down here and finish your homework!"
"Oh come on Chi-Chi the boy needs training. Besides, he can do it later," said Goku.
"Yeah Mom, I can do it later. It's not due till next week," Gohan said agreeing with his father.
"B…b…but you have so much to do. I mean you have a hundred-page essay in reading and that five-hundred-page book to finish up. Then when you finish with that you have to write a summary about it. Also that…
"MOM! It's OK, I'm not a kid anymore remember? I thought that you knew that when I went to Namek!" Gohan said.
"Fine, you win! But you have to come inside and start doing your homework when you and your father finish training for the Tenkaichi Bodoukai," Chi-Chi said.
After that was over Chi-Chi went back into the house to start making dinner. While she was doing that Goku and Gohan resume their training for the Tenkaichi Bodoukai. Goku was teaching Gohan new abilities so he can trick his oppnents. Later Future Trunks came to Goku's house and wanted to train with him and Gohan as well. As he got there Goku and Gohan where inside the house eating dinner. He knew how Goku and Gohan ate. It would take forever for them to get filled up. He decided to go inside anyway, but he knocked first as any gentlemen would to be let into someone's house.
: Knock -Knock:
Chi-Chi looked out the window to see who it was. Then she turned to Goku to ask him some questions.
"Goku, did you invite any of your friends here today?" Chi-Chi asked.
"Yeah, Trunks was supposed to come for training today," Goku replied.
"Well he's here and you two are not going back out there! Tell him to leave and that he should have come earlier!" Chi-Chi demanded.
"Chi-Chi, that's not like you to tell someone to leave once they come all this way for training. Let Trunks in Gohan, he's going to be our guest for dinner now," Goku said.
"OK dad," Gohan said.
"Hey, what took so long for you to answer the door?" Trunks asked.
"Well, my mom wants you to go home, but my dad wanted you to stay for dinner because he thought it was wrong to kick you out," Gohan replied.
"Oh, well I guess I can stay, but when are we going to start training?" Trunks asked.
"I can't cause I have homework and stuff, but maybe my dad after dinner, if my mom is cool with that you know," said Gohan.
"Yeah I know," said Trunks.
Gohan let Trunks inside the house and ate dinner with Goku's family. It was 9:00 PM until they finished eating. Goku asked Chi-Chi if he could go outside and train with Trunks for awhile. Chi-Chi had no choice, but to say yes since Trunks did came along way. Gohan went to his room and started on his homework as his mother told him.
The night was cool and it was a good time for training. Goku was teaching Trunks how to do the kamehameha and a few other useful techniques to help win in the Tenkaichi Bodoukai. As they were training a flashing light in the sky distracted them both. They decided to ignore it and resuming their training.
The flashing light was a spaceship, which had life in it, and it was going to crash into the Earth. As it was going to crash the door opened quickly and there were two people in the ship. One was holding a body that was unconscious and it was going jump out of the crashing ship. The person holding the body jumped out and landed hard on the Earth's surface. The person was a teenage girl with black shoulder length hair and bangs that are clipped which makes her bangs look curved. She is wearing a tank top that showed her stomach and she wore blue jeans that had orange stripes on the sides.
"Boy, that was such a bad landing. Why didn't I fly? Well at least my mom is save," said the teenage girl.
"Where are we?" asked the awaked person, which was her mother.
"Don't worry Mom we're safe," said the girl.
"I hope, now don't forget your mission honey," her mother told her.
"I won't mom, I won't," the girls said and her mother fell asleep.
The next day the girl got up before her mother did and started off her mission, which was to signup for the Tenkaichi Bodoukai to find someone that was a close relative of her for help. Meanwhile Trunks and Gohan where at the signup place to sign their names for the Tenkaichi Bodoukai. The girl finally got to the signup place. As she was bout to sign her name, a man got in front of her and he thought that she was cute.
"Hey baby, how's about you and me got out for a pizza?" asked the man.
"No thanks, now can you move so I can sign my name?" She asked.
"Sure babe, but only if you say yes about our date," he replied.
"NO!" the girl yelled.
"Oh come on."
