Trunks and Goten’s Unnatural Friendship : Chapter one- by Lunadeath1

The end of the tournament was near, but one of the fighters that Trunks has beat was still all over him. When they had begun their fight, the guy put his hand on Trunks’ shoulder and made him jump. He was really flattered that he was going to fight Trunks that he blushed and held his cheeks. Both Trunks and Goten realized he was gay! Goten laughed and said, "Boy, Trunks, you really know how to pick numbers too!" So, then afterwards, Trunks and Goten decided they wanted to relax while watching the rest of the matches that day.

"What a fun day, huh Trunks?"

"Absolutely!" Trunks lays back in his chair and put his feet up on a table. "Now we can just relax and watch others get beat up!"

"Yup. Time to do absolutely nothing!" Goten was about to do the same thing as Trunks and lean back, but he notices that one guy walking towards them. "Oi, guess who’s coming to see you."

Trunks moves his head over to see around his feet that are still on the tall table. When he sees that it’s that guy he fought that was crazy about him, he falls over on his chair!

"Evening, boys!" he smiles, "I wanna ask you two something!"

"Oh?" Trunks slowly gets back up, "what is it?"

"Are you two partners?"

Trunks was about to state ‘No!’ and started to shake his head, but Goten blurts out, "Hai! We’ve been partners for a long time!" Trunks eyes grow wide, teeth bared in a frown, sweat drop from the side of his head, and shaking he slowly looks at Goten.

"Oh!" The guy states, "That’s not good! I was hoping to ask this purple-haired one out! But since he already has you as a partner then I guess the jokes on me, huh?"

By then, Goten’s face became just like Trunks’ and two sweat drops form onto his head.


"Yes, Goten…"Trunks sighs heavily, "That’s what you said we were!"

"Oh…I thought you meant if we were a team!"

"So, you really aren’t partners?" the guy smiles, "which means that I can hit on you?"

Trunks starts to panic. He finally decides that the best thing to do right now is lie. "No! That’s what we really meant! We are together!" Trunks puts an arm around Goten and pulls him close to him, "which means you can’t hit on me! Sorry!"

The now confused Goten gives Trunks a raised eyebrow and his mouth gaps open. He’s finally able to squeak out, "W-what?"

"Awww… that hurts!" the guy sobs, "You really know how to break a man’s heart!" He goes from crying to mad in zero seconds. He points to Goten, "If you ever…EVER hurt this man in any way… I’ll beat you to a bloody pulp! You understand??"

Still confused by Trunks’ action, he just stares blankly at the guy and blinks a lot.

"Oh, don’t worry about me! I’m tough." Trunks smiles.

The guy leaves with hurt on his face. Goten pulls Trunks’ arm off of him.

"ARE YOU CRAZY?? Telling him that we’re lovers is not a good idea!"

"Well, what do you want me to do? Let him hit on me??"

"At least we wouldn’t have to pretend that we’re a couple!"

"Oh, relax, will ya? Only he thinks so. Besides, we know the truth…it’s not like we would really do anything, right?"

"What if he tells one of his buddies? Then they tell their buddies, and so on until it reaches our dads?"

"That’s silly! How’s a bunch of gay-talk going to reach all the way to our parents? Anyways, you worry too much!" Trunks leans back onto his chair again, "Nothing bad is going to happen! This will all blow over before we know it!"

"I sure hope you’re right. Cause here comes that guy and his buddies."

"Huh??" Trunks sits back up in his chair and is finally getting stared at by four more gays.

"So…" the first new guy states, "You two are together huh? I never thought you were like that at all. I saw you with a bunch of girl groupies!"

"So what?? Can’t I like women?" Trunks frowns.

"Ah. So you’re bi! That explains a lot!" the guy giggles.

Trunks sighs in frustration, "What do you guys want anyway?"

"Besides you?" they laugh.

"Anything BUT me!" Trunks sneers.

"How about some proof?" the guy grins.

"Uh…proof?" Goten gulps.

"Yeah…we got to talking and we figured that you said you are a couple just to get rid of me!"

"Oh?" Trunks smirked, "Is that what you think?"

"Hai! So we need proof that you guys really are lovers!"

"Look…" Goten sat up, "we don’t like doing any of that stuff in public."

"Too bad!" one guy states, "either you give us proof or we won’t believe you!"

"Yeah," the guy smiles, "and then I get to really hit on you!"

Trunks gulps hard. He just sits there, looking like he had to decide between doing something that he really loathed and something that will just literally kill him! He eyes the guy, then looks over at Goten who’s looking the other way- pretending he doesn’t understand what’s going on. Trunks takes a deep breath, gets up from his chair, walks over to Goten, taps him on the shoulder, and then exhales. Goten gives Trunks a look between ‘you gotta be kidding!!’ and ‘please don’t do this!’

"Sorry about this, Goten…" Trunks states softly, "but I must do this for our sake even though we’ll regret this later."

"Isn’t there any other way?" Goten whispers.

The guys lean in more closely to anticipate the moment of two guys whom they all have a crush on. Their mouths gap with drool coming out.

Trunks grabs Goten’s shoulders. He sighs heavily again and brings him closer.

"Let’s make this convincing…" Trunks whispers.

Goten closes his eyes in embarrassment. He wishes for something to happen to break the awkward moment. He can’t believe that Trunks is actually going through with it! Of course, it would be much better than having one of the gays hitting on them! So, he figures, think of it as if it was his girlfriend and go with it!

Shaking, Trunks puts one finger on the bottom of his chin and lifts his head. He brushes his lips on Goten’s chin very slowly. Oddly, Goten shivers. It was such a good scene that two of the guys fainted at the mere sight! The other three get really red faces and bloody noses!

