The Great Strom: part one- By Lunadeath1

After Cells’ attack, things got pretty quiet. Gohan would continue to train, and Chi-chi would continue to nag him. Krillin, Yamcha, Yajorobi, Master Roshi, Tien, and Choutzu all decided that it’s time for a long vacation! Only Krillin, Yamcha, and Bulma stayed for their vacations.

Vegeta, however, is trainning even more in Mr. Brief’s gravity room. Bulma holds baby Trunks close. She is very happy that things have settled down for the time. She’d hate to have to count on Vegeta to save the planet. Well, who really knows? He just might some day.

(Bulma’s point of view)

Vegeta emerges from the gravity room. His shirt is off. Typical. He is sweating like a pig. As he pants, his breath is very noticable. It must be getting colder out. He sure doesn’t seem to mind. He seems more pleased by the chill in the air. He leans up against the gravity rooms’ doorway. His eyes look upward. Then so do mine. I just couldn’t resist. I don’t see anything. Again, typical. He has better eyesight than me. I notice that he’s watching the clouds. Yes… they are very dark. It will rain…or snow…or sleet. I hope not!

He turns his eyes towards me. Notices that I have been also looking up at the sky.

"Woman…" he says, his voice is raspy, "get the kid inside!"

"Oh, Vegeta!" I say with a smile, "Alittle rain isn’t gonna hurt Trunks! You should know that!"

"No! Not just rain!" He turns his eyes heavenward again, "A storm…!"

I gasp, "How bad?" I keep forgetting about how strong he is with sensing things.

His eyebrows lower more. He doesn’t look very pleased.

"Bad enough!" He finally sputters out. "Now do as I say and take our child in!"

Trunks smiles at the sound of his father’s voice. He must know…but do saiyan babies really know how to tell their own kind from by just looking at them or hearing them? I ask this because certain things that I do with him pay him no heed. But when Vegeta does something…Trunks pays more attention. Why is that?

"Fine! Have it your way!" As I turn to walk inside the house, I hear Vegeta smirk.

"I will…but enough about Burger King! Just do as I say, woman!"

Before I enter the house, I turn- "And what about you? Are you coming or not?"

Again, he smirks, "Not yet, baby! Maybe later tonight!"

I sigh heavily, "I think his mind is off in La-la land. Either that or he’s been working out too long and it turned his brain to mush."

All I get from Trunks is happy smile. Wherever my dearest future son is…I hope he’s happy too.


Elsewhere, at the Son’s home. Gohan is just getting home from school. Most of the kids were really bugging him that day. They all saw the whole fight between him and Cell. They thought for sure that their world was doomed. Many girls began showing their interest for him. If they have had any type of crush on him at all before, Gohan isn’t sure. But now…they are not leaving him alone!

Many guys go right up to him and tell him how awesome they thought he was. Many also apologized for teasing and calling him a nerd. But there are a few that didn’t care and started to call him a show off. And sometimes even a liar! Some would also bug him about how he was able to go blonde when he was so powerful.

Now Gohan sits in his room. Trying his best to relax from all the excitement of becoming so popular in one day. There was one particular lady who seemed to really fancy him. She didn’t bother him as much as the others, but her rosy cheeks told all. She was very good looking as well. Her hair was black and in two long ponytails. She was also a very good fighter. She was Mr. Satan’s daughter, he thinks. That Mr.Satan was a real clown. But she really seemed good at what she did.

Gohan-san’s consentration was broken by a knock on his door. It was a very familiar knock that he’s heard many times before.

"Gohan, dear. Are you still awake in there?"

"Yes, mother." Gohan sighed tiredly. "I’m awake."

Chi-chi opens the door. "Gohan, sweety, there’s a storm warning in our area. I want you to be ready in case we have to go into the shelter."

"Ok, mom. Not a problem." He has heard about the storm warning during school so it was no big deal. Of course, a little storm never bothered him. Perhaps those who are pure earthling it would, but not him. Deciding that it would be best if he did something else than just sit, Gohan opened his bedroom window and took off.