The man got a hold on the girl and he tried to kiss her. Trunks and Gohan saw the whole thing and decided to help the young girl, but they didn't need to because she grabbed the man and pushed him against the wall. Then she threatens him if he didn't leave her alone. So he did and as she released him from her grip he started running away. She was relieved that it was over and went back to sign her name.
"There, I finally signed my name," she said proudly.
"Hey you handle that situation pretty well," Trunks said.
"Yeah, that was really cool but I could never threaten a person like that," Gohan said with a smile.
"I thank you for your compliments, but who are you?" the girl asked.
"Sorry, my name is Trunks and this is my friend Gohan," Trunks introduced himself and Gohan.
"Hi!" Gohan exclaimed.
"Please to meet you. My name is Canny."
"So are you here for the Tenkaichi Bodoukai?" Gohan asked.
"Yes, I have been training for it this year. Are you going to be in it?" Canny asked.
"Yep, Gohan and I have been training for it too, with the help of Gohan's dad. He's the best fighter in the universe," Trunks told Canny.
"Really, what is his name?" Canny was curious.
"Goku!" Gohan said proudly.
"Well is Goku going to be in the Tenkaichi Bodoukai?"
"Yeah, but why?" Gohan was curious.
"Well because I love to challenge people that are strong and powerful," Canny replied.
"Oh, ok," Gohan said.
"Well I got to go. My mom is probably wondering where I am now," Canny said.
"Ok see you at the Tenkaichi Bodoukai!" Trunks said as he waved good-bye.
"Yeah bye!" Gohan exclaimed.
"Bye!" Canny replied back.
As Canny left, Trunks had this strange look on his face and Gohan didn't know why. He decided that he should take him back home. As they got to Trunk's house, Bulma came out with excitement.
"Ok Trunks tell me everything about it," Bulma said cheerfully.
"Tell what?" Gohan asked.
"Oh Gohan, you're still too young to understand this," Bulma replied.
"Mom, she was so beautiful," Trunks said happily.
"Tell me what she looks like?" she asked.
"Well, she has black shoulder length hair, and bangs that are on both sides of her face that are clipped, and she wears a tank top that's a little short," Trunks said.
"How short?" She asked again.
"Um…well it's kind of hard to explain you see…
"Answer the question boy!" said Vegeta, Trunk's father, as he too came out of the house to see what was going on.
"Does Dad have to get in this?" Trunks whined.
"Well he is your father you know. Besides, he might give you some tips about how to meet this girl again," Bulma tried to cheer up her son from the future.
"OK, it was this short," Trunks said showing them how short it was and as his parents examined on what he was trying to show them. They thought that it was all right for him to see her.
"So what is her name?" Bulma asked.
"Canny!" Gohan shouted.
"How did you know?" Bulma asked.
"Because I went with him to signup for the Tenkaichi Bodoukai and we both saw her in trouble, which she got herself out of it, and we came to complimented her for that," Gohan replied.
"Oh, Ok," she said.
"Hmm…Canny…that name sounds so familiar, I wonder why?" Vegeta asked himself.
"Maybe she was once your girl friend," Bulma said with an angry face.
"No, never that person, I only heard of her. Besides, she probably doesn't exist anymore," Vegeta explaining himself to Bulma.
"Hey, Vegeta, would you like to tell about her anyway?" Gohan asked.
"I guess, but I have to make it short," Vegeta replied.
Freeza told me that there was a saiyan princess named Canny and she was a runaway from his planet because she was prisoner. He said that she was the most powerful saiyan in the universe and no one would dare challenge her unless they were stupid. Anyway, he said that she was married to a warrior that was third class and had one kid. Years later, their child grew and got married. He and his wife had a total of 4 children. Canny's daughter-in-law didn't have the fourth for along time because she just gave birth to her child to her third child, which was sent to another planet. Zarbon kidnapped her because he thought that she looked liked the saiyan princess, which she wasn't. Freeza decided to keep her anyway. Her husband found out and was angry. So he fought Freeza's men and Freeza himself. He died eventually since he was no match for Freeza at that time. Five years later, his wife had her fourth child and named her after her grandmother, Canny. Freeza soon found out that her child was a princess saiyan by her face because all saiyan princesses have a star on their right cheek. As her child grew her mother trained her to be a smarty-pants because her mother was very smart, and Freeza trained her to be the most powerful warrior. Her mother did not want that for her daughter. So, she decided to escape. With her daughter, they got into a space-pod and went to some unknown planet.
