The Great Strom: part three- By Lunadeath1

The search goes on.

Off from another part of the land, Gohan and Piccolo search the deserted plains. They haven’t discovered anything yet. This puts a damper on Gohan, since he’s been hoping to be the one to find the answer to all that has happened.

Not much has been said between him and Piccolo. Their eyes and energy have been mostly concentrated on the hunt. They finally both land on a high plateau. Gohan sits down to rest awhile, as Piccolo continues to stand up tall and proud.

"I wish we found the thing that we’re looking for by now." Gohan groans. "I’m starting to get really hungry."

"Just hang in there, Gohan. You’ll be fine."

Gohan sits still for a real long time. He suddenly gets an idea. He stands up really quickly and walks over to the edge of the cliff.

"I got an idea!" Gohan states gleefully. Suddenly Piccolo is shocked and jumps a bit from Gohan’s burst of energy. A flash and a flare roar up from the teenager’s feet. His hair begins to glow and his eyes start to gleam emerald. In a big burst, Gohan flies upward. The screeching sound of his aura pierces Piccolo’s ears. From many feet above the ground, Gohan searches the entire desert field. His keen eyes finally spot something. He sees a small figure by an oasis. He finally lands back down next to Piccolo. "I found something! A person! Follow me!"

Gohan leaves in a flash of golden light with Piccolo closely behind him. Moments later they finally arrive at the oasis that Gohan spotted from the air. They look around but sense no one.

"Well, Gohan…where’s this person you saw?"

"I don’t understand it. I know I saw someone! It was a small girl. She was just here!"

Suddenly they hear splashes and a loud gasp. They turn around and they finally see the small girl that Gohan was talking about. They both run over to the edge of the water. Gohan’s hair and eyes go back to normal once again so he doesn’t scare the girl away.

"Hey, you there! We need to talk to you!" Piccolo was always the one to make good impressions.

The girl turns her head slowly. She smiles as if she knew they have been standing there the whole time. She slowly begins to stroll towards them. Her smile is pleasant and reassuring.

"Who are you?" She asks patiently.

"I’m Son Gohan, and this is my mentor Mr. Piccolo." Gohan smiles over at Piccolo who isn’t smiling at all.

"Nice to meet you." The girl grabs her hair and wrings it out, "I’m Kappi." As she walks over to them farther, Gohan finally realizes that she’s bear. His face blushes a bright red and he turns around.

"I’m sorry to disturb you miss Kappi, but we were wondering if you have noticed the sky…?"

"…Being lavender? Yes, I’ve noticed." She whips her sandy blonde hair around her shoulders and continues to walk to the shore. "Me and my friends have been searching for the one who did this…and the storm."

"So you know??" Piccolo says with excitement. He doesn’t seem very distracted by Kappi’s bear body.

"Of course I know. Both my friends and I know who did this. But unfortunately, we have no clue to where she’s hiding now."

"S-SHE?" Gohan says with a slight stutter. He instantly turns around without thinking and accidentally gets another eyeful of Kappi. His face flushes beat red. He quickly closes his eyes. "Please, Miss Kappi, put your clothes on!"

"Oh?" Kappi smiles wickedly, "don’t you like looking at me, little man?"

"Ano…Well…uh…that is…I…um…I mean…I do like…I…I mean…." Gohan blushes more brightly, "you’re very lovely to look at miss Kappi, but I don’t think it’s very appropriate…"

Kappi cuts off his sentence as she notices her friend coming in for a landing. "Ah! Here comes one of my friends now." She waves her hand in the air, "Gotzu! There you are! Come down! I have some visitors!"

Both Gohan and Piccolo watch as this mysterious lady lands near the waters. Her outfit closely resembles Tien’s Gi, but is colored a bit differently. The top part of her hair is white, while the longer bottom part of her hair is red. She has a third eye that’s a golden brown color, and her eyes are green. She looks almost as strong as Tien or Piccolo.

"I guess the storm brought everyone’s attention." Gotzu says with hardly any expression.

"I didn’t find Malaria yet, but I’m guessing that she went by this way." Kappi said as if she’s done it before.

