The Great Strom: part two- By Lunadeath1


It’s been really quiet in the past half hour. No one seems to want to talk cause of either the threat that’s outside, or the horrifying words that Vegeta made vocal. Trunks sat on the opposite side of the shelter with his mother and baby self. Goku, Chi-chi, Krillin, and Yamcha all sat on one side of the room. Piccolo was off in another corner with Gohan.

Goku, Piccolo, Gohan, Krillin, Vegeta and Yamcha all seemed to be listening for the storm to hit their shelter. Trunks and Bulma were too upset to really care right now. And Chi-chi, of course, couldn’t hear the outside like the others could.

Gohan wanted to say something just to break the silence but nothing came to mind. He thought about telling Piccolo all about what happened at school and that he’s getting a lot of attention right now. He also remembered how Piccolo told him to never boast about anything. He should just let things be. But he couldn’t think of anything else to say. Like a flash, he finally found something to ask to break this cold, hard stillness.

"So…does anyone know how long away the storm is from here?"

They all look to Gohan. The Saiyans look at each other, then to the other fighters. Goku shakes his head.

"Not a thing."

"It doesn’t make sense. It should have hit by now." Gohan huffs.

"Don’t worry, Gohan, it will." Piccolo says sinisterly.

Gohan shivers.

Trunks decides to ask his mother something since the silence has been broken already.

"Mother…I was made…with love. I mean, from you at least…right?"

"Of course you were honey." Bulma smiles. "It wasn’t just lust you know. For me, before there’s lust, there’s got to be love. There was a lot of love during the conception with you, Trunks. That is the truth."

Trunks sighs happily.

"Yeah…" Vegeta smirks from the other side of the room, "But there was a lot of lust swimming in the air that day. I could have sworn that you were full of it just as much as me, Bulma."

"Oh shut the hell up, Vegeta! I know my own self, and I know that I was full of love that day as well."

"Sure. Whatever you say, babe."

"Grrrr…MEN! They can be so…so irritating sometimes!"

"Oh, by the way everyone. I almost forgot to tell you something." Trunks says getting everyone’s attention. "I felt a very strong power reading out in the storm before I entered the shelter. Who do you suppose it was?"

"Yikes, I hope we didn’t leave anyone outside in the storm!" Krillin gasps, "maybe it was Tien, or Master Roshi."

"No way." Trunks sighs, "It was too big of a power reading. There’s no way it could be one of them."

"I hope it was someone who deserves to be stuck in the storm!" Bulma says.

Baby Trunks coos softly. Mirai Trunks looks at his baby self and smiles. The baby grins back.

"I guess we’ll find out one way or another."

Finally, minutes later, the storm hits where they are sheltered. They all sit in a chilling silence as they listen to the heavy winds and rain hitting the roof. Some jump at the sound of the thunder echoing through the walls. Only Goku, Vegeta, Trunks and Gohan don’t become nervous. Once in a while they will hear baby Trunks cry from a really loud boom. Bulma would hush him silent only to have another Kaboom startle him.

An hour later, it all was quiet again. Happily, Krillin, Yamcha, Bulma, and Chi-chi walked towards the door. Trunks rushes over to them and blocks their way.

"Stop! It’s not over yet! Don’t go outside!"

"What are you talking about, Trunks?" Krillin states, "It’s all over. Can’t you hear it?"

"But this is only the eye of the storm! A second wave will hit us soon!"

"Oh, I almost forgot about the storms having that kind of thing." Krillin says sheepishly.

"Well, looks like we’re stuck here for another hour!" Bulma whines.

"We’ll see." Trunks says seriously, "Sometimes they don’t last as long as the first wave."

"I sure hope you’re right, Trunks!" Yamcha sighs. "Cause I really have to use the john!"

Gohan, Trunks, Bulma and Goku all laugh.

Sure enough, Trunks was right. One minute later, the storm is on top of them again! This time, Krillin wishes he took the chance with the storm because…it’s changing time for baby Trunks!

"Phew! Bulma…can’t you wait until we get out of the shelter?"

"No, Krillin! You want him to stay grumpy and stinky with this icky diaper?"

"Well…no, but…it stinks!"

"Well too bad! I gotta do it!"

"Wait a second…" Gohan studies Krillin for a moment. "I thought you had no nose…"

"Um…well…yeah. Well, it stinks so bad I can taste it!"