Sitting by the window, Bulma watched the sky grow darker. She holds onto baby Trunks as if the harsh wind was going to break through their window and carry him away. Vegeta, however, was still outside. He was sitting down next to the door of the gravity room-indian style. He would stay still for a very long time, then he’d look upwards at the dark clouds and just stare. His arms would stay folded, and his legs would stay crossed. He would look up for only a minute, then look back down again and close his eyes.

"Why is he being so stubborn?" Bulma says to either herself or baby Trunks, "Why can’t he just come inside if he knows that somethings going to happen?"

Somehow knowing that she’s talking to him, Trunks coos softly and smiles. Bulma shakes her head at the thought of Vegeta being stranded out in the rain and wind. Hoping that she’d be able to convince him otherwise, she decides to open the door and yell out to him.

"Hey, Vegeta! Why don’t you come in now? You can watch the storm from inside!"

"No!" his answer was almost immediate, "I’d rather stay out here where I can get a closer view of things! I’m use to dealing with these things you know!"

"Yeah, but…what if you get struck by lightning or something?"

"Woman! I know what I’m doing! So just shut your yap and get back inside so you won’t blow away like a delicate leaf!"

Was he being really serious, or romantic? She wasn’t quite sure. Whatever it was, it wasn’t exactly like him. Oh my! Was he actually becoming worried about his family’s well-being? This was something that definitely should be remembered! She rushes to her bedroom with Trunks in her arms. She slides open her night stands drawer and takes out an old book with a lock on it. From her secret place, she takes out a key and opens the book. She quickly begins to jot down some stuff. Minutes later, she finished, only to be stared down by the one man whom she’s writing about.

"Oh! You finally decided to come in?"

He just sneers alittle and looks away. "I decided that we should all take shelter." He says this in an embarrased way. Was he actually unhappy with the whole situation? Was he hating the fact that he’s actually scared for his family? This absolutly needed to be written down as well. She began to pen some more in her book.

"What’re you writing?" he asks in a serious tone.

"Oh, nothing, Vegeta. Just some small notes."

He grabs the book out of her hands before she could explain it more. He looks like he’s reading it rather quickly. He finally throws it back at her.

"Oh, nothing huh? Looks like you’re writing a biography of me. And I wanna tell you right now…I don’t like it. So stop it!" he walks out of the room. He stops in the middle of the dining room and peers back. "well, are you coming or not?!"

"What? Oh yeah! The shelter! I just gotta get some of Trunks’ stuff and I will be right there."

He shakes his head and sighs. "What am I gonna do with you, woman?"


As the unexpected storm rages on, everyone meets at the shelter that Bulma and her father has made years ago. It’s made of some of the same stuff as the gravity room, so it should hold out. It’s alittle bigger than the gravity room, which is nice cause some of them (naming Vegeta and Piccolo) don’t like being very close to others.

"Wow, you’re all here." Krillin smiles. "I’m so glad that you all made it."

"Well, only me, Vegeta, you, Gohan, Chi-chi, Goku, and my baby are here. Everyone else is on their vacations."

"I’m sure they will be fine, Bulma." Krillin grins, "You know, I’m sure they saw the storm as well, and found shelter too."

"I sure hope so." She sighs.

Suddenly they feel an enormous power headed straight for them. They all begin to panic alittle thinking that it could be some sort of new threat. Then Vegeta recognized the Ki and just folded his arms and ‘harumphed’!

"Don’t you all get too excited, it’s just that future brat of mine."

They all leap of joy.

"Oh yeah! I couldn’t recognize his Ki for a minute." Gohan smiles. "Wonder why he’s back so soon?"

Mirai Trunks lands down next to his mother and Gohan. "Hey guys, what’s up?"

"Trunks-San! So glad you could be here." Goku smiles. "But why are you here?"