"Seems to me that she’s trying to avoid us." Gotzu growls, "Otherwise she’d be here right now fighting us."

"Hold on!" Gohan says, not liking the fact that this Gotzu hasn’t even acknowledged them, "You guys know this person that’s doing this…this Malaria? You’ve fought her before and you’re very calm about this situation…there’s something you two aren’t telling us."

"Like the fact that you two are men, and are of no big deal to us?" Gotzu snarls.

Gohan bears his teeth to show her that he didn’t appreciate that comment.

"Now, now…Gotzu!" Kappi says shaking a finger, "don’t be that way to them. You know very well that they’re earth’s protectors. They’re doing the best they can."

"Not good enough in my book."

"But they have defended the Earth with tremendous powers. Why are you saying such things like that in front of them? It might be best to have them help us…"

"FORGET IT! I guess I know where you, one of my best friends, stand in this whole thing! If you wanna have them with you to help on your search instead of me, then be my guest!"

"Gotzu, I didn’t mean it like that. I am just saying that these two will be a great help with the search…"

"I don’t have time for this! Goodbye!" Gotzu powers up and zooms into the sky. Gohan looks at her until she disappears. He looks at Piccolo to see that he’s not too happy with her attitude as well.

"Gee, and I thought that you had a bad temper!"

Piccolo gives Gohan a half smile.

Just then, a giant blast explodes at the same direction that Gotzu disappeared to. All three of them look at each other and then head towards where the explosion was. Once they finally got there, they find Gotzu lying on the ground, seemingly injured.

"Gotzu!" Kappi shouts and immediately lands next to her. She rolls Gotzu over onto her back, "Gotzu! Are you alright?"

"Kappi…I think I found her…she went…that way…" Gotzu points in the direction that she was flying to.

"How did she just sneak up on you like that? She’s not that stealthy."

"I don’t know…" Gotzu tries to stand up, "…but I have a feeling that she’s gotten herself more powerful than before."

"You just rest here for a moment, Gotzu, and wait until you’re energy comes back. I will try to find Kackera. She’ll put an end to Malaria. Just like last time…"

"I hope you will be able to find her…cause Malaria told me before she flew off…that she was on the trail of somebody that she sensed…someone with an enormous power level…and it wasn’t Kackera…she went to find this person…it might be…these guys’ friend or something…"

"Alright, we’ll try." Gohan sighs. He watches as the proud fighter gets up and sits herself down, gently, on a rock. Kappi bows her head. She inhales deeply and then finally exhales.

"Gotzu…don’t worry about me. I’ll find Kackera in time."

"I hope so. Cause I think she’s our only chance to set things right."

Kappi nods. She looks over at Piccolo and Gohan who are really stunned by all this news. She smiles softly at them.

"Could you two be so kind as to help me search for my friend?"

"Sure thing." Piccolo smiles. "And while you’re at it, let us in on this Malaria character and this other friend of yours…Kackera."

"No problem." Kappi smiles.


Meanwhile, at a different part of the land, Vegeta is having a fit because he’s not able to find this "thing" that they are suppose to be searching for.

"Damn it! Son of a Kakkarot’s son! Can’t find a blasted thing! I think that this whole storm and violet sky business is just all coincidence! The blasted sky probably is purple because of that idiotic storm!"

Just then a strange figure floats down in front of him. Her strange clothing match that of a wizard, she wears a headpiece with her hair done up in three buns…one on top of each other. She wears jewelry on her ankles, wrists, neck and her pointed ears.

"Well, hello there, Saiyan!" she coos.

Vegeta looks at her very confused. "Who or rather…what the hell are you?"

"I’m insulted! You don’t know of the great Malaria? The one who has brought forth the winds of chaos and destruction? You are not very wise…not very wise at all…"

"And you’re very noisy for a fiend." Vegeta smirks, "I’ll bet you have no idea what you’re doing."

"I DO TOO!" Malaria shouts. The end of her buns’ ponytail stands straight up. "You are looking for a slow and painful death, are you not?"