"EEWWW!! Thanks for sharing!" Gohan states a little sarcastically. He flies to his mother and father. Even Trunks is holding his own nose.

"Holy cow, mother, what do you feed me??"

"Just the usual baby food. But sometimes your father gives you raw meat…"

"Father! You’re not suppose to give a baby raw meat! Don’t you know what’s in that?"

"So! I was given raw meat as a child. I’m sure you are able to handle it since you’re part saiyan."

"I suppose it’s too late to change that. In my past I probably was feed raw meat too."

"Yeah, and you’re still alive aren’t you? So quit your blubbering!" Vegeta folds his arms and flies to the other side of the room.

"Sometimes I feel like I could just really smack him a good one!"

"Yeah, son…" Bulma smiles wickedly, "you hold him down and I’ll slug him!"

They both chuckle together.

It seemed like another hour went by before the storm completely stopped. Because they weren’t real certain, Goku decided that he should go and peek outside to see what it’s like. They all just stand by and watch Goku stick his head out just a bit. He looks to the left, and then he looks to the right. Finally he looks upward and sees the sky. He gasps a little at the image before him.

"What is it, Goku-san? What’s the matter?" Trunks asks.

"Well, it looks like the storm is gone for one…"

"That’s a relief." Chi-chi sighs.

"So what’s the problem, Goku?" Krillin asks with anxiety.

"It’s…it’s the sky! It’s no longer blue!"

"HUH?" Most of them said. They all pile over each other, and almost falling over one another in the doorway to get a good look. They all examine the sky above. Of course, Goku was telling the truth! The sky was no longer blue. It was light lavender color with dark violet clouds.

"How in the world did this happen?" Bulma shrieks.

"Let’s all go out and get a closer look!" Chi-chi says with anticipation.

"No!" Trunks squeezes out from between Gohan and Goku. He puts his hand up in front of them. "Only me, my father, Goku-san, Gohan-san, and Piccolo-san should investigate the outside. We’ll figure this whole mess out!"

"Trunks is right." Piccolo states as he gets out of the pack of people, "Let us take a look around. It might still be really dangerous out here. Let us warriors handle this situation."

"Yeah, good idea. I don’t want anything to happen to my little Trunky-poo." Bulma lifts baby Trunks up and down. The baby laughs and giggles at this. Trunks sighs in some embarrassment.

"Ok, mom…we understand."

"Don’t worry about a thing, guys." Krillin grins, "I’ll look after them for you."

"Thanks, Krillin, you’re a real pal." Goku smiles.

"Don’t worry, I’ll help look after them also." Yamcha grins.

Krillin and Yamcha escorts the two ladies and baby Trunks inside of the shelter.

"Oh great!" Bulma sighs, "more waiting! Just what I’ve always dreamed of!"

Krillin sighs, and a sweat drop falls off his cheek. Yamcha just chuckles nervously.

Once the shelter’s door was closed, the group of Saiyans and one Namek begin to search the area for anything suspicious. Piccolo flies off with Gohan. Vegeta goes flying off by himself. And Goku and Trunks go off together.

"You know, Trunks-san, you could have flown with Gohan. As I recall…he was your teacher and best friend in your time."

"Yeah, well…" Trunks says timidly, "I…I have always admired you, Goku-san. Even though I never really knew you…I still thought of you as this legendary hero. I just wanted to get to know you better. Is that alright with you?"

"Yes, I suppose so. Does it make any sense to get to know someone before they are able to walk and talk?"

"At least you will get a rough draft of what I’ll be like. As for the other me…" Trunks folds his arms and sighs, "he will get to know you from day one." He seems to be frowning a little. Goku studies him for a bit and then goes back to his searching.

"What are we even looking for? I mean, what do we consider suspicious?"

"Something that doesn’t look right, for one. And possibly something that doesn’t belong here. That’s what I figure."

"You’re pretty smart, Trunks. I guess you get that from your mother."

"I suppose. I also heard that my father is really clever. Is this true?"

"Yeah, he does beat me in that category, that’s for sure."

"I heard that you’re not THAT dumb, Goku-san."

"Oh really?" Goku stops in mid-air and makes Trunks stop too, "was it your mother who told you that?"

"No…" Trunks blushes quickly and then back to normal again, "Gohan told me that."

Goku was shocked only for a bit. "So, what else did my son of your time tell you about me?"

"Well…he told me a lot. I don’t know where to begin."

"That’s ok, Trunks-san. If you think of something then you can tell me."