"Well, we didn't see a star on that girl's face," Trunks said.
"Yeah, me too, oh well," Gohan said.
"Hey Gohan, shouldn't you be getting home now? I mean it's getting late just look at the time," Trunks showed him his watch.
"Yeah, he's right Gohan. I'll give you a ride home in my convertible," Bulma said.
"Thanks Bulma, my mom would really like that."
They both got into the red convertible and drove off to Gohan's house. As they got there, Chi-Chi was making dinner and Goku was training outside.
"Hey Bulma!" Goku exclaimed.
"Hi Goku! I brought Gohan home for you," she said cheerfully.
" Thanks Bulma!" Goku shouted.
"No prob. Goku. See you Gohan, I hope to see you at the Tenkaichi Bodoukai tomorrow," Bulma said, as she was drove away.
"So, what did you and Trunks do today besides signup for the Tenkaichi Bodoukai?" Goku asked.
"Well, we were about to leave until this girl was in trouble," said Gohan.
"Did you and Trunks save her?" Goku asked.
"Well, she kind of saved herself by threatening a man and pushing him against a wall," Gohan replied.
"Good for her," said Goku.
"I think her power level even rose," Gohan continued.
"You mean that girl has a power level?" Goku was shocked.
"Yeah, but it was hard to pickup since it was low and she didn't raised it all the way," Gohan said.
"Tell me more about her Gohan. She sounds like a person I just might want to challenge in the Tenkaichi Bodoukai," Goku said, interested.
"You know she said the same thing when I told her about you dad," said Gohan.
"Really?" Goku surprised.
"Yep," Gohan said proudly.
"Goku! Gohan! Time to eat dinner!" Chi-Chi shouted from the window.
"Come on son, you and I need a lot of food tonight," Goku said patting his son's head.
"Ok dad, but I don't think I could keep up with you though," Gohan said.
"That's ok, just make sure that you're filled up," Goku said.
"Will you two hurry up? Your dinner is getting cold and you guys need a lot of rest for tomorrow!" Chi-Chi shouting again.
"Let's not keep your mother waiting Gohan. I'll race you!" Goku said excitedly
"OK!" Gohan agreeing with his father.
So they raced for the house and they got there quickly. They began to devour their food on the table without Chi-Chi noticing because they were so fast that Chi-Chi didn't even see them come in. Meanwhile the new girl, Canny, went to the place that she remembered landing at. She went into the woods and walked a couple of miles. She soon found her mother and told her what had happen today.
"Is this boy handsome like your father?" asked her mother.
"Yes, but Dad never had purple hair Mom," she replied.
"I know Canny. So, is the Tenkaichi Bodoukai tomorrow?" her mother asked.
"Yep and I'm ready for it too," Canny said it with confidence.
"That's good to hear. Now I found our ship and was able to repair it and…
"Does the fridge still work?" Canny asked impatiently.
"Yes. Now can you tell me what is it with you and that fridge?" her mother demanded.
"Well, I'm kind of hungry, that's all," she replied.
"Is that all you can say? That you're hungry?" her mother asked.
"Well yeah. Besides you can't blame me for that anyway," Canny talked back.
"My, you are just like your father. Especially your appetite," said her mother.
"Oh Mom," Canny giggled.
After that, Canny went inside the space-pod and opened the fridge to see if they had anything good to eat. It did, and they started to eat it right away especially Canny, since she was hungry.
The next day people around the world got up early for the Tenkaichi Bodoukai or watch it on t v. There were three hundred contestants in the Tenkaichi Bodoukai. Most of them were all men, but once they found out that a girl was in it, they all started to laugh except Trunks, Gohan, and Goku because they were mature, and thought that it was good to have a female to tryout for the Tenkaichi Bodoukai.