"Oh, I see…" Vegeta smiles, "it’s a fight you want, huh? Well…a fight is what you will get!" Vegeta powers up to the max. His hair glows golden and his eyes light up green. He smiles wickedly at her only to find that she’s not at all impressed.

"HA! I’ve seen much better! Come on, turnip-head…take your best shot!"

Mainly because of the fact that this woman isn’t at all worried about him being a super Saiyan, Vegeta’s anger makes him explode in rage as different colored orbs circle Malaria. They collide as they hit each other, making contact with their fists. Vegeta’s fist does some damage, but Malaria’s hit seems to have had a strange effect on how his skin reacts to the touch. The very area where she punched him, it bubbles up and then bursts! Vegeta yells in pain!


"You wish you knew, huh? Too bad you won’t be alive long enough to find out." Just as she was about to raise her powers up to full to finish him off, she spots three figures heading towards them. "Kuso!! They’re heading this way! If they spot me now, my plan will fail!" She looks at Vegeta, who’s holding his chest in pain, "It’s your lucky day, Saiyan! Tata for now!" She flies off in a flash just as Gohan, Piccolo, and Kappi get there.

"Vegeta! What happened?" Gohan asks noticing his chest that’s bleeding.

"It must have been Malaria." Kappi sighs.

"That witch is gonna pay for this!!" Vegeta scoffs.

"We need something to bind his wound." Kappi says to Gohan. Then she looks at his cape, "this will do. Is it ok, Gohan?"

"Um…yeah, sure." He takes it off.

"No, I only need a piece big enough to fit around Vegeta’s chest."

"Oh, alright. Sorry." Gohan takes the bottom half of his cape and rips it off real clean. He hands it to Kappi, who takes it and begins to wrap it around Vegeta’s body.

"Watch it, woman! I don’t need your help!"

"Sure you do." Kappi says, with no fear of him. "When it comes to Malaria, everyone needs me and my friends help."

"She knows…" Vegeta says coldly.

"Knows what?" Kappi asks.

"That I’m a Saiyan. That’s what she called me. How does she know about Saiyans?"

"Oh, we all know about them!" Kappi smiles. "One of my best friends is one…."

"Come again??" Gohan says with widen eyes. "You guys have a Saiyan friend? Who’s that?"

Kappi smiles, "Kackera is our Saiyan friend."

"Oh, she’s the one you told us about, the one that you made change from bad to good."

"Yup! She’s the one we need to get a hold of. She’ll be hard to find because we haven’t seen her since she took off to go raise her son. I guess she knows more about Saiyan kids then any of us do. She’ll probably show up because of the sky turning purple."

"She’s got a son, huh? Wow…" Gohan smiles.

"Yup. He should be about your age now, Gohan. The way I see it, Malaria wants Kackera. I think she’s looking to get revenge on the last time they fought. I think because she turned the sky a different color she meant to lure her out of where ever she is. I know the storm did at least."

"So, this Malaria…you told us has different powers other than the fighting powers that we’re used to." Piccolo says trying to figure out this new threat as best he can.

"Hai!" Kappi nods, "she’s got what you guys would consider black magic. She loves to use her powers to create chaos and wants to become the most powerful magic user."

"So she IS a witch!" Vegeta huffs. "That would explain those strange balls of light she used."

"Yeah, that’s her specialty." Kappi sighs, "She likes to show off her magic abilities. Don’t get her wrong, though, she knows what she’s doing! She has strange other worldly attacks that are as painful as they are abetting! To her, this whole cat and mouse game is her plan."

"Well, witch or no witch, I say we get everyone together and get the situation a good look through." Piccolo says folding his arms.

"Good idea," Kappi says beginning to head back, "I’ll go get Gotzu and my other friends and you go get your friends and we’ll meet somewhere."

"Where would we all be able to met without Malaria finding us?" Gohan asks.

Piccolo gets a small grin on his face, "The shelter!"

Gohan smiles, "Yeah! That’s it! Let’s go!"

Gohan, Piccolo, and Vegeta all leave to find Trunks and Goku. Kappi goes in the opposite direction to fetch her pals. This meeting will finally bind the world’s protectors and world’s greatest female team together as one!