Trunks blushes brightly when Goku calls him "san". Goku doesn’t understand why he’s always blushing so much. He just figures that he’s really shy when it comes to talking about friends and family. He decides that it’s not worth trying to figure out. Goku shakes his head clear and looks down at the ground again.

"Do you suppose whatever made the storm also made the sky turn color?"

"It’s possible, Trunks-san." Goku looks back to see Trunks blushing again, "but I’m sure that we’ll find whatever it is that did this." A long silence before Goku decides to descend towards the ground and check out an old looking cave. Trunks follows him quickly and promptly. "I wonder what’s inside this cave?"

"Careful, Goku-san." Trunks says like a worried mother.

"Nothing to worry about, Trunks-san." Goku walked in a couple feet. Trunks could hear him call after him in the dark cave, "Come on, follow me."

Trunks didn’t say a word. He carefully stepped inside the almost pitch dark grotto. He finally found Goku by bumping into the back of him. He placed his hands onto his back out of force. Goku turned around quickly at the sudden clash that happened. A little startled at the whole event, Trunks now turns beat red in the face as the massive full-blooded Saiyan stares him down. Trunks’ eyes advert to the ground. "Sorry, Goku-san. I didn’t mean to run into you."

"It’s alright, Trunks-san. It’s just that I found out that it’s a dead end. There’s nothing in the cave. I thought that maybe the thing…whatever it was…could be hiding inside here. But I guess I was wrong…as usual."

The tone of Goku’s voice made Trunks grow unhappy. Goku was feeling like he had no clue of what he was doing, it seemed. Trunks had to do something to get the great Saiyan back to his usual perky self.

"Goku-san…" Trunks says, not looking into his eyes. The darkest of the cave wasn’t as dark as he thought. The Saiyan blood inside of him must be making his eyes more finely honed. And because of that, he was able to see the muscular shape of this immense Saiyan. Goku seemed to be looking at the cave entrance. "You aren’t wholly wrong…you were just thinking like the enemy. It doesn’t matter if what you thought about wasn’t right. You tried anyways. That’s good enough for me."

"Thank you, Trunks-san." Goku said, almost at a whisper. "But I suppose we best get going. We got to continue our search for…whatever it is that we’re looking for."

"You’re right, Goku-san." Trunks said with a slight disappointment in his voice. "We better get moving."

Trunks was about to turn around to face the cave’s mouth, but Goku caught his shoulders. His hands strangely had a tight grip on him. He couldn’t turn around, so he faced his old legendary hero.

"What is it, Goku-san?" Trunks whispers.

"I don’t suppose you remember any of the moves and things I’m able to do?"

"Nani?? What do you mean?"

"Has Bulma ever told you about my one power…about sensing others feelings?"

"Yes, I recall. You told me that when we first met. I was testing you and you said you searched my feelings and felt that I wasn’t going to strike you that first time."

"Well, Trunks…it seems that you have forgot. You see…I have just sensed your feelings and I’m just going to say this…you’ve got a lot of guts to be thinking that I’d ever try doing that!" Goku had a type of smile on his face that appeared to be half serious and half amused.

Trunks bowed his head in both respect and acceptance. "I understand, Goku-san."

"Oh, do you?" Goku looked at him with that same grin, "I sense that you’re very disappointed. Why is that?"

Trunks tried the best he could from not feeling any resentment. He scowled at his own thoughts. How could he have ever thought of something so stupid? There’s no way that Goku-san would ever be that way. He has no idea why he’s ever thought of it. Was it pure inspiration and idolism that made him think that?

Goku has a feeling that he knows what he’s thinking. He wishes that he never even brought it up. But for some reason he’s glad that he did. Cause now Trunks knew that he should be more careful with what he’s thinking when he’s around him. Of course, maybe he should just not search for people’s feelings anymore. Doing that too often could cause too much pain or separation from the boy. He didn’t want to scare him with these powers of his. He didn’t want to abuse it either.

"Trunks…" Goku says right before they leave the cave, "I’m sorry that I snooped into your feelings. Maybe I shouldn’t have done so. I don’t want you to think that I’d be always spying on your emotions. Just forget I ever said that."

Trunks looked at Goku with some relief, "it’s alright, Goku-san…I’m not mad at you. Just a little…embarrassed. That’s all."

Goku sighed a bit, seemingly in some relief.

"Let’s get going."

"After you." Trunks says, holding a hand out in front of the cave’s door.