"Hey look there's Canny. Lets go say hi?" Trunks said.
"OK," Gohan agreed.
"Hey Canny!" Trunks exclaimed.
"Oh hi Trunks. Hi Gohan," Canny said cheerfully.
"Hi Canny," Gohan said.
"I'm so glad to see you guys here," she said.
"REALLY? I mean really?" Trunks asked.
"Yeah," Canny replied, thinking that Trunks is a bit strange.
"Hey, Canny do you want to meet my dad?" Gohan asked.
"Sure, where is he?" Canny replied.
"He's over there. He's the one with the orange uniform on," Gohan said.
"Um…the short one?" Canny was unsure.
"Oh sorry, that's Krillin, my dad's best friend. My dad is the one next to him," Gohan pointed to the tall spiky hair man.
"Oh, I see him. You know he kind of reminds me of my father. I mean he's got the hair and his face. He also looks like my brother too," Canny looking at Goku.
"Well, I'll get him over here so you can meet him," Gohan said.
"OK," Canny said.
"Hey Dad, come over here! I want you to meet someone!" Gohan exclaimed.
"OK son! Come on Krillin, you can meet this person too," Goku said to Krillin.
"Dad, I want you to meet Canny. She's the one I told you about before," Gohan said smiling.
"Well, it's finally nice to meet you Canny," Goku said with a smile.
"Nice to meet you too Goku," Canny said smiling back.
"Will all the constants come to the arena please!" announced the announcer.
"Well, guess we should be going, huh?" Canny said.
"Yep, come on we'll show you the way," Goku said.
"OK," Canny said.
So Goku, Krillin, Gohan, and Trunks walked Canny to the arena. Chi-Chi and Bulma sat next together as usual when the Tenkaichi game came. They saw a lady in her late 40's that had sat next to them and cheering for Canny. Bulma and Chi-Chi were wondering if Vegeta's story was right, so they asked her.
"Um, excuse me ma'am, but is Canny your daughter?" Bulma asked.
"Yes, why do you ask?" the woman was curious.
"Oh, nothing, my husband told me a story about a girl named Canny," Bulma replied.
"Really? What is your husband's name?" asked the woman.
"Vegeta, but I don't believe his stories anyway. It just sounded weird that he could be telling the truth," Bulma giggling to herself.
"Um…did you say that your husband's name is Vegeta?" the woman surprised.
"Yes, why?" Bulma was curious.
"Oh, nothing, I just wanted to make sure, you know, as you get old like me you'll start hearing things," the woman lied.
"Oh, ok," Bulma said.
"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Tenkaichi Bodoukai. This year 1 out of 300 contestants will win 500,000,000 dollars. Our last year winner, Goku, won 300.000,000 dollars, and this year who knows because there's so many challengers. Now the rules: Rule #1: If you fall off the fighting arena and hit the water, you are out. Rule #2: Anyone chickening out of the game will be out. Rule #3: No weapons will be used. Rule #4: You can't kill your opponent. Rule #…
"Hey! You up there! We don't need to here the rules! Just start the game all right!" shouted one of the people of audience.
"Yeah! I also agree!" shouted another person in the audience.
"OK, Ok, here are the first contestants, Gohan vs. Bow."
"Gohan, make me proud," Goku said patting Gohan's head.
"Ok Dad," Gohan smiling.
"Gohan, kick his behind!" exclaimed his mother, Chi-Chi.
"Oh man, did she really have to say that." Gohan said putting his hand over his face.
"Hey dude! You made a mistake here, I'm fighting a kid!" Bow shouted to the announcer.
"No mistake here. You have to fight him."
"Man! Sorry kid, but I have win this, besides, you'll get your chance when you're older," said Bow cracking his knuckles.
"Sorry, I can't, my dad is here and I promised him to make him proud," Gohan said proudly.
"Well, looks like your gonna have to break that promise, cause I'm going to kick your butt," said Bow.
"Yeah, we'll see about that," Gohan said with a little smirk.
The bell rang for the fighters to begin fighting. Bow threw the first punch, but Gohan got down and punched Bow in the stomach.