Smiling cause they’re doing a good acting job in fooling them, Trunks continues by placing one hand behind Goten’s neck. He places one thumb behind an ear and plays with his lobe. He softly brushes the tips of his lips on the side of Goten’s lip. By now, the three guys had their tongues dangling below their chins! The two looked like they were having trouble adjusting their pants, and their noses were bleeding!

Surprisingly to Trunks, Goten started going with the flow of things. He grabs Trunks’ head and softly puts his closed lips onto his. This makes one more guy faint. The other one just stands there, drooling a river. And a red one as well! With shock, Trunks lets go and stares at Goten with a big confused look. Goten blushes brightly and looks away.

"Were we…convincing?" Goten says quietly enough for only Trunks to hear.

"Y-yeah…" Trunks’ voice cracks a little. He quickly clears his throat, "Very convincing."

"Is that it??" the guy moans, "That’s all you two are going to do??"

"I don’t know." Goten grins, "what did you expect?"

"Something more…way more!"

"You didn’t think that was enough? What about the other ones who fainted there?"

"Oh yeah…" the one other guy who’s still standing smiles, "that was so way good! It was sweet and passionate and adorable and…and…" he trails off and closes his eyes.

"I wanted to see some tongue or something!" the guy puffs up.

Trunks’ eyes widen. He peers over at Goten who, surprisingly, is grinning from ear to ear at him. Trunks silently says, "no!" with his eyes and one finger. Goten nods slowly, then with Saiyan reflexes, grabs his head and forces a very deep, and wild kiss with his tongue lashing all over inside of his mouth.

That was as much as the other two could take. They faint with a big thud! Seeming like they didn’t notice, they continue the kiss. Seconds later, Trunks ends it just as lightly as he begun it.

"Well…" Goten smiles, "we did it. We made them believe."

"Yeah…" Trunks looks down on the ground, but not directly at the guys lying there, "we sure did."

Just as Goten was about to ask him what was wrong, Gohan and Chi-chi arrive.

"What happened here?" Gohan asks as he notices the fainted bodies with bloody noses and spit foaming their mouths.

"Nothing! None of your business!" Trunks surprisingly shouts firmly. He starts to walk away but Gohan stops him.

"Are you getting lippy with me?!" Gohan huffs.

Goten chuckles in the background.

"What’s so funny, Goten?" Chichi asks.

"Ano…Um…nothing. Sorry."

"Some perverted private joke I’m guessing." Gohan sneers. "you know I’ve been waiting for you two back home for an hour? You two were supposed to be helping mother put up the new wall which you guys destroyed!"

"Oops." Goten gives an embarrassing grin, "I guess we forgot."

"How could you two forget? We told you before you left this morning that after the tournament fight you both had you were suppose to come straight home!"

"We got into a bit of a predicament…" Trunks says calming down, "as you can see, these guys were bugging us." He points down at the five guys, "So we had to take care of them. And the moment we finished, then that’s when you and miss Chichi showed up."

"It took you a half an hour to beat them?" Gohan states as he raises an eyebrow.

"There was a lot of talking." Goten says, saving Trunks’ ass.

They both hope they don’t have to go into any details or have to tell them what really happened.

"Well, anyways, we’ve already wasted a lot of time talking ourselves. Let’s get going."

"Right!" Trunks smiles, "Let’s go."

Goten nods. They follow Gohan, who has Chi-chi in his arms.


Hours later, they finish with the new wall. They were going to add a new room, but they didn’t have enough material. Most of the time working, Trunks seemed distant from Goten. He would only say what he needed to say, and only give short answers to questions. During the end of the construction, Goten had tried asking Trunks what was wrong. But Trunks just shrugged his shoulders and said, "I don’t know. Just not in a good mood I guess." He knows he can’t go to his mother about it, cause then she would ask for detail about what happened back at the tournament.

Thinking that perhaps Gohan could help, he asks him to speak with him when they were done with the wall. All alone now, the two brothers face each other that night by the pond. The full moon’s face shines down, casting a beautiful reflection. It’s a good thing they don’t have tails.

"This would make a perfect spot some day…" Goten thought.

"Ok, little brother…what is so important for you to talk to me about?"

"It’s about Trunks." Goten says quickly. He thinks for a moment about what words to use, then he sighs deeply, "I think he’s…upset with me about something, but he won’t tell me. He’s been so distant towards me and I don’t like it. Could you convince him to tell me what’s wrong?"

Gohan stares at Goten, being a little confused. He reaches over and places a hand on his shoulder.

"Maybe if I understood the reason why a little better then maybe I can help."

"How do you know there’s more to it than what I said?"

"Don’t you remember that technique that our father taught me? I searched your feelings brother. I can sense that you know as well as Trunks knows why he’s been acting this way."

"But I can’t get him to talk to me about what he’s feeling! That’s why I’m asking you to convince him to tell me!"

"So how am I supposed to convince him? Threaten him? Beat him up? Blackmail him?"

"No…I don’t know! Try to reason with him I guess."

"Reasoning with Trunks sometimes is like father trying to reason with Vegeta!"

"What am I suppose to do then?" Goten cries, "have my best friend stay mad at me??"

"You try convincing him." Gohan smiles. "you’re his friend."

"But you’re his trainer! That is why I’m asking!"

"Goten…" Gohan sighs, "sometimes it’s best to take matters into your own hands. Especially when friendship is at stake."

Goten closes his eyes. He knows his brother was right. He always is it seems. Even though the truth hurts. It is what’s best.

"I guess I’ll try." Goten finally says after a short pause.

"Good." Gohan smiles. "now remember to respect him if he decides to not tell you all. You two have been very close ever since you were very young. Don’t ruin it by a mere issue or by being bull-headed."

"Alright, big brother." Goten smiles. "could you ask him to come here?"

"Sure thing." Gohan flies off.