"That is a long story and I really don’t feel like telling it all just right now. But I noticed that once I got here, there’s a big storm coming. I don’t think my mother told me about any storm like this in my future."

"Maybe it’s because it never happened during your time." Bulma points out.

"That could be." Vegeta smirks, "Or it could be because maybe your ‘mother’ decided not to tell you!"

"That’s not true, father." Trunks growled, "I’m sure she would have told me about this if it really happened. Either that or she just forgot about it cause it was really no big threat."

"Well, whatever," Vegeta grins, "I’m sure your mother had a very good reason…even though she likes to keep things from you!"

"Huh?" Bulma gasps at Vegeta’s out burst, "Why would you say such a thing like that to our son?"

"I think that our ‘son’ deserves to know some details. Like…" Vegeta walks up closer to Trunks and smirks alittle, "…how we conceived him. Would you like to know that, kid?"

"Uh…" unable to really know what to say, Trunks studders abit. "Um…n-no! No, I do NOT wish to know. It’s none of my buisness on how you two made me."

"Oh, but I think you outta know, my son." Vegeta grins wickedly. "You see, your mother was a real catch. Oh yes… she was a real peach. That skin, those legs, those eyes… why all you were was the result of my temptation. A gleam in my eyes. A nasty thought inside of my head. Just think, boy…born out of lust and no marriage…yes my son…you’re a bastard!"

Trunks growls angerly. He knew that his father was mean…but this was taking the cake!

"Hey!" Goku scoffs, "that’s not a nice thing to say, Vegeta! Why do you wanna hurt your son’s feelings like that for?"

"Hurt his feelings? I’m merely telling him the truth. Isn’t that right, kid?"

Trunks just continues to stare at his father angerly. He’s thought about how it came around that they wanted each other, but he didn’t really suspect for his father to let on like it was some type of dirty fantasy.

"Father, I really don’t care. Please don’t tell me anymore."

"Why not? It’s true. She was a little wild thing, she was. She wanted more and more…she screamed my name, you know. She wanted it so bad that she got alittle carried away and had me hurt her…"

"THAT’S ENOUGH, VEGETA!" Bulma shouts. On the brink of tears from embarrasement, "I won’t have you telling him about us like that! Just…just stop it!"

"Who cares what you think, woman? I think that the kid deserves to hear the details about us. I know I’d like to know how I was made."

"YOU ARE SO SICK! I’m going into the shelter…TO GET AWAY FROM YOU FOR AWHILE! See you guys later." She grabs baby Trunks and her stuff and enters the shelter as quickly as she could.

"Good. Finally some peace." Vegeta huffs.

"Wait a sec…you hurt mother?"

"She asked me to."

"Hurt…as in…bleeding? Father, why are you telling me all this? Why are you making me feel like I was made totally from lust?"

"Because you were, my son. Like I said…you were the result of temptation. See how bad that can be? A person ends up with an idiotic son!"

"WHAT??" Trunks grits his teeth and clentches his fists. "WHAT DID YOU CALL ME, VEGETA?!"

"You heard me, boy. Or would you like for me to repeat it?"

Before Trunks could say another word, the wind begins to pick up.

"Come on, everyone!" Goku shouts, "Into the shelter!"

They all follow Goku inside, but slowly behind them is Vegeta and Trunks. He stays a few feet away from his father…watching him with anger and pain in his eyes. Vegeta just smiles back at him like he hasn’t done anything wrong. Finally Vegeta walks into the shelter. Trunks stands at the doorway. He turns back to look at the clouds once more. Then, as he walks inside the shelter, he senses something that’s outside in the middle of the storm! He looks at the direction of the power he’s picking up. Just as he decided to go see what it was, Bulma and Goku yell for him to get inside before the storm hit. His mother’s pleads make him decide to turn and go into the shelter.

The door closes. Trunks stands there at the door. His eyes advert back. He can still sort of sense the power level. He shrugs his shoulders and walks towards his mother and friends.