"Oh man!" exclaimed Bow moving away from Gohan.
Gohan moved towards Bow and kicked him, which made him fall into the water.
"Way to go Gohan! Way to go!" Shouted Chi-Chi jumping up and down in her seat.
"Oh, how embarrassing," Gohan said as he walked off the arena.
"Now for our next contestants, Trunks vs. Zab," said the Announcer.
"Trunks, go beat the heck out of him!" Bulma exclaimed wildly.
"Man, why do moms do that?" asked Trunks.
"I don't know. Maybe its their nature to embarrass us," Gohan replied.
Trunks walked to the arena and as he got there, he saw a huge giant that was 10ft tall. He thought at he was surely going to get beat up, but he remembered that the girl he liked was here, so he told himself that he could take him.
"Hey looky here, I got myself a little weakling," said Zab.
"Well looky here, a big fat giant," Trunks talked backed.
"Hey! You'll pay for that!" exclaimed Zab.
"Do you want cash or credit, cause I don't have a check with me. I left it at home sorry," Trunks playing with his mind.
"Um…cash! …Hold it, hey, what do you think I am, stupid or something?" Zab shouted angrily.
: Rang! :
" Oh, sorry, I can't answer that right now," Trunks said.
"Why not?" Zab asked.
"Cause if I did, then I wouldn't be able to do this," Trunks said as he flies and kicks Zab right in the face.
"Oh wow look at the birdie!" said Zab.
"Um…Trunks he's not out yet. He has to fall in the water," said the announcer.
"No problem," Trunks flies up and kicks Zab in the chest, which did it.
"Yeah, Trunks! Yeah!" shouted Bulma.
"I hope no one hears that one," Trunks groaning.
"Now here's a new contestant, a lady named Canny, will challenge our last year's winner, Goku," said the announcer.
"Hey, that's good," Goku said.
"Yes, I think so too," Canny agreed.
They both stepped out and went on the arena. As they stepped out Canny's mother saw the man with her. She was shocked to see him. She wanted to shout out to her, but then she did not want to embarrass herself like with woman sitting next to her. The woman was cheering for Goku and she wears her hair in a bun. (Yes, it's Chi-Chi for those you have guessed =P)
"I hope one of us wins Goku," Canny said.
"Same here, and don't mine my wife, she's always like that when we come here," Goku told Canny.
: Rang! :
They both started running towards each other, but all of a sudden, a huge fireball had hit the middle of the arena. That made Canny and Goku, falling back. Canny turned to see who would do such a thing, but as she turn, she saw her enemy, Ice, Freeza's little sister. Canny quickly got up and started to think what she should do. Canny quickly rubbed her right cheek, and as she rubbed it, a little yellow star appeared. She flew up to meet her enemy and was getting ready to fight her.
"So you finally found me," Canny said.
"Yes, I did, and now you must die for your escape from my planet," Ice said narrowing her eyes.
"Yeah right," Canny said and quickly turned into a super saiyan.
"Hey! Gohan, look, Canny's a saiyan. Do you think she's the saiyan princess?" Trunks asked.
"I'm not sure, but if Vegeta's story is true then…WOW! This will be so cool!" Gohan exclaimed.
"Hey, you guys, checkout her power level," Krillin surprised.
"Owe! It's at 20,000,000," Trunks shocked.
As Trunks, Gohan, and Krillin were talking, Canny and Ice were fighting. Canny fought very hard, but she had a little trouble because Ice kept disappearing and reappearing in different direction. Finally, Ice caught Canny's right arm and started to swing her around and around. Goku saw enough and decided to help Canny fight Ice. Goku teleported behind Ice's back and kicked her as hard as he could but it didn't hurt her. Ice turned to see who had kicked her, but got a glimpse of the person who had done it because Goku did his kamehameha. Ice lost her grip on Canny's arm and fell on the arena. Goku quickly caught Canny from falling and gently set her down on the floor as they flew down. Trunks, Gohan, and Krillin came out to see what had happen. Canny's mom got out of her seat and started running to find the way where she can get to the arena. Ice quickly recovered and took off with a mean look on her face.
"Canny! Canny!" her mother shouted her named worriedly.
"Huh…what happen?" asked the dizzy Canny.
"Don't worry Canny, your ok, just a little dizzy," Goku said smiling.
"Man, that person took you out," Gohan amazed.
"Well, I took her once and…
"Canny, how many times did I told you to train harder!" her mother shouted.
"Ooh, come one Mom, you know that I do," Canny said.
"No I don't. All I ever see is you eating all the time," her mother said angrily.
"Um…I don't want to interrupt, but we have to discuss other things, like who was that person, and why did she attacked Canny," Goku said hoping he didn't interrupt.
"Oh…wait, I have to talk to Canny for one more second, please. I promise you that it won't take long," Canny's mother said calmly.
"Ok," Goku agreed.
"What is it now?" Canny complained.
"Huh?" Canny was puzzled.
"Canny, that man you were talking to is your brother," her mother whispered.
"You mean, it's Kakarot?" Canny shocked.
"Yes, or it could be Turlus," her mother whispered.
"Should I ask?" Canny asked.
"I guess so," her mother replied.
"Ok. Um…Goku!" Canny exclaimed.
"Yeah!" Goku replied.
"Um, is your saiyan named Kakarot?" Canny asked hoping that it was one of her brothers.
"Why do you want to know?" Goku was curious.
"Well…um…um…Mom some help here," Canny said looking at her mother.
"All right, the reason is that she and I want to know is because you might be related to us. There that wasn't too hard," said Canny's mother looking back her daughter.
"Ok, yes, that is my name. So may I related or what?" Goku asked hesitating.
"Well, Surprise! You are my older brother," Canny said excitedly.
"Um…brother?" Goku shocked.
"Yes, you are my older brother and…
"Hey! What's going on here?" Chi-Chi shouted.
"Hey! Chi-Chi, guess what?" Goku shouted back.
"What?" Chi-Chi asked.
"I have a younger sister!" Goku exclaimed.
"And a mother," Canny added.
"And a mom…Wow! This is so surprising. A mother and a sister," Goku said smiling.
"I knew Kakarot was the excited one in the family," Canny and Goku's mother said.
"Hey, mom, turn super saiyan for please," Goku said anxiously.
"Um…son, there's something…
"Please mom, please."
"Um…Goku, mom can't," Canny said hesitating.
"Why not, she is a saiyan right?" Goku asked.
"No she's not," Canny replied.
"You mean, she's human?" Goku shocked.
"Yeah, but you are a full saiyan though," Canny replied.
"How?" Goku confused.
"Well, you see mom was once worked at a place that deals with technology. So she built a spaceship and landed on the planet Vegeta. She fell in love with a saiyan named Bardock, and Bardock fell in love with her. They got married and mom made a machine that can change her to a saiyan for only a few years. So when she had you, she was a full saiyan," Canny explained to Goku.
"Ok, but are you a full saiyan?" Goku asked.
"No, I'm of a saiyan," Canny replied.
"Ok, you don't need to explain that one to me, cause mom saiyan powers must be wearing off, right?" Goku said making sure that he understands his family history.
"Right," Canny said.
"Now that Goku had an understanding of that, can you tell us who was fighting you?" Krillin asked.
"Oh, yes, her name is Ice. She is Freeza's little sister," Canny answer Krillin's question.
"Freeza's little sister?" Krillin looking shocked.
"Yes, she is the most evil person in the universe," Canny continuing to explain.
"She is right. Now young lady, you have to start training harder," said you know whose mother.
"Yes mother," Canny groaned.
"Ladies and gentlemen, we are stopping the Tenkaichi Bodoukai for a lot of reasons. So please go to your nearest exit," announced the announcer.
The gang left the arena and they decided to go to Bulma's house. At Bulma's house, the gang talked about the Ice, some more because they didn't know why Ice was chasing Canny and her mother. They didn't finish talking until midnight, but everyone finally understood why Ice was chasing them.
"Ok, Ice is after you because you and her made a deal to fight one another so you can get your mom back to safety," Krillin said.
"Yep, I also trained for that too. That's why my power level is very high because her is also very high," Canny said.
"How high is it sis?" Goku asked.
" Oh…maybe 40,000,000, I think," Canny answer.
"WHAT! Man, that is a big power level," Krillin exclaimed.
"What is all that yapping about down here?" Vegeta asked grumpily.
"Vegeta, I would like to meet someone from the royal family?" Bulma asked.
"What do you mean woman? I am the only one in the royal family that survived," Vegeta said.
"Canny, would you stand please," Bulma said snickering.
As Canny stood, Vegeta saw the little star on her cheek. He quickly got down on his knees and said," Forgive my princess, for that I did not know you had also survived from the destruction of our planet."
"Now if I could get him to do that for me," Bulma giggling to herself.
"I accept your apology," Canny said, as she sat down, the ground shook. Everyone was startled and wondered what was going one.
"Huh, what's going on?" Gohan said.
"I don't know, but I think it's coming from outside," said Trunks.
"Well come on let's go check it out," Krillin told everyone.
Everyone ran outside, even Vegeta. When they got out of the house, they saw a flash of light. It made the ground shook violently as it the streets. Then they saw Ice, laughing at them and the destruction that she made on the planet. Canny flew up into the night sky and said," HEY! Ice, I want a rematch!" Canny shouted.
"Oh, no you're not young lady! You are still too weak to fight Ice," her mother said.
"What! You can't do that!" Canny exclaimed.
"Yes, I can, I'm your mother, remember?" her mother said.
"Oh, come on, I can beat her. I mean, I do have Goku and his friends to help me. Can't you just consider changing your mind, please?" Canny asked, begging her mother to let her fight Ice.
"Oh fine, but if you get beaten again, I'm going to make sure you are going to train harder," said her mother.
"Yes! Thanks Mom, you're the best," Canny smiling.
"Hey, Canny, what's the matter? Are you too chicken to fight or are you going to listen to your mommy?" Ice asked snickering.
"Oh SHUT UP!" Canny shouted.
"Let's get this over with."
"It will be my pleasure. Besides, I love to beat up a saiyan like yourself," Ice said snickering.
"Oh shut up and fight!" Canny shouted as she got into her fighting position.
"All right," Ice said disappearing in midair.
"Hey where did she go?" asked Krillin.
"She's behind me," replied Canny.
"Where?" Krillin still looking.
"Here, I'll show you," Canny said, as she turned and kicks, Ice reappeared behind Canny.
"I'll get you for that!" Ice exclaimed as she was rushing towards Canny and throwing a huge fireball at her.
Canny quickly turned into super saiyan while the others are worried that she might get hurt badly. The fireball went through Canny and exploded. Everyone was for sure that Canny was hurt, but as the smoke faded away, they saw Canny still there with no marks or scratches on her. They were very impressed, especially her mother. Her power level rose higher than before, it was now at 38,000,000. Everyone decided that Canny could handle Ice by herself since her power level is very high. Goku didn't want to watch his sister fight to save the world and their family by herself anymore so he joined in the fight. He throws a ki-ball at Ice's back.
"Ah! My back feels like its on fire!" she exclaimed.
"Well it should," said Goku.
"Goku, I thought you were just going to watch the fight," said Canny.
"Nope, I want to help our family and save the world too. Also I want my family to be safe," Goku said smiling.
"Same here Dad," Gohan said.
"I'm helping cause I want my friends to be safe," Krillin said standing by Gohan.
Canny and Goku were very happy to see that their family and friends were going to help fight Ice with them. They knew for sure that they will win and that Goku and Canny's family would be safe.
"Hey you guys, I'm helping too!" Trunks exclaimed.
"All right! We got a team here," Goku said.
"HEY! That's no fair!" Ice shouted angrily.
"Well guess what, it is to us," Canny said, and all five of them did the Kamehameha and Ice was dead. Everyone was very happy except Chi-Chi because Goku didn't tell her that he was bringing some people home and staying at their house for a long time. (Canny learned the Kamehameha from Goku when he did it earlier in the story. She learns very fast